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Sorry for crashing Smashboards. I'm Zipzo. I played the release build demo of Smash 4. AMA!

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Jun 8, 2007
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Summarising/categorising of @Zipzo 's posts in his first thread + ama + incoming updates (I may have missed a few things)

Zipzo said:
It's REALLY crowded. Line is huge, depending on how long we get to play it's going to be a long walk to the back of the line. It depends how they filter people through.
There 2 stations with 4 3DS's each for 4-player matches, then 4 stations with 1 3DS LL each (probably for solo play?). They have big TV's and streaming equipment to show what's happening on each 3DS.
It has not begun yet, but soon.

- they are really right on pictures and video. I almost got kicked out for trying.
Two matches got to be played and then queue times were about 20 minutes.
I believe this was the playable roster:
And just a personal question, which character was your favourite to play as and why?
My favorite character to play was Sonic

The frame rate was GORGEOUS 3D on or not.

Such a beautiful game. I also want to say it's much better appreciated on the larger 3DS. It's actually kinda hard to even see your character on the regular 3DS, I was a bit disappointed by that, although I have a larger 3DS, I'm a little concerned for how regular 3DS users will feel about the game when they see that their screen makes them a bit tiny.

Good picture of 4 skins/alts (Olimar, Link, Diddy)!

More on customization:
After you turn customization on and go to the slot to pick different moves...it takes you to a separate screen where you can pick equipment and special moves. If you click the moves button it shows your 4 current default moves.

Unfortunately there is ZERO gear and ZERO extra moves unlocked it appears so there are no choices in either case.

When you make edits, you can save a PROFILE of your customization, that you can pick from a brief quick menu that pops up after you hit start. You must hit a on the customization you want to use. It appears the selector saves to your previously used profile.

Explored the customize options again.

- there is actually a few pieces of equipment to mess with strangely, but I can confirm that the extra special moves are arimasendesu.

Don't see why equipment wouldn't be considered all the same as custom specials would be. It doesn't just buff the characters it also adds a minus in some area. This meta could be almost impossible to define on a per character basis with equipment and custom moves. You can have like 10 completely different sonics with different attributes/moves. The variety makes my head explode.
:substitute:General Mechanics/Things
  • Pivot cancel is still in
  • whoever is worried about combos, there are combos.
  • YOU CAN CANCEL RUN WITH SHIELD. Was shielding the only option of dash-cancelling? As far as I could tell, yes. you CANNOT cancel the dash ANIMATION. Only running with shield. [same as Brawl]
  • The game still has a sense of floatiness to it that is present in brawl. It's definitely not like Melee where you drop like bricks.
  • shield rolling is extremely fast and there's a neat little sparkle star effect when you do it and acting out of shield is as well. I think of it like a mini-wave dash. No wave dashing or l-cancelling. Just rolling baby. I noticed that some characters have better rolls than others, and some also have interesting traits.
  • there is no Melee dash dancing. It's incredibly hard to do with the circle pad but it's essentially the same thing as brawls. IE not super useful or practical
  • Pictochat stage is in:pictochat: [new transformations though]
  • Tomodachi life stage is in (the one seen in earlier leaks)
  • There was a paper mario stage
  • Grabs/throws: Follow ups are still possible [looks like the E3 build got tweeked]
  • One thing that caught my attention was an Advance Wars assist trophy. The little 16 bit advance war sprites come out and march at your enemy with the tanks and stuff. It's funny.
  • If you air dodge in to the ground you get punished for it. It's not like holy cow bad but in a top tier match probably a fatal thing to do.
  • Hidden/unlockable costumes? I know some characters I checked had 8. I want to say they all did, but as stated, it is difficult to remember all the colors, but I'm pretty sure they all had 8.
  • Does your momentum from Dashing/Running transfer over when you jump like it did in Melee? No
  • Chain grabbing is basically now impossible because the throw distance seems to be relatively increased and also sort of lodges the characters too far in the air. DI is definitely in but it's slight. It's definitely there though. Not sure about the timings of tumble state and what not.
  • Attacking Shields were a lot safer. It was a real street fighter feel in that you could pressure an opponents shield without it being really cheap, akin to pressuring an opponents block. Shields also break easier so you can't just sit there in shield.
  • Move customization is accessible after you select a character easily at the CSS. First you turn it on, by hitting a button on the top right of the bottom screen. After that, an interface appears on the bottom character portraits. There's 8 slots for 4 equipment and 4 b move modifications. It's easy and quick to do.
  • Every character has 8 costumes I counted but I cannot remember them all.
  • [Custom moves seem to not be unlocked at the start of the game. At least none of them are available in the build they're playing]
  • shields definitely break quicker. It APPEARED to me that I broke Mario's shield hitting it twice in a row with a sonic dtilt.
  • :fdb: final destination, despite it's awesome new look having a questionable underbelly, is changed back to the old style collision where you will slide up the bottom to the ledge. IE NOT like brawls final destination which made me rage all the time when I first got brawl.

  • Ledge snap SEVERELY nerfed. I feels like Melee ledge grab.
  • Back Ledge Grabbing is back
  • I could not re-grab the ledge directly after letting go and jumping back in to obvious grab range.
  • Did you see/experience anybody exploiting the trump mechanic as an edgeguard, like popping somebody off right when they grab the ledge, then jumping off and attacking them? Hell yeah I did! [http://smashboards.com/posts/17488391]

ledge stalling may be impossible now? If you drop from the ledge and jump back up, you literally will just NOT grab it. It's like the ledge gains invulnerability to your grab for a certain time after you let go. DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT. I am not 100% sure I need to try it again on my 2nd go around but in my last match I basically lived on the ledge trying this out.

I retested ledge mechanics.
I WAS RIGHT. I used megaman this time and reaffirmed my experiences with Ike.
There is a short and small window of time after dropping from the ledge that the ledge becomes "immune" to your grab.
This has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRUMP MECHANIC. It was completely individually on the character. It is not very apparent on characters with flips for 2ndary jumps, as the ledge grab action waits for the flip to finish and the window for "ledge immunity" seems to end before the flip animation does. Megaman and Ike do not have flips, and it was impossible for me to the ledge after jumping/falling off it for a period of time.
I am essentially 100% of sure this.
  • Bowser does NOT have Dry Bowser as a costume.
  • Blue bowser is in [the one referenced in "Brawl Model" inspiration leak thing]

:4falcon:Captain Falcon
  • His up b goes straight up
  • Captain falcon still has his knee of justice but they made HUGE landing lag [apparenetly 34+]
  • The difficulty of landing his knee sweet spot? Hard to say. I did land one though on my opponent. I don't know if it was difficult to do or not, though. His knee does a lot of damage now if you nail it.
  • The [side-b] fire uppercut seemed like a combo starter. It didn't have much knock back but kept the enemy close while letting you close in on them and get a few hits of damage.
  • Captain falcon felt rebuilt. Same general moveset but his physics were given a total make-over (a lot of characters actually, like Peach). I'd say his handling felt more like brawl but his moves had better hitboxes and his knee is re-goddamn-tarded damage at the risk of insane lag.
  • I noticed his up-air is not as spammy as in melee. It was kind of given the Marth treatment (fair nerf).
  • [dair] Stomp has pretty bad lag too if you land on the ground during it.

  • Charizard can be purple, yellow, red, grey, dark red
  • Flare blitz reminded me of Meta Knights foward b drill move. Or Fire Fox
  • Both Up-B and Side-B are similar.

:4dedede:King Dedede
  • No Masked DDD alt
  • His final smash ends with him driving his hammer in to his opponent like it's the fist of god, it's so over done it's silly. I don't really remember to well the first bit of the animation, I only caught the end of it.
  • No sign of [Bandana] Waddle Dee that I could see. - Waddle Dees still carry DDD in and are in his victory pose. Sorry.
  • DDD only throws Gordos, and every other side - b does NOT throw a Gordo. Otherwise DDD feels the same.
:4diddy:Diddy Kong
  • Diddy kong only gets 1 banana.
  • If you pull another, it disappears
  • Diddy has no alternate costumes, just color swaps, unfortunately.
:4dk:Donkey Kong
  • DK has surprisingly little landing lag all around, most notably his bair and his dair recover really quick.
  • His recovery strikes me as a bit nerfed given the lack of a ledge snap if he needs to go vertical.
  • The down B slap move has kind of a ridiculous range but I think it always did? It's visible now by a "pound" visual effect.
Fox has an alternate skin That looks exactly like wolf
He's gray fur, Purple eye device and grayish clothing
It's the only skin that changes foxes fur. This is only a color, NOT a costume

  • Greninja is a great character with (I feel) a high skill cap. Great zoning. Good mobility. The shadow sneak I can't get enough of. Pretty light though.
  • Aerials? Essentially, if I don't mention landing lag, it probably wasn't an issue.
  • Greninja feels like one of the stronger characters. His footsies to me is really strong because of his zoning abilities and his unique moves. It's really hard to mind-game a Greninja.
  • Kirby has a "naked Metaknight" alternate

  • Ike feels unchanged. I was never an Ike main so I don't know the specifics but his attacks were all the same general thing, nothing new I noticed [but] with faster run speed..
  • Didn't check his colors but he has no alternative costumes, all just recolors of his basic costume as far as I can remember.
:4littlemac:Little Mac
  • Little Mac has 16 costumes!
  • He has 8 costumes for his fleshy self, and 8 costumes for his wireframe
  • Does Little Mac's sweatsuit have colors other than pink? I only remember seeing the purple/pink-ish sweatshirt on all of the costumes both wire-frame and flesh.
  • Wireframe costume differences? Mostly changes to his boxing gloves, and a couple with the pink-purple-ish hoodie on.
  • Link has a costume with like red markings under his eyes. It looks nothing like link... But his eyes are whitened and has red markings and he's dark colored clothing. There's also a white and blue link.
  • Fierce diety link IS in as a costume [recolours, no alternative name/model]: http://smashboards.com/posts/17488344 [ITS DIFFERENT AS IT ISNT WHITE THEMED]
  • very low landing lag on his nair and bair.
  • His boomerang only shows the whirlwind on its way back.
  • He's much faster than brawl link. His fsmash (both parts of it) are faster. He felt good.
  • links meteor smash on his dair is there.

  • Lucario is unchanged except his smash attacks feel MUCH faster.
  • There is no yellow lucario. There is green, purple, dark gray, and the rest are shades of blue.
  • This won't sound good initially to luigi fans but I did not have fun playing as him. He's really floaty and felt slow, wasn't a fan. Didn't go indepth on his moves much during my match with him as I was too busy being annoyed by my lack of ability to like him.
  • Mario seems much faster than him.bi probably just can't tap in to luigis meta, maybe he's stronger than Mario as a trade?
  • His hand like fsmash seemed to have a range nerf.
  • Other noticable alts? The "America" Mario was there. I don't remember any other ones that stood out nearly as much lol.
  • Marth has an Orange Skin
  • Marth feels very nerfed. His range seems even worse than in Brawl (I was whiffing fsmashes like crazy and I'm pretty good with tippers).
  • Aside fr his range and no ability to double fair he seems mostly the same, aside from running faster.
  • It's his range that REALLY feels kinda killer to His melee/brawl play style.
  • Tippering with Marth seems to require your opponent to be a lot closer than ever before, it seems he won't be as much of a spacing monster as he's always been.
  • This can't be overstated enough, his range feels significantly shorter (by significantly I mean that it's noticeable. It's all relative of course), and seems to be his most notable nerf. Spacing his tippers seems to bBe considerably more skill-based due to the range needed.
  • counter is definitely godlike
  • when you tipper you will know as it makes a flashy colored animation (totally big deal right)

  • Megaman has yellow and black costume (http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...images/0/0a/MMB-LightningBolt-MegaMan-Art.png)
  • Did Mega Man happen to have a pair of sunglasses or some kind of black visor in any of his alts? No
  • No helmet-less costume, sorry.
  • I did play Megaman and I wasn't super impressed with him. He seems like a zoning character which I am never a big fan of playing. I can see a player being really annoying with him when pushed to his limits though.

:4metaknight:Meta Knight
  • No Galacta Meta Knight is not in. There is white skin but it's not what you're looking for. Sorry.
  • Meta knights up b is like Marth's up b. It hits people like once and sorta knocks them away and has an upward direction to it. His up b recover had a 2nd hit I hadn't noticed until now. At the peak of the recovery.
  • His tornado still has a lot of hits but you can DI it pretty easy because the hits are actually less frequent, I don't know yet about its priority.
  • Meta-Knight is not the same. His attacks, while still possessing that flashy "ka-chink" aesthetic are not nearly as intimidating as they are in Brawl, to the point where he is literally like a Melee character in Brawl. They have some start-up to them now, they aren't instantaneous. The shuttle loop nerf is hilarious, it basically mimics Marth's dolphin slash sorta except he like jolts up using his sword. His recovery is not even close to what it was in Brawl. I guarantee Meta-Knight will not be an issue as he was in Brawl.
  • I want to reiterate again that Meta Knight was severely weaker. His attacks were slower and his recovery got slaughtered. His tornado is easy to DI and hits less times.
  • Metaknight was given some harsh landing lag on his swipe aerials.
  • He has 4 skins of Alph, and 4 of Olimar, totaling 8 alternate costumes.
  • I did not play Olimar, so I never thought to see what the announcer would say if I changed his skin to Alph. The announcer says "Pikmin and ______" depending on who you are, Alph or Olimar. Hooray.

  • palutena's smash reach is incredible. Her up smash is the giant pillar laser beam thing. Her side smash moves a bit forward and her wings slap in front of her.
  • When palutena rolls she turns invisible, like she's teleporting
  • She has no alternate costume that completely changes her look though, just colors of her current costume. I think it was black, pink, green, red/white, a super dark violet one, and I can't remember the others. Nothing significant though, just colors.
  • I would describe her as a "Tank" class if this were an MMO. She's very beefy, and yet somehow still moves incredibly quick. She has good spacing and her recovery is like Zelda.
  • Default Specials: The barrier was there, Im pretty sure famitsu was accurate.
Shaya said:
[summarising a skype thing]
Palutena "She honestly is kind of like a baton twirler"
Back - Shield smack
Forward - kick similar to Zeldas
Up - similar to pit's in brawl in how it hits but not animation
Dash attack is a shield slam thing
Ftilt wheel spinning thing
up tilt spins the staff above her head
her down tilt spins the staff under your opponent
down smash slames her wings down on both sides
fsmash slaps her wings on your opponent in front of you
:4pacman:Pac Man
  • Pacmans costumes change his gloves and shoes
  • There was one extra costume where he is given socks that cover his legs.
  • Pac Man is SLOW. Every single one of his aerials are kicks. His forward aerial is a double kick, his back air is like Mario. The thing that stood our about him is his utter sluggish-ness. His fall speed is like brawl. His run speed is slow. His forward b sends a pellet out in front of him, and then he turns in to classic pacman and boosts towards it. It's kind of like greninja'd shadow sneak thing except you can't time it.
  • He feels slow, but his attacks felt like they had a good hitbox, because he's really fat and his legs stretch when he kicks. He just felt really interesting to play, but I ended up using his aerials the most because of their hit boxes.
  • Pac-Man felt like the "new" G&W. His moves were very quirky and absurd, with lots of large hit-boxes.
  • He has a fire hydrant move that pushes other players, and his aerials have extremely disjointed hit-boxes due to the nature of how his legs stretch and act so "wobbly".
  • Despite the fact he felt a bit slow, there was a sense of "bounce" to him (given he's a ball that seemed natural).
  • His air falling speed is slow. He falls like there is no gravity, I kid you not.
Let me clarify some things on Pac-Man.
He DID feel slow but he wasn't ineffective. I generally play faster characters in general. Me and my friend have talked extensively about him having both played him and he feels A LOT like mr game and watch.
It's kind of a..."dorky" slowness, does that make sense? It's really so hard to explain without you actually playing him.
He's got this quirkiness in his movements, but his hitboxes are really good which appear to be the compensation for his pretty slow movement speed.
  • Peach has a fire red and full black dress. It's just a black dress. Still blond hair.
  • The daisy look is a color swap. She does not turn in to the actual Daisy.
  • Peach is unchanged except for her up aerial. It's now a rainbow thing, it has an arched hitbox over the top of her head, she draws it with her hand.
  • Peach's turnip pull speed is nerfed. The slowness comes after the tug, there's an animation where she cradles the turnip like she's super happy to have pulled it out.
  • She can still move in to float to do things like crown and nair. Her fsmash goes tennis club, golf club, and frying pan. I believe it's a set order now.
  • Peach's butt bomb [side-b] is hugely buffed. It has barely any startup time anymore.
  • Peaches second jump appeared to be the way it is in Brawl. It did not give her significant height.
  • Final Smash? It seemed the same as Brawl (IE kinda bad).
  • Beamsword / other items? Did not pull any items, but the turnip type seems to be random. Didn't pull a "nasty" turnip though. Also, her turnip pulling speed is hugely nerfed. I can't emphasis that enough. It's way slower.
  • Dair? They added an actual visual to it's utterly redonkulous hitbox. It's a little "air wave" circle around her. You can tell where the hit box begins. It doesn't knock back like melee, it actually sucks the opponent in and hits them multiple times before shoving them off.
  • No float canceling.

  • Pikachu also has a black & yellow backwards hat costume (http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110212192401/pokemon/images/e/ec/Gold_2.png), and his other new costumes are awesome too!
  • Thunder killing higher up opponents? Not by stage roof no, thunder now has a peak height in the form of a cloud thing. If you get hit by thunder near the cloud, it is a meteor smash. So possibly downward KOs sure.
  • Pikachu's electricity hitboxes seem to create (like his fair, dair) more hitstun, it felt like Smash 64 version of those attacks.
  • His tail uptilt is legendary.
  • His bair is still kinda...eh...awkward to do with a bad landing lag but it didn't feel any worse than brawl.
  • Quick attack is kinda tough on a circle pad (it was for the small time I played pikachu).
  • Pikachu does amazingly with pivot cancel forward tilt, the kick comes out really fast.

  • Chrom appears in robins victory pose.
  • The alternate costumes for Robin are just gender/hair color swaps (with match tinted robes).
  • Robin is FANTASTIC. Magic is not slow, when he has his spell book his attack speed is really good. If you use a smash attack in the air IT USES HIS MAGIC SMASHES. If you use a normal aerial it uses his other weapon.
  • Let me reaffirm this. Robin feels AMAZING.
  • He has two swords, the magic and the non-magic one. (Forgive me, not an awakening veteran).
  • All of tilts are using the physical sword. They have good combo ability. All of his smashes use the magic sword, which has an electric effect.
  • When in the air, if you use the inputs for a smash attack (and you still have the magic sword available), you will do an aerial that uses the magic sword. If you just typically hit an aerial he will use the normal sword.
  • You use up your magic sword quite quickly but it regenerates rather fast so it's not like it ruins your tempo. Very fast.
  • The fire move we've seen is actually a fireball that comes from above robins head and rains down in the vicinity in front of robin. His neutral b shoots and electric lightnig bolt straight across the stage.
  • The healing move is his down b and you would be surprised to know it heals for a LOT (I healed for about 20%) and it stuns your opponent while you heal. It has a start up though so it's not as easy to land as any regular grab. I can see Robin being a PAIN IN THE ASS to people who can't avoid getting caught in it. Unsure if you can force break it from slapping buttons, I only played AS him.
  • His up b jumps up a bit and shoots wind slicers down. Important to note it's actually not straight up, he jumps jump and slides slightly to the side in the direction you're facing THEN shoots them down, so it can be a ground option too.
  • You could still use magic attacks (b moves) when you lose his magic sword.
  • Does Robin just discard his/her tomes automaticly once they are used up or do you actually get to throw them like an item? It's all automatic.
  • Do the tomes in specials run out? I honestly don't remember losing the tome while using Robin. but I never remember being "out of gas" with his magic b moves. I can't imagine what his b-moves would be replaced with anyhow when you think about it. [http://smashboards.com/posts/17488503/]
  • Did you notice any changes to Rosalina's final smash? Nope

  • I'm not sure what to think of samus but her up air is a combo move it hits the opponent multiple times before letting them go.
  • Her moveset is largely the same.
  • To me she felt kinda clunky but that could JUST BE ME. I am not good with Samus in other games.
  • Samus's recover is changed, it's way faster, she doesn't do a weird slow roll up type thing it's just like ZAP she kinda just zaps up up as a ball
  • Sheik...feels like a melee character in Smash 4.
  • Sheik's landing lag is non-existent EXCEPT when she lands after using needles. It's small though.
  • her fair doesn't gimp like Melee, but it's back to having that horizontal knockback.
  • I played Sheik once again to reaffirm my bold claims on her. She is downright crazy. The only move she has that does have noticeable lag is her dair kick in to the ground.

    Sheik is for all of you who miss Melee. Mark my words.
  • Shulk has the underpants alt we all know about, rest are recolors
  • Shulk has amazing spacing options because his Monado reaches so damn far
  • Shulks standing a is a 3 hit combo
  • Shulks up b is a TWO PART combo. You can choose to do the second part by inputting b again, basically he swipes up like dolphin slash [and] f you hit b again he will do a swipe in front of him and send the opponent flying
  • His up smash is sort of like palutena, except a much smaller pillar of light coming from his monado
  • I think his running dash attack is just a sword swipe: Don't quote me on that I didn't take it to memory (As I quote him anyway lol)
  • Shulk lunges forward and swipes down with his forward b in to the ground
  • When you press neutral b it changes the insignia, can't change while rolling, unsure attacking
  • His bair he shoves his sword behind him without even turning around like under his arm
  • [B Move] Also, Shulks Monado stance changing is done by pressing B to flip through the different stances, then confirming which one you want to swap to. There's an animation for it, but it's short. He just goes "hiyah" and pumps his sword and he changes color.
  • Viable? Good heavens, yes. His sword has incredible range. He plays similarly to Ike in terms of his movements but a wee bit faster. Do not misinterpret this as me saying he's a clone of Ike, he's a completely fresh character, but I have pretty high hopes for Shulk.
  • His fsmash has a ridiculous hitbox infront of him.
  • Changing to certain monado stances will make him faster, or stronger.
  • Shulk is such a magnificently deep character it's almost mind-blowing to think what his top players will do with him.

  • No Metal Sonic. Sonic had a white, black, and then a bunch of shades of blue.
  • Sonic still dies pitifully if you end up in a spin without a jump
  • Sonic does not have the disjointed hitbox on his utilt anymore.
  • sonics forward b snaps to the ground, it is really fast now.
  • his uair is like a scissor kick, has a way better hitbox than the twist kick thing. His up aerial has a better hitbox, it's wide.
  • His ground snapping side-b is so damn cool, and combined with the higher ground speed, playing him actually feels like Sonic!
  • His up-smash has KO potential. His side-b ends with a kick.
  • His spin dash is really fast. his side-b clamps to the ground, and zooms at your opponent. It really gives the feel like being a speedy little hard to hit sucker.
  • Unfortunately is bair has a bit more lag if you land during the kick, but his fair seems to have a really easy auto-cancel (or tech?) window.
  • His homing attack is now reminiscent of Project M speed. His side B is amazing, it snaps to the ground and it ends with a kick (also like Project m..lol). The kick is a little different from the project M one though.
  • His down aerial didn't seem too different from Brawl. If you down air from high enough you get no landing lag though.
  • Fair I won't say that it has less but it felt like it has a generous auto-cancel window (or maybe it was teching that was happening, I'm actually unsure).
  • sonics down tilt no longer launches the opponent slightly for combo ability. It pushes them away. This made me a little sad.
  • his homing attack seems "smarter". Brawl one was dumb you all know what I mean.
  • his rolling attack (running a) catches opponents for a few hits

:4tlink:Toon Link
  • Toon Link has the four swords colors + old style link color, the black with red eyes.
  • There is no island toon link costume.
  • There was a costume that looked similar to his "old" costume. A "greyish" dull green tunic with brown undershirt. Another that mimiced his old look from link the first zelda.

  • villagers up b is the most overpowered recovery I've ever seen.

  • Yoshi colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, light blue, purple, black, pink
  • Zelda has no alternate costumes, only colors (including a white costume
  • Zelda's new phantom move. It doesn't hit a character right up in her grill. The phantom spawns maybe a character away, so if your opponent is right up on you, the phantom will just spawn in front of them and whiff.
  • [Side-b] The explosion seems to happen more instantaneously from the point in which you "release" it.
  • Thunder heel feels a little nerfed but her recovery has some ridiculous kill power on it for some reason.
  • I haven't played Zelda all too often in previous iterations but she felt like a glass cannon, if you will. Each of her abilities seemed to really freaking hurt when connected, but she's pretty light.
  • Her fair and bair are both kicks with sweet spots that hit for 18-20% with huge knock back if you nail it. Low landing lag. 4-6% otherwise. [Captain Falcon plz]
  • Her teleport doesn't just do damage on reappearance. The enacting animation launches opponents close enough. If you use the teleport it will launch people, and if you use it upward you appear almost precisely at their launch point to hit them with the reappearing attack, which tends to be quite gnarly since they are already quite high from the launch.
  • Her neutral air is a twirl almost exactly like peach except it is several hits. It hits the opponent maybe 4-5 times if you catch the opponent on the first hit of it.

:4zss:Zero Suit Samus
  • I made a mistake for the light blue costume of ZSS it's actually gray
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Could you elaborate on Pac-Man's playstyle and what his alternate costumes were? Did he have his hat from Pac-Land?

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Sep 18, 2007
Does Little Mac's sweatsuit have colors other than pink?

Sorry if someone's already answered this. A lot of info in different places tonight. :p
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Hi !

Thanks for all the work you've done ! :D And thanks for all this summary !

I have two questions :

1- Anything about Dedede ? I heard he had a new Final Smash, did you see it ?

2- I heard that Palutena has a Viridi color swap, can you confirm it ?


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Nov 25, 2013
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-Was shielding the only option of dash-cancelling?

-What was the lag like after throwing an opponent? In the E3 build, throws were too laggy and launched the opponents just barely too far for any kind of follow-up. Has this changed at all since the E3 build?

-Of lesser importance: There was a rumor of a Hilda color for Zelda. Are you able to confirm or deconfirm this?
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Jan 27, 2014
How was the 60fps? Locked?


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Feb 10, 2014
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Can you reiterate the info for the character's color swaps/alternate costumes?
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Oct 4, 2013
Thank you so much for doing all this! Here's just some little questions;

Pac-A. Is Bonus Fruit (Pac Man's neutral special) capable of holding its charge?
Pac-B. After Galaxian Starship, are there more projectile options or does it reset back to Cherry?
Pac-C. How long does his Pac-Jump trampoline stay out? It forces opponents into a helpless state at red, so there's perhaps some use here.

2. Are throws similar to the E3 build (where they're generally difficult to follow up from)? Examples being Marth's down-throw which sends up now, and apparently had little true combo potential.

3. Are you capable of stealing the ledge from an opponent while in a helpless state?
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Jul 29, 2014
I'm sure you've seen my comment in a few places, and I apologize for being annoying, but this is just something that has been bugging me.

You said that Naked Meta Knight was a costume change for Kirby, and many assume it is this:

However that doesn't match Meta Knight directly, as it doesn't have his the right color of blue for the body. But when watching one of the videos shown today I noticed this:

Which looks just like Meta Knight without his mask.

Was the second/third image the costume you saw in question, or are they a new costume for Kirby you haven't seen? Also if this is the "Naked Meta Knight" costume, then is the black bodied one found on the 3DS (It's okay if you didn't get a chance to see it). Once again thanks for all of your hard work, I appreciate it.
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Jun 18, 2011
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- What all Assist Trophies did you see? Were there anything new from the E3-build?

- Did Diddy have a Dixie-color in his palette?
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Aug 5, 2014
I'm genuinely interested in everything costume-related. I'd appreciate it if you could tell us a bit of what you saw.


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Dec 24, 2009
Thanks so much for doing all this.

What can you tell us about regular Samus' playstyle? I heard Nintendo say that they found Samus to be one of the best characters in the game and I was wondering if you agreed. Samus has always been a favourite of mine and it would be great to see her as competitively viable.


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Apr 13, 2014
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Well this popped up quicker than expected!
Firstly: Thank you for all the info!
Secondly: If you don't mind me asking, did you get to see any of Wii Fit Trainer's alt. palettes?


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Jul 19, 2014
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I'd love to hear if Falcon was closer to his Melee version or his Brawl version.

How early can fair kill? Is side-b a better option than last time?


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Dec 4, 2007
When Shulk changes his arts, does it take any time for it to apply or is it instant?


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Nov 18, 2007
Is FD Link a full on model change or just a palette swap? Does his name change to Fierce Deity Link like how Olimar's changes to Alph?

Thanks for doing this btw. Hope to see you play some more xenoblade soon.
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Sep 3, 2014
Could you check if there is bonuses after the battles?

I mean, like in Melee, "flying meteor", "pacifist", etc.
That disappeared on Brawl. Could you tell us if it returns, please?

Thank you!!


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Sep 3, 2014
First of all, thanks for being so eager to inform us!

-Is Robin easy to pick up? Do alternate costumes include his patched eye?
-Can you switch Monado Arts while in the air quickly? If so, is it fast enough to activate Jump mode while recovering?
-Did you only have access to any modes other than VS?


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Feb 27, 2008
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Did you happen to see any changes to Olimar? Movesets, Costumes, etc.

Thanks for all the hard work btw. =)
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May 12, 2009
Hi, is there any changes to Rosalina's final smash in this latest demo built?


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Could you elaborate on Pac-Man's playstyle and what his alternate costumes were? Did he have his hat from Pac-Land?
Pac-Man felt like the "new" G&W. His moves were very quirky and absurd, with lots of large hit-boxes. He has a fire hydrant move that pushes other players, and his aerials have extremely disjointed hit-boxes due to the nature of how his legs stretch and act so "wobbly".

Despite the fact he felt a bit slow, there was a sense of "bounce" to him (given he's a ball that seemed natural).

His air falling speed is slow. He falls like there is no gravity, I kid you not. His alternate costumes consisted of only changes to his gloves and shoes. There was one extra costume where he is given socks that cover his legs.

Does Little Mac's sweatsuit have colors other than pink?

Sorry if someone's already answered this. A lot of info in different places tonight. :p
I only remember seeing the purple/pink-ish sweatshirt on all of the costumes both wire-frame and flesh.

Hi !

Thanks for all the work you've done ! :D And thanks for all this summary !

I have two questions :

1- Anything about Dedede ? I heard he had a new Final Smash, did you see it ?

2- I heard that Palutena has a Viridi color swap, can you confirm it ?
1. His final smash ends with him driving his hammer in to his opponent like it's the fist of god, it's so over done it's silly. I don't really remember to well the first bit of the animation, I only caught the end of it.

2. Unfortunately I'm not too acquainted with Kid Icarus so I'm unable to say if any one costume matched that character in hindsight, but I did mention a few of her color swaps. She has no alternate costume that completely changes her look though, just colors of her current costume.

Paper Maribro

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Jul 22, 2014
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Thanks for doing this man, basically the entire Smash community has got behind you here and you've consistently delivered great info.

Just wanted to ask in case you knew about the Paper Mario stage icon because I'm a regular at the guy who was asking's thread so I'll be sure to let him know.

And just a personal question, which character was your favourite to play as and why?


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May 28, 2007
Hi there, thanks for all the info. That's awesome.

Edit: My question has been answered. Thanks again.
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Apr 27, 2014
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Hi, thank you for giving us all this information, I do have a couple of questions though

1. What was your favorite character to play as?
2. How much of the game was in Japanese? I noticed the Announcer sounds the same.(at least at the end of matches.)
3. What color alts did Shulk Have?


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Sep 6, 2014
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Is Zero Suit's Zair a tether or no? Also, how decent is her new moves, aka Up Special, Forward Smash? Is her grab sped up?


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Aug 26, 2014
Is there any interesting alt costumes that you seen? For example, are Mrs. Pacman, Blood Falcon, or Galacta Knight alts?


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Mar 30, 2007
Thanks for all the hard work :)

In the E3 demo, all characters had only one victory animation. Can you confirm if that's still the case?

Deleted member 245254

-Was shielding the only option of dash-cancelling?

-What was the lag like after throwing an opponent? In the E3 build, throws were too laggy and launched the opponents just barely too far for any kind of follow-up. Has this changed at all since the E3 build?

-Of lesser importance: There was a rumor of a Hilda color for Zelda. Are you able to confirm or deconfirm this?
1. As far as I could tell, yes.

2. Follow ups are still possible.

3. Again, similar to Kid Icarus, I'm not super well versed in colors of the Nintendo-verse characters, but I do know that none of her costumes changed her outfit significantly. Just color swaps of the regular variety.


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Aug 5, 2002
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I saw some of your info on Shulk earlier, how do you feel about him as a character? He seems like he's gonna be pretty strong from the information I was hearing. And do you have any more impressions about his moves?

And I know you said you don't play Ike much, but did he feel any faster or slower than he did in Brawl? Stuff like his F-Smash, for example.

Thanks for the taking the time to answer questions for us.


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Nov 18, 2007
Just wanted to ask in case you knew about the Paper Mario stage icon
Oh good question. I always hoped that Paper Mario would get his own icon if his series was repped so I am interested in this one as well.
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Jul 26, 2012
Thanks so much for the info on Pac-Man. When you say his hitboxes are disjointed would you cite that as a advantage or disadvantage to him?

Did his moves have kill potential? Such as his Up B or aerials?

If you were able to see his Bonus Fruit, did you take note of the qualities of the different fruits you saw him throw?

Thanks so much!


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Jan 1, 2014
Who do you think is the best character in the game so far form what you played?

Also thank you for all this. we know how much effort it must of taken to get this much information to us all. we really appreciate it.
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Oct 31, 2007
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How exactly does Shulk's neutral B work?

Does it just play an animation then scroll through to the next thing or is it random or something?

Can it be done in the ground air and is it slow to complete?


I really hope there is a way to chose which power you get. Scrolling wouldn't be bad I guess, optimally it would be great if you could swap to anything though.
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