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Smym 12 results!


Smash Master
Sep 4, 2006
St. Louis MO
Doubles Results (39 Teams)
1: Dekuscrub + Darkatma
2: Tink + Kels Suck Really Bad
3: Chexr + Aarosmashguy
4: Radovitch Powers, Activate!
5: Chad + Iori
5: KegstandKitsune + Trail
7: Moose + KittyHugz
7: Darkrain + Dmac
9: Viperboy + Dart
9: Tomacawk + Andale
9: Lanceinthepants + Little England
9: Jace + Massive
13: Rat + Duck
13: DarkBlueYoshi + SaveTheQueen
13: PEEF! + Jay
13: Cosmo + Triple R

Singles Results (103 Entrants!)
1: darkrain
2: Cosmo
3: Andale
4: darkatma
5: Aarosmashguy
5: Matt R
7: Duck
7: Rat
9: Dart!
9: Tom R
9: Deku
9: dmac
13: Trail
13: Little England
13: CKIT
13: Salt
17: STQ
17: Fear
17: Tink
17: Z
17: Kels
17: AppleJack
17: Moose
17: Quaz
25: -Chad-
25: Iori
25: Viperboy
25: Iamthemicrowave
25: ORLY
25: Chexr
25: BlackPanther
25: Tomacawk
33: Massive
33: JBM
33: Bisu
33: GooeyBanana
33: Rezo
33: TheNumberJay
33: PEEF!
33: Jace
33: Vino
33: Scyth
33: Myztek
33: Phat
33: TripleR
33: Sanchez
33: JuggleGuy
33: Sveet
49: Rainbow Dash
49: Lemone
49: Smeesh
49: Tempest
49: CaptainPr0n
49: ********
49: Kail
49: HyperDragon
49: TOGP
49: KittyHugz
49: Sniper
49: CaseSoldier
49: Joot
49: Soul
49: FrootLoop
49: Sync



Smash Champion
Mar 26, 2006
Weird results, some people had really lucky (or unlucky) brackets

Good **** to top 5 doubles and singles


Smash Master
Sep 4, 2006
St. Louis MO

there were some questionable things about brackettt

its hard to seed correctly with only 1 round of pools though


Bad command or file name
Oct 22, 2003
Louisville KY
Interesting results. Much props to darkreindeer. He seemed to be on his game last night from what I saw. He even beat me on Temple, which is no easy feat!

Still two people who have been to all 11? SMYMs.


Smash Lord
Apr 1, 2010
Were vids recorded for this? I have this haunting feeling that they weren't.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 18, 2007
Lansing, MI
velynn didn't end up going to this? and what the **** roy, comin back outta nowhere

you better head to michigan with all of IL in 2 weeks


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Shady: Velynn entered as Kittyhugz
Merkuri: Actually a ton were recorded
Deku: I don't plan on including the "commentary" >_>

Amazing tourney, thanks Deku/AOB/BunBun for hosting. I'll do shoutouts when I'm back in MI.

Zivilyn Bane

Smash Master
Nov 18, 2004
Springfield, MO
For those of you that didn't watch the stream or weren't there...

The highlight of the tournament was Dart vs Trail game 3. You MUST watch it when vids come out!!!


Smash Apprentice
Jun 19, 2009
What the **** with team brackets? Tink and Kels vs Dekuscrub and DarkAtma THREE TIMES?! lol. the entire back half of the bracket is just them dukin' it out. Must have been LEGITTTTTT!


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
Pretty crazy tourney, major props to Cosmo for grinding your way into GFs with zelda / sheik dittos. You got the worst job in the world.

There were so many amazing matches recorded at this. Darkrain was on fire all through singles, it was good to see him back in good shape.

I wanna see that marth ditto MM on green greens!


Smash Journeyman
Mar 18, 2009
awsome tourny everyone

1: darkrain it was cool to see you on your game good ****
3: Andale hi anthony good stuff whoopin that ***
4: darkatma good games in bracket
7: Duck i like your samus
7: Rat always good to see you ongratson doing so well
9: Dart! we didn't play :( ggs against roy
9: dmac good games in pools ur fox surprised me
13: Trail legends was money
13: Little England way to be jason i wanna play more with u
13: CKIT glad you entered anthony you whooped that ***
17: Tink see you at the next one when we do how we do
17: Kels looked like you were having a bad day im sure ull do fine next tourny
17: AppleJack always a pleasure jack
25: Iori nice dk
25: Viperboy good to see you again man
25: Iamthemicrowave TRIK MONEY
25: ORLY good mms ill get you one day
25: BlackPanther good chillen with you
25: Tomacawk luke i ant wait to actually play you for more than one game at a tourny
33: Jace your fox is mad tight dude like a mini darkrain
33: JuggleGuy nice to meet you we will definataly play at the next tourny
33: Sveet good to see you joe ggs
49: Rainbow Dash ggs andrew until we meet again
49: Lemone didnt even get to chill
49: ******** practice tech and do work
49: Soul it was awsome teaming with you man id love to team with that mario again


Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2009
Sorry Cosmo. In short, I didn't mean to offend you at all. I thought it would be comical but apparently not.
Congrats on getting 2nd! You deserve it.

Bracket/Pools Shoutouts:

Tomacawk: Thanks for teaming with me! Its too fun… too bad we didn’t work on our teamwork at all beforehand.
-forgot the people we played with in pools >.>
Hondafoo and STQ: GGs in double’s bracket. Pretty fun. I was really expecting that Yoshi too lol
Darkrain and Dmac: GGs. Better team obviously won.
R Brothers: You blew my mind when you went puff/falcon against us. Mindgames to the maximum. GGs
AOB: Sorta still can’t believe you won, but I guess it was worth it, cuz it definitely messed up seeding lol. And, thanks for running the tourney!
Bzoo: GGs, you seem to switch characters everytime against me. First was sheik and now falcon? Fun matches.
IHSB: Thanks SOOOO much for fixing my controller. And happy birthday! GGs in Pools
The peach (that I can’t remember): GGs too. You still have a lot to learn but you should keep at it!
SNPR: Our match was surprising the closest match I had in bracket. You’re fox definitely knows that puff matchup.
Quaz: You’ve taught me sooo many things about the game, I really can’t thank you lol. GGs Your peach is still pretty amazing. I really wish we could’ve played more =\. Maybe next time.
ARC (STQ): I had no idea who you we're in bracket. GGs. I'm surprised you went fox against me. You ***** me in friendlies soo bad. I’ll get you back someday. We should play more. Better? lol
Rat: Wow. I was soo surprised what I did somehow worked. Your still up 2-1 in sets against me and prolly forever will be. Your samus is soo tricky. Thanks for waiting for me to fix my controller.
Aarosmashguy: I really hate camping sometimes =\, but I did what I had to do. GGs and sorry for stalling and, also, thanks for waiting for me to fix my controller.
Cosmo: Congrats and sorry again lol. I really want to clear all the drama up asap. Sorry for all the spam posts about us too and camping hard.
Darkrain: Had you in Pools and Bracket… Couldn’t get a single game off you even though I had a good lead for 3 of our games (In pools and bracket) T_T You’re definitely from another world lol. Congrats on 1st!
and to myself: Don't bash yourself too hard. This will be your first and last time you put try hard pants on in a melee tournament. Remember, don't stress out over a video game. =) PLEASE DONT LOL NOT WORTH IT!!

Shoutouts in General:

Reneblade: Awesome that you came! Thanks for recording. You are definitely inproving
Josh: Good **** representing Peoria =) and that comeback vs Trail was tooo good. Watching you do Marth dittos was also amazing. Can’t believe we went so far in tournament. Congrats
David: I’ll definitely teach you how to play falco sometime =) I want you to **** soo bad. You definitely have the potential. Thanks for supporting me.
Rashad: Our master roshi =P, thanks for teaching me soo much to get soo far. You’re definitely like the mentor of PTown. Really wanted to play more with you, sorry that I couldn’t. And, thanks for cheering me on lol!
Matt (Leo): Falco is too good. Too bad we didn’t play at all… really wanted too =\
Adam: Falcon’s sooo hard to use. I can’t believe you’re still playing him! Thanks for smashing with me and being a really good friend. =D
JOOT: Thanks for the falcon training and being such a brother. I really appreciate how supportive you were! Lol.
ORLY: Your falcon in truly amazing. Really smart. Also, thanks for the training. We have to play more later!
BunBun: Thanks for being a really good help with trying to find my TV and running the tourney! If it wasn’t for you, I dunno how our tournament would’ve gone.
********: Oh man…. You’re too funny! Lol. Too bad we didn’t play at all, but it was fun talking with you. Thanks for the support!
DarkIori: Our MM was a fluke. 4 suicides last game =\. I’ll get you back!
Chaddd: Hero of Time > Restful Puff. GGs. Take your dollar lol
Sveet: Mad that we didn’t get to play at all! We’ll MM later for sure though.

People who I knew but didn’t get to play in singles– sorry!: Darkatma, George, Ripple!, Duck, dMac, R brothers, Lil England, Lance, Tink, Kels, Chexr, Jace, Viperboy, Trail, Peef, Lemon, Phatgamer, Mundungu, Jayford, and CKIT. No time to play you guys, but really wanted to! Oh, Vro and Voorhese are in this too. Sorry if I didn’t put you on here and if I knew you. I just sorta forgot then, ><

People who I really wanted to play against but didn’t: Juggleguy, Sinc, JBM, Smeesh, Moose, whoever Fear and Z were?. Triple R, Velynn, and Vts

To everyone else who don’t know me but watched my matches… Sorry about that… emotions got the best of me. Hopefully It’s a good thing you won’t ever see me again in tourney mode ;)

Devil Ray

Smash Lord
Sep 1, 2009
Seoul, South Korea
andale, you should stop posting about cosmo. no offense, dude but you sound like you're overcompensating cuz you lost to a good player in a weird situation. good shiet on placing, but let it go, man


Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2009
Yeah, but I just want to hear an acceptance of apology from Cosmo =\. I'll stop posting about it. Sorry. Thanks for telling me that though, I don't really realize it... I'm still really confused on whats going on. I really hate hurting people...


Smash Master
Sep 10, 2007
Central IL
subscribed, gunna post shoutouts later
awesome tournament...funny people, great games, awesome asian cuisine...
I love this community. Thanks for coming everybody. As a whole everybody I played has improved significantly!

Fortress | Sveet

Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
1: darkrain - GGs and gj winning
2: Cosmo - Good **** cosmo, maybe i'll pick up speed running as tourney practice lol
3: Andale - GJ making it to winners finals! Too bad we didnt play, hopefully you don't really quit and we get to play again sometime.
4: darkatma - didn't play, didn't talk. wanted to MM you but didnt get around to it.
5: Aarosmashguy - gj beating kels with falco. nice talking to you.
5: Matt R - GJ matt barely saw you around but hopefully you got some good vids recorded.
7: Duck - AKSJDHALKSDH i hate samus. GJ tho you deserved it
7: Rat - ^ that. U guys are too good with a brokenbad character
9: Dart! - Nice placing dude can't wait for the vids.
9: Tom R - Falcown. nuff said
9: Deku - Thanks for hosting this tournament. We didn't play, but you did pretty well. congrats on winning teams.
9: dmac - didn't play, didn't talk. A couple more wins in bracket and we would have played.
13: Trail - You need to wear a force collar to prevent the choke.
13: Little England - Well played, sir.
13: CKIT - GGs sorry for boring you >_>
17: STQ - Sup. GGs in doubles and singles.
17: Tink - Woah man. Rough day...
17: Kels - ^ Idk whats going on with u two, hopefully it doesnt last.
17: AppleJack - GGs IHSB. You can always count on me for a MM, its hella fun to play vs you.
17: Moose - Didn't play or talk, but it woulda been cool to play a bit.
17: Quaz - nice seeing you again, but i dont think we played lol
25: -Chad- - GG I wanted to play you some more, but theres too many things gonig on.
25: Iori - Still havent met you but you're another guy i'd have liked to MM
25: Iamthemicrowave - Barely talked to you...
25: ORLY - GJ, but losing to Tom and Kels must feel like every other weekend, not a regional.
25: Chexr - Didnt even see you there.
25: BlackPanther - GGs glad you're still playing bro.
25: Tomacawk - GGs, still a little salty xDDD. You got a lot better tho, you don't just jump into the **** anymore :p
33: JBM - Would have liked to play against you
33: Bisu -GJ barnz
33: Scyth - So your car luck streak finally broke, eh?
33: Phat - Revenge is so sweet. I think if we had played a Bo5 you would have won, though. Can't wait til round 3.
33: TripleR - Wanted to play against you but we havent met...
33: Sanchez - GGs brah
33: JuggleGuy - Another tournament where we dont play. GSS shall be the weekend of frienliez
33: Sveet - Noob.
49: ******** - GGs DJ you got a lot better. You're sheik is pretty solid now.
49: Kail - Wanted to get revenge from SWEET4, but it wasn't in the cards. Fun friendlies tho dude.
49: Sniper - Glad you made it to your last MW tourney. Gonna miss you bro, was fun as **** playing with you while you're here. Talking with the guys about organizing MW travel to G2 so maybe ill see you there.
49: Joot - Joot Joot Woot! GGs you demolished my marth but spacies can't lose to falcon!
49: Sync - Wtf why are you so technical? Give me your fingers!!!!


ᗣᗣᗣᗣ ᗧ·····•·····
Sep 4, 2006
Shady: Velynn entered as Kittyhugz
Merkuri: Actually a ton were recorded
Deku: I don't plan on including the "commentary" >_>

Amazing tourney, thanks Deku/AOB/BunBun for hosting. I'll do shoutouts when I'm back in MI.
dude, you gotta include commentary. I spent 4 hours doing it. it was the whole reason I stayed at the tournament.

I actually tried hard to be a good commentator


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Lol, such a poor title for the thread.

Anyway, good ****. I was expecting, Darkrain kels gf.


Smash Hero
Apr 16, 2009
its not you that hes worried about blake, it was your partner.

before anyone asks:
i forfeited in pools. im gonna be the next usurperkingzant and just go to tournies and not actually enter singles.

Teams Results:
0. Reneblade + ORLY (Beat darkatma + dekuschrub in pools with double falcon [double falcon went 2-0 but we lost game 1 as falcon/sheik] their only loss in pools.)
1. <3<3<3 Darkatma + dekushrub.

juggleguy has most of the videos. i have mostly MM's and maybe one or 2 bracket matches.

dart is too ****ing good at this game.
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