Sweden's Government on What They Do with the 40% Tax on Armada's Earnings

Disclaimer: You are reading a work of fiction written for purely satirical purposes and in no way are we promoting any kind of agenda. We simply wish to make you laugh with a bit of social commentary.

Swedish professional Melee player Adam “Armada” Lindgren is subject to a 40% tax by the Swedish government on all of his earnings from sponsors, Twitch streams, and tournament winnings. So what do they do with it? We at Smashboards flew out to Sweden with the money we don’t have to meet with its Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven. We arrived at his residence, The Sager House, earlier this morning so we could ask him some questions.

After some small talk we were taken through the halls of his seemingly newly redecorated home until we reached the meeting room where Mr. Löfven assured us the money was being put to good use.

“The taxes on Mr. Lindgren's earnings are being redistributed as well as fed back into the economic system.” He continued.

“Foreign income tax is the norm for many countries throughout the world and I’ll be damned if that money is going somewhere where it shouldn’t” said Mr. Löfven while rolling down his left sleeve as to cover the conspicuous 18 karat Rolex around his wrist.

When we asked the Prime Minister about the miraculous jump in budget spending shortly after EVO 2015 he told us that “he had no idea what we were talking about” and that the newly built exotic zoo in his backyard was “already planned to be constructed around the time of EVO”.

All exotic zoo’s aside, Löfven tells us he loves to watch Armada win for his country.

“We really like it when he wins. I mean we reaaaallly enjoy it. All of Sweden, I mean. It’s awesome. Please keep winning Adam. For like the glory and stuff”

With that we were escorted off the premises and returned home. Prime Minister Löfven wishes Armada the best of luck at TBH6.
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William "Wncozens" Cozens


that is messed up no matter no how much he win he always looses. Prime minist go do something else with your life instead of stealing some mans earning to pay for your private zoo.
Dang that's actually pretty amazing that you got to fly out to his home. Even cooler to learn that there's a country where watching an esport is /that/ mainstream, even if it's just going off of what the PM said.
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I can not believe that they are taxing armada like this... its a GAME, cmon goverenment...