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Super (Fling) Smash Bros! Zip for Smash Ultimate!


Smash Lord
Oct 10, 2007
Zip is the main protagonist in Fling Smash, a relatively new Nintendo IP, released in 2011 and bundled with a Wii Remote Plus. Fling Smash is a unique gaming experience, combing a side scrolling platformer and a block-breaker into one. Zip has the potential to as a Smash character to play in a very unique way, taking a cue from the feel of his game: his aerial combat would be, by far, his strong suit.

Zip could perform in the air as a very quick and light character, but with extremely strong, heavy feeling aerial attacks (reminiscent of the feel of attacks performed by the likes of Ike and Ganondorf). When he is on the ground, however, he'd be moving much slower and his ground attacks would are far less powerful than his aerial arsenal. There is a lot of potential for a unique character and move set here. (He even has a metal form in his game, so that could fit in seamlessly). Pip, the female character in the game and also a playable option could be an alternate costume in the game.

Fling Smash was well received when it released, but quickly forgotten which probably hurts Zip's chances. Still, I can't help but drool at the thought of mastering a character who would be possibly the strongest character in the game while in the air, yet among the weakest while on the ground. Zip's inclusion would provide not only the opportunity for an all new playstyle, but could introduce brand new strategies and counter requirements for competitive and casual alike.

Here' s a gameplay/review video of Fling Smash, featuring Zip, to offer some familiarity on the character.


Fling Smash is an overlooked game but a very good one. I'd love to see Sakura take advantage of Zip to create an excellent character and give a nod to a somewhat forgotten yet recent Nintendo era.


a smart guy

Smash Journeyman
Apr 5, 2014
St. Louis
Well, you found a character I didn't know about, so good for you.His game was published by Nintendo so they should own the rights to it. However, the studio who developed his game got bought by a company, which was then bought out by yet another company. Frankly, I don't think anyone remembers him though. However, it would be nice to see him as a trophy, just so people could be reminded of the franchise.


Smash Hero
Feb 15, 2014
North Carolina
If PAC-MAN wasn't in Smash, would any of you have taken Zip as a substitute? Funny thing is, Zip's Spirit actually possess a PAC-MAN puppet fighter in WoL.
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