Snake Main with some matchup questions


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Feb 21, 2010
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How do I di the back throw?
How do I di against ness' fair (are there multiple options, or is there just one 'correct' way to DI it?)
What's your #1 weakness against snake? What do you worry a snake will exploit, or does exploit, and then you're like "FFFUUUUUUDGE!!!!"
Idk, general tips against ness in the matchup from the players who are playing my opponents character in general would be nice.


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Jun 24, 2015
I'm not too into that match up. I just know that if you miss the tech on an F-tilt from snake, things get pretty stressful if you start doing more of them. If your opponent is calm, and decisive with their movement, you probably wanna camp around and use your explosives a lot (in a safe way of course) then make sure to get a stickie and kill him off the top.

don't go low to gimp or anything like that, since a well timed rising dair will gimp your revocery. On low percent, I don't know what to do about the throw, but on higher percent I'd DI away as much as I can to not get baired. Worst case: you get faired into something worse.

Low-to-the-ground fairs are very difficult to DI, but if you're not very high in percent, you can often crouch cancel them and punish with something quick. (beware of cross-ups) In the air, if he's coming towards you, I'd try to DI up to force him to use his jump to get anything off of it. If he's fast falling, the same thing applies and then you might have a window to get an attack out before the next hit comes.

On the ground, I'd try to shield a lot of his approaches and do something from there. They're probably going to try to end up behind you. I'll let you take it from there :)

All of this said, I'm not the most qualified to give advice about this, so anyone, please correct me.

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Jun 12, 2013
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DI bthrow up and away at high percents. Snake is super heavy so you should be able to live for quite a while.

When I play against Snake, what I really struggle with is being juggled. Usmash and uairs can make it very difficult to return to the stage, especially when you have already set up traps to make parts of the stage unsafe to land on. Shield and punish PK Fire, as it is very laggy, and make sure your SDI is on point if you get captured by the fire pillar.

Snake can make it absolute hell for Ness to recover. When Ness is offstage and below, put a dsmash right next to the ledge. If the Ness fails to sweetspot, it's a free punish, and will kill at high percents.


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Jan 31, 2014
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On another note, just have snake stand on top of Ness, when ness up-b's, that destroys his recovery. Also be careful when using Side B with Snake, Ness can absorb it with his magnet and gain health. Also D-Smash can be kinda useless I have seen in this matchup, Ness can PK-Fire and destroy the mine, and most of the time ness likes to stay in the air.
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