So... I'm really wondering if ending EVERYTHING with Bouncing fish is a good idea


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Jul 30, 2018
I'm not quite sure if that makes sense, but let me try to explain: So, i've recently decided to pick up Sheik as my solo main instead of it being bayo, since before when I played sheik I noticed I wasn't getting much progress. Every time I tried to forward tilt into something, the opponent just either airdodges or jumps out at low-mid percents. If I literally just went for a guaranteed punish (ftilt > up air), that's only 11 percent un-stale. Recently I've been practicing Sheik more and more and I've discovered that I was playing wrong, or at least, inefficiently, but now, I'm still not quite sure if i'm still playing as optimally or if I still need more work.

Basically, I've had the most success with using Bouncing Fish 90% of the time and using her other moves to lead into bouncing fish. For example, since Sheik's moves are in general relatively safe, such as Fair, Nair, Ftilt, and Nair, I usually do a very safe Fair > Bouncing Fish, or Fair > F-Throw > Bouncing Fish. Before, I would try to use sheik's speed to try to get out more damage out of a neutral win, but every time my opponent would either attack, jump, or airdodge, and that really frustrated me because Sheik's supposed to be fast, and yet she can't combo someone out of Forward tilt or needs to do a 50/50 at very low percents for Bouncing fish just to connect? Now this was when I was playing Sheik kind of nooby, but now I'm still just wondering if this is basically what sheik's "goal" is in terms of racking up damage. It seems to work very well, as for example, against Bayonetta at 0%, I can do Fair > F-Tilt > F-Tilt > F-Tilt > D-Tilt > F-tilt > Fair > Grab > F-Throw > Bouncing Fish, which racks up 47%-49%, but again, i'm not sure whether this is "true", but out of all the for glory matches i've had, nobody has ever jumped out or air dodged from this, so I think it is true. But up until this point, if I grab, all I'm going to do now is just do another Forward throw > bouncing fish, and rinse, repeat for everything, including a Fair or fair to grab, or any move. Obviously sometimes I try to catch air dodges with Vanish or charged Up smash, but is this what most Sheik's do? I feel like it's just kind of too samey?

(I ask if bouncing fish ending combos is a good idea simply because it seems like sheik's other options either don't combo into anything else, or combo into other moves but are weaker than if i had just used bouncing fish to begin with, for example, 2 f-tilts > up air does around 13%-15%, but f tilt > grab > f throw > bf does way more)
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