Strengths and Weaknesses


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Mar 7, 2016
Ok so I mostly main Ike just because I enjoy his play style (even if it's a bit boring sometimes) but there are some painfully obvious flaws in his camp such as playing against anybody with projectiles, decent edge guarding and the ability to force approaches (or at least that's what I struggle with). I've been trying to learn Ryu for a few weeks now as well. So I was wondering if anybody could give insight on what they think Ike does that Ryu doesn't and what Ryu does that Ike doesn't. Additionally, I was hoping you could point out what weaknesses they share. I've been looking around and I've been thinking of adding somebody else to my pool that has an easier job handling the bad matchups that Ike has (anybody that forces approaches + cloud). I've been considering Rosalina & Luma, Mewtwo and Diddy Kong. Any opinions on that would also be appreciated.


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Mar 19, 2016
I'm actually in a very similar situation as you. Ike main, Ryu secondary. Here are my thoughts on this:

Ike and Ryu have nearly identical weaknesses except for a few minor differences.

Ike has a weakness to projectiles, where as Ryu has a weakness to disjoints.
Ike has one of the best grab games in the game, but nearly no kill confirms yet a wide selection of options to kill with.
Ryu has next to no grab game, but has multiple confirms into multiple confirms into a kill option that kills as low as 80%

There's probably a tonne more that Im missing but I believe that gets the point through to an extent.

As for the last bit, Diddy is probably a decent bet for you, though Ike and Ryu could alone probably get through a lot in themselves.
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