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Jun 4, 2003
Perth, Western Australia
Here is the video where I discuss and demonstrate a type of floating called Sub Float:

What is Sub Float?
Sub Floating is Floating at a height that is lower than the standard Ground Float.

Why should I Sub Float?
Sub Floating reduces the time it takes to fall to the ground after an FC aerial, this means Sub Floated FC aerials have better +frames vs shield and are easier to combo with.

The low profile gives rise to the possibility of better edge guards as well as aerials will tend to cover the edge better, this is mostly theoretical at this stage though.

How do I enter Sub Float?

Sub Float can be achieved in a number of ways.

X and Y Jumpers:

1. Hold Down
2. Press Jump
3. Press and Hold Jump again on the 6th frame, this is the frame Peach leaves the ground

The timing for the second jump is exactly the same as performing a perfect Double Jump Land (DJL).

The method of holding down first only works if you use X and/or Y to jump as you obviously can't be holding down and perform a tap jump at the same time.

You may like to double-tap your preferred Jump button to enter this state but I have found that rolling my thumb from Y to X far easier to perform this movement (I'm an X jumper so ending on X feels right to me). You may prefer going from X to Y if you are a Y jumper.

Fortunately if you miss the DJ timing you will simply float as per normal which is a great safety net as it means at worst you'll be doing regular FC aerials which have done a decent job so far.

Tap Jump and Sub Floating Out of Shield:

1. Input Jump
2. Hold Down
3. Press and Hold Jump

Jumping first is necessary out of shield because otherwise you will do a Side Step Dodge

The disadvantage of Sub Floating this way is that you are likely to overshoot the window and end up too high, sometimes even higher than a ground float. Ultimately though this is no different to how regular FC aerials are done out of shield so this should be pretty intuitive for players who are already proficient at that.
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