sneaky strikes: a thread for sharking and 2 framing


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May 19, 2019
ive been very curious with these topics lately, and wanted to establish a baseline for the obvious contenders, as well get some insight on new tricks or other moves i havent tried sharking/2 framing with. lets start with the easiest topic here, sharking.

id say the best move for this is up tilt. out of all the moves ive used to shark, up tilt is the quickest. it can also kill at higher percents like 160, but before u get there, u might want to consider up smash. i find the best usage for this is to bait an edge guard, make them go high onto a platform, and smash them into the top blast zone. i also use up air, but only rarely to shark. i mostly try to use up air when sharking to break the loop and do a platform extension combo, but mii brawler's combo game kinda trash right now so uhhhhhhhh. i also think shotput can shark, but only use that as a mixup to setup for edge guard.

now for 2 framing. i tested his normals recently and these are the ones that can 2 frame from stage: dtilt, ftilt, pretty sure utilt, dair, and back air. fsmash can also 2 frame, and ive hit it once so far. meaty 50% kill but its so slow, needs to have less lag. dtilt is the best option. easiest input, easiest to time, possible follow up if they are low enough. it needs less kb, would be a much more solid move overall. ftilt i'd discourage using. u might mess up the angled input, so u might as well stick to dtilt. ive never considered using utilt to 2 frame, but be my guest if u can set up a ledge getup read. i only used the spike for meteor smashes or as a kill mixup on stage. i dont use back air to 2 frame, but u can definitely set up a really good edge guard with auto cancels. for specials i use axe kick, shot put, dropkick, and feint jump. all of these can 2 frame except dropkick. axe kick is better for getting a scoop on ledge hangers or regrabs. shot put i find is the best special to 2 frame. it has a lot of hit frames. the down b is the same as axe kick, but its horrible for 2 frame. the spike hit detection activates no matter what, so i highly discourage 2 framing with it, but u can get someone sleeping on the ledge ESPECIALLY at higher percents, they get stage spiked and get sent horizontally if u land on them. but they can see u flying towards them so best to catch someone sleeping.
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