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Smashpocalypse Results: A Melee Tournament

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Feb 11, 2007
Sunnyvale, CA

All Is Melee>Brawl Results Page

1: Team 1st Place (Cactuar + M2K)
2: We Hate Brawl (Plank + Wife)
3: NJC (Reik + Eggm)
4: Inui in a Bikini (Vanz + Tec0)
5: The Little Rascals (JMan + Hax)
5: Blue Lazer (Scar + Pakman)
7: B-More's Finest Hates Brawl (SlikVik + HAT)
7: Team Fawk You (Alukard + WoZ)
9: M2K should play WoW (Triad + LOL_Master)
9: Team Fawk Brawl (ChiboSempai + GOTM)
9: Definitely NOT HyperViper (Velocity + SwiftBass)
9: Super Demo World (Sensei + CopyCat)
13: Tru Swords (Tru + Swords)
13: Worked on YouTube (ISUK + 2112)
13: Sheik Eater (Dot Eater + Sheik)
13: Team Blackanese (M00 + Eazy)
17: Team Jank Hates Brawl (Tec9 + Joey)
17: Super Goepolo Brothers (Jollies + Lil' Goepel)

Singles Bracket (49 entrants, 12 pools, top 2 advance)
1: M2K
2: Eggm
3: Cactuar
4: JMan
5: Tec0
5: Plank
7: SwiftBass
7: Wife
9: Lord Knight is Stupid
9: Scar
9: Alukard
9: Hax
13: Taki
13: Hat
13: Vanz
13: Mogwai
17: M00
17: Pakman
17: Sensei
17: Tru
17: Cheezit
17: Eazy
17: Lolmaster

1: The Minibosses: Cactuar, Scar, Pakman, Velocity
2: The Tunes: Eggm, Tec0, Vanz, Swiftbass, Cheezit
3: Swat: JMan, Hax, Alukard, Tec9
4: TSA NJ: WoZ, Sensei, CopyCat, Eazy
5: 3000 Years of Indian History: Lord Knight, Jollies, Lil' Goepel, Mogwai
5: No Stops (Brawl Sucks): Plank, Wife, Hat, EEVisu
7: The Brotherhood: Tru, Swords, Ken34, Kaos
7: Titans of Smash: LOL_Master, GOTM, ChiboSempai, AlexanderTriad, Vex, TalWind


Smash Journeyman
Sep 17, 2007
Singles Bracket (49 entrants, 12 pools, top 2 advance)
1: L2K
2: Eggm
3: Inui
4: Cactuar
5: Tec0
5: Plank
7: SwiftBass
7: Jfox
9: Simba
9: Scar
9: Mufasa
9: Hax
13: Taki
13: Hat
13: Vanz
13: Mogwai
17: M00
17: Pakman
17: Starcock
17: Tru
17: Cheezit
17: Eazy
17: Lolmaster
Didn't make it out of pools

Oh wow, I should of did better even in my retiring days. I feel that since I started to play Mario sunshine, my smash skills got destroyed while the rest of you guys were playing smash in your basements all the way up to spoc.

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
are pools gonna be on the allisbrawl when its uploaded? cause over half of us have our results on there lol.


Smash Lord
Dec 24, 2006
Changwon, South Korea
hurray shoutouts : D

@ M2K: You feel like yawning don't you now? +_+)
@ Eggm: too bad we didn't get any matches in. watching NJC was ridiculous ...
@ Cactuar: @_@)...
@ Tec0: thanks for the tips : D i'll be better next time ^^
@ Plank: i wanted to chain grab you... sigh..
@ SwiftBass: we should have beat you guys in teams and you know it = /
@ Wife: great friendlies : D! perhaps you'll give me the honor of facing your peach nex time : D
@ LK: lol FoD ftw XD
@ Scar: I <3 you. Great tournament minus the small bracket = /
@ Alukard: you shizzed me with samus... @_@)..
@ Taki: took a game off M2K. I will never be able to look at you the same way again @_@).. *yawn..*
@ Hat: great friendlies~ <3 Chain grab
@ Mogwai: Oh Girl I didn't see you in tournament for once. probably would have i made it to brackets though -_-).. thanks for driving : D
@ GOTM: we didn't play any = / oh well.. see you at smastastrophe 2 XD
@ Pakman: you look.. normal...
@ Sensei: I want friendlies = /
@ Cheezit: Mute City..
@ Reik: you are too good in teams..
@ Dot Eater: WOW i actually had fun in teams @_@)! we'll win next time : D
@ Tec9: I'm gonna john about the TV with no sound = / but good job ****** my face in friendlies XD haha

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
I dunno if shoutouts are supposed to be here or in the SPOC thread, so I'l also put em here

M2K - I'm never MM'ing you, unless I'm better than you in Brawl. Money Match in 2 weeks!:laugh:
Eggm - I wasn't in your pool this time!
Cactuar - Thanks for the extra practice before the tourney started
JMan - You ***** our crew:(
Tec0 - Lol at teams match on poke floats!
Plank - I'm glad you and the rest of MD/VA could make it up. You're too good, we had no chance of beating ur crew cause of you.
Wife - Kinda wish I coulda gotten a chance to friendly you 1v1. Good stuff in crews and team friendlies.
Lord Knight is Stupid - You might be able to take off 14 stocks in a crew battle, but Waluigi could have taken off 15 stocks.
Scar - Great tourney as always. How long did it run? There's gotta be a way to have a full Melee tourney with more people out of pools and crew battles lol.
Alukard - You're too nice and wrecked us in teams and finished off our crew lol.
Taki - Nice to see that Pittsburg came, and I can't wait for Smashtastrophe 2. Your appearance at SPOC was rated M... for FAWKEN SUCKS!
Hat - Man when did you pick up Falcon? I've got nothing on it lol.
Vanz - This weekend. Brawl money match.
Mogwai - Same as Taki, great to see Pittsburg come to this, for you being at yet another SPOC.
SCOTM - We beat who we should beat and lost to who we shoulda lost lol. In crews, NEVER practice techs inbetween deaths lol.
Pakman - Good stuff in Brawl, I gotta play you more in it. I saw some of you in the crew battle, good stuff.
Eazy - I'm a master of missiles and terrible DI lol
Lolmaster - Welcome to the crew! You're Marth is a mad nice and did great in the crew battles. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Triad - We're workin on gettin' better lol. We need to have a crew meeting and practice soon. I'm thinking in like 3 weeks at your place if you don't mind? Your located like right in the middle of all of us.
Velocity - Where were you in singles? Don't tell me Brawl made you suck that much lol.
Jollies n' Lil Goepel - Glad to see ya at another tourney, good stuff in crews. Jollies - we need to go bowling again soon, that was pretty fun.
Vex - My Sonic > Your Boozer. Always. lol
Talwind - You never told me you can control the lasers on Corneria! What is this!? I don't even...
Reik - Did you enter singles? Cool seein ya at another tourney.

extra one for this thread

Slikvik - Noooo! You have to forget about that now! We should have just sent Triad in first lol.


Smash Champion
Feb 4, 2007
West Chester, PA
Eggm - good **** in crews dude, i heard about the ****, wish i saw it.
Cactuar - always to good. even when your sick. i wanna become your fox, lol
JMan - besides the fact that you ***** my entire crew, lol, your fox is too good dude, multi-shine at ledge, wtf, i wanna do that
Tec0 - is it just your job to be good at crews? LOL also, teams was too funny, pokefloats ftw
SwiftBass - glad you made it down with the rest of the bros. i had fun watching taki beat m2k with you, haha
Wife - good stuff in pools and crews. usmash is nerfed, LOL
Lord Knight is Stupid - too good, you dont even have to play and you're still always ****
Scar - fawk you, you fawken peice of fawken ****. wow....WOW, are you really juss gonna run the best melee tournament ever?! i just wanna **** you!
Taki - fawken love this kid. im stealing his fox tricksies
Hat - i wish i didnt SD and die before you died in crews, lol. good stuff bro
Vanz - your too cool, and you and tec are too good in teams. and crews, lol
Mogwai - fawken wesley, what a fawken bro. im so glad all u guys came down, i wish i could have stayed wit you guys but i heard you went to sleep anyways =/
M00 - every tourney were both at we're having a pride fox ditto set, lol. good **** makin it out of pools, your awesome
Pakman - you are one of the coolest kids on the planet. too good
Sensei - your too good with everyone. i hate falco too, lol.
Eazy - always good to see ya bro, hope to see ya at the next one, or COT3, whichever comes first.
Lolmaster - welcome to TOS, lololololololololololol....haha. good stuff against wife in crews, we're better than how we placed. waaaaay to many SD's in those things, but yeah...good stuff, hope to practice with ya soon

i just shouted out to the results but i know i forgot some people

xyt - we should have played to warm up, lol. im real glad you also came down with wes. good stuff bro. ill see ya at the next one
brotherhood - good stuff. i wanna play all you guys. i think i've like only played swords before, haha
vex - too good at brawl (i think?, w/e, bad game), LOL and if you didnt SD in crews, you would have done good
chibo - yes, yes we did, lol. nice stuff against md/va
triad - nice stuff in crews. if it werent for you, we would have got *****


Smash Lord
Feb 3, 2004
This was a really fun tournament, and I will definitely come to more of these. Thanks, Scar.

GGs to everyone I played.

GGs to Tech0 and Eggm, who outplayed me.

Good **** to EEvisu. You're so money and you don't even know it. All you have to do is concentrate and it's done.

See everyone next month.

ps. put teams matches up soon!!


Smash Master
May 1, 2006
Not chilindude829
SCOTM :fox: - I FAWKEN LOVE YOU. Stop instant upb-ing, lol. wow you are just gonna throw stuff and run away? god i wanna **** you.
Scar :falcon: - Fawken awesome tourney thanks for hosting. How the Fawk did you get so good.
CHIBO :samus:-

Pakman- Ooooooh girl, luigi death combos.
Sensei :falcon:- Awesome seeing you again.
Woz :fox: - Great seeing you again, you are seriously amazing at Super Smash Brothers: Melee for the Nintendo GameCube system. Enter more tournaments.
Reik :falco:- The main reason I came. Your falco is probably the best I saw in teams, ever. Sad you had to leave early, I really wanted to get some friendlies in.
Eggmaster :falco:- good **** on getting second you were playing well that day.
Swift :fox:-Good **** on placing waay up there.
Cactuar :fox: - Your fox is too smart. Could not predict what the **** you were gonna do next.
Mogwai :falco: - Thanks for driving, and just being fawken awesome.
XYT :shiek: - You should have made it out of pools so you could **** some.
Lord Knight :marth: - Awesome set.
J-man :fox: - Jesus is my homeboy!
HAT :marth: - Close set, i really had to pull it together on the last stock.


Everyone else I played good stuff. Melee for life.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 17, 2007
LOL starcock your posts are fantastic.
Your sarcasm tickles my antibodies. Just saying, last time I played with the Jfox he accused me of being a witch and then, random minions tried to burn me at the stake.


Research Assistant
Mar 25, 2007
Convex Cone, Positive Orthant
Wife - Yea good games you were disgusting beast in teams man.

Next time drag Husband along >_< I would love to play against him in singles and you both in doubles.


Gotm - LOLOLOLOL poke floats....... >_> LOLOLOL shine jump shine KO's at ZERO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

What a hideously terrible counterpick.




Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
shoutout time

alukard- gg's i love playin with u
Jman- I faced you so many times in the events and they all were mad fun
taki- good **** taking a game off
m2k- good **** ken.....ur impressions are top tier along with ur melee skills
sensei- haha ur falcon dittos with wes were fun to watch
mogwai- thx for stepping up and driving
plank- good **** ive been to alot of tourneys that u've been to and I have to say that this time had to be one of your most impressive performances good **** and get MD/VA to keep melee alive
wife- i never get to play u in friendlies(i forget sometimes) but I hope you know that im the black guy with the beanie who rly rly has the utmost respect for you as a smasher and a veteran and pioneer of the game who could've just easily quit. You r an inspiration.
chibo- i gotta make sure i face you next time.
eazy- nice meeting you. i think ive met almost all of TSA finally
tunes- good **** y'all we repped hard in singles and crews.
cheezit- FLCL kicks ***
cactuar- ur an inspiration and i need more friendlies so get well soon and stop being sick :p
hax- ur shoes are ugly and mine are leopards apparently :p wtf u got hax for real because i didnt see you all DAY!!
triad- yup I quit shiek thx to you lol
reik- i was this close to buying you combos @ a rest stop and next time i'm going to a tourny that ur in, I DEF WILL!
rest of MD/VA- keep melee
LK- u are welcome @ my house
everyone else- ggs and sry if I missed you

this was one of the most fun tourneys ive played in. for once i didnt feel that stressed and pressured like I had to prove myself for rankings. I just played to have a good time and I did and was happy with my placing @ the same time yay!....mission complete *plays starfox theme*

shameless plug. pittsburgh is planning something large and melee b4 the summer. its our attempt to make PA the melee hub and to stick it to that ****ty game brawl. Philly has EC and tristate and we're trying to get folks from MW , WV, and hopefully y'all from MD/va will get the best of both worlds and be able to travel to both. FYI pitts is 3 hrs away from c3 if u need some geographic figure. Lastly this is affiliated with the smashpocalypse series and is known as smashtastrophe...scar and friends have come to pitts for the first one that had a turnout of about 30 ppl for melee singles. plz show some love for melee. i believe we have a decent amount of particpation form philly confirmed already and the MW should be having more numbers than last time participating


Smash Gizmo
Sep 30, 2006
I want to expect better of you, but I know not to

Alukard: I should've beaten you :(. Good **** running it back from 4 - 2 Marth Falco on DL, I'm still beating myself up over losing that one, but I'm starting to think that maybe you're just that good.

JMan: Stop Kirbyciding me with DDD, you little JERK! Wish I could've played you in the good version of this game, but whatever. I think I'm just upset that I can deal you like triple the damage you deal me in brawl and you still beat me in Sudden Death.

Hax: I think you're my favorite 10 year old in the whole world. Good **** talking me up to $2 even though I knew who you were, and then ****** me in pools. <3 little rascals.

Wife: Glad I could get some friendlies in with you. I have loads of respect for you and all the rest of the MD guys making it to this, even though the Pittsburgh drive is further. Hope you guys found Pat's and Gino's alright.

Plank: Good ****, I was very impressed with your play at this. I was loling on the inside when Eggm told you that you play gay and then you flipped out and showed him what gay really is.

Hat: Glad I got some friendlies in with you too. <3 MD, you guys are mad chill.

Scar: I basically didn't see you at all. <333, but you're a jerk for falling asleep so early and now for not talking to me on AIM!

Velocity: I <3 your brawl G&W so much. Give Falco more credit though, he's mad good.

Pakman: Sorry I was feeling so lazy when you were walking to your car, I feel like a d!ck for not hanging out with you more and also for forgetting your cube lube. <3 anyway though, we'll hang out a bunch at Smashtastrophe 2.

SCOTM: Good **** making it out of pools. Can't wait to see you again bro.

WoZ: <3, but you better gtfo of my head! Why are you so good vs. me!?!? seriously, you're my favorite person ever, I wish you could've stayed longer.

Sensei: How did you get so good with the Wiimote!?!?! and also I love seeing SSB64 playing with $120 on top of the TV.

Easy: Glad to finally meet you. IM me sometime about Brawl Falco (WWRDude) and I'll teach you about why I'm the best in the world, lol.

CopyCat: Our crews match was sloppy as hell. Good **** vs. MD though, that was a real nice comeback.

M2K: I wanted to play you in brawl :(, at least in that game, my char counters yours :).

I'm done with individual shoutouts cause I'm tired of typing.

Last thing, I'm just really happy that a bunch of really really good players were willing to travel for this tourney. This sort of commitment to this game is really important to keep it alive through the Brawl hype until people realize that they need to come back to Melee to have a great fighting game. Melee and it's community are too good, <3.


Smash Legend
Jan 18, 2006
LOL mogwai i remember that

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