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SWEET IX: Winter Opener Results [1/19/13 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Exhibit Entertaining Tourneys

Winter Opener

Ann Arbor, MI

Melee Monthlies by:

Juggleguy (Rob)
Dre the Ace (Andre)
BloodyJoker (Richard)

Great showing this weekend, everyone! We had 50 entrants for Melee and 24 entrants for Project M, raising over $200 for the Melee at EVO fund in the process.

Special Thanks to:
Andre, Richard, Matt for their TOing help throughout
Don, Ray, Nicholas (Gracen) for helping with random errands
Nick (Rat) for organizing the Project M event
Roki for organizing the livestream and commentary

Original Thread:

Recorded Videos:

Melee Doubles (14 teams)
1: Mango + Slarty ($98.00)
2: Duck + Vanz ($42.00)
3: Kels + Voorhese
4: KJH + Kalamazhu
5: Dope + HIV+
5: Shady + Tremor
7: Juggleguy + Dempt
7: Zinoto + Butch G
9: Dre + Toadster
9: BBQ + Artificial Flavor
9: Carroll + Lvl 9 Luigi
9: Soap + Skyson
13: bobslob + Flying Walrus
13: Ryejew + Bloodyjoker


Melee Singles (50 entrants)
1: Mango ($253.00 + $50.00 OoS bonus)
2: Kels ($138.00)
3: DcaM ($69.00)
4: Duck
5: HIV+
5: Kalamazhu
7: Dope
7: Shady
9: Rat
9: Juggleguy
9: Carroll
9: Flip
13: 1der
13: Toadster
13: Gracen
13: ajj
17: Butch G
17: Soap
17: Trail Jr.
17: Dempt
17: RyeJew
17: KJH
17: Tremor
17: Taki
25: Roki
25: Capt. Cleveland
25: Rh1thmz
25: Hellsing
25: BBQ
25: BloodyJoker
25: Slarty
25: Dre the Ace
33: bobslob
33: Bible
33: Comer
33: Montross
33: Miracle Fruit
33: tmtmny
33: Flying Walrus
33: Pizzaman
33: Artificial Flavor
33: Skyson
33: Wolfeman
33: 3Chairz
33: Walkn
33: General Heinz
33: Baby Blue
33: Ten
49: Sex Panther
49: Train


Project M Singles (24 entrants)
1: Mango
2: Kels
3: Vanz
4: Dope
5: Rat
5: Duck
7: 1ndr
7: Dre
9: Juggleguy
9: Carroll
9: HIV+
9: Gracen
13: Toadster
13: Blob Slop
13: Steven
13: Flip
17: Train
17: pizzaman
17: Flying Walrus
17: walk
17: emmy
17: skyson
17: Wolfieman
17: slarti


Again, I apologize to the Smash 64 players who came out to this -- our Smash 64 organizer didn't show up, so we had no tourney for that game. I hope getting to play a few hours of friendlies and not having to pay venue fee at least made your trips worth something. :urg: I'll take some of the blame for not bringing in a reliable TO, and it won't happen again in the future.

For Melee Singles, I will put up the more exact placings (as a result of the losers bracket consolation round robins) after I go through the pool sheets. For Project M, Nick, feel free to type up a more formal-looking results list and post it here so I can copy/paste! And last but not least, due to the lack of a venue at MSU, the next SWEET will once again be in Ann Arbor coming up on February 9th. Hope to see everyone there :)

Good job to all the top placers, especially Mango for taking 1st in all events! Thanks for attending, everyone.

General Heinz

Smash Journeyman
Jul 5, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
great tourney as always rob. always enjoy going out to ann arbor to play.

let the shoutouts commence

2: Kels: if you don't remember i'm the red falcon you sat down to play after i played your girlfriend. thanks for the friendlies, i'll try and speed my game up in the future O.O
7: Dope: good to see you dude, hopefully we'll play some friendlies soon at tyler's or something
7: Shady: didn't play, but hopefully we will soon. don't think i've gotten to take your marth on one-on-one.
9: Juggleguy: epic event as usual. glad we finally got to play some friendlies, good games. hope to play some more at the next sweet.
13: Toadster: dat DK baby. real good ****. let's play soon, i think this semester should turn out pretty slow for me too so we should definitely train up
13: ajj: good games in bracket dude. i got ****ed up lol. i go to msu too, so let's play sometime. either hit me up on here or the michigan melee facebook group, or try and find me in owen hall which is where i live.
17: Butch G: didn't play you at all, but apparently your peach kicked ***! let's play next time.
17: Dempt: didn't play, hope to at sweet x
17: Tremor: good to see you man. i got psyched out by sheik at this tourney so we need to play a lot more and talk stages or something. i'll see you at tyler's sometime i hope.
25: Capt. Cleveland: good to meet you, good friendlies. thanks for the advice. i'm always in need of ditto practice to the extreme, feel like it helps a lot.
25: Rh1thmz: reppin kzoo baby! once again we didn't meet in bracket but someday there will be an epic showdown i know it. gonna hit the smash hard coming up i hope, gotta show 'em we're best in the west.
25: BBQ: good **** cody. good smash at TC's and good **** in tourney. hope to see you at rootfest and keep practicing those ic's!
25: Dre the Ace: good friendlies dude, glad i finally got a chance to play your pika.
33: Bible: good to meet you man, don't think we played but i'm sure we will sometime. maybe i'll make it out to the shores to see blue at some point and nerd it up with you dudes.
33: tmtmny: dat ganon sexy as always. you've gotten a lot better man, i'm really impressed. keep coming with captain cleveland cuz i wanna keep playing both of you as much as possible. i need the matchup experience. real good **** in friendlies.
33: Artificial Flavor: don't think we played all day but of course we always play so keep it up james.
33: Skyson: damn, sooo ****in close dude. that last stock i regretted going back to DL hardcore lol. good ****, hope to play again in the future.
33: 3Chairz: good friendlies man. i seriously need work on the samus matchup. hope to play you at sweet x.
33: Walkn: nice meetin you dude, good games in pools. i hope you decide to keep at it, baby blue's a great sensei. definitely come out to another tourney, we'll play again.
33: Baby Blue: baby bluuuuee! good **** as always dude. sorry for being a ***** *** ***** at the start of the day haha. thanks for keepin my spirits up. sorry you missed the last smashfest with toadster and tremor and them, hopefully we can all get together and practice real soon.
33: Ten: man i felt so terrible about our pools set. i award you the retroactive win because you ****in deserve it. great marth, hope you come out with kelly again, i'd love to play you some more so we can both get better at that disgustingly frustrating matchup.
49: Sex Panther: the sex was long baby, just gotta make it longer each time. thanks for the ride and the smokes, we'll be smashin well into 2015 i hope lol.
49: Train: dude nice to see you again, i was totally surprised that you were one of eric's friends lol. sexy ness, you definitely made me eat me words on how terrible he is. keep at it and he'll be top tier in no time (but keep up that pocket fox on the side juuuust in case :p)

overall great experience, can't wait for the next sweet. also we're currently in the process of potentially getting club status at msu (need a goddamn advisor, it's really hard to find one), and after that we should be able to get a venue on campus if there's interest in having a sweet xi in east lansing.

great games to all, kzoo will definitely be at future aa tourneys as long as they continue to take place!


Smash Journeyman
Nov 1, 2004
Holland, Michigan
WHOOO! Had a blast at the tournament!
Juggleguy: Another great TOing job! You know we all appreciate and respect you. Keep up the great work.
Mango: Good job winning first in everything. Thanks for the $ matches. Im gonna get ya down to one life next time. haha
All of the Kalamazoo Crew: For housing, driving, friendlies. That means you guys General Heinz, Artificial Flavor, Rh1thmz, TC. I appreciated the hospitality and smash advice. Hanging out more soon :) Hope we are still planning on attending Plenty of Corn??
Artifical Flavor: Specifically you for Teaming with me and driving me. Youre good people.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2005
Copy and pastable PM results.

1: Mango :fox:
2: Kels :falco: :fox:
3: Vanz :peach: :rob:
4: Dope :pit:
5: Rat :sonic:
5: Duck :marth:
7: 1ndr :mario2:
7: Dre :gw:
9: Juggleguy :falcon: :mario2:
9: Carroll :ike:
9: HIV+ :falco:
9: Gracen :charizard:
13: Toadster :dedede:
13: Blob Slop
13: Steven :ike:
13: Flip :ivysaur:
17: Train
17: pizzaman :marth: :falcon:
17: Flying Walrus
17: walk :lucario:
17: emmy
17: skyson
17: Wolfieman
17: slarti

Bracket image
Link: http://images.challonge.com/sweet9_pm.png



Smash Journeyman
Aug 22, 2008
Kalamazoo, Michigan
I've been waiting for another installment of SWEET for a long time. I was really excited to hear that Rob had decided to revive the series for four more installments. This tourney delivered as much as I expected and more. I had a great time! Great matches to all that I played against. Some saltier than others, but that's tourney for ya, haha. Was hoping more of Kzoo/West MI could have showed, but there was a pretty decent showing, anyways.

Well, without further ado, here come the shoutouts. Character icons are at least what I saw/had played against me:

1: Mango :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee: - Dat Bo5 Flaco ditto donation money match. Thanks for that; it's always nice to compare my progress in Melee so far against a top name such as yourself, even if you're just messing around a bit, lol. I had a lot of fun with that set. Thanks for coming!
It would also be a treat to see you bust out your Puff in singles again someday
2: Kels :foxmelee: :falcomelee: - Faster, Kels
No, seriously, y u so fast? I must catch up to you someday. Someday.
3: DcaM :peachmelee: :foxmelee: - Thanks for the friendlies, VanZ; your Peach is so tight.
4: Duck :samusmelee: - Damn, dude. Your spacing never ceases to amaze me. I'm always pulling for your Samus.
5: HIV+ :falcomelee: - Thanks for all of the friendlies. You've definitely gotten a lotttt better since FC. I'll be training even harder for SWEET X!
5: Kalamazhu :peachmelee: - Hopefully we can get in a few more friendlies next time. It just slipped my mind to catch you again after that single incomplete one we had.
7: Dope :falcomelee: - I wish I caught some matches with you. If only there was enough time to hit up all of you East MI top names at these things. I'll catch you next time.
9: Rat :samusmelee: - Things got too hectic at the end there, and I didn't really get around to getting those matches in with you. I'm sure it was the same for you. Hopefully, I'll catch you at another tourney this semester. I need that Samus practice for Duck, haha.
9: Juggleguy :falconmelee: - Thanks for the friendlies! They were definitely a lot of fun. A good Falcon is always a pleasure to fight. The tournament ran silk smooth, as usual. Thanks for hosting this event! Hopefully many more to come from you even after this semester's SWEET installments pass; your tourneys are always really solid.
9: Carroll :foxmelee: - Man, I gotta suck less against platform camping Fox, lol. Salty. Good ****, man, you definitely keep improving very fast. I've gotta even more catching up to do than I thought.
13: Toadster :dkmelee: - Man, our set is probably the saltiest one of the entire tourney for me, haha. You figured me out, though, for sure. Good ****, dude; it was a pleasure to see you force Rob from Jugglefox to his Falcon in game 3 on the stream. Dat Donkey Kong.
13: Gracen :sheikmelee: - Thanks for the mass friendlies we played. A good Sheik is always an intellectually stimulating fight, to say the least, haha. I had a lot of fun playing you yesterday.
17: Butch G :peachmelee: - Good friendlies, man. Work on those float heights against Falco, though. Most of everything else was pretty solid, but sometimes your floats in the neutral game could have been higher and given me more trouble getting in. Usually, I could just laser you out of them.
17: Trail Jr. :foxmelee: - Only one friendly, but it was still enjoyable. GG's.
17: Dempt :marthmelee: - I hear a lot about you from my crew and other sources (General Heinz, particularly), but we haven't played friendlies really outside of a couple at FC. We should catch more next time we're at the same tourney.
17: KJH :foxmelee: :falcomelee: - Good friendlies, dude. Good **** taking a friendly off of Kels, haha. Your spacies are so fast and technical, but I can still muscle my way through your neutral game. If your neutral game got tighter, though, you'd be pretty damn scary o_O
17: Tremor :sheikmelee: - Dat set. We should get in more games next time! Your Sheik is pretty solid, and I had a lot of fun with our games.
25: Roki :foxmelee: :falcomelee: - Good stuff in that pool. I'll get you next time.
25: Capt. Cleveland :falconmelee: - Man, right down to the wire. That set was intense. You won't be so lucky, though, next time ;)
25: Rh1thmz :falcomelee: - Stop choking, brah #PJSalt
25: Hellsing :marthmelee: - Your Marth. I need to find more Marths who are fundamentally solid like yours. Thanks for the practice! Hopefully, we can get in some more next time. GG's in the pool.
25: BBQ :icsmelee: :peachmelee: :sheikmelee: :mariomelee: :jigglypuffmelee: - It was a pleasure to meet you and finally put a face on Holland. You're a chill *** guy. Thanks for the support during some of my games, haha. It's appreciated :) Me and the rest of the K-zoo crew all hope to smash and chill with you again real soon!
25: Dre the Ace :pikachumelee: :marthmelee: - We didn't quite get around to getting some friendlies in. Next time.
33: Bible :marthmelee: - GG's in bracket. It was nice to meet another member of the St. Claire Shores crew :p Work on your rudimentary throw combos (uthrows primarily on Falco, fthrow him off the edge and snipe those jumps with dtilt, jab, etc), keeping Falco near/off the edge to cut his options, staying within a punishable range of his lasers, utilt/uair harassing him through platforms, and just otherwise being a giant flaming ****** to him, haha. Marth can do some ****ed up **** to Falco, and it's definitely one of Falco's most universally challenging matchups, but you have to develop the skillset and your confidence in it.
33: tmtmny :ganonmelee: - GG's in bracket, dude. Ganon is always a nice treat. Even if he does hit like a truck, haha. I always feel so lame when I play Ganon, but I can't help it if he kills Falco in like 3-5 hits :l Hope to see you at the next SWEET!
33: Pizzaman :marthmelee: - GG's in the friendly. It's always nice to see West MI faces.
33: Artificial Flavor :luigimelee: - The Gentlemen's Club's resident Luigi. Definitely excited about you getting super serious. Put in some hard work and training and **** at the next tourney, Jamie.
33: General Heinz :falconmelee: - Good **** taking a friendly off of Juggleguy. I saw the first game, then had to go play my friendlies with HIV+ so we could take off, haha. I was getting all giddy and hype watching you go toe to toe with him. Choke less in bracket, haha. Train hard at MSU or you'll find yourself left in the dust :cool:
33: Baby Blue :falconmelee: - It's always good to see you, dude. You're a chill guy. Keep working on that Falcon! You just gotta stay in more punishable ranges against Falco. All you need to do is get that grab or hit and keep momentum. Easier said than done, but a Falcon on the defensive is generally a losing Falcon.
33: Ten :marthmelee: - GG's in the friendlies we got in. You make a lot of great decisions; it's just about consistency, I suppose. Not that I'm much of a representative of that, myself, haha, but I'm working on it. Counter less, though. It's always nice to get some Marth practice; that matchup is so scary, haha.
49: Sex Panther :drmario: :marthmelee: - Dat long sex. If your edgeguards and combos were as strong as your defensive game is, you'd be climbing through the ranks. Thanks for driving your car out to this, and for hosting Cody, and for having the essentially official pad of the Gentlemen's Club, haha. Many more smashfests to come.

I'll edit the placings on the shoutouts once they go up, but I just wanted to get these up and all.

Good stuff, guys! Hope to see all of you and those who didn't show for this event at SWEET X!


Smash Master
Sep 1, 2005
Chester, IL
Can someone post the characters used for PM? I'm trying to collect tournament results for an archive of mine, it would be cool to get the character breakdown for at least the top 8.


das kwl
Feb 18, 2007
Top of the Tier List

also, the whole point of using a different name @ a tournament is to reinvent your identity.

So when someone asks " who is _____?" an answer should be something along the lines of "some guy who used _____ and _____" Not "VaNz"


and I used Sheik this tournament. literally went Peach one game against Kels. and I regret it. lol


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2007
Canton, OH
Ahahaha. This was such a good tourney. It's 3am and I'm gonna crash hard, but I will have shoutouts done by tomorrow.

The next installment is sooooo soon, I'm probably not gonna make it 'cause this burned a huge hole in my wallet, lol.

Commentary was the most fun thing ever. #Slangonation lmao.


The Business

Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2012
Teams Grand Finals was the most entertaining teams match I've ever seen.

congrats to mango for winning everything.


Smash Lord
Sep 27, 2005
good stuff to everyone i seen an played an didnt see or play ^^

i like PM...Pit is my new toon...since it was my first day ^^...anyone play in lansing area?


Smash Journeyman
Nov 1, 2004
Holland, Michigan
25: BBQ :icsmelee: :peachmelee: :sheikmelee: :mariomelee: :jigglypuffmelee: - It was a pleasure to meet you and finally put a face on Holland. You're a chill *** guy. Thanks for the support during some of my games, haha. It's appreciated :) Me and the rest of the K-zoo crew all hope to smash and chill with you again real soon!
Thanks for the shout outs, Josh! and for putting the most characters by my name. Hahaha. but you forgot in addition to those characters i also played :marthmelee: AND :ganonmelee: in the tourney AND in friendlies. haha. i promise i will have less characters some day. and then i think i could improve alot. Maybe then i will be able to keep up with your Falco :) See you at Rootfest and maybe BBQ's Battle Extraordinaire. You the man!


Smash Journeyman
Mar 24, 2011
Bloomfield Hills MI
1: Mango: i wish that i had asked you some di questions but i didn't anyways thanks for the ****
2: Kels: i look forward to playing against you again at PoC
3: DcaM: gl reinventing your identity lol
4: Duck: i've got you next time!
5: Kalamazhu: let me know when you back in WB
7: Dope: i had an awesome time teaming with you and just hanging out. looking forward to sweet x booya
7: Shady: suck that you didn't have your controller at this. hopefully you find it.
9: Rat: it was good seeing you again. hopefully we can get some games in next time.
9: Juggleguy: thanks for hosting this tournament! i hope you continue to host tournament like this one but with pools included lol
9: Carroll: your commentary is hilarious!
9: Flip: a little disappointed i only got to play you in PM i would have like to have played you in melee too =/
13: 1der: that was a really close MM we had! ggs
13: Toadster: a lot of the other MI foxes could learn a thing or two from your fox. you are really good at shining oos
13: Gracen: i see that you had a pretty nice run through losers and you got yourself a win over ryejew, good stuff. i look forward to seeing you at PoC
17: Butch G: nice seeing you again also good **** beating roki lol
17: Soap: nice to see you again
17: Trail Jr.: Trail would have been so proud if he had seen you. i look forward to hanging out with you at PoC
17: Dempt: its always a pleasure
17: RyeJew: you had best step up yo fox game
17: KJH: i think you need a new smash idol lol
17: Tremor: it was good seeing you again. i'm a little disappointed you didn't place higher hopefully you'll do better at sweet x
17: Taki: it was good seeing you again also thanks for ****ing me up on FD lol
25: Roki: free
25: Capt. Cleveland: looks like i avoided you again lol. i actually don't know if we've ever played in tournament before
25: Rh1thmz: ggs and thanks for the complement its always good to hear positive feedback and ive notice that you've gotten a bit better yourself. i look forward to seeing you at sweet x
25: Hellsinglover: =)
25: BloodyJoker: i would say "thanks for the hot wings" but im not feeling that thankful lol.
25: Slarty: team with WARLOCK DON for G3
25: Dre the Ace: thanks for the ride and stuff. ill be sure to shoot **** with arrows with you sometime soon.
33: tmtmny: it was good to see you again
33: Pizzaman: it was nice to meet you. im glad you had a good time.
33: Artificial Flavor: cool we've got another James
33: Skyson: your laughter in contagious
33: 3Chairz: i didnt see you but its good to know that you are still playing melee
33: Baby Blue: it was good seeing you again. lets play sometime!
33: Ten: it was nice meeting you.
49: Train: it was cool hanging out with you. also ness sucks lol


Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
Mango - Nice seeing you again.
Kels - Kelly, never let Slarts get that close to beating you again, ever. Or I'll cry.
DcaM - Why so troll?
Duck - Glad I finally got to play your Samus for the first time in forever. Nice seeing you buddy.
HIV+ - Pleasure a always its.
Kalamazhu - Saw you periodically, no play time though. Maybe next time, I guess.
Dope - Thanks for letting me bum some cigs. You and HIV were a nasty team combo.
Shady - Glad I got the salty runback after like, 2 years. Next time I'll get you though, lol.
Juggleguy - The reason I come out to MI. I loved teaming with you, and that was an awesome set to take me out of losers in singles. One day, I'm going to win in tournament vs you. You'll always be one of my biggest motivators until then. Thanks for everything, Rob.
Carroll - The man of the hour. Had an awesome ride to and from the venue. Thanks for saving my life by fueling my car and me haha. Love the PGH homie.
Flip - Nice seeing you man. Good job putting work in at this one.
1der - Why were you here? lol
Toadster - Good stuff in teams, sorry you got stuck facing my Sheik though lol kinda hard to win as Dk.
Gracen - Nice to see you again man, good job stealing my money this time around. I'll hopefully play you next time when I'm more awake, but it was a good set.
Soap - I heard you took out Kelbach? Damn son. Revival of Soap? Would be cool. Good to see you.
Trail Jr. - What a troll name lol Good stuff in teams man, sorry I didn't get to play you, I was just so out of it. Next time though, just let me know.
Dempt - **** you.
RyeJew - Still really salty I lost to you in bracket but that was my own fault, so gg's kiddo.
Tremor - Why is your Sheik so slimey? lol Always nice to see you man, you're a blast. Hopefully I'll give you a better game though next time.
Taki - 2 chipoltle burittos heuugghh lmao best car rides there and back with you and the other guys but thanks for the hella games the night before. Let's not do that ever again cause my *** was so tired the next morning lol
Roki - Good **** on the stream homie. You and Rob always making sure **** gets done in MI. We need more people like you two.
Capt. Cleveland - Kelbaaaaach. Hella fun chillin with you and Sawyer while I was there but **** I can't wait to see you saturday man haha
Rh1thmz - We'll definitely have to play some games, just remind me next time I'm up there and I'll give ya the big ol Dempt lol
Hellsing - That Marth lol it reminds me a lot of mine. Gg's in bracket and friendlies man. Keep at that marth swag
BloodyJoker - **** you
Slarty - Good **** getting carried slarts. Hopefully some of Mango brushed off on ya.
Dre the Ace - How the hell are you down here? Your pika *****. What happened broski?
Montross - I was actually scared during bracket cause you were talking about you were old school lol but you definitely put up a hell of a fight man, I'm just lucky enough to know the Sheik matchup. Gg's though
Pizzaman - That was some ****ty luck man lol playing me for a good hour in friendlies only to have me in bracket. Oh well though. Had fun playing with you, just use everything you learned at this tournament and get better!
Skyson - My *****aaaaa. We never had our bro talk but I'm glad to see a new glimmer in your eyes after this turnout. I really think Fox will be good for you man, you just gotta keep it up. Mucho love homie.
General Heinz - Yeah I didn't get to play you man wth. Hopefully I can make it out to Sweet X and we can play then but no promises
Ten - Really impressed with your Marth. Make Kelly teach you more **** and you'll give him a run for his money lol fun times though, nice seeing you again


Smash Rookie
Jan 4, 2013
Thanks for the fun event guys. Best first smash event ever for me :D
I learned a ton and hopefully will be able to make it to sweet X!!!


Smash Lord
Sep 7, 2008
Howell, MI
1: Mango - good seeing you again man. I hope you’re still in town for the next one, but if not well good luck with future endeavors. #mangonation. Oh yeah and gg’s of course.
2: Kels – I’m taking your $ next time you whip out that falco. Good games Kelly and it was good seeing you, hope you come out to the next one
3: DcaM – man. I hope you come to another tourney too, I’m salty about that set and want more games with your sheik. Battlefield was a bad pick lol. gg’s
4: Duck – Man, I’m bringing a couple bucks just for you at the next tournament. I’m confident if we played a couple sets I’d finally get the matchup down. Not that this benefits you ha. But you’re real good, I had fun playing you
5: HIV+ - we should have played more. Meh – I think I should have placed higher too, but oh well. I did 12-13 money matches, which gave me a lot of good experience and I ended up $2 up so I can’t complain.
5: Kalamazhu – you ***** me in our MM. good ****. At the next tournament let’s do another one or two of them, I’ll get ya man. Good **** on beating my boy shady. Too bad next tournament we are knocking your *** out in teams.
7: Dope – we need another MM to settle this. Also nice work on tying andy lol. get your license son
7: Shady – thanks for driving homie. If we team again we’ll get farther. That **** won’t happen twice
9: Juggleguy – good **** stepping it up in our MM man. We went completely even, again. Lol damn it. I’ll bring some money for more next tournament
9: Carroll – we’ve never played, but we should
13: 1der – good games man. It’s always fun playing you.
13: Toadster – dude your dk is better than my sheik
13: ajj – good games man, hopefully we get to play again
17: Soap – good games, can’t wait until we step it up out of this 17th placing area.
17: Dempt – always fun playing you dempt. Ha yeah and I’m ready for our next set. Sadly, I got the shady practice to help. No worries, I always go up after the third shino stall
17: RyeJew – good games man, we always have tight sets. I feel like you’re on the cusp of breaking through, just have to get a little more consistent
17: KJH – man kalindi we had some of the most enjoyable sets that day. Next tournament we both should step it up and ****. We broke even in MM’s, and you barely beat shady and I’s *** in teams. Good **** man, looking forward to playing you.
17: Tremor – you suck
17: Taki – we never played, but we should’ve
25: Roki – we should have got more games in lol. good stuff though I remember losing to you, again. You warmed me up for kalindi though nicely
25: Rh1thmz – it was nice playing you man, good games. Looking forward to playing that falco again, definitely need falco practice. Bring a dollar and we can do an even better set lol.
25: BBQ – gg’s in teams
25: BloodyJoker - do you even smash anymore?
25: Slarty – good **** rapin in teams. That mango skill
25: Dre the Ace – I didn’t see you play a single game dre lol.
33: Artificial Flavor – good games in teams man
33: General Heinz – I believe we played a few games, but we should play more. Gotta give you that sheik practice

Also gg’s to anyone I forgot. For example, the falcon main that told me to stop saying sorry. Lmao just a bad habit from playing sheik. I’ll work on being even gayer just for you though <3

Great tourney. I’m coming for all you next one.


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Jan 1, 2006
Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti, MI
Fug, so the stream did go down? I must've been away during that, but I was pretty sure regardless that twitch would have the decency to wait at least a day before deleting non saved archives. Kind of mad about that now.

I clicked the "save forever" on the vid that was saved but your win against them may have to stay in the pittsburgh folklore for now.


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May 26, 2008
East Lansing, MI
Yo where do you live? and do you play melee at all? i go to msu and have some friends who play p:m as well but i mostly play melee. been thinking about getting into p:m though.
I live in Spartan Village. I'm known primarily as a Brawl player but I know how to play Melee but I rarely get a chance to play it. I would be down to play any smash game.


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May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
@Roki: Yeah homie, the stream went down right around when me and Rob were playing, like right at the end of our 1st game. It came back up though literally right after, but I guess a lot of shiz got lost :/
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