So we autolose to Link and Snake, yeah?


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Mar 22, 2019
“Autolose” is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. You can win but you need to play noticeably better than your opponent, especially in neutral. I’m sure most would agree that these aren’t the best match ups for Robin, but for those who need a little more convincing...

Link, the other zoner/swordie hybrid, is a better version of us. He outzones us, outspaces us, and matches us in kill power. Beyond that, his set ups are less linear, he has amazing out-of-shield options, he has a less vulnerable recovery, his roll is better, Hero’s Shield trolls us, etc. Despite all that, it’s the first issue - outzoning us - that makes him problematic. All of his projectiles either clash or outright beat ours (with the exception of Thoron), so we have to approach him. However, because he also has a disjoint and good out-of-shield options with said disjoint, we lose the range advantage we typically have over other projectile users. Sometimes we can sneak in a quick Elthunder if we catch him spamming on autopilot, but he definitely determines the pace of the game for as long as his B button works.

Snake make nade. Snake throw nade. Snake nade go through everything you throw. Snake drop nade. You punch Snake but also hit nade? Snake nade explode. No string for you.

Snake’s nades screw us just like Link’s projectiles do - they’re physical projectiles that beat out everything but Thoron. Thankfully, neutral against Snake is a bit less oppressive than it is with Link, as his nades have predictable timers and he lacks the frame data and range to consistently stuff us out up close. However, once we get thrown off and he pulls out Nikita, we’re in a lot of trouble. Levin isn’t strong enough to deactivate the missle, and our recovery is vulnerable and limited. If we lose our double jump for whatever reason, it’s entirely possible to eat 40+ damage from a Nikita chain or just outright die. A lot of chracters struggle against Nikita, but when you consider it alongside Snake’s weight and wall-of-nades, the end result is that we’re out of our element from start to finish.

So we lose or?...
There are conventional tips for fighting both of these characters (parrying Link’s boomerang and fast fall nair, punishing Snake’s Cypher, etc.) but none of these make use of our Robin-specific characteristics. How are you all handling these match ups?
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Jan 19, 2019
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It'd be cool to learn more about this, because I don't personally know much about how these two match-ups compare to some of Robin's others. Anyway, I'm not a competitive player, but as for my experience. . . . Between Link and Snake, I have significantly less trouble playing against Link.

Robin is rather susceptible to being juggled, and Link shares that weakness; however, the difference between them in that aspect is that Link isn't very good at juggling, while Robin excells at it. Because of this, I try to make my gameplay more focused on ground movement against Link, while trying to find openings to start a juggle. Link's projectiles are also rather easy to deal with as long as you stay on the ground. I haven't played against any Links that took advantage of the Hero's shield very well, so I can't comment on how that affects gameplay . . . but thoron is able to go through it (I think it might be that only projectile that can?).

I don't know enough to comment about Snake, because honestly everytime I fight one I never know what's going on—so I just wing it
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Mar 23, 2015
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Regarding snake, I can confirm that the snake matchup is actually extremely close to even, after having participated in a week long joint matchup event and crew battle between the robin and snake discords. If anyone is interested, here are some matchup notes regarding snake, created by Nerix on discord;

Robin/Snake MU Notes
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