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survey | are you someone like me. who. you find a whole "smash" game useless because people slip out of your attacks?

Veca Gorebyss

Smash Apprentice
Mar 5, 2022

just wanted to offer further insight about something.

okay well clearly for one. they slip out mostly because you are fighting computer players. they are much more agile than a human.

and so. yes. in actuality. the game is way. way. more impressive when you have human friends to play with.

side tracked real quick. but this is why melee is such a majestic game. so much was done about it. but maybe the concept of it being a good game was ruined for a group of people. who. essentially want to feel like the characters.

anyway. moving on.

this concept of "the game being lackluster as if it just doesnt work. the attacks or something." might largely go over the heads of pro smash players. who largely play with other people. but yes.

try not to get caught in thought that the game is terrible.

your attacks will connect much more like you as if being the character itself. if you play with human.

2:25 - 2:45 | https://youtu.be/-ZAc9CcFeY8

okay. done. haha.


"i got hiht." Loflf!



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