a global matchups chart with different weighted votes from the community to calculate an average.


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Nov 13, 2018

Hi! for the last couple of months I developed, a webpage dedicated to vote for different character's matchups trying to help the Smash community have a centralized an ultimate place where to compare matchups between characters (actually you can also compare each character's performance on each stage, and all of them with an optional text comment too!)

The key part here is that there are 3 types of votes and each has different weights at the time of calculating a global average between all the votes of that matchup:

  • Normal Votes, each counts as 1 vote.
  • Elite Votes, each counts as 3 votes, only accesible to "Elite Players" (I'll explain how to become one later on) giving them a bigger input when calculating the average.
  • Outdated Votes, will count as half a vote (x0.5). These are any votes (normals or elites) that were voted before the current patch of the game.
    For example: right now all "E3 Demo" votes are considered outdated (posted before Nov 1), but votes that belong to the "Pre Launch Build" will become "outdated" too once the game launches and the new current votes will be the "Patch 1.0.1" votes until "1.0.2" and so on.
    To update them you can keep your vote (if you think nothing changed since the last patch for this specific matchup) or alter it and overwrite the previous vote.

I already explained an example of how the average is calculated here:

I think that this weighted votes system could really help with the "colective hysteria" where I've seen so many people "set in stone" whatever a pro player states about a character, or buffes and nerfes on every new patch happen, and that causes another character to fall forgoten.
With so many characters, I really think Ultimate will be a bit different that just the good characters and the bad characters, with a lot of different approaches anyone can test, and that's why it could be helpful to also give a chance to everyone in the community to be part of the average opinion.

Of course I'm not trying to say that pro players don't know what they talk about, which they do, and that why I've reserved an special vote for them.
To become an Elite Player you can message me to the twitter @InfoSmatchups or to this profile on smashboard stating which username you used when registering.
You must use your official twitter (or smashboard) account
so I can verify your identity with accomplishments in the Smash meta. (i.e. Being part of the PGR)
By the way, you can start voting now and all those votes will turn into Elites when i update your user and recalculate the global average with them!

If you liked the project, the idea is to keep it on going during my free time (I have a full time job which is already benefiting from the experience i got from this!)
After fixing securities or performance issues, like finishing the resetting your password system or some slowdows on mobile... working on them!

The ordering alphabetically and by series is gonna be ready really soon! maybe customization of who appears on the charts, sharing of all your votes for a character (Tier List?), and eventually i would wish to developed many other crazy ideas and any from your feedback, such as comparision matchups not just of "advantage" vs "disadvantage", which sometimes doesn't tell us enough, but of advanced stuff like aerial or ground performance, ratios, combos, and any other stuff my casualpetitive mind can't even comprehend yet. (As i saw on a video from a girl which i can't find anymore ;o; )

Tell me what you think about it! And please share any feedback!

pd: I'm a Toon Link main, so you can see I already voted in most of his matchups :)
pd2: Obligatory "Sorry for any errors, english is not my 1st language"


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Feb 16, 2008
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I feel that your voting process could be aided by having a slider to select the date range of the votes, with it defaulting to the last two months. This way as the meta changes, you can see the perception of the matches up altering. This would also allow people to see what perceptions were early in the game, along with the impact of various patches. You could then include on the time line special dates, such as when a patch hit, or maybe a meta-defining technique was found.