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<< SWEET III: 3rd Event Results [11/13/10 - Ann Arbor, MI] >>


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Exhibit Entertaining Tourneys

3rd Event Results

Ann Arbor, MI

Interuniversity Melee Monthlies by:

Juggleguy (Rob, University of Michigan)
Junglefever (Travis, Michigan State University)

Epic tourney. Melee is officially back and here to stay in Michigan. Regrettably we had no time for crews, in part due to the awesome turnout. It's a learning experience, so next time we'll be even better with time management... thanks everyone who came out to keep Melee strong!

Huge thanks to:
Tremor, for driving in a ton of MSU people
Ohio, for bringing almost a dozen people all the way here
BloodyJoker, for putting up direction signs around the venue
roki, for hauling in the Mason Hall TVs before the tourney
BLiu, for helping re-arrange the tables and chairs afterwards
Gio, for running the Smash 64 side tourney
Junglefever and Dre, for helping a ton with pools and bracket

S.W.E.E.T. tournament series thread:

3rd Event

Entry was $5 per person for both Melee events and $3 for Smash 64.

Melee Singles
(48 entrants, top 32 bracket)
1: Shaeden ($118.00)
2: Velynn ($59.00)
3: Shady ($35.00)
4: Moose ($24.00)
5: Duck
5: 4%
7: aaj
7: Toadster
9: Lain
9: Kail
9: Juggleguy
9: Minnty
13: soap
13: KittyMW
13: FlipX
13: Kalamazhu
17: Kai
17: Junglefever
17: Tremor
17: Dre
17: Kagu
17: hiv+
17: MegamanX
17: Bowyer
25: BloodyJoker
25: SlayerTokey
25: Akon
25: Love
25: Coco
25: Xatic
25: Crash
25: Gio
33: X
33: neB
33: Quaa
33: DarkLouis
33: Dempt
33: Choch
33: Cerviche
33: Dr. D
41: 3Chairz
41: Tigger
41: BLiu
41: roki
41: Aceplayer
41: shadowmoon
41: hewhosmites
41: SonicUchiha

Melee Doubles
(16 team entrants)
1: Shaeden + Velynn ($90.00)
2: 4% + Minnty ($45.00)
3: Moose + Shady ($15.00)
4: Duck + Kail
5: soap + MegamanX
5: Dre + Toadster
7: Brainjack + BloodyJoker
7: FlipX + KittyMW
9: Cerviche + Dempt
9: Tremor + Mute
9: Xatic + Junglefever
9: X + Pedro
13: Sasha + 3Chairz
13: choch + hiv+
13: SonicUchiha + Yacob
13: SlayerTokey + Love

* Note: Near the end of the night, tio crashed and the doubles bracket was erased. We tried our best to re-create it based on memory, but the matchups may not be completely accurate. However, the top 5 placings are definitely correct.

Smash 64 Singles
(10 entrants)
1: Moose ($24.00)
2: Cerviche ($6.00)
3: Duck
4: Gio
5: neB
5: Kai
7: Hotel
7: Dre
9: Choch
9: roki

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and congrats to those who made money! See you in December @ MSU.


Smash Lord
Sep 8, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
1: Shaeden : I hate you, you're stupid, and you got us lost. Way to go baddie.
2: Velynn : You suck, why would you lose games? Games are meant to be won, stupid.
3: Shady : I'll win next time... You know when I can be less bitter and can beat foxen..
4: Moose : You're a moose... Mooses don't play games. Also, good **** dude. You keep getting better, it's almost stupid... Like Shaeden.
5: Duck : Ducks don't play games either. Except teams which were fun as hell.
5: 4% : Glad you could make it up to play even if we didn't get to play.
7: aaj : You're legit as hell. Great set, even if I was bitter before we played.
7: Toadster : Yoshi is better. Play him more and then you can win more.
9: Lain : You're not good, when did you learn to beat people?
9: Kail : Man, you're so ****ing awesome I can see why everyone likes you.
9: Juggleguy : For the lack of juggling you do, you can play a mean falcon. Keep it up and I'll probably have to play Falco. J/K Ganon > everyone amirite?
9: Minnty : You're quite fresh and I'm glad you could make it!
13: soap : Glad you came and GGs in teams!
13: KittyMW : I know I asked you your name a lot but it was good meeting you and friendlies were hella fun.

17: Junglefever : I'm sure a cowbell could cure that fever. Also, stop moonwalking. It pisses me off.....
17: Tremor : Good **** in our pools matches. I'm glad I under stood Sheik before we played <3
17: Dre : Glad you could make it out even though we've never played. =/
17: Kagu : I still want your beard for Christmas.

17: Bowyer : It was good seeing you again. I didn't know you still existed.

25: Coco : Doc is stupid stop down smashing me 500 times a game.

25: Gio : You always look super spiffy when you wear those glasses. I'm sorry I couldn't play 64 though!
33: X : It's always a pleasure to play and hang out with you. You're mad legit and always are fun to talk too.

33: Quaa : GGs in pools.

41: Tigger : Sorry we didn't do the MM$ I was low on funds and didn't want to lose more to you.
41: BLiu : You got a lot better in the short week since last playing you. Good **** son.

41: shadowmoon : I didn't realize we played until I started typing this. It was fun playing though!

If I left your name out it's probably cause I didn't know your name or didn't play you. Which is stupid. You should all play me more because I tend to not play as much as I should at a tournament which is stupid. It's just soo stupid. Next time ask me to play so we can play and not be stupids again.

Also, big props to Lansing and Ohio for coming out for one hell of a time.

Also also, good **** Rob! You're mad legit when it comes to TOing and you're way more understanding and nice then some stupids... Like Shaeden. He's pretty stupid and you being so great makes him look even stupider...


Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
This was awesome. I'm glad to have met everyone there and I can say I'll try to attend more tournies.


Smash Journeyman
May 14, 2009
Ann Arbor/West Bloomfield, Michigan
1: Shaeden ($118.00) - i wanna play you again, good **** beating velynn and claiming those $40
2: Velynn ($59.00) - dethroned haha, ggs, you ****
3: Shady ($35.00) - argh i didn't get to play you, hope we play next tournament
4: Moose ($24.00) - lol
5: Duck - lol
5: 4% - ggs dude, but sheik on rainbow cruise is not legit haha
7: aaj - woooooow good job and ggs in friendlies
7: Toadster - good **** getting 7th and beating lain
9: Lain - buying someone's spot XD haha, and welcome to the able to take a game off of velynn club
9: Kail - ganondorf+samus, best team ever?
9: Juggleguy - lol
9: Minnty - ggs dude, you sorta got bracket screwed though

13: KittyMW - ggs in friendlies, you're the first person i've met who's said they like playing against samus haha
13: Kalamazhu - not bad
17: Kai - niiiiiice
17: Tremor - agh, an off day?
17: Dre - 64 haha, teams was ****
17: Kagu - didn't get to play this time
17: hiv+ - hilarious name lol
17: MegamanX - gooood team names
17: Bowyer - glad you came, too bad we didn't play
25: BloodyJoker - lllllllllloooooooooooolllllllll good ****

25: Akon - more incentive to get better
25: Coco -brawl?
25: Xatic - didn't get to play this time
25: Crash - ggs in pools
25: Gio - noooooot legit, **** probation in 64
33: X - how come we never get to play?

33: Cerviche - dude, your luigi is soooo legit in 64

to everyone else i forgot, ggs and good **** for coming

P.S.: sorry about the coughing guys, i was sick and that bag of ricola was the only reason i was able to play


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
1: Shaeden - you dont read shoutouts
2: Velynn - fox dittos LOL good ****
3: Shady - we ****ing **** at teams. ill get ya next time
4: Moose
5: Duck
5: 4% - nice to meet you. nice job holdin it down for ohio, and our friendlies were mad fun. im scared of your fox <.<
7: aaj - beast *** fox. holy ****ing **** i got worked on. i dont know how i managed to bring it back. gg's
7: Toadster - i saw you run a train through losers...beast. don't quit smash ur too good.
9: Lain - my ***** will holding it down. almost beat velynn...i need to learn from your fox lol
9: Kail - we actually didnt play any friendlies...but it was nice to see you. lets play next time.
9: Juggleguy
9: Minnty - it seemed like you choked super hard during our set...i'd like to play you when you're playing up to your potential. gg's.
13: soap - gg's in doubles. it's nice to have a face to go with the name since i see your posts often. we shoulda got some friendlies.
13: KittyMW - nice to see ya again. we'll get some falco ditto practice next time.
13: FlipX - didn't get to play ya =(
13: Kalamazhu - good ****. ur peach 2 good. i love trashtalking you LOL.
17: Kai - didn't play you =(
17: Junglefever - stop killing yourself
17: Tremor - stop choking =( . i think one of the key things to look out for is to take your mistakes, and don't let them get to you.
17: Dre - didn't get to play that pikachu. next month im comin for ya.
17: Kagu - suppp crew memba. didn't get to play you this time tho.
17: hiv+ - thanks for the compliments, your falco is actually pretty good too. just need more practice. oh and stop being scared against me =p.
17: MegamanX - gg's in teams. shoulda played some singles friendlies.
17: Bowyer - too bad we had to play so soon. nice to see you though!
25: BloodyJoker - stop ****** yourself
25: SlayerTokey - gg's in teams. i like the falcon
25: Akon - didn't get to play you this time =(
25: Love - gg's in teams. our set was ridiculous haha.
25: Coco - i heard you did quite well, good for you!
25: Xatic - sorry we didnt get to play friendlies afterward. i think i have a few tips for you next time though
25: Crash - didn't get to play =(
25: Gio - beast
33: X - what?? you can do better. show people why i got 2-0'ed by you.
33: neB - gg's in pools. wish i'd played ya in 64
33: Quaa - didn't get to play =(
33: DarkLouis - didn't get to play. good **** coming to a melee tournament =D. hope you had fun.
33: Dempt - didn't get to play =(
33: Choch - good times at the "afterparty" lool
33: Cerviche - great games in 64. should play better characters though haha.
33: Dr. D - didn't get to play =(
41: 3Chairz - nice seein ya. shoulda got some friendlies.
41: Tigger - fun friendlies. i guess fox didnt work out this time =x. it takes time and dedication to get good with the top tiers, but if youre willing to put in the work you will definitely see improvement
41: BLiu - friendliesssssssssssssss soooon
41: roki - didn't get to play you. glad you came out though! you go to u of m right?
41: Aceplayer - also didn't get to play. i remember you posted on a video of mine though. glad you came, hope you had fun!
41: shadowmoon - try not to get discouraged.
41: hewhosmites - didn't get to play =(
41: SonicUchiha - gg's in pools, better luck next time.

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
1: Shaeden ($118.00) - good **** winning and beating velynn twice
2: Velynn ($59.00) - boo puff
3: Shady ($35.00) - good **** holdin it down for East Lansing
4: Moose ($24.00) - you think you're SO GOOD
5: Duck - samus is gay
5: 4% - we didn't get to play :( booo
7: aaj - good **** in pools, wrecked my ***
7: Toadster - yoshi too good bro
9: Lain - IC's are gay >:[
9: Kail - Fun as always. Moonwalk Bair the best :3
9: Juggleguy - We didn't get friendlies this time around. GOod stuff as usual Rob.
9: Minnty - Didn't get to play :(
13: soap - Good set in bracket, so much fun to play against. Hopefully I'll see you again soon
13: KittyMW - GG in teams, wrecked us haha
13: FlipX - Same as above :)
13: Kalamazhu - cool beans
17: Kai - you're getting ALOT better really fast. keep playing and coming out
17: Junglefever - choke artist to the extreme. >:[
17: Tremor - We finally didn't play in bracket!
17: Dre - Pika too good.
17: Kagu - Didn't get to play
17: hiv+ - Didn't get to play
17: MegamanX - Good set in bracket.
17: Bowyer - didn't get to play
25: BloodyJoker - did we ever play? I don't even remember
25: SlayerTokey - GG in bracket, **** was mad close
25: Akon - You are also getting really good realy fast, keep playing
25: Love - Didn't get to play
25: Coco - Didn't get to play
25: Xatic -So my bad in teams man, I was playing awful.
25: Crash - Didn't get to play
25: Gio - One day you'll beat me. I can freaking feel it
33: X - Didn't get to play you
33: neB - GG in pools. freaking sheiks
33: Quaa - didn't get o play
33: DarkLouis - good friendlies!
33: Dempt - didnt get to play
33: Choch - didnt get to paly
33: Cerviche - didnt get to play
33: Dr. D - didnt get to play
41: 3Chairz - didn't get to play
41: Tigger - good to see you again buddy
41: BLiu - didn't get to play
41: roki - didn't get to play
41: Aceplayer - didn't get to play
41: shadowmoon - good friendlies
41: hewhosmites - didnt get to play
41: SonicUchiha - good set in pools

good stuff Rob, sorry I had to bail a bit early.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
I think Toadster went Yoshi in pools which is probably why he got 4th seed. He lost first round (because he had to play a 1st seed) then went back to Fox and ran through loser's bracket up to 7th place.


Smash Hero
Jan 24, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
Lotta people I wanted to play but didn't

I may come to the next one Aww ya.

I will try to arrive earlier than 4 am Juggle, good set btw.

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
Toadster went Yoshi until he realized he needed to win out to make the bracket.


Smash Lord
Mar 12, 2008
Definitely had alot of fun on Saturday. Everyone was a little higher level than me in my pool except for Juggle, who *****. Melee is a really fun game and I'm going to continue to work on some things!


Smash Cadet
Apr 7, 2010
Kenmore WA
It was fun being there. I appreciate everyone's good sportsmanship. Oh, and I hate being drawn to bad characters. :C

Dre the Ace

Smash Ace
Jun 7, 2007
West Bloomfield, MI
1: Shaeden ($118.00) - Good sets in singles and doubles bracket, my Pikachu needs more practice to beat that Fox of yours. And congrats for winning.
2: Velynn ($59.00) - Good sets in doubles bracket, I saw you crouching next to my marth, I know better now, lol.
3: Shady ($35.00) - 3rd is pretty good, but it ain't first. Next time we play, I wanna show you some tricks.
4: Moose ($24.00) - Stop SDing, lol. We will definitely play next time.
5: Duck - Teams sucked, Toadster and I were rusty as hell. Enough john's though, we'll get you next time. Also, DK is SO LAME.
5: 4% - Your fox is MAD crazy. Good set in pools, I shoulda went marth on you the second time, lol. Come to the next one in East Lansing!
7: aaj - Good sets in bracket, and props for getting me confused. Need to clean them ears out, lol. Come to the next one!
7: Toadster - Stop being emo, look how high you placed.
9: Lain - Didn't get to play, but lol for buying your way into the bracket.
9: Kail - We DID play, except it was in doubles, and it was a ****ty match. Come to the next one so I can play you.
9: Juggleguy - Good **** running the tourney and making adjustments in the bracket when needed. Next one is gonna be hype.
13: KittyMW - Good sets in doubles, **** was CLOSE. Come to the next one!
13: FlipX - Same as above
17: Kai - Good sets in 64, you were pretty cool to talk with too.
17: Junglefever - Same as mark, no SDing. Also, same as tyler, no EMO.
17: Tremor - Look above! Don't quit!
17: Dre - lol
17: Kagu - Good set in pools and bracket.
25: BloodyJoker - Get better, don't quit, etc etc. But thanks for driving me and my buddy to my car.
25: Akon - Good sets in pools. Very defensive play style I really haven't seen.
25: Xatic - Good sets doubles bracket and in friendlies.
25: Gio - Good stuff for hosting and running 64. Kinda wanted to play you in 64 also.
33: X - Don't quit, keep at that Doc.
33: neB - Get out of pools next time, GET BETTER.
33: Dr. D - Very nice Ganon and DK, keep practicing and you'll beat me in no time.
41: 3Chairz - Good sets in doubles bracket.
41: Tigger - Nice sets in pools, Pikachu is hard to play against if you never played against him before, lol.
41: roki - Good sets in 64, Pika dittos are the best.

If I didn't mention you, I probably didn't know your name, or didn't play you. Come to the next SWEET so we can play, I'll be that Pikachu player. (Unless Anther comes, lol)

4% APR

Smash Champion
Sep 5, 2006
its been forever since ive done any type of shoutouts but I'll try

velynn and sheaden- good **** in teams, you didn't get to feel my wrath in singles
duck-yea rainbow cruise wasn't smart haha. Mad sick sammy, i'll be coming for you next time
moose-sick falco, really fun friendlies, you and shady are a scary team
shady-read my *** like a book. Good set
juggleguy-good set. Excellent job running this thing, i'll deff come back
dre-it takes guts to go all pika, don't give up on the little guy, I just know the match up lol

soaps car-hadnt seen any of you guys in forever. Good **** making it out, lets save ohio

matts car-glad everyone made it. Good stuff in 64 ian

vidjo and drew-come to tournies so ohio can win plz

that cant be everyone, but I tried.

Awesome tourney, I'm deff gonna start practicing again


Smash Lord
Sep 8, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
9: Kail - We DID play, except it was in doubles, and it was a ****ty match. Come to the next one so I can play you.
****it, you're right. For some reason I mix Tremor and Toadster's names up. So when I was rethinking about who I played I guess my mind defaulted that it was them who teamed.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2005
Nashville, TN
1: Shaeden ($118.00) - Great Fox. Congrats on winning.
2: Velynn ($59.00) - Can't win 'em all I guess. Nice job on second though.
3: Shady ($35.00) - You'll win the next one.
4: Moose ($24.00) - Last game vs Shady was rough, but at least you placed in the money
5: Duck - Good games in teams
5: 4% - Totally outclassed me, good ****
9: Lain - Revenge! Fun set
9: Kail - Ahhh Brinstar...
9: Juggleguy - Thanks for hosting,
13: Kalamazhu - Ahhh Brinstar...
17: Junglefever - Lol @ teams
17: Tremor - Don't worry about it
17: Dre - I'm trying to be less emo
17: MegamanX - Had me on the ropes, ggs
25: BloodyJoker - You'll get top 3 next time
25: Love - GGs in pools
25: Xatic - GGs in teams
25: Crash - A little more experience and your Fox will be dangerous
25: Gio - Maybe I'll enter 64 next time it happens
33: X - Ice cream
41: hewhosmites - GGs in pools


Smash Cadet
Jun 10, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI
Man, I was falling asleep for the last 3 hours of this tourney, only getting 2 hours of sleep for various reasons is ungoods. Kail, don't worry, I'll mail you my beard for Christmas, but beard clippings don't seem like that amazing of a gift. Do you just want like, my lower jaw? I don't know how else I can keep the beard relatively intact.


Smash Apprentice
Jun 19, 2009
1: Shaeden ($118.00) - omg so ****!
2: Velynn ($59.00) - didn't get to play you this time though i really wanted to
3: Shady ($35.00) - teach me to play marth so i can **** Moose
4: Moose ($24.00) - you suck
5: Duck - ...ewwwwwwww... and i don't know how your marth and fox actually manage to beat me. SO BAD! lol. you and kail make for a very fun team to watch. haha
5: 4% - fun playing you in teams. hopefully it'll happen again next month
7: aaj - didn't get to play you
7: Toadster - get that yoshi into shape. Michigan needs a yoshi. lol. and come out to play more. ditto what every other MSU player posted here. quit being so emo
9: Lain - i was really hoping you'd beat Velynn especially after such a great first game
9: Juggleguy - still salty about our pools match. randoms mm GO!
9: Minnty - i don't think i got to play you outside of teams. good job in teams though
13: soap - got ***** in pools...next time i'll win
13: KittyMW - haha fox dittos. good games man. my fox will be faster next time we play.
13: FlipX - didn't get to play
13: Kalamazhu - didn't get to play. heard you were wrecking people with peach though?
17: Kai - haha gg. i need to learn to play against a shiek. things will be very different next time
17: Junglefever - how you gonna leave me hanging for teams 2 tourneys in a row? -_-
17: Tremor - we should play more. you got a lot better since last year or maybe it's just cuz you're not high. I guess that **** only works for Lain. haha
17: Dre - Pikachu...main? o.O
17: Kagu - didn't get to play you
17: hiv+ - i mean...
17: MegamanX - you two were a pretty solid team. fun playing
25: BloodyJoker - you suck...a lot
**: Choch - uh...sorry you didn't make it out of pools. go learn to play a character that demands high tech skill. you'll have more fun


Smash Journeyman
Feb 24, 2009
Man soap we gotta finish that match during doubles. Enjoyed all the friendlies. Sorry we didn't get in any friendlies Kail.

-Dr. Mario/Marth


Smash Lord
Sep 8, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
I'll accept the Jaw.
I'll teach Ganon, just ask at a tournament or something.
And it's okay, I accept your apology.


Smash Master
Dec 13, 2005
Jeez, this got such a huge turnout! I wish it was like that over here in EC. Good stuff guys!


Smash Journeyman
Aug 24, 2009
GGs everyone. It was a huge turnout and awesome tourney!

Shaeden- You won't read this. You're stupid, but we rock at teams.
4%/Minty/ohio- thanks for coming and nice to see you guys again. Pretty beast in teams
Kail- More up-air
Shady-Good **** in singles and teams
Moose- Fox dittos are fun and prove nothing but fox is dumb
Duck- Duck moose. Feel better. Ganon/Samus for best team ever?
Luigi- You suck, get a better recovery.
And to anyone else I missed- GGs


Smash Master
Oct 1, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI
i would like to point out that toadster and aaj both got 7th from a first round loss good **** lolll

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
My bad Richard, I was supposed to team with L cancel but he scrubbed out >:[

who did you team with at SWEET II? Who did I team with at SWEET II? Didn't we team? I don't even remember.


Smash Rookie
Apr 2, 2009
64 shoutouts

1: Moose ($24.00) - Good ****!! It was fun getting destroyed by you, though I had to wait a while.
2: Cerviche ($6.00) - Had fun playing doubles with you
3: Duck - didn't play. If I do I won't fall for that regrab ****...
4: Gio - Much respect for running this tournament. There's a lot to 64 that you just don't get in Melee.
5: neB - Fun doubles. Your DK really caught me off guard in bracket. Maybe I should have gone Kirby??
5: Kai - you're still good despite not playing for what, a year? Also, I have to invoke bracket johns...
7: Hotel - enter Melee too next time
7: Dre - didn't play (?)
9: Choch - good games, you put up a fight
9: roki - didn't play (?)


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
o shi i didnt give you a shoutout since you didnt enter melee
gg's in 64, sorry i made you wait so long <.<
nice to meet ya, hopefully we can get some games durin the school year
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