Star Fox Zero Switch port?

Star Fox Zero Switch port?

  • No; just play 64 instead

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  • No; the Wii U version is good as is

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Dec 22, 2018
Switch FC

Star Fox Zero is often criticized for its janky controls and similarities to 64, as well as drab aesthetic. However, the graphics, voice acting, writing and (especially) music are all top-notch. I think the game would be decent if it just didn't rely on the dual-screen gimmicks and if it used a more conventional control scheme similar to 64's. Nintendo's experimentation just overbore Platinum's artistic freedom too much. That's why it should get the Switch port treatment like Donkey Kong and Captain Toad and NSMBU. The control scheme and program should also be retooled to fit the Switch's single screen. What do you think?