SWFL location, any locals /scenes?


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Oct 2, 2018
Hello there! I have been into smash since the day it came out and been watching tournaments and etc. I live in Naples fl. (SWFL), and I have never been into a tournament or any scene. I thought there isn’t anything here since it’s a small city / town. I was wondering if there’s anyone that lives around the area that would know locations? Either way I’m looking for anyone that has the same interests since my local friends aren’t into video games (LOL)! It would be nice and cool to have people that have the same interests. I want to be more involved with the competitive scene. Especially since smash ultimate is literally around the corner. Thank you guys!

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Feb 3, 2006
Orlando, FL
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I'm from Orlando but regularly visit Naples to see my family. I lived there during Brawl era and the scene was largely dead...is that still the case with Ultimate's release?
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