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Tampora 3 (25.-27.11.) Finland ft. Armada, leffen, IVP, Pepito, Finland


Smash Journeyman
Oct 25, 2008
Lempäälä, Finland

Tampora 3.0

November 25-27, 2011

Lempäälä, Finland

Videos can be found here!
Melee Singles
46 entrants, 5€ entry

[collapse=Singles Bracket]

1. Armada :peachmelee: (135€)
2. IVP :foxmelee: (67,5€)
3. Pepito :falcomelee: :foxmelee: (22,5€)
4. Leffen :foxmelee: :yoshimelee: :falcomelee: (5€)
5. Paju :peachmelee:
5. Android :sheikmelee:
7. AJP :luigimelee:
7. MikeHaggarKJ :falconmelee:
9. Usleon :sheikmelee: :foxmelee:
9. Mayhem :falcomelee: :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
9. VilNess :luigimelee:
9. Salevits :sheikmelee:
13. udikku :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
13. Zoler :foxmelee:
13. bËst :peachmelee: :younglinkmelee: :icsmelee: :sheikmelee: :samusmelee:
13. Über :falcomelee: :drmario: :ganonmelee:
17. MasterTK :falcomelee:
17. saska :falconmelee:
17. HippiEetu :pikachumelee: :icsmelee:
17. Novi :sheikmelee: :jigglypuffmelee:
17. Grimmair :samusmelee:
17. Jaxi :jigglypuffmelee:
17. PeliQ :gwmelee: :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
17. RTpmwe :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
25. Hara :luigimelee:
25. Hopo :luigimelee:
25. Susi :luigimelee:
25. Mazor :zeldamelee:
25. Jekkukissa :marthmelee:
25. Aleksi :yoshimelee:
25. Lootic :linkmelee:
25. Darch :falcomelee:
------Pools cutoff------
33. Eebrozgi
33. Eboshidori
33. Cimo
33. Ltax
33. kalzu
33. Vurkyzo
33. Jebu
33. Cleftor
41. Zumma
41. Emppu
41. Turso
41. Putte
41. Atomictrooper
41. Smapo

Melee Doubles
38 entrants, 5€ entry

[collapse=Doubles Bracket]

1. Armada+Android (111€)
2. Pepito+IVP (55,5€)
3. leffen+Zoler (18,5€)
4: MasterTK+mayhem (10€)
5: VilNess+AJP
5: bËst+Über
7: Salevits+Usleon
7: RTpmwe+udikku
------Pools cutoff------
Pool results were lost, but we're trying to recreate them =/

Brawl Singles
20 entrants, 5€ entry

[collapse=Brawl bracket]

1. Pepito (Split) :snake: (45€)
1. Leffen (Split) :falco: :marth: :gw: (45€)
3: Schwa :diddy: (10€)
4: Vurky :falco: :marth:
5: Susi :ness2:
5: Jebu :dk2: :wario:
7: Cleftor :fox:
7: Über :rob:
9: bËst :olimar: :mario2:
9: Jaxi :lucario:
9: Waffles :toonlink: :fox:
9: Pace :lucario:
13: Putte :fox:
13: Zumma :snake:
13: Cimo :bowser2:
13: Emppu :falco: :popo:
------Pools cutoff------
17. WMK :snake:
17. Paju :marth:
17. Turso :kirby2:
17. Promathia :samus2:

If there are any mistakes please point them out!


Smash Apprentice
Jun 5, 2009
Turku, Finland
Shoutouts to tripping in brawl :)

Pepito: It was really nice to see you again, thanks for all the matches, especially the doubles MM! Good **** for beating leffen in melee.

leffen: You're still very solid at brawl, I would have liked to play vs your Diddy, maybe next time. You and Pepito picked brawl back up amazingly fast (considering the fact that you hadn't played since last Tampora) and beat people solidly after playing a couple of sets in pools.


Jan 10, 2007
GGs to all svenskapojkarnarnarna who came, it was a pleasure to get ***** by u. And wtf is up with you guys spending so much time in the kitchen cooking köttbullar??

Some shouts:

MikeHaggarKJ: Man I would have wanted to play friendlies with you but had to leave already on saturday. You seemed like a really chill dude, too bad we didn't get to chat more. Congrats on your placement, your Falcon is pretty ****. Btw, have you been banned from sb, again?

Usleon: Gracias por venir y felicidades por tu placemento, espero a verte otravez algun dia! El **** es contigo.

Mazor: You have a pretty **** Zelda but Sheik matchup is like, so baaad for her. Next time pick Marth and you will beat me ;)

Zoler: You are pretty good, congrats. You also seemed really chill, too bad we didn't get to play any friendlies.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 20, 2008
Sweden, Stockholm
5. Paju: I hate ****ing peach but u have really got better since Beast 2! close set we played!
9. Usleon: Buena mierda entrenar el español un poco con un latino jajaja, jugaste bien en el torneo, sigue mejorando !
9. Mayhem: Ur marth was really good, overall u have good characters, but IMO if u wanna reach another level u should just stick to one.
9. VilNess: Lol ur really funny to play against, i almost cried of laugh when we played our tourney set, both singles and teams and friendlies!
9. Salevits: nice patient sheik, ur grab game was good
13. bËst: nice to see you again man, ur really social and funny to speak to.
17. saska: Lol i dont know if i should laugh or cry about the stuff u do, nice captain falcon
25. Darch: ggs in bracket melee


Schwa: Really nice, close and entertaining set in brawl man, Lol at the tripping in the last game btw, I think ur better than me in brawl, its just that ive much more experience in tournaments and **** and the pressure the swedes were giving must have been hard to deal with, atleast vs Leffen

Jebu: Bra spelat i brawl teams och singles!

The ness that i teamed with: Ur really good at teams, few ppl know how to play teams and what to do in some circumstances and ur one of them, nice ****.

Toon Link chileno (Waffles?): Divertido encontrarse con otro latino!, tu toon link es bueno lo que tienes que hacer es tener paciencia contra personajes como snake, creeme yo se lo que te digo jajajaja, pero sigue mejorando que tenes la capacidad!

To the TO (i dont remember his name LOLOLOL) : really nice tourney man, we sweds are really sorry about the pan ( we still dont know who the ****** was that destroyed it)


Smash Journeyman
Dec 6, 2006
Hyllykallio, Finland
Short Shouts to our swedish visitors:

Pepito: Always love to see you man. One of the nicest players I've get to known from Sweden

Leffen: Brawl and teams... I got *****. Maybe singlesis in melee next time?

Armada: Too good. You are not only great pkayer but you own great personality as well. Far away from being cocky champion :)

Haggar: I Should have took those bracket matches more seriosly. You are very good player in deed, but seemed like you had little problems with my IC's? On the other hand: I got no chances with other chars.

Lootic: Nice link. I think my biggest advantage in our matches was that I'm pretty familiar with that match up.

Hope to see you guys again in the future!

AJP: Hyvä pelaaja, uskomattoman mukava tyyppi, näkee paljon vaivaa että turnauksiin saadaan a) porukkaa ja b) Hyvää videomateriaalia. ehdotonta kultaa eurooppalaiselle smashkulttuurille


Smash Champion
Jun 30, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
I really expected to be flamed at much more in these shout outs, I'm really sorry for me and the other swedes overall messy/unhelpful/moneytaking behaviour during the event! (hungover/sleep deprivation johns etc...)

Loved the tournament as a whole (esp the teams pools solution tbh, was great to play vs that many), very well organized and smooth (seriously, cleaning finished on time? what is this madness).

I'll be coming back for sure!

@Novice: Playing brawl in tournament is pretty funny actually (as long as it is played in moderation) now that MK is gone. The reason for the split was that melee brackets had priority and playing 2 sets bo5 in a very campy and boring matchup (snake vs falco) didn't seem worth it ;)


Smash Cadet
Feb 3, 2008
Novi: You showed some very good sportsmanship when you told me that our set still wasn't done and waited for me to finish eating. You were really cool and I enjoyed our matches very much, hope to see you again soon!

Darch: Strömryckarpojken.

WMK: Det var kul att spela SSB64 med dig, hoppas vi kan spela det igen någon gång och att du får möta Armada.

Finska glassbilen: eh drives at something like 270 km/h and doesn't afraid of dair-omkörningar.


Smash Lord
Mar 28, 2010
Best: Always fun to play and talk to you man =).
I know you don´t like to play against Peach but If you focus on one char against her you should beat her!

Paju: Always fun to see you improve man. We had some great matches and hopefully we both learned something from our matches.

TK: Thanks a lot for the tournament man always fun to have you around. And sorry for the pan =/
Great job in teams too

Mayhem: Strange that you don´t like to play Fox against Peach when you play the MU really good :p
Good job in teams

WMK: Really bad that we didn´t hanh out more.

Jebo: Riktig kul att lära känna dig. Tagga till nästa Tampora så ses vi där =)


Smash Cadet
Oct 5, 2008
Mayhem: Strange that you don´t like to play Fox against Peach when you play the MU really good :p
Good job in teams
If we had played like couple of more games my fox vs your peach you would have noticed the problems I have against peach more clearly :D I eat those dsmashes so hard with fox that it isnt even funny :D

And second reason is that I choke in tournaments and fox is like the worst character to play if you cant perform at 100% of your skill.


Smash Ace
Sep 2, 2005

1. Armada: It was nice to see you again man! I had quite some fun talking to you either in the kitchen or when seeing matches. I actually wanted to play some freeplay with you, I just kept forgetting :D

2. IVP: We played a couple of matches, gratz on the 2nd place.

3. Pepito: Cuando quieras practicamos español ;). No sabía que eras taaaan bueno. Anda a representar a latinoamérica cuando vuelvas a Guatemala! Ya tenemos un par de buenos representantes =). Genial cómo me sacaste la úlitima vida en los grupos, lol. Ojalá nos veamos de nuevo!

4. Leffen: I would have liked to play against you, you just seemed to be busy every time I was near

5. Paju: Tortilla. You're a really cool guy. I really enjoyed our MM Set :D. Really Intense.

5. Android: You always seemed to be tired :D. You rrrrrápëd me in singles. Good ****!

7. AJP: I don't think you remember me from SNY. But nice Matches we had. I actually enjoyed our set in Losers Bracket, despite the two misfire kills and the fact that I hate Luigi! Good played, hope we see again!

9. Mayhem: Hyvä Poika. I really enjoyed your company. You're really good too. Just don't stop! Thanks for the ride on Sunday. Get some sleep! I hope we say again soon, come to Oulu when I'm around ;).

9. VilNess: Cool hat.

9. Salevits: You were actually a really cool guy. I enjoyed our team matches, we didn't have some singles freeplay though :/. Too bad we got ***** in teams :D.

13. udikku: Was nice to see you again. We didn't really did much with each other at the tournament tho..

13. Zoler: I think we talked a little, you seemed to be very cool :D

13. bËst: You're really cool, I really enjoye your company! Too bad we didn't really talked much to each other, nor did we play too much. There's always a next time!

17. MasterTK: Hyvä Poika. Nice too see you again. I really enjoyed our set. I think you're really good, you just seem to choke in tournaments. Or maybe you could change you mindset a bit. Thanks for the ride to ABC, it was funny eating with you and the rest :p

17. saska: THE Hyvä Poika. We actually didn't really did much together, except eating. That was fun!
17. HippiEetu: I think you were the Pika. You're good, too bad you play weird chars :p.

17. Novi: Espero te haya ayudado haber hablado un poco de español! Tienes una Sheik bastante buena, pero te falta usar más la cabeza, nada más! Hasta la próxima!

17. PeliQ: Nice MM! Nice seeing you again

17. RTpmwe : Thanks for picking me up from the station on friday. You're good!

25. Hara : Random Euro/Sweden/Languages talk for the win. I really enjoyed that. Same shoutouts to the other guy that was there, I just can't remember his name.

33. Cimo: Cimo with the C. You were fun =)

Pretty nice experience overall =)


Smash Rookie
Sep 12, 2011
Tampere, Finland
Good ****, thanks everyone! A special thank you to our svenskapojkar and Usleon from República de Chile :cool: I might write some shouts later but I'm still trying to catch sleep because of the weekend and last week. I might have few of the biggest sleep deprivation johns on this tournament :awesome: It was amazing and the organizing was the smoothest I have seen. Thank you, organizers and everyone that was there. ;)
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