Super Smash Bros. Legacy XP 2.1 FULL and Introducing LITE


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Jun 20, 2015

(Current Build: Version 2.1 Full)

(Current Build: Version 2.1 Lite)

Legacy XP is Super Smash Bros. Legacy and Project M XP joined into one megamod!
LXP brings a whole host of stages, new characters, and breakthrough features while Legacy has music, aesthetics, and costumes to offer. This is a fan build based on PM 3.6, but this build is not intended to continue Project M's development. While not a replacement for the tournament experience, we do our best to balance our additional characters to feel right at home alongside the competitively balanced Project M roster.

3/23/19 - 2.1 Full and Lite release - 2.1 Changelog
5/13/18 - 2.0f (Full) release
7/22/16 - 2.0b (Beta) Release - Launched

  • Young Link - Equipped with a new arsenal, Young Link now uses his slingshot and an updated roll attack to defeat his foes.
  • Dr. Mario - Doctor Mario no longer relies on groundpounds to attack, as now he uses a new pill throw and improved combo game to seal stocks.
  • Pichu - Pichu now has updated electric effects and improved visuals to attack opponents in style.
  • Ridley (Classic) - Classic Ridley joins the fight with a balanced moveset and new abilities to better suit combat and an alternate Modern moveset.
  • Lucina - The masked warrior nows uses her sword in many new ways that work much better in combat than before, improving her combo game and kill potential.
  • Metal Sonic - New black shield mechanics and improved attacks help Metal Sonic gain an advantage on his opponents.
  • Geno - Geno now has brand new specials and tons of new mechanics to improve his gameplay.
  • Waluigi - Everyone’s favorite Mario character now fits better inside Project M and can better suit the battlefield.
  • Shadow - Featuring a brand new never-before seen moveset, Shadow comes prepared with good mobility, speed, and combos to gain an edge on his opponents.
  • Mage Ganondorf - Mage Ganondorf’s moveset has new moves and abilities, balanced and tweaked to power through the toughest opponents.

L/R alt skins: Hold L or Press R as indicated next to your nametag while switching costumes on the character selection screen to switch between standard costumes and an alternate set of costumes.
Rainbow skins: Visit Special Versus to enable Rainbow Mode.
Emerald skins: Hold down Z before entering the Stage Selection Screen and you'll play as a emerald skin of that character!

Over 600+ All New Quality Songs Individual picked to fit the Stage and the Series the Stage is from.
Featuring tracks handpicked from Games from all of VGM History, & Remixes from the best Arrangers / Remixers on Youtube & Sound cloud {Credit to Arrangers in the Song Titles} & Extra Features like
- All New Custom My Music, go Check out most of the Non Hidden Tracks there.
- New, Alt Stage Specific songs, #JetSetRadio
- A Massive amount of New Songs on Every Stage in the game.

Button-activated features controller table (GCC is the default)

Wiichuck       GCC    Wiimote (Sideways)    Classic

    A           A          2                   A

    B           B          1                   B

    Z           L          B                   L

    1           R          A                   R

    2           X          1+2                 X

    C           Y          A+B                 Y

    -           Z          -                   ZR/ZL

    +           Start      +                   +

Features (In addition to PM's):

  • Addons - Restore vanilla Project M's SFX, PSA and install Wiimmfi via the launcher
  • Wiimmfi [Wii and Dolphin] - Play online using custom matchmaking servers
  • 120FPS [Dolphin] - Slow down character animations speed and double emulation speed to get 120 frames per second for butter smooth motion (Netplay compatible and halves Wiimmfi input buffer for framedrop-less alternative to netplay with surprisingly decent input delay)
  • FasterPM [Dolphin] - Disable game's internal V-Sync to reduce input lag
  • Forwarders - Run LXP launcher or USB Loader directly from the Wii menu
  • HD Textures [Dolphin] - Most game textures overhauled to look sharp in full HD

  • War Mode - Steal stocks from defeated foes
  • Team Glow - Battle Characters have a team-colored glow, and allows using any costume
  • Random Element Mode - Every hit deals a random type of damage (fire, ice, trip, etc)
  • Rainbow Mode - Dark costumes with rainbow rims
  • Dark Costumes - Hold Z while going to SSS for Emerald costumes from SSE
  • Item Rain Mode - Enable items on Kappa stages (X+Y+A)
  • Super Smash Racing - Bunny hood on Big Blue Kappa (X+Y+A)
  • Metal Kappa - Metal Status on Meta Crystal Kappa (X+Y+A)
  • FlatZoned - Turn into a flat silhouette on Flat Zone Kappa (X+Y+A)

Menu navigation
  • Hold Start to skip strap screen
  • Hold Start to skip to Versus mode
  • Hold Z + Start to skip to Training mode
  • Hold Start before save prompt to skip it
  • Press Start to skip creating save file on prompt
  • Hold L+R+X To Skip Results Screen

  • CSS Control Codes Hold Y to customize selected tag's controls
  • CSS Tags with names are white, X To toggle Rumble
  • Disable DPad on the SSS (GCC only)

  • Hold L for alt CSP
  • Pick Any Color You Want Select any costume, including the ones already selected by other people
  • Hold Z for Dark Characters Load Emerald costumes by holding Z while going to the SSS

  • Hold Start to randomize alts of the selected stage slot (or random, to get a stage from the entire 800+ roster)
  • SSSRES 3 Extra stage pages (6 in total)
  • Stage page shortcut Press DPad Up + Start to go to Page 2
  • Stage page shortcut Press DPad Right + Start to go to Page 3
  • Stage page shortcut Press DPad Down + Start to go to Page 4
  • Stage page shortcut Press DPad Left + Start to go to Page 5
  • Hold L + Start for Battlefield [PM]
  • Hold R + Start for Pokémon Stadium 2 [PM]
  • Hold Z + Start for SmashVille [Brawl]
  • Hold Y + Start for Green Hill Zone [PM]
  • Hold X + Start for Delfino's Secret [PM]
  • Hold L + R + Start for Final Destination [Melee]
  • Hold L + Z + Start for Dream Land HD [PM]
  • Hold L + Y + Start for Wario Land [PM]
  • Hold L + X + Start for Fountain of Dreams [Melee]
  • Hold R + Y + Start for Yoshi's Story [Melee]
  • Hold R + X + Start for Sky Sanctuary Zone [PM]
  • Hold D-Pad Up + Start for Training Room
  • Hold D-Pad Down + Start for controller Config Test
  • Hold D-Pad Right + Start for Home-Run Stadium
  • Hold D-Pad Left + Start for Target Smash Level 1
  • Hold R + Dpad Up + Start for Target Smash Level 2
  • Hold R + Dpad Right + Start for Target Smash Level 3
  • Hold R + Dpad Down + Start for Target Smash Level 4
  • Hold R + Dpad Left + Start for Target Smash Level 5
  • Hold X + Y + Start for Mystery Shuffle
  • Hold X + A for 2D stages (SSL/Demake stages)
  • Hold X + A for green color overlay on Super Smash Land stages
  • Hold X + Y + A for black color overlay on Flat Zone
  • Hold B + A for black color overlay on Sunset Shore
  • Hold A + DPad Down for KK Slider concert on Smashville South

  • Custom My Music Expansion stages have at least 1 song on My Music to prevent crash
  • Song Forcer Codes Some alternate stages have their own tracklist
  • Custom Audio Volume Raise/lower volume of specific tracks

  • Clone ledgegrab invincibility resets after running out
  • Transforming Characters Switch Stocks
  • Alternate Team Color sets

  • Default CPU level is 9
  • CPU's can attack each other in training mode
  • Infinite Shield Option for Training Mode

  • Pause Info Help Off by Default
  • Hitboxes are Enabled in Training Mode

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May 6, 2016
how big is this currently? by that i mean will there be any major differences between hackless and not hackless?
Apr 30, 2010
Little Elm, TX
I beg for ISO builder support.

Having a 2 GB SD card for a Wii U is a death sentence.
And with the release of Nintendon't, there is just no way to have an SD card that small.
Thus, I'm fully behind the ISO builder support, even though that has it's own series of bugs and issues.
May 29, 2011
Is there any way to add in both Ridley mods? There's an Other M one and the classic one but they play a little different. Maybe make them one slot and be able to switch? Idk how it works ;-;
Jun 20, 2014
So do the new characters have the same functionality as normal characters, as in unique announcer calls, stock icons etc? They seem to have their own voices at least. I'm just asking because I haven't kept up with Brawl modding for a while, but this stuff wasn't possible before.


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Feb 21, 2015
You should definitely consider the use of Bagan's classic Ridley once it's out. It's way better than the modern Ridley (or have two Ridleys, that could work too).


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Sep 28, 2013
I beg for ISO builder support.

Having a 2 GB SD card for a Wii U is a death sentence.
And with the release of Nintendon't, there is just no way to have an SD card that small.
Thus, I'm fully behind the ISO builder support, even though that has it's own series of bugs and issues.
Don't worry, we have our own custom ISO builder for USB Loading and Dolphin. You still need an at least 2 GB SD card as well though.

will this be able to play classic and other single player modes without freezing?
Classic, yes. Subspace has been removed and certain other modes may not have full functionality though.


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Feb 6, 2015
Hype! Please tell me this is using an entirely different codeset that Legacy. I couldn't make that build run on my Wii, and every other build has worked fine
Jul 14, 2014
Isn't it possible to load a mod like this (provided the correct disc is inserted) with SD cards larger than 2GB through exploits such as Letterbomb?

If it's possible, would two Hackless versions (one for Smash Stack and one for exploits like the previously-mentioned Letterbomb that has everything on the Homebrew version) be in the realm of possibility?

Either way, I'm very excited to try this out when the time comes.


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Jan 13, 2016
Belchertown, MA, USA
This is the classic case of having too much of a good thing. Classic Legacy was basically "PM done right", while this thing is "PM with a bunch of extra crap crammed in willy-nilly".


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Oct 26, 2014
I definitely support the idea of replacing Ridley with Classic Ridley once released, since that Ridley fits in with the version of Samus in Brawl/PM and the general art style more.


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Jul 22, 2016
Woooooooooooow, awesome!
I still have some questions tho:
How to select stage alts with the wiimote and nunchuk? (it goes for this and regular legacy)
And PAL?
I was hoping he'd answer the question about the wiimote & numchuck stage select .-.
Jun 20, 2014
This is the classic case of having too much of a good thing. Classic Legacy was basically "PM done right", while this thing is "PM with a bunch of extra crap crammed in willy-nilly".
There's a ludicrous amount of stages, but it's not like they get in the way of anything, especially since many are cosmetic changes. I don't see the harm.