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Aug 11, 2018
so i recently trained my link amiibo to level fifty, cool style, and powered it up with spirits. it parries almost every move, and does does around 20 per hit. okay, why cant all my amiibos be like this? i had it 1v1 my other amiibo and they leveled up, but i was wondering if they actually copy the amiibo, since its not technically me playing.


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Sep 7, 2017
Technically, no. They can't really copy the amiibo. They cannot grow more powerful when fighting an amiibo with spirits. Practically what the amiibo learns to do is how to fight. They have their own unique playstyle as well. I have tried teaching a amiibo both with and without spirits, and although the one with spirits was more powerful, the one without spirits held more potential. This is practically how giving amiibo spirits, if given the right ones, can pretty much destroy anyone without trying. If you truly want to copy an amiibo, you're gonna want to use third party software with an NFC reader.

Edit: I just noticed this post was from 2018. I need to read dates...
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