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Starfurry 5 results. Thanks to everyone; it's been a good run.


Smash Champion
Jan 16, 2006
Plymouth Rock, eating Thanksgiving dinner
...and here they are. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

Teams results:

1: Amakakeru ryu no hirameki (Kage + Vwins)
2: Kage the stylist (pkmvodka + KirbyKaze)
3: Team Unknown Rayn Drops Keep Falling On My Head (raynex + unknown522)
4: Team Jewish Hard Gay (Sylar + Byron)
5: Team Jurassic Park (Jesiah + KOJ)
5: Team Mongoose (Europhoria + Summonedfist)
7: Team **** Escape (omni + nightmare)
7: Hag and Hog (Jeffman + Grmo)

Singles results:

If you're not on this list, it's because you didn't make it out of pools, and like me, you failed and it doesn't matter where you placed. If I'm not exhausted at any given point, I'll consider adding everything up and posting it.

1: Raynex
2: Vwins
3: XenaWarriorPrincess
4: Kage
5: Unknown522
5: pkmvodka
7: Europhoria
7: JesiahTEG
9: Sylar
9: JT
9: sanuzi
9: Black Hanyou Miko
13: Byron
13: Wilkins
13: Summonedfist
13: Afro Chris


Afro Chris' Youtube channel. See for matches: http://www.youtube.com/user/shadic

And finally, to everyone, thanks so much for coming to all my tournaments. I never thought it would end up like this, but here we are, so I'd like to credit everyone who helped out all these times. Dadnan, you're an amazing tournament organizer. I've learned a lot from you. Everyone else, thanks for playing with me. I'm actually gonna cut it short here, but I'll write a lot more later on.


Smash Master
Nov 24, 2007
Come By Chance Mews
who are black hanyou miko and jt?


gg everyone. this tournament was good but needed more link mains.

Byron 1337

Smash Journeyman
Dec 6, 2007
Waterloo, Ontario, IGLOO-LAND Oh, and play Melee
Copied shoutouts from the other thread

Grmo: Sick tourney bro. Wish I got to play you more. Sexual food as well

Sylar: Good **** son! We ***** teams. We definately need to play more!

Jack: You own man! We need to play more along with sylar.

Nightmare: Good fun commentating

Kyle: Nice fox, tough luck in pools

RaynEX: Fun friendlies, I really want to win a match against you though. Good **** winning!

David: You are too fun to play! Your Sheik ***** hard.

Santana: Money pools matches. Legit Falcon.

Mikey: I think this is your name. Sweet falcon dittos on Yoshi's.

Ryan: didn't get to play you, maybe next time!

Adnan: Good matches against you! Mute city match was mad gay.

Omni: you've really improved. Loved our matches, I can;t approach you wihtout getting punished though.

Josh: Campy fox vs. Campy Falco = MAD HOMOSEXUALITY

NY: Get ***** in teams.

PKM: Try harder and own me in pools nex time k?

VWins: You can't be up-air'd by fox. Congrats on second.

Kage: I loved our bracket matches, I had fun chilling with you as well

Gizmo: Lol imagigine RaynEX doing the Gizmo. So funny.

Mike: Lol I have mindless upsmashing skills in teams.


Smash Champion
Dec 22, 2005
Nooo, grmoooo you missed a capital S on my name D:

:p thanks for hosting <3 you, shoutouts nevar


Smash Legend
Nov 18, 2007
Spiral Mountain
ryan posting (too lazy to log out): good work to people who won, and to those who beat me.

shoutouts later.

and desh, there were about 35 people.


Colonel RTSD
Aug 14, 2005
Corneria, Lylat System
GJ Raynex as always.
Thanks but, this is the first time I've ever beat vwins in tournament. All my sets were close. But at least I felt like I deserved 1st for once. My bracket run was:

Wilkins, Pkmvodka, Kage, KirbyKaze, Vwins. Hardest Canadian bracket I've ever had to play. :psycho:

Wtf? Why such a small attendance? And did Adnan attend?
Yeah Adnan was there. With Nyla/Tamika too!


Smash Journeyman
Jun 6, 2007
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Thanks but, this is the first time I've ever beat vwins in tournament. All my sets were close. But at least I felt like I deserved 1st for once. My bracket run was:

Wilkins, Pkmvodka, Kage, KirbyKaze, Vwins. Hardest Canadian bracket I've ever had to play. :psycho:
Thats a pretty legit bracket then.

Byron- Get 4 stocked over and over by me.
Did he really get 4-stocked? Well, it doesn't matter because him and Sylar 6-stocked you guys in teams :p


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
nvm, I'm not doing shoutouts. Computer failed me, when I finished typing it up. I'll just say:

good **** bernard, david, quebec. It was fun hanging out, and lol at highway fail. Getting held up for 2 hours.

Brackets, and pools: GGs.


Smash Lord
Apr 29, 2008
Mississauga, ON
This was a great tournament, I had so much fun, thanks for hosting Grmo.

Adnan I forgot to talk to you about what you asked about, sorry, I got caught up watching bracket matches and playing then before I knew it it was 11:00 and I had to leave, you can PM me about it.

I played and talked to so many people...and I can't remember everyone so I won't do shoutouts because I don't want to leave anyone out...so to everyone I played, GGs everyone I talked to: nice talking to you lol


Smash Lord
Feb 26, 2006
Lavender Town
This tournament was great, I really wish we had more people come though. The attendance was okay but could've been better.

Grmo, thank you for hosting the most successful and 2nd most epic tournament series in GTA. (CotS for most epiccc!! Josh get on my bandwagonnnnn)

I won't make shoutouts with this post but I will make a super shoutout/story-like post about this WHOLE series. :] Can't wait to do it too.
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