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Some Brawl- Netplay Help?


Smash Rookie
Sep 7, 2015
Firstly, if I posted this in the wrong section, I apologize. If I did, please tell me which section I should post this in.

So my friend and I have been playing a lot of Melee and PM lately, and we were looking for some mods for Brawl. Which is how I stumbled upon Brawl-. We quickly set it up, and configured all of our settings to be the exact same as the other person (With the exception of internal resolution. I use 1080P, he uses 720P). We started the Netplay up, and gecko booted, and the game launched and everything worked normal. But once we selected our characters and stage, within 10-20 seconds of actual playing, we get horribly De-synced which makes it unplayable. Melee, and PM work perfectly on Netplay for us, with absolutely no problems. So why does Brawl- get De-Synced? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york
Maybe you guys might do not have the same codes for brawl minus. Did you check the wimmfi thread? I think they can help you.
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