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SSB: Roster Rework Project | #67 - King K. Rool

Fletchking-Team Dream

Smash Apprentice
Apr 29, 2021
Fighter Info :ultkrool:
Name: King K. Rool (A.K.A. Kaptain K. Rool or Baron K. Roolenstein)
Title: The Kremling Commander
Home: Crocodile Isle
Related Veterans: Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong
Related Newcomers: Dixie Kong & Pauline
Signature Stages: Gangplank Galleon & Volcano Dome
Copy Abilities: Ranger or Cutter
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong Country
Voice Actor: Toshihide Tsuchiya
Company: Nintendo

Playstyle: Powerhouse + Turtle
Attack: 6.5/10
Defense: 7/10
Speed: 5.5/10
Size: 8/10
Weight: 6.5/10
Combos: 4/10
K.O. Power: 6/10
Recovery: 4.5/10
Movement Options: Crawl & Double Jump

Gimmick: Belly Armor
Belly Armor is an armor mechanic that prevents King K. Rool from flinching when he's attacked from the front and gives him launch immunity.
This is not only active while idle, but also gets stronger while he's attacking. Especially when he performs an attack which involves his own belly.
However, Belly Armor can be destroyed if any opponent deals enough damage to it, creating cracks in it while making King K. Rool vulnerable.

Fighter Moveset
Normal :GCA:
Jab: Kremling Combo - King K. Rool performs a palm thrust, a claw swipe and finishes with a powerful kick. (Origin: SSB Ultimate)
Dash: Belly Buster - King K. Rool short hops and performs a body avalanche. Gets stronger on legdes. (Origin: Donkey Kong Land)
F Tilt: Kremling Clap - King K. Rool rears himself back while swinging forward with both arms, doing a clap. (Origin: SSB Ultimate)
U Tilt: Alligator Upper - King K. Rool goes on one foot whilst swinging his arm upwards in an overhead arc. (Origin: SSB Ultimate)
D Tilt: Saltwater Stomp - King K. Rool performs a strong stomp that buries any grounded opponent nearby. (Origin: SSB Ultimate)

Smash :GCCN:
F Smash: Krusha Punch - King K. Rool puts on a boxing glove, then performs a powerful straight punch. (Origin: Donkey Kong 64)
U Smash: Reptilian Ram - King K. Rool performs a jumping headbutt, then goes onto his belly afterwards. (Origin: S.S.B. Ultimate)
D Smash: Stomach Slam - King K. Rool jumps high up, then performs a powerful splash with his belly. (Origin: Donkey Kong Land)

Aerial :GCX:
N Air: Saltwater Splash - King K. Rool stretches all of his limbs and pushes out his belly, performing a splash attack. (Origin: SSBU)
F Air: Duke's Dropkick - King K. Rool pulls in his legs for a moment, then performs a poweful dropkick with his feet. (Origin: SSBU)
B Air: Roc Kroc Crusher - King K. Rool turns around while performing an overhead punch downward that can spike. (Origin: SSBU)
U Air: Crown Crashing - King K. Rool stretches himself upward, performing a battering ram-eqsue upper headbutt. (Origin: SSBU)
D Air: Kremling Comet - King K. Rool quickly performs a frontflip, then unleashes a powerful stomp with both feet. (Origin: SSBU)

Grab ‘n’ Throws :GCZ:
Pummel: Crown Clobbering - King K. Rool performs a headbutt on the opponent with the crown falling off of him. (Origin: SSBU)
F Throw: Bayou Bashdown - King K. Rool lifts up the opponent with one hand and slams them back to the ground. (Origin: SSBU)
B Throw: Swamp Slingshot - King K. Rool drags the opponent across the ground whilst throwing them to the back. (Origin: SSBU)
U Throw: Bayou Backbreaker - King K. Rool lifts the opponent over his head and performs a backbreaker on them. (Origin: SSBU)
D Throw: Swamp Splashdown - King K. Rool picks up the opponent and performs a powerbomb that buries them. (Origin: SSBU)

Specials :GCB:
Neutral Special: Blunderbuss
King K. Rool puts on his pirate hat while pulling out his blunderbuss, then fires one or three Kannonballs forward.
Holding "B" by default fires a Spiked Kannonball which bounces. Hold "B" after firing to use the vacuum function.
The vacuum function sucks in any opponent or onstage Kannonball and fires them diagonally or straight upward.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest)

Side Special: Crownerang
King K. Rool takes off his crown or hat (depending on the costume), then throws it straight forward as his boomerang.
Though his crown/ hat will attempt to return to him, it will lose altitude overtime, then drop on the ground as an item.
While the crown can be used by anyone, it will reappear on his head after 12 idle seconds or once he touches it again.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Country)

Up Special: Propellerpack
King K. Rool equips his propellerpack, then uses it to fly upwards and/ or across, allowing him easy returns to the stage.
Any opponents who gets struck by the propellers will be dragged upward with King K. Rool until the peak of his ascent.
Once King K. Rool reaches the peak of his ascent, the propellerpack will lose its power, making him gradually fall faster.
(Origin: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble)

Down Special: K. Rool Krash
King K. Rool jumps into the sky, then unleashes a ground pound, creating a shockwave on contact with the ground.
The shockwave stops moving on the ground every two seconds, allowing it to deal damage to any opponent thrice.
K. Rool Krash will make three shockwaves onstage if King K. Rool performs it during or after his propellerpack flight.
(Origin: Donkey Kong 64)

Shield Special: Golden Gut
King K. Rool puffs out his stomach as it glows green, allowing him to counter most attacks or reflect any projectiles.
However, this only works if the opponent hits the belly armor, meaning the rest of his body is vulnerable to attacks.
If an opponent was able to break King K. Rool's belly armor, the counter will not negate damage from then onward.
(Origin: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Final Smash: Blast-O-Matic
King K. Rool stomps on the ground, stunning any nearby opponents, then charges forward to send them flying to Donkey Kong Island.
Once that happens, King K. Rool appears on his throne on Crocodile Isle, laughing as he presses a button, activating the Blast-O-Matic.
Afterwards, the Blast-O-Matic fires a devastating laser at Donkey Kong Island, destroying it whilst sending the opponents on it soaring.

Alternate Costumes
Green (Default)
Red (Bazuka)
Blue (Krusha)
Yellow (Kutlass)
Orange (Klinger)
Purple (Krimp)
Pink (Koindozer)
Brown (Klump)
White (Kackle)
Black (Kaboing)
Pharoah Outfit
Klump's Helmet & Pocket Belt
Pirate Outfit
Krook's Trenchcoat
Scientist Outfit
Kopter's Propeller Helm & Bag
Boxer Outfit
Kasplat's Sunglasses & Jacket
Tiki Tong Costume
Lord Fredrik Cosume

Stage Entrance: King K. Rool descends onto the stage with his arms crossed, then laughs for a moment.
Idle #1: King K. Rool slaps his belly twice while gloating.
Idle #2: King K. Rool chomps the air three times in a row.
Idle #3: King K. Rool puts both hands together sinisterly.
Up Taunt: King K. Rool strikes a proud pose, slapping his belly once to show off.
Side Taunt: King K. Rool breifly dons boxing gloves whilst air boxing confidently.
Down Taunt: King K. Rool stomps on the ground, stunning any nearby opponent.
Victory Pose #1: King K. Rool performs both a belly flop and a backflip and slaps his belly after landing.
Victory Pose #2: King K. Rool destroys a Donkey Kong Barrel with his bare foot and roars at the screen.
Victory Pose #3: King K. Rool flips his cape around before striking his Fighter pose from S.S.B. Ultimate.

Sound Effects
Crowd Cheer: "King K! King K! King K! King K. Rool!" (4x)
Victory Theme #1: "Bonus Game (Win)"
Victory Theme #2: "Gangplank Galleon" (Short Remix)
Classic Mode Credits Theme: "Gangplank Galleon" (Remix)

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