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Some stuff


Smash Rookie
Oct 3, 2019
I try to write informations about my "research "in the pdf below

Before reading, most of the document is incomplete. Some part are just listings of what I want to develop. It may also be hard to read, I am sorry for that. It was written for my use, so some sentences may not be clear or are full of mistakes. Hope that you can find something useful.
I made hyperlink on the pdf for reference and sections, but when I put it on google drive they disappeared ~~

I also used some abbreviation for some spells. Level 1 special, is not charged special, level 2 is intermediate charge and level 3 is fully charged.

Regarding the content, I think most of what I discussed inside the document is known. So, I would like to emphasis on a few points.
P11, you can find combo with upB on town & city. I think this is really useful because it can grant free fsmash near the ledge against some characters, while not being too risky.
I try to develop after for edgeguard and BF top platform.
P12, some of you may have noticed it, sometimes the side B only connect with one hit. Seems to happen when the opponent is really closed to your back. You can combo with a Fair/Fsmash/jab after depending on the characters and %. While it sounds really specific, it's nice to know what you can do in that situation.

If you have any questions or suggestions. You can ask below I'll try to answer, you can also contact me on Twitter @Killucru1.
Also, you are free to use what's inside the doc. But please credit the work.

I'll try to edit the link, when I develop some idea or can make some test.


Smash Lord
Aug 21, 2013
There is a mistake in your guide:
But it’s also increase the knockback taken from
Hero by 10%.
The knockback Hero deals is not increased by 10%, the knockback Hero takes is increased by 10%.
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