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Spirited Leader - Melia Antiqua Support Thread


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Credit goes to @BluePikmin11 for the original Melia support thread!

Music: Alcamoth, Imperial City (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Melia Discharges the Competition!


Who is Melia?

Melia Antiqua is the leader of a winged race called the High Entia and one of the more popular party members from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. She is equipped with a staff capable of casting elemental magic, similar to how Robin's tomes function, only with durability.

What are her chances?

Very low. With Xenoblade Chronicles X being set in a different universe with a different cast of characters, as well the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looking to have tenuous connections to the first game at best, it seems that the series has moved past Melia and the rest of Shulk's party. Even if Melia does have some presence in or ties to XC2, it would still be more likely that the main protagonist of that game becomes playable.

Potential Movesets

In Xenoblade Chronicles, Melia uses her ether arts, she gradually fills up her talent gauge to eventually gain an special attack called Elemental Discharge (icon shown below):

This allows her to use even more powerful magic with twice the damage. In Smash Bros., her potential playstyle would rely on filling up her gauge in battle while also avoiding opponents to cast them out of the battlefield with her summons, although her weaknesses would probably be being relatively slow and has a shorter agility and jump than most other characters. Unlike Shulk, Melia has more flexible control with switching out modes and she is able to carry out multiple effects, but she only has three modes and has less melee range, slower , and shorter mode time than Shulk.
[collapse= Moveset]

Elemental Discharge: Melia uses her summon for a powerful ranged attack/ recovery. This is basically the core in using Melia properly, this must be used to activate all three of her special moves.

Side-B: Summon Flare:
Unsummoned: Melia fires a small blast of fire to the ground. Similar to Robin's Fire Tome, except it lasts x1.5 longer than Robin's, but it's easily escapable. You can also change the distance the longer you charge.
Summoned: Melia fires a fast fireball to the ground. It goes farther and also causes a small explosion that's useful to KO opponents. In addition to the big blast, Melia's physical attacks increase by x1.2 for 11 seconds.

Up-B: Summon Wind:
Unsummoned: Melia fires a small burst of wind downward to propel her to recovery. Low recovery ability.
Summoned: Melia fires a giant burst of air downward to give her a huge vertical recovery boost. In addition to the recovery, she also has her agility increased by x1.2 for 11 seconds.

Down-B: Summon Bolt:
Unsummoned: Melia quickly summons an orb above her, fires an instant thin lightning strike diagonally downward direction. Does low multi-hit damage, but its start-up is instant and can go through walls and through the ground.
Summoned: Melia quickly summons an orb above her and fires an instant thicker lightning bolt diagonally downward that has good KO potential. In addition to the lightning strike, her special moves' power is increased by x1.2 for 11 seconds.


Jab: Melia horizontally swings her staff twice and finishes with a good-ranged upward swing.

Side-Tilt: Melia steps forward and swings her staff to do moderately good side knockback on the opponent. A good move to get away from the opponent.

A-Dash: Melia swings her staff quickly at a diagonal-downward angle. Has less knockback than A-Side, but knocks the opponent upwards, allowing a combo for U-Tilt.

U-Tilt: Melia raises and twirls her staff vertically, a multihitting attack that has good melee range from above to cover from the opponent.

D-Tilt: Melia swipes her staff to the ground. Not a really good attack for anything other than using it for mix-ups.

Melia quickly swings her staff forward. A good very close-ranged attack to quickly combo the opponent and provide good knock back for spacing.

Forward-Air: Melia slams her staff in a downward diagonal direction. Has start-up lag, but has much more range, damage, and knock back than N-Air.

Back-Air: Melia quickly swings her staff from the back. A close-ranged attack similar to Ike's Back-Air.

Down-Air: Melia quickly swings her staff downward. Unlike other air-attacks, it has a wide, curved hitbox that only hit when you hit the opponent on the left to earn a meteor smash.

Up-Air: Melia quickly swings her staff upward. Like D-Air, it has a wide, curved hitbox on the right of Melia, but only hits the hardest during the end of the attack.

Melia kicks with her knee on the opponent while trapping the opponent with her staff. Slow-paced grabs, 2% per pummel.

D-Throw: Melia quickly lies the opponent down and casts Shadow Stitch to prevent the opponent from moving.
*Opponents can easily escape Melia D-Throw at low percentages before she casts her ether art.

B-Throw: Melia quickly tosses the opponent from the back while chanting "Stitch!". Very little throwback.

F-Throw: Melia quickly raises her leg and kicks the opponent while chanting "Kick!". Has ok throwback.

U-Throw: Melia quickly tosses the opponent to the air. If you're quick enough, you may able to land a combo with an air attack.

Smash Attacks:

F-Smash: Melia (one-hand) holds her staff diagonally downward and then charges her ether staff to summon slashing wave that covers her in the front. Has relatively long ending lag.
D-Smash: Melia (two-hands) slightly raises her staff and charges, then slams her staff to the ground and summons wind from the ground that covers her bottom half from behind and front. A good move to use if you are trapped by two opponents. Knocks the opponent upward.
U-Smash: Melia (one-hand) wields her staff up and charges it to summon a slightly tilted upward, long-ranged, thin burst wave. A multi hitting, powerful attack with great range.


U-Taunt: Melia chants out "Manifest yourself!" while raise her staff up and slightly-forward.

S-Taunt: Melia chants out "You cannot be reckless!" while spinning her staff in a stylish fashion.

D-Taunt: Melia wields her staff downward chants out "Is that what you're capable of?"

Final Smash:

Chain Attack: Melia summons her Chain Attack, attacking the opponent constantly along Sharla and Reyn, finishing with Mind Blast. If you're curious, these are the attacks they use during the Final Smash:
(in order)

1. Spear Break
2. Summon Ice
3. Mind Blast

1. Rage
2. Bone Upper
3. Wild Down

1. Thunder Bullet
2. Head Shot
3. Metal Blast
Leader of the High Entia, master of ether. Melia's playstyle revolves entirely around her elemental system, in which she can summon elementals to give herself buffs and discharge them to inflict damage and debuffs.

Melia is a fragile character without her elementals, so proper management is crucial to playing Melia well.

Jumps: normal amount (one midair jump)
Walking speed: slow (on par with Zelda)
Running speed: slow (on par with Link)
Jump height: lacking (on par with Robin)
Air speed: mediocre (on par with Ness)
Fall/fast fall speed: screw this gonna make it exactly Shulk's
Weight: semi-light (on par with Palutena)

Neutral Special: Summon Elemental - this is Melia's signature move and basically makes her as a character. There are eight summons: Wind, Ice, Flare, Earth, Aqua, Bolt, Copy, and Reflect.

Pressing B once will bring up four elementals around Melia, pressing a direction will choose one.
Pressing B a second time will bring up the other four elementals, again, pressing a direction will choose one of them.
Pressing B a third time will get rid of these and allow Melia to move again.


So for example if I press B then Up I summon Wind elemental
if I press B-B-Forward I summon Earth elemental

Melia will not be able to move, but pressing shield will also cancel summon selection.

Upon summon, Melia will say "Summon ___" and make a pose that can be canceled into other things similarly to Shulk's Monado Arts. Additionally, a colored orb will appear around Melia's head to indicate the summons she currently has equipped.

You can have 3 summons at a time. First summon will appear above Melia, second summon in front, third summon behind.

Summons have a cooldown before they can be summoned again. Copy will summon the last elemental you summoned regardless of cooldown, but Copy also has a cooldown.

Each summon has special effects but I'll go over those later.

Side Special: Spear Break - Melia pokes forward with her staff, pressing B again will cause her to do a dropkick. The dropkick knocks opponents away from her at a very low angle, potentially causing tripping. Moderately high endlag on the dropkick and very punishable on whiff, but successful connect puts Melia in an advantageous position.

First hit: Spear poke. 4%, high hitstun but low knockback, moderate shield damage.
Second hit: dropkick. 7%, semi-spike angle OR trip.

Up Special: Burst End - Melia raises her staff in the air and releases a yellow ether field around her that lifts her up slightly. Does not put Melia into helpless mode. On the ground, Melia does not rise. slowish startup

Initial hit: 6%
subsequent hits: 2%. trapping though

Down Special: Elemental Discharge - Melia discharges her most recently summoned elemental.

Each summon has a special effect that I'll go over later.

Neutral A: Melia swings forward with her staff twice, then does a quick stab. Pretty standard

First hit: 3%
second hit: 4%
last hit: 4%

Ftilt: Melia does a swipe with her staff. slightly disjointed


Utilt: Melia does an overhead sweep with her staff. slightly disjointed. Hitboxes both in front and behind, may not catch low crouches (Kirby, WFT, Jigglypuff, G&W, etc)


Dtilt: Melia does a quick poke with her staff on the ground. slightly disjointed.


Dash attack: Starlight Kick - Melia does a dropkick similarly to her Side-B, however it knocks opponents up and has less lag


Fsmash: Melia stabs forward with her staff, any summoned elementals swirl around the tip to do extra damage.

15% (staff hit)
lingering elemental damages afterwards (discussed below)

Usmash: Melia raises her staff upward, summoned elementals pop up briefly.

13% (staff hit), very low knockback but decent hitstun
elemental pop up beyond the staff afterwards, discussed below

Dsmash: Melia bombards her feet with three blasts of ether. Similar to Lucas's. Elementals affect damage.

first hit: 5% base, varies based on third elemental.
second hit: 6% base, varies based on second elemental.
third hit: 10% base, varies based on first elemental.

Nair: Melia swings her staff in front and behind her. similar to Toon Link

front hit: 6%
back hit: 6%
landing lag: 14 frames

Fair: Melia does a large swipe in front of her with the staff. similar to Robin's

landing lag: 23 frames

Bair: Melia swings her staff behind her and summons ether from the tip of it. Multihit

3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 5% (last hit launches)
landing lag: 21 frames

Dair: Melia swings her staff downwards. Basically Palutena's

landing lag: 24 frames

Uair: Melia extends her staff upwards, any summoned elementals swirl around the tip of it.

3% on staff hit, little knockback
elemental damages: discussed below
landing lag: 13 frames

Grabs & Throws
Grab: fairly fast. Melia reaches out with her hand and grabs the opponent.

Pummel: slow pummel, she drives the staff into the enemy. summoned elementals each do damage as well


Fthrow: Melia bats the opponent away with her staff.


Bthrow: Melia tosses the opponent backwards, similarly to Marth's


Uthrow: Melia tosses the opponent upwards and sends three ether orbs after them (think Falco's or Fox's)

initial throw 5%
Ether orb 1: 1%, depends on first elemental
Ether orb 2: 1%, depends on second elemental
Ether orb 3: 2%, depends on third elemental.

Dthrow: Melia slams the opponent to the ground and unleashes ether on them. dependent on summoned elementals

base damage: 5%

Elemental Effects
Each elemental has several effects in moves and on Melia. Each elemental also has a way they act when used in Melia's smashes, Uair, uthrow, and dthrow

Wind: increases Melia's speed. puts her on par with Charizard's run speed and adjusts air speed and walk speed similarly
General attributes: a weak elemental, but fast and has slight windboxes
Discharge: she sends it down, making a weak explosion at her feet with 1-2% but propels her upwards. Includes slight windbox on sides and bottom and large windbox above.
Fsmash: 1% damage
Usmash: 2% damage
Dsmash: 4%/4%/7% damage
Uair: 3% damage
Pummel: +0.5%
Uthrow: 0.5%/1%/1%
Dthrow: +1%

Flare: increases the strength of Melia's ground attacks (not including grab/throw), with a 10% multiplier
General attributes: medium speed with good damage and high launching power
Discharge: medium speed projectile with explosion. 11% damage and good launching power
(note: these percentages do not reflect the strength increase)
Fsmash: 3% damage
Usmash: 4% damage
Dsmash: 7%/7%/12%
Uair: 6% damage
Pummel: +2%
Uthrow: 2%/2.5%/3%
Dthrow: +3%

Bolt: increases the strength of Melia's aerials and her throws with a 10% multiplier
General attributes: fast, good damage and moderate kill power
Discharge: fast projectile, approximately the speed of Robin's Thunder. does 9% on impact
(note: these percentages do not reflect the strength increase)
Fsmash: 3% damage
Usmash: 4.5% damage
Dsmash: 6.5%/7%/12%
Uair: 5% damage
Pummel: +2%
Uthrow: 2%/2%/3%
Dthrow: +3%

Aqua: Melia heals 1% every 2 seconds.
General attributes: slow, weak, lacks kill power but heals Melia
Discharge: pretty slow projectile (speed of Lloid Rocket) that has high-ish hitstun. 4%, heals Melia for 3%
Fsmash: 1% damage, heals Melia by 1%
Usmash: 1% damage, heals Melia by 1%
Dsmash: 3%/4%/6% damage, heals Melia by 2%/2%/4%
Uair: 2%, heals Melia for 1%
Pummel: +0.5%, heals Melia for 1%
Uthrow: 0.5%/1%/1%, heals Melia for 0%/1%/1%
Dthrow: +0.5%, heals Melia for 2%

Earth: Melia is heavier (on par with Lucario)
General attributes: slow, lacking kill power, but does lots of damage
Discharge: slow projectile that does 13%
Fsmash: 4%
Usmash: 5%
Dsmash: 7%/8%/13%
Uair: 7%
Pummel: +3%
Uthrow: 3%/3%/4%
Dthrow: +3.5%

Ice: Melia takes less damage by 10% (this makes her artificially heavier)
General attributes: medium speed, average damage, freezes on impact (similarly to Judge 8)
Discharge: medium speed projectile, does 7%. Freezes for a somewhat short amount of time
Fsmash: 2%
Usmash: 2%
Dsmash: 5%/6%/9%
Uair: 4%
Pummel: +1%
Uthrow: 1%/1.5%/2%
Dthrow: +2.5%

Copy: copies the previous elemental.

Reflect: basically Reflection. Melia has a reflect status on her (similarly to a Franklin badge) that cause projectiles to be reflected at a 45 degree angle with 1.2x multiplier
General attributes: average in everything, but turns opponents around instead of dealing knockback and reflects projectiles (1.0x multiplier in attacks)
Discharge: medium slow, large projectile that reflects other projectiles with 1.4x multiplier directly back. deals 6% damage and has a Cape effect. reflecting a projectile will not make it disappear
Fsmash: 2.5%
Usmash: 2%
Dsmash: 5%/5%/9%
Uair: 3.5%
Pummel: +1%
Uthrow: 1%/2%/2%
Dthrow: +2.5%

Interesting things
Melia's pummel can do 10% damage with 3 Earth elementals, or 7.7% with 2 Earth and 1 Bolt...
Similarly Melia's Dsmash can do 28% with 3 Earth elementals, or 30.8%/29.7% with 2 Earth and 1 Flare...

balanced out of course by lackluster attributes

Members of the High Entia (Supporters)


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Aug 9, 2016
Somewhere Else
Switch FC
Support. She doesn't really get brought up (and didn't have much of a chance to begin with, especially now), but I think she'd make for a great fighter.
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Jul 12, 2014
An elevator
Melia is my favorite charcter from my second favorite game. I support.

Keeping up elementals for buffs or her other specials could be a really cool gimmick. Although, at best, she would get an AT . . but Riki's talent art is stealing for a reason :p


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Aug 11, 2013
Naked in Magicant
Why not? Add me to the list of supporters, she is one of my favorite Xenoblade chars and i would be okay with a 2nd rep from Xenoblade 1, protagonist from Xenoblade 2 could be cool too.


Smash Journeyman
May 2, 2018
Never played a Xenoblade game before. But, I'm planning on getting Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for my 3DS. I support! One question: Is there any way I can play it on normal 3DS or 3DS XL?

Deleted member

Never played a Xenoblade game before. But, I'm planning on getting Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for my 3DS. I support! One question: Is there any way I can play it on normal 3DS or 3DS XL?
No, there is not. It's only compatible with the "New" models.

Deleted member

Melia appears as a Spirit in the new Spirits mode, seen in the new Smash Direct.



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Jun 17, 2018
You know, what are people's thoughts on Melia's inclusion in the new epilogue content? New design, possible role, that sorta stuff.
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Dec 19, 2013
Put me as a supporter! Her moves could be so cool!

Summon elementals, and they could activate buffs that last for awhile or until you shoot them out as projectiles, Spear Break could be a move that if you then combo from it into Starlight Kick it gurantees a long stun. Mind Blast could briefly disable a special moves Ahhh man she's the best XC1 character.

Mr. Nintendo

Feb 8, 2014
Melia has quickly become one of my most wanted characters, surpassing Rex as my most wanted Xenoblade character. Putting her in top 5 overall. She's fantastic
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