Stage Builder Advice/Philosophy Thread


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Jun 26, 2014
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This is a thread for giving tips on using Stage Builder, or saying what you think makes a good custom stage design.

Here's mine:

• Use alternate layers to draft complicated shapes, then you can draw them all at once easier. This will also help you minimize the number of shapes so you can fit that weight limit. Useful materials to draft with are Lava and Ice; they're usually easy to tell apart from the rest of the stage.
• Always, always test stages with two specific characters: :ultlittlemac::ultivysaur:
If there's any part of the stage Mac can't reach without help, your platforms are too far apart.
If Ivysaur can't keep her up special attached to every ledge, your ledges are broken somehow.
• If you need a lot of decorative lines on something, do it in one shape by using a "E" pattern (if a solid object) or a square wave pattern (if a thin line). Don't overdo it, though, it could make the stage take ages to load if you have too many.
• Measurements to remember: Battlefield's platform's are 4□ off the ground and 6□ across. One small block in Brawl is 4x4□. One Wii U □ = one Ultimate □. Kirby using his "HIII" taunt is 2x2□, and his proportions never change in any of the games in the series. I checked. To measure a stage in any past game, use him. And 1 □ is equal to five tiny squares on the Training stage, or half of a big square.
• At least try to fit under the eight-player weight limit. It makes you think about how to optimize the stage as much as you can, which means you'll be able to fit in that much more in situations where you actually need the entire weight bar.
• When sharing, it's a good idea to use the layer color tool and take a capture of that with the foreground hidden. It's not always obvious from a stage preview which parts you can stand on.

• If you have any platforms or objects with gravity that respawn, test to make sure they don't get stuck on anything, disabling that feature for the rest of the match. You won't always be able to avoid this, though.
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