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SURVEY | just what "smash" game do you think has the most "realistic" flow? or if not realistic. just a good flow of everything occuring within it?

Veca Gorebyss

Smash Apprentice
Mar 5, 2022

of the 4 games ive played so far.




wii u.

id say 64 has some sort of ummatchable "feel like youre in the game" flow that the others do not.

melee feels. just more interesting to see. but just seems chaotic.

brawl seems a more "literally feel like youre the characters" essence. but just that. you feel like youre controlling a lifeless animation thing. in a world that is so beautiful around them. better than melee. but does not compare to 64.

and the final. i believe has the most "feel like youre the character" essence. but just something beyond 64. they fixed something. but also it feels a particular lifeless. you cant bumrush anyone.

i dont know.

send thoughts.

thanks. lol.

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