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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Patch 1.1.6 Incoming!

Today, Nintendo of Japan quietly announced that Smash 4's newest update will be coming soon. Here's everything you need to know about patch 1.1.6:
  • It will include balance changes to the game
  • The patch size will be 61MB for the Wii U version and a whopping 325MB for the 3DS version
  • Replays from 1.1.5 will presumably be abolished, so be sure to save your best replays as soon as possible
  • The update will drop sometime this month (May)
Excited for patch 1.1.6? What changes would you like to see made in this patch? Comment down below and stay tuned for more Smash 4 news.

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- Mewtwo buffs
- Bayonetta nerfs
- No changes to Jigglypuff
- Relatively pointless power buffs to lower tiers
I'm not expecting many characters to change, in part because I think this patch might just be cracking down on mods.

However, the only Rosalina changes (my main and I haven't played in a while so memory on other characters is fuzzy) I would want are:

-Fix her grabs, they're still jank
-Give the windbox on Catch & Release more power and maybe some more range (it's a custom move so buffing this does not effect competitive play or For Glory Warriors, don't wanna hear any complainin')
-Some general hitbox clean up, mainly on Rosalina and Lumas rapid jabs

Though to be honest, I kinda gave up on Smash so it doesn't matter much at this point. She could be nerfed like crazy and it wouldn't have much bearing on me (though I'd still think that would be really dumb).

I also think they may wanna do something about that anti-Cloud tech that was discovered recently, but it might just be a fitting slap on the wrist that he needs, and having it means there's no real reason to cry for him to be nerfed.
Well, they did say they wanted to keep the Wii U alive with DLC and amiibos as long as the NX isn't released to replace it. There could be hope for additional conent, even if it would be absolutely minimal. I'm not talking characters here of course, but maybe soundtracks and Mii costumes.
Throw Dedede something for once in his Smash 4 life.

Also reduce Zard's frames again.

And make Ganon faster Kappa.
Get ready for RIDLEY boys!

But let's buff R.O.B., and low tiers a bit.

Maybe balance Bayo but don't butcher her.
What we need:
Bayo balancing
Better Cloud recovery without limit
Pointless Jiggly buffs to make her better than Sheik.
Better Monado Boy framedata
:4link::4zelda::4samus:Moar buffs please...

Do more than just slightly increase dash attack and dsmash's kill power...Link needs better frame data not kill power....and better aerial mobility...


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Yoooo all I need is for Pac Mappy Trampolineto last like a little longer that's it and a actually grab box for tracker beam would be nice
Also I request that Sonic be given back his kill-at-100-or-maybe-lower-with-rage back throw.

Not because it's the balanced thing to do, but because I must do Death's deed at a faster speed.
For the record, here is a rough draft of things I would like to see changed in the patch.

(quoting that since it is easier than just posting it again and I can't copy and paste a picture haha!)

Note the last two are mostly just wishes I know won't happen! :laugh:

I just reallly want Toon Link's Brawl back air back! :grin:
(Now buff Kirby until he's OP)
We've never heard anything officially referred to as "the final patch." It has all been fan language, largely because the developers keep planned patches and what is patched entirely in the dark from the fans.

Of course it is both sad and rather stupid that we don't have communication on patch from the developers. Every other major fighting game developer does it, and even Splatoon does it. Making patch notes isn't exactly hard either, and I can almost guarantee you there are internally shared patch notes.
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