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Springfield, OH Presents: "The Showdown" (June 12th-13th)


Smash Lord
Feb 13, 2006
Springfield, OH
The Showdown Results
Springfield, OH​

June 12th-13th, 2010

I want to thank everyone who came out and made this event fun! Obviously not as many people showed up as we would have liked but you guys all made it a blast anyway! I also want to thank anyone who helped me out over the weekend either through setting up and helping run the tournament. I hope everyone had a blast in the hotel and during the event.

If you don't have a character next to your name let me know so I can fix it!

Brawl Doubles Results: (16 Entrants)
1: M2k +Ally
2: Shugo + ADHD
3: Hunger + Judge
4: Infern + OS
5: P*ssy Monsters (Y.b.M. + Blue Rogue)
5: DJIskabibble + Fizzle
7: Lain + NoJ
7: Renagade + Sago
9: Wasted Talent (Capem + Fonz)
9: Goddy + Ori
9: Champ + Nope
9: I Put my hand up on your hip, when we dip, we dip, we dip (Fatboy + Grimace)
13: Chiquita Chimpons (Count + Krystedez)
13: King0 + Top Gun
13: Luigi160 + TLOZ87
13: SniperSnake + Distort Love

Melee Doubles Results: (6 Entrants)

1: M2k + Kels
2: EighteenSpikes + Cosmo
3: Drephen + Watty
4: Juke + BigD
5: Mundungu + Sago
6: Wakka + Paranormal Sin

Brawl Singles Results: (70 Entrants)

1: M2K :metaknight:
2: Ally :snake: / :metaknight:
3: ADHD :diddy:
4: Shugo :falco: / :metaknight:
5: Lain :popo: / :metaknight:
6: Hunger The Cripple :wario:
7: Blue Rogue :wario:
8: Nope :snake:
9: Judge :metaknight: / :wario:
10: Krystedez :wario:
10: Renagade :snake:
10: Infern :snake:
13: Count :diddy:
13: Ithrowthings :sonic:
13: Overswarm :metaknight:
13: Fizzle :dedede: / :metaknight:
17: Mr.E :rob:
17: Sago :metaknight:
17: DJIskabibble :metaknight:
17: Grimace :snake:
17: AlphaZealot :diddy:
17: Fonz :lucario:
17: Z :metaknight:
17: Champ :falco: / :popo: / :metaknight:
25: The_Future :popo: / :metaknight:
25: Y.b.M. :kirby2: / :dedede: / :zerosuitsamus:
25: FatboySlim :metaknight:
25: Ori :marth:
25: Capem :metaknight:
25: Boxxy :popo: / :snake:
25: Paranormal Sin :olimar:
25: Braxton :lucario:
33: Soverign :zerosuitsamus:
33: Juushichi :falco: / :mario2:
33: F-air
33: Kero :olimar:
33: Wakka :diddy:
33: Sir J :kirby2:
33: Luminoth :wolf: / :zelda:
33: Gmss
33: Moose :marth: / :shiek:
33: Links24 :link2: / :toonlink:
33: Sil :rob:
33: Distort Love :link2:
33: Wafles :falco:
33: Sorasin :falco:
33: Tyr :lucas:
33: King :pikachu2:
49: Ralf Sesil
49: Keen
49: The Real Fatty
49: Goddy
49: PeepRivers
49: The Smile
49: Kiest :dedede: / :kirby2: / :metaknight:
49: SlimJim
49: Radium :kirby2:
49: Solecalibur :zerosuitsamus:
49: Top Gun
49: Crum
49: KingZero :falco: / :samus2:
49: RougeBlades :sonic:
49: DRDN :diddy:
49: Luigi160

Brawl Death Pools:

1: Kiest
1: PeepRivers
3: Top Gun
3: The Real Fatty
5: KingZero
5: Ralf Sesil
7: Radium
9: Blind Man
9: SniperSnakeCQC
11: Whiteley79
11: Crow!
13: UFDup
13: Banhammer

Melee Singles Results: (15 Entrants)

1: M2K :shiek: / :marth:
2: Drephen :shiek:
3: Kels :fox: / :falco:
4: Cosmo :zelda:
5: BigD
6: EighteenSpikes :drmario:
7: Joe Bushman 2.0 ( Watty) :samus2:
8: Juke :marth:
9: Sil :fox:
9: Mundungu
9: Lain :marth: / :falco:
9: Paranormal Sin :falcon:
13: Wakka :falco:
13: Wafles :falco:
13: EE

Brawl Low Tier Singles Results: (50 Entrants)

1: Ally :falcon:
2: Renagade :ike:
3: M2K :ike:
4: Sago :samus2:
5: Fonz :ganondorf:
5: Boxxy :jigglypuff:
7: Hunger The Cripple :mario2:
7: Tyr :lucas:
9: Krystedez
9: Blue Rogue
9: Fizzle
13: Nope
13: Links24
13: Lain
13: FatboySlim
17: DJIskabibble
17: DRDN
17: The Smile
17: Distort Love
17: Solecalibur
17: Grimace (King Koopa)
17: Ithrowthings
17: AlphaZealot
25: Count
25: Sleep
25: SniperSnakeCQC
25: RogueBlades
25: KingZero
25: Kero
25: Mr.E
25: Moose
33: Kiest
33: Luminoth
33: Sil
33: Top Gun
33: Juushichi
33: Ori
33: Brackston
33: Z
33: Ralf Sesil
33: Sorasin
33: Wafles
33: Crow
33: Crum
33: F-air
33: Whiteley79
49: Mika
49: TJ
49: Wakka

Brawl Low Tier Doubles Results: (8 Entrants)

1: Renagade + Nope
2: Krsytedez + ADHD
3: Count + Wakka
4: Warfie + Fonz
5: 2can + Sil
5: Sovereign + Juu
7: Angelo + DRDN
7: Champ + Capem

Super Street Fighter 4: (8 Entrants)

1: JellyTime
2: Renagade
3: DJIskabibble
4: Soverign
5: Kiest
5: Angelo
7: Nope
7: UFDup


DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
Would like to apologize for not making it, Nope. Things came up while we were on the way to Springfield and we ended up having to cancel last minute.


Smash Ace
Nov 30, 2008
Springfield, OH
Fun tournament. I have tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of videos to upload. Hopefully I will have them up within a week or two.


Smash Lord
Feb 14, 2003
Lima, Ohio
Played like crap and yet I'm not all that unhappy with my middle-of-the-road result. >:o Should put this up on AiB -- which AZ will yell at you to do anyway I'm sure -- so my record against ITT can look less bad. :p Tourney was awesome as usual and the venue was really nice.

I think Sil's mom is a pretty cool guy. seh makes breakfast and doesnt afraid of anything.


Awaken the Path
Feb 22, 2010
Colorado Springs
I think I'll get around to shoutouts later tonight. Good tournament Nope, I really enjoyed myself, loads better than MLG. Less stress overall, fun tournament, even with low turnout. Hotel was nice, got our room changed for a better a/c, jesus it was hot first night.

Preliminary shoutouts to Fizzle and Hunger, the two who knocked me out!

Fizzle: I'll get you next time. End of story! No johns! RAWR!!!!! (turns into jiggs and breaks his shield, flying away)

Hunger: Jesus, Hunger, didn't know you were this tight with the bike and stuff. I still think I'm better with the bike overall. You just have some tight setups with the tires and are better than me at Wario in general... For now *kekeke*... Sorry for the timeout, dude, that was really uncalled for, but I really wanted to take at least one game off of you, maybe have a chance at redeeming myself later. GGs though, you're an awesome player.


Smash Apprentice
Jun 13, 2010
Redford, Michigan
Hey Nope, put Kirby next to me name please. I entered Brawl singles. Thank you :D

1: M2K - Good job winning, I had fun with friendlies playing you. You are too good against Kirby.
2: Ally - Nice. Snake is too pro.
3: ADHD - Almost up there above M2K and Ally again.
4: Shugo - Fun matches in pools, you are too good with that MK.
5: Lain - Lainy boo! Way to represent Michigan, you did really good man! Even though you don't remember playing me back in Michigan ten times.... It's cool.
6: Hunger The Cripple - Good placing Hunger. I still don't think you should have forefited to Shugo, but hey. Also, sorry for the double footstools our first match in brackets. D: Kindaaa gay.
7: Blue Rogue - Saw your set with ADHD, really good bro. You're getting better than the last time I saw you at Michigan.
8: Nope - Amazing tournament! Really good games that I watched too.
9: Judge - Way to rep Michigan! Good job here, using Wario a lot.
10: Krystedez - Saw you play a bit, nice playing (:
10: Renagade - Too pro Ike.
10: Infern - Don't remember, sorry.
13: Count - Don't rememebr, sorry.
13: Ithrowthings - Good Sonic, you placed shockingly well.
13: Overswarm - Good Pools match, you are a match-addict though. Can't wait for Lain, lol.
13: Fizzle - Your MK made me sad on Delfino. Oh well, I'll get you next time. OH, here I am on smashboards like I told you I was.
17: Mr.E - Nice placing, nice person too.
17: Sago - Really nice Samus, I couldn't even handle it in friendlies.
17: DJIskabibble - I like your name. Lmfao.
17: Grimace - Geeze man. Don't be ****** me in friendlies! Snake is way too pro with you.
17: AlphaZealot - Diddddyyyy!
17: Fonz - Ganon is way too pro in low tiers.
17: Z - Don't remember, sorry!
17: Champ - Don't remember, sorry!
25: The_Future - Don't remember, sorry!
25: Y.b.M. - Thank you for all of that match up advice against Hunger, it helped me learn a lot about the match up. Way to place higher than me! Guess I wasn't the top Kirby like I wanted.
25: FatboySlim - You knocked me out of brackets! Your MK is way to fast and unpredictable, I couldn't keep up.
25: Ori - Good **** bro! Way to rep the marth, and pull out some of those IC's.
25: Capem - Don't remember, sorry!
25: Boxxy - Good **** Boxxy, don't completely drop the snake. You needed it a lot and I like it better than IC's. Hahaha, good placing man.
25: Paranormal Sin - Nice matches against your Olimar, you are really good. I had you, but you adapted to my playstyle way to quickly.
25: Braxton - Watched you play once, you have those mindgamesss.
33: Soverign - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Juushichi - Don't remember, sorry!
33: F-air - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Kero - Saw you play once. Didn't really talk though.
33: Wakka - Diddddyyyy!
33: Sir J - Step it up scrub! I wont settle for that second highest Kirby bull****! You need first noob, firrrsssttt!
33: Luminoth - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Gmss - Good friendlies.
33: Moose - Moooooosssseeeeeeeee! Step it up man, you're better than 33rd.
33: Links24 - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Sil - Good matches in friendlies. I had fun!
33: Distort Love - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Wafles - Love the name, but I don't remember playing you.
33: Sorasin - Don't remember, sorry!
33: Tyr - Lucas. God, I remember maining him.
33: King - Don't remember, sorry!
49: Ralf Sesil - Don't remember, sorry!
49: Keen - Good matches in pools! It was fun man :D
49: The Real Fatty - Good pools games.
49: Goddy - I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole moose. Hahahahahahahaha, good times. ;)
49: PeepRivers - Don't remember, sorry.
49: The Smile - Nice bracket matches. I hate diddys though...
49: Kiest - Don't remember, sorry!
49: SlimJim - Don't remember, sorry!
49: Radium - Don't remember, sorry!
49: Solecalibur - I saw you play once I think.
49: Top Gun - Step it up, Kirby needs a new rep.
49: Crum - Don't remember, sorry!
49: KingZero - Saw you play once I believe.
49: RougeBlades - Don't remember, sorry!
49: DRDN - Don't remember, sorry!
49: Luigi160 - Don't remember, sorry!

Good matches everyone! Sorry if I didn't remember you, I just didn't play you.


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008
I only used mk for one match in brackets..and the guy forfeited to me. does that still count as me going mk? lol


Smash Ace
Jan 3, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Awesome tournament Nope! Thanks for throwing us into pools and waiting on us day 1! Shoutouts coming later on!

I used Wolf/Zelda btw if you can still edit. :D


nerf zelda's dsmash
Feb 5, 2008
Chicago, Illinois
are there going to be any melee singles videos uploaded in smooth quality?

good tournament I think the attendance thing came from not having a thread inside of the Midwest section. I know I rarely check Tourney Listings but I'm in MW section all the time. A lot of the MW does this too.

I enjoyed the venue a lot

my zelda did work

somebody upload the Showdown rap mp3 LOL

yea goods hit


Smash Lord
Feb 13, 2006
Springfield, OH
I played MK and won that match vs you Nope. add that masky icon. Ggs all.

I used Wolf/Zelda btw if you can still edit. :D

i used wario more then i did mk. add that pwease

Any Brawl or melee videos?
Yes both! they will be up as Fonz has time during the next two weeks. There are TONS of videos. Low Tiers, Melee, Brawl all need to be sorted through.

If anything was recorded of me I'd rather it not be up (unless it was my jiggz doing work :))
Nope's No BS Rule: By participating in this tournament you give the Tournament Operator and their affiliates the right to film, photograph and record your name, nickname, pseudonym, persona, picture, biographical material, voice and/or likeness and to use the same in any manner or media in connection with the Event to broadcast, reproduce, distribute and exhibit such photographs and/or recordings, in any manner whatsoever, by any and all means, media, devices, processes and technology now or hereafter known or devised anywhere in the universe at anytime in perpetuity.

are there going to be any melee singles videos uploaded in smooth quality?

good tournament I think the attendance thing came from not having a thread inside of the Midwest section. I know I rarely check Tourney Listings but I'm in MW section all the time. A lot of the MW does this too.

I enjoyed the venue a lot

my zelda did work

somebody upload the Showdown rap mp3 LOL

yea goods hit
Yep vids are coming, your Zelda was nasty! Also I will put up a link for the rap, done by Y.b.M.

Also there was a thread in the MW regional section back when it was first made In Feb.

Big D, Drephen and Watty I will be in contact with you guys in the next couple days.


Follow me on Twitter!
Aug 7, 2008
Nottingham, MD
wow 70 entrants for brawl...i shouldve went...

well no worries...it was probably the more responsible decision for me not to go anyway...

I will Defintely be at the next MW national though regardless....


Smash Journeyman
Feb 21, 2009
Columbus, OH
Even though the turnout was unexpectedly low, I still had a lot of fun. It's too bad people from out of the region didn't get to experience a Smashfield-TO'd tourney though :/ But anyway good job hosting.

Brief shoutouts:

My Pool - GG's
Hunger - Our MM was fun, I can't wait to play your Wario again
Lain, Juu, Radium, Krystedez - Friendlies were fun :D
PSin - Thanks so much for teaching me the Oli matchup.. that really helped my game out a lot I think.
Springfield - Always good to see you guys.
Lou - I wanted to play you but forgot the first day and didn't see you the second. I wanna see how good that GDubs is now :p
Nope - First game was so close.. I'll beat you eventually :p And grats on being the best Snake in Ohio

Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
no warmups on sunday made me suck lol. the only matches I played until after I was out were bracket matches. but whatever thats not even why I lost and it was my fault either way. fun tourney nope! Good stuff running it.

Really fun time hanging out with midwest-east region, although there was soooooo many people I didn't know at all, which Im not really used to >_>

anyways quick shoutouts:

God Cats: good meeting and rooming with you. YBM/Infern/Tyr you are all awesome and made this trip worth it. Although you were supposed to drink moar on saturday lol.

Sago: omgggggg you placed so good in low tiers good job. I knew you played samus but I didn't know it was good too lol. I hope to see you in chicago soon

Count: Cool seeing you again. Thanks for the practice, such a hard matchup on both ends!

Overswarm: You are way more awesome than I expected lol, I will always hate you on the internets though... I think thats everyone though so its k.

Sil: legit rob, work on mk matchup though.... its better than you think.

Mr. E: lol thanks for showing me to always take the second match seriously. Good stuff on third match though, take advantage of my stupid ****.

lain: keep placing where you belong. good seeing you

judge: you prob don't know who I am but you make no ****in sense when you drink and it is hellarious

probably forgot some people... sorry but if i forgot you you prob aren't a cool cat


Smash Rookie
Aug 19, 2005
I wanted to point out that everyone was really friendly. I wasn't sure how some of the top contenders attitude would be towards my crew, but everyone was cool. IN fact M2K took time after he fought my buddy TopGun in their first match and showed him tips on approaching. I thought that was really cool. Great torny everyone! Thanks Nope!


Smash Ace
Nov 30, 2008
Springfield, OH
Sorry ADHD all video's will be online. We tell M2K the same thing and he always complains =D. No reason video's can't go online. even if people learn your habits it makes you work to keep them changing. Just adapt like a champion lolz
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