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How About That Animal Crossing, eh?

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  • Tom Nook is Kidnapping People and Forcing Them Into Debt - Remote Island Edition

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Mar 9, 2014
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Did you even play Undertale? It actually makes sense as a ship.
I actually just remembered Toriel is the milf goat and not her son, Asriel, so nevermind, it's fine
~~sansXtoriel is a good ship actually just don't name it like that for the love of god~~

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Sep 4, 2018
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Sep 17, 2011
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Sans x Toriel was popular before Deltarune, but Deltarune was the game that really planted seeds about the idea.

In my opinion I believe they're just friends because Sans is too lazy to get involved with a relationship of that magnitude.


Jun 28, 2013
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Terry needs his Mark of the Wolves costume. And his blue alt.
His spirits also need to be Teams from KoF if we can squeeze it (his stage does have Ryo)
Team Fatal Fury
Team Girls (with Mai and Blue Mary)
Rugal for sure
Rock Howard
Team Korea (Freddy Kruger man)
Team Art of Fighting.

And his Classic route should be in the vain of Ryu. Stamina battles.
He should Fight Ryu as his Final Boss. With Dracula being the second to last right.
I've played Garou: Mark of the Wolves, but I still have no idea why they decided to name a character "Khushnood Butt". (and just so people know that I'm not kidding, here's his page on the SNK Wiki) Still, that seems like a solid list of spirits, though I'm guessing that all of the characters shown in the trailer (Kyo, Andy, Joe, Geese, Ryo, Nakoruru, Iori) are going to get spirits and an appearance of some sort on the stage.

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They look soooooooooo good!
I kind of preferred the more gritty artstyle. Gave the game a unique look in comparison with how anime Xenoblade 2 looked.
Feb 19, 2011
After some hands-on time, I think Banjo is pretty great. Granted, his moveset is a touch weird, but overall enjoyable, managing to be unique without being too complicated. His presentation, stage and music are all fantastic. It makes me all sorts of happy, and I only played the game once as a week-long rental (remember those?) probably 20 years ago. The only thing that bugs me is his render. It looks like one of those dead-eyed 90's renders... but maybe that's the point?

Also, I don't care for Sans, but the fact we got a music track as standalone DLC (with a costume) opens up some GREAT possibilities down the road.

As for the other announcements, I tried out the free Kirby game as well, and it's a mobile/crystal/currency game which kinda sucks, but a game of just straight-up multiplayer boss fights is fun, so I might stick with it a little.

Only other game that grabbed me a bit is Animal Crossing. Never played the series before, but it looks charming as heck, and like a relaxing version of Don't Starve. Might consider it as a nice, chill co-op game.

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Aug 7, 2012
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Old Man Broken Back vs Cosmic77: "IT MEANS NEW FRANCHISES" "IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT!"

Fellas, can we not start the debates until we see the first non-fighter pass include?
Oh believe me, beyond hyped over here. Played a butt ton of Banjo-Kazooie with MEGALOVANIA.

I’ve also realized that frankly, I’m not going to care who gets in really. The fact that we’re getting more after Pick 5 is insane.

I just think folks gotta be careful with 1st parties. A ton of folks thought we’d get 1st parties after what Reggie said, and now after Sakurai has said something similar, it’s happening again. Not my job to make sure people avoid disappointment, but throwing it out there.

I get what argument you're trying to make, but I don't think adding characters just for the sake of having a new franchise is the best way to decide who gets in Smash, nor do I think third-parties always bring the hype better than Nintendo characters. It's circumstantial.

I mean, let's be honest. You really think Joker is comparable to Ridley and K. Rool? Would Terry spark more enthusiasm worldwide than Waluigi?

Yes, Smash is a crossover game that has dozens of different franchises involved, but adding a new franchise isn't enough to make people excited. You also have to consider how many people know the character and the franchise they come from, otherwise people won't even realize or care how big of a deal it was for a certain franchise to have miraculously made it in Smash. That's part of the reason why many people have had to defend Terry from all the people who didn't know who he was.
To be fair, Joker isn’t exactly the same situation as Ridley or K.Rool were at the time. The latter two characters were among the most requested and added for the base game. Joker was the first pick of the Fighter Pass, setting the tone of the DLC and shocking folks in general. It was meant to be surprising.

In terms of the spark a character creates, it all depends on context. With Terry, he may not be a big deal on Smashboards or in the West. However, KoF and Fatal Fury are huge in Mexico and other countries. The characters added appeal to new audiences, as have other DLC Fighters.

It’s also not as if the series available are just “any old series”. We’re talking about series that have gaming legacy or communities involved, like Resident Evil or Tekken respectively. These picks, as they are new series to Smash, bring in more than, say, Mario character #13 or #14.

My point remains that Sakurai can essentially pick whoever he wants to add to Smash at this point. We know he’s now said that he wants to “expand upon the record as much as possible”. This record, in terms of series crossing over, only expands if it’s a new series, first or third party. If he wanted to add Waluigi he could have. But instead, he made him into an Assist Trophy. Adding him now doesn’t expand there crossover element.

If anyone is taking my argument as me saying, “wanting 1st parties is bad” that’s not my intention. I have a handful of 1st parties I’d like to see myself. I’d even be sad if I didn’t see them. My argument is more that expecting this Pass to cater to Nintendo fans because the first pass was all 3rd party characters seems to dismiss some of what he said at the end. He wants to expand the crossover. He can do that with select 1st parties, but there’s more shock value of “He added that non-Nintendo series to Smash!?” Vs. “He added a Nintendo series to Smash?”

Again, nobody should feel bad. Everybody has their preference. I simply don’t think there’s as much value in adding 1st parties at this point in terms of expanding the record, especially with characters like Leon/Jill/Chris, Dante, Heihachi, or even Sora left on the table.
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