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Mar 7, 2014
Powdersville, South Carolina
Hey all, I'm not quite sure how much activity the PM falco boards get but hey, worth a shot

I'm primarily a melee player, but I like to use the same characters between games to improve my all around gameplay from both experiences of Project M and Melee matches. Coming from Melee, I don't exactly have much practice against the sole brawl characters. One of the characters I end up not fighting very often, but can run into trouble with, is sonic. I was just wondering if anyone had any general advice for the matchup, I'm willing to listen to any and everything, although it might go more into specifics if there's elaboration needed.

Thanks guys in advance for any help you can give me


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Sep 28, 2014
Bay area, California
from the few times Ive played the matchup all i really did was pick a big stage and shoot lasers, and then using dair to prevent him from doing anything in the situation that he gets close to you (kinda like how zero does it with fox).
other specifics i could remember are

if you are close off stage you are probably dead cause homing attack means the freeiest of gimps.
you can cc shine all of his approaches besides grab and fair. ac bair beats those though so yeah.
edge guarding him isnt that hard even with his good recovery cause its so linear. just laser the high sideb recovery and then he is forced to go low with the spring so you can just ledgehop bair.

thats my experience but i haven'y actually played any top level sonics so i could be wrong on some aspects


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Nov 30, 2014
A lot of my hitboxes are inverted, lazer me, lock me down, throw out jabs often, cc shine as often as you can, my spin moves won't do ****, if I go below the stage be prepared to dair, if I try to side b back onto stage, I'm forced to commit to that option, dair it. don't get grabbed, if you do, mix up you di, but if i read di in place one immidiatly di away , if your off stage, try to come back, but your most likely dead.
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Sep 24, 2014
Try to keep your distance and play defensive with lasers. JFyst JFyst has it basically right. This matchup favours Falco on stage by alot but it's similar to the Sheik matchup as far as punishing goes (grabs, juggles, edge guards). It's also similar in the sense that Sonic's options to convert are in reality quite limited at low percent. He'll try to go for a grab, or stray aerials in neutral, clipping you as you pass each other (think cross-up nairs for example).

If you do get comboed, you have options, like SDI down b/ side b, uair, and CC anything but grab until ~40 %. Try to mix up your DI on vertical juggles (although this kind of goes for any juggle lol). Be good at SDIing the uthrow, and know how to mix up your techs. Don't let Sonic get in your face since he can force you to commit to a short range laser (which is punishable) or a dash attack/shffl.

Don't get cornered either, since his gimps against Falco are his easiest edge guards in the game and being near the edge puts you in a position where you can be gimped super duper easily.

Remember that Sonic's hitboxes are absolute garbage so if you read an approach, you don't need to respect a lot of his moves and can bair or something right through them. The only thing you really have to respect is his movement/threat of conversion off of a grab, although be ready to react to a shffl fair/nair (and sometimes uair/dair), or dash-cancelled dsmash.

Edit: Sucks that the Falco boards are so inactive :/... This MU is about even btw, possibly slight Falco although Sonics have nothing to whine about.
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Aug 8, 2015
Sonic pisses me the **** off but I learned a few things that made it easier for me.

Spacing is important.

-Almost everything you do can interrupt sonics spinny dash thing, idk what it is cause it all looks the same.

-So throw out nairs whenever you see him coming for you with a dash attack or charged spin thing.

-F-tilt is also really good to get sonic out of your grill. Up tilt and down tilt are pretty good too.

-Shine back airs are almost free on sonic, he's a good weight to combo.

- You gotta be quick and precise with your lasers, if you can hit him accurately you will do a good job at taking out most of his options to approach you.


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Jul 20, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
Here's a good match to take into consideration when figuring out the matchup.

It's GVS | Silver, one of if not the best current Falco main, versus Gooley, a notable Sonic player from Connecticut, at the CT local weekly tournament Exile at Great Value Smash earlier this year.

As you can see, Sonic may want to gimp you for early kills, which is commonly accomplished by a throw off stage, a nair or whatever to interrupt Fire Bird (since it has no charging hitbox) or catch Falco's jump, and then a Homing Attack or spring hit from Sonic's up special to finish the job.

On a stage like Smashville, you're out of luck once off stage unless the platform is nearby and you're above ledge, so you can air dodge onto it. But on Green Hill Zone, you have a wall to use and enough space to airdodge onto stage if need be. If Sonic goes for Homing Attack and Falco airdodges, Homing Attack will miss, and Sonic apparently cannot act out of it.

Sonic also appears to be easy enough to gimp here once he's sent far enough off stage. Figure out how to edgeguard him. As mentioned in the previous posts, lasers also stuff out Sonic's movement, so use them.
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