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Some advice for new Melee player main Sheik ?


Smash Rookie
Mar 6, 2021
Hi everyone, Im Ax-now a french Melee player.
So here I am, I am a beginner on Melee and I really started to play since a few months on Slippi, I am not particularly looking to enter the competition but more to improve and surpass myself.
I main Sheik because it's my character heart.

I start to assimilate some advanced techniques like, wavedash, wavelands, L-cancel, reverse Needles and of course a basic techniques like Tech and DI, I do not master them perfectly yet but this is normal im beginner.
I would like to know if there is any other advanced technique specific to Sheik or other tips very importent to know for Sheik player.

Thanks you :)


Smash Rookie
Jun 16, 2019
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