SWEET VII: Return of Teczero Results [3/17/12 - Ann Arbor, MI]


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Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Exhibit Entertaining Tourneys

Return of Teczero

Ann Arbor, MI

Interuniversity Melee Monthlies by:

Juggleguy (Rob, University of Michigan)
Junglefever (Travis, Michigan State University)

Special Thanks to:
Solo, HIV, Dre, Dope, Chad, Abu, Kinglit, Jungle, BloodyJoker for bringing much-needed full setups!
Dempt and VaNz for making the trip!
Teczero for bringing his legendary gay Sheik into town! =P
Roki for doing anything and everything livestream-related!
Chad for bringing the stream webcam and doing commentary!
Jungle, BloodyJoker, Aceplayer for helping out with TO stuff!

Original Thread:

Recorded Videos:

Melee Doubles
1: VaNz + Teczero
2: Abu + Kalamazhu
3: Moose + BloodyJoker
4: HIV + Juggleguy
5: Butch G + KingLit
5: Dope + Dante
7: General Heinz + Rh1thmz
7: Aceplayer + DtJ Jungle


Melee Singles
1: Teczero :sheikmelee: :marthmelee: :foxmelee: :pichumelee: :mewtwomelee: :grimer:
2: Abu :jigglypuffmelee:
3: VaNz :peachmelee: :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :younglinkmelee: :kirbymelee: :nessmelee:
4: HIV+ :falcomelee:
5: Moose :falcomelee:
5: Juggleguy :falconmelee: :mariomelee:
7: Duck :samusmelee:
7: Dope :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
9: Dre :pikachumelee: :marthmelee:
9: Kalamazhu :peachmelee:
9: Butch G :peachmelee:
9: BloodyJoker :foxmelee:
13: Dempt :falcomelee: :marthmelee:
13: Solo :zeldamelee:
13: roki :foxmelee:
13: Chad :foxmelee:
17: Rh1thmz :falcomelee:
17: Aceplayer :drmario:
17: Dante :luigimelee:
17: Jungle :foxmelee: :peachmelee: :grimer:
17: Sex Panther :drmario:
17: apasher :foxmelee:
17: General Heinz :falconmelee:
17: ZeldaMaster :falconmelee:
25: Artificial Flavor :luigimelee:
25: Samba :falconmelee:
25: WH0RESBANE :icsmelee:
25: Cai :marthmelee:
25: LSD :foxmelee:


Before the next SWEET, we're having another local Melee tourney, Oversalt, coming up on 3/31:

Hope to see everyone there!

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Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
I have to question TIO's bracket here. When players transfer from winners bracket to losers bracket, each round it should alternate which half of the bracket you go to. Vanz and Moose being eliminated from winners in sequential rounds should have been placed on opposite halves of the bracket.
Apr 19, 2009
First off I wanna say that this tournament was a lot of fun for me, and i really liked the whole livestream thing, i thought it worked really well. I really liked how things were run, and how we finished at a reasonable time despite starting late. alright here are my prince abu shout outs

Melee Singles
1: Teczero - Congrats on 1st dude, your fox is ridiculous and you ***** me big time but i'm gonna get you back when we next play. u shud stop infracting me so much on smash boards
2: Abu - dude ur so ****in good at this kiddie game. look at all these scrubs under you on this list. you barely play this game anymore but u just cant help but **** MI for free. ur 2 good <3
3: VaNz - ik ur probably salty about losing to me but GGs nonetheless. you are a really good player and you seem like a really nice guy too. i look forward to playing u again
4: HIV+ - uve gotten a lot better from when u started. still cant beat me tho im immune to AIDS
5: Moose - GGs man ur falco is hella good keep ****** kyle for me so that he doesnt get 2 cocky when im not aroudn
5: Juggleguy - i didnt get to play u in singles but as usual u ran a smooth tourney, i really liked the livestream and i think u shud keep doin that. congrats on beating duck
7: Duck - i really didnt get to play u until post tourney friendlies where u ***** me. ill own u in some other toruanment tho dont worry
7: Dope - i need to play you, every1 tells me ur a legend. i actually thought u were a random casual when we played in teams which is why i was so confused that you were so good, but it makes sense now that i kno ur the legendary dope
9: Dre - u almost ***** me but u didnt
9: Kalamazhu - im better than u at arm wrestling and smash u have some work to do
9: Butch G - best peach in MI here

13: Dempt - GGs u seem like a nice guy and ur marth is solid. thanks for coming to this and bringing vanz

13: roki - u gotta shave dude im tellin u
13: Chad- nice commentary, im hella lucky i didnt run into chad's fox this tournament or i wudve gotten *****
17: Rh1thmz - GGs
17: Aceplayer- GGs
17: Dante- didnt play u in singles but u seem like a nice guy
17: Jungle- did u give kinglit scum fever he keeps coughing
25: Samba - ur a really nice guy. keep promoting smash with the future lawyers of america
25: WH0RESBANE - roller ur 2 good, im so lucky i beat u


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Nov 8, 2010
St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
So Like I already said in the listed sections, Winners of the Impulse Prize were Prince_Abu and Teczero. Neither can attend so Its passed down to VaNz and HIV+

If you guys cant come let me know asap :)


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May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
Alrighty, finally. The results thread.

So first and foremost, like I stated before, I had a hell of a time at this. I wasn't planning on going at first, but got talked into driving since FlipX and Vanz didn't have a ride, and I felt bad cause I knew Vanz really wanted to go. Despite knowing I had to be up early, I stayed out at a friend's place practicing until 1:30 am and didn't make it home until 2:30 am and woke up at about 8:30. So now one of the guys from Kent, coach, ended up bailing because he wanted to play doubles. FlipX didn't want to go since because coach left, he didn't want to pay the extra $5 to come.

At that point, I just said "**** it" and took Vanz for $10 since he was to be expected and since Tec0 was going to be there. And I'm insanely glad I did. Roadtrip was way better with just 2 people than 4-5 stuffed in a car. Beautiful day, favorite city to smash, and I love you guys. Always going to come to your tourneys when I can.

So now, shoutout time.

Teczero: Hayley, it was a pleasure to meet you dude. I knew your Sheik *****, but that Marth.........UGGGGHH. We gotta play sometime. If you ever feel like making a trip to Akron to visit the NEOH Melee smashers, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Abu: Hate to say it, but your Puff is good. Ngl, it makes me want to shoot puppies. Good **** on beating me, but trust me, I'll have my redemption.

HIV+: Nigggaaaaa. Your Falco is fresh as ****. I really want to sit down with you some more and just Falco ditto it out. You had an awesome set against Dope, and that comeback in game 3 was beautiful. Plus, had a hella good time going to Mickey D's. You are the ****. OH. Almost forgot. I think your friend, Rijew I think or however you spell it, left his controller in my car. Can you make sure it was his? xD

Moose: God I wish I got to play you more. Your Falco rapes to hard. I was styled on when I tried to walljump > dAir you, and failed, then you go ahead and do it to me. ****. Hopefully next time we can get a few more sets in and I won't **** up as much, lol.

Juggleguy: Daaaammmmnnnnnnn. I love you dude. Seriously though, you host the best tournies. I love your Falcon. I wish I was able to style like you do (and not talking about the one "Darkrain Combo" I do per character, lol). Hanging out with you is a blast, and I love when you take the time out of TOing just to sit down with me. I always appreciate it. And don't let yourself get disappointed cause of the turnout. It is what it is, and the next one will probably be HUGE since so many people missed this one. Free as **** Captain Falcon or not, you're one of the big reasons I come, so don't go nowhere. <3

Duck: I'll say to you here the same thing as I said when I left: **** you. Haha, dude your Samus rapes. You're really precise, and I bet you could make that purple motorboat so much sexier if you got a little more technical with her. Be the next Phanna bro. I'll beat you someday, but til then, stay on point, scrub :)

Dope: Dude I know I've heard of you before, so I had to ask around about who you were. As soon as I found out I was like "Ohhhhhh. That makes more sense. Now I know why I got ***** so hard lol". And you did, you made me look like a scrub. Would LOVE to see that Falco come out of retirement and start whooping some *** but either way you're a cool dude and I'm glad I got to meet you.

Dre: Prepare your body: BOWSER DITTOS. Thanks for sitting down with me to play a few sets with Falco. Don't know why you don't bring it out much, it's soooo gooooood. So much fun playing those sets. But be ready next time I'm there, cause I'm calling you out for a BOWSER DITTO MONEY MATCH. OHHH YEAAAAAHHH.

Kalamazhu: From what I saw, your Peach is pretty ****. Stay on point man, wish I coulda played a few more sets with you.

BloodyJoker: NIGGGGAAAA. I'm surprised we didn't get a game at this tourney. So glad I got to chill with you though over at SnS. We'll play some more at the next event. :)

Dempt: Dude, fer real. I know you're good, I know it. You have done **** that I've never seen before. You're really technical, you're fast, you got good reads. You can be good. But you gotta get on working your basic game when you're at tournies. Trust me, you're going to make a name for yourself someday. Just keep pushing.

Solo: DAT ZELDA. **** dude, I wish I didn't have to play you in pools :( You're chill as ****. And that Sheik rapes. You gotta get that self-confidence up though. Once you do that, and just fix a few small things, you're going to do so much better. Trust me. Stay fresh, broski :D

roki: We didn't play a single game at all, and I'm sad, because you're so ****ing fast. You're like a Taki in the making. Play at the next event, alright? ^_^

Aceplayer: That Ganon gave me a run for my money dude. I almost wish you went Doc xD You are getting so much better though. I remember the first time we played, then I compare that to today. Just keep going hard and you're going to do so good dude.

Dante: I'm not going to lie, it took me forever to figure out who you were cause I never remembered to get your name. But GOD DUDE. THOSE RANDOM LOW TIERS. They got me so mad xD Especially that Link! SOOO MUCHHH RAAAAGEEEE. Look forward to playing you again!

Jungle: TRAAVVIIISSSSSS. Dude you need to have a little more faith in yourself man. You're cool as helllllll and you can't be going into a game saying "Yeah, don't worry, I'm not that good". I will brand you with an iron from a farm if you ever say that again. Self-confidence will make or break you. Go get some, and you're going to be at the top half of the results list next time. ;3

Sex Panther: Your Doc rapes so hard. You just gotta make some better decisions bro. Otherwise I have a blast playing you cause you really make me push myself and go the extra mile to figure a character out. You think I know how to vs Doc? GOD NO. But keep that what I said in mind for the next time we play some sets, and you'll ****.

General Heinz: GENERAL ****ING HEINZ KETCHUP. Dude your Falcon can **** and I SOOOO want to see it **** Rob at some point in my life. You get really defensive when things start to go south for you. Gotta keep that offense up and only defend when you 100% have to. You can be so goooood. You ARE getting better though, definitely. Keep practicing brooseph.

WH0RESBANE/Roller: Why so drunk at a tourney? xD I'm going to start calling you Drephen if you keep showing up wasted hahaha but it was nice to meet you and I wish we didn't have to play pools together but next time just don't show up drunk :)

And my special shoutout goes to......

Vanz: I don't think you understand how much of a bro you are. On top of the fact that you're so cool, ****ing smart as ****, love hanging out with you outside of smash and most importantly, you're just a good friend. I'm so sorry I woke up late but I'm glad you forgive me <3 Thank you for helping me stay awake on the way home and thanks for making the trip there go by so quick. I love you Jaden. <3 No homo though. We can't let anyone get jealous.

Thank you to everyone else who attended for supporting the smash scene and I apologize if I missed anyone. You guys ****ing ****. :)


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May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
That'd totally be possible. Me and my friend are saving up for an apartment so we'll be moving out and if you decided to visit, we would totally accomodate you. ^_^

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Mar 20, 2011
Niles, Ohio
Didn't realize that Abu was actually good. I just thought he was some douche that trolled Smashboards and was hated by everyone. Props to him though for beating Vanz twice.


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Feb 6, 2011
Body City, BO

1: Teczero - Nice job getting the win, that grand finals fox was fast. gg's in bracket, it was pretty cool getting to play you and talking to you with the interview and Steak n' Shake afterwards
2: Abu - Grats on second, didn't expect it
3: VaNz - Great job on 3rd, gg's in pools those games were a blast
4: HIV+ - Nice placing, I'm impressed
5: Moose - Mooooooooooooooooooose
5: Juggleguy - gg's in pools, thanks for going to Steak n' Shake
7: Duck - Tired/Unprepared johns lolz :[ at least you won a tourney this weekend
7: Dope - Old school still beasting it
9: Dre - Didn't play or see any of your matches :/ gg's in doubles friendlies though after
9: Kalamazhu - You're supposed to be better driver, what happened :O
9: Butch G - Overtaking kzhu as Michigan's Peach amirite
9: BloodyJoker - gg's in pools and bracket, your potential is real high
13: Dempt - Let's play next time, I only played you in teams at Sweet 6
The awesome 13:
13: Solo - Stop kicking us nerds, actually wait don't stop <3~
13: roki - I hate you. Let's play D3
13: BadChad
17: Aceplayer - We didn't play or do an actual match's commentary together :[
17: Dante - gg's in pools, sick Hulk along with that Luigi
17: Jungle - I can't wait to play Super Street Fighter Bros: Melee
17: Sex Panther - gg's in pools, Ann Arbor gets a lot of doc experience >_<;
17: apasher - gg's in bracket, don't be afraid to stick to Marth. Fox dittos are meh anyways, I hope I gave you useful advice
17: ZeldaMaster - gg's in pools and bracket, Fox can be overwhelming
25: WH0RESBANE - Rofl, Travis aught to be ashamed of himself :]

Shoutouts to my scratched melee disc for working long enough to be used

Shoutouts to Roki doing the stream, that was super legit

Shoutouts to everyone that was on the mic with me: Aceplayer - the pre-tourney commentary was hilarious. Roki, Roller and WTP - the commentary we did for doubles and the MM was awesome. RyeJew and HIV - hilarious singles commentary. Dope - Amazing matchup insight, that was super fun.

Shoutouts to interviews with Top Drivers and TecZer0, silly but really cool.


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Aug 13, 2010
Southfield, MI

1: Teczero - Nice meeting/playing you. GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice as well!

2: Abu - I've never seen you do this good..... ever.... you must've improved a lot. Good stuff!

3: VaNz - Didn't meet or play D:

4: HIV+ - HIFREE commentary is the best commentary in existence.

5: Juggleguy - Nice seeing you, as always. Fun tourney, even though a lot of people johned at the last minute.

7: Dope - Old school :O

9: Kalamazhu - GGs in pools

9: Butch G - GGs in pools and bracket. Nice meeting you.

13: Solo - No worries about the extra TV and stuff. Nice seeing you again.

13: roki - GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice.

13: Chad GGs in bracket. Thanks for the advice. Nice meeting you too.

17: Jungle - Nice seeing you again, and thanks for the advice. WE DIDN'T END UP BEING IN THE SAME POOL AGAIN :O

17: apasher - lrn2di. Also, lrn2foxditto.

17: ZeldaMaster - Nice seeing you enter singles! Stick with Marth, bro. You're very under-confident with Falcon.

25: Artificial Flavor - GGs in pools. You seemed frustrated during our set. Don't let that happen! Nice Luigi.

25: LSD - GGs in pools.


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Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Blame HIV for not entering until the last possible ****ing second after we already made pools D:

Not as bad as SMYM12, where 1st and 3rd place (Darkrain, Andale) were in the same initial pool.


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May 6, 2010
Kalamazoo, MI
Blame HIV for not entering until the last possible ****ing second after we already made pools D:

Not as bad as SMYM12, where 1st and 3rd place (Darkrain, Andale) were in the same initial pool.
Ughh.... that was my pool. In my second ever tourney, lol. Also, IHSB, the 4th place of SMYM13 was in that pool as well. I think it was weird because no one knew how good Andale still was and Oro/IHSB entered under fake names (bizoo/AppleJack) which threw someone off.