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Smashing Grounds: Next Generation IV Results

Fortress | Sveet

Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
Singles Results: (Total Entrants: 44)
1: Kels
2: Matt
3: Dart
4: Tink
5: Deku
5: Orly
7: Vro Money Bags
7: Duck
9: Meow2King
9: Scythe
9: Tom
9: John!
13: Sammy Sleepy Fingers
13: BigD
13: Juggleguy
13: Little England
17: Black Panther
17: Mundungu
17: Quaz
17: Over9000
17: Money
17: Indiana'z Finest
17: Captain Nando
17: Rat
25: Sanchez is not Mexican
25: Exarch
25: Lance
25: Arty
25: SNPR
25: Leo
25: Oro!?
25: Okizeme
[collapse=Bracket Image]

Doubles Results (Total Entrants: 18)

1: Team Win (Kels & Tink)
2: BigDeku (BigD & Dekuschrub)
3: Super R Brothers (Matt & Tom)
4: Team USA (ORLY & Dart)
5: Club of Death (Mundungu & Exarch)
5: Random Perfection (Duck & Rat)
7: PSFM (Sveet & Bzoo)
7: Team SS (Sanchez & Sago)
9: ****-tacular Tech Skill (Jeff & Al)
9: The Dull Dudes (Leo & Gooeybanana)
9: Cowboys of Breakfast Love (Little England & George)
9: Arboks Koffing (Sync & Quaz)
13: Club of Invincible Doom (Juggleguy & Scythe)
13: I Rest For Waffle Fries (Jay & Lance)
13: For The Lose (Hady & Dan)
13: Sailors of the 7 Seas (DJ & Looshkin)
[collapse=Bracket Image]


Smash Hero
Nov 19, 2006
The Garden of Earthly Delights
hmm well i'll do shoutouts to the two guys i played in pools AND bracket...

rat: i know you hate the peach matchup, and i feel bad because i was probably the only reason you didn't get top 8 or better. and you beat chris (1st seed) in pools but got 3rd seed WTF? but **** happens i guess. ggs and good money match.

chris: you're definitely getting the edge on me lol. you keep getting quaz practice and i still have no clue what to do vs. good falcons. the next step up in my game is when i am able to consistently beat you. watch your back son! ggs.

edit: my memory sucks


Smash Master
Dec 5, 2004
Fun tourney and thanks for hosting Joe but i wonder if sanchaz/quaz could have been switched with sago/arty since those were both first round matches will people from the same car.

Singles Results: (Total Entrants: 44)
1: Kels You **** me in friendlies. We need to play more so I can get more Falco practice. Good **** winning as usual
3: Dart We didn't do any mario dittos : /
4: Tink we never play friendlies what the hell
5: Deku ggs next time i'll do better
5: Orly Nice Chris!!! Keep this up!!
7: Vro Money Bags You destroyed me and all the momentum I had lol. I need to play against good marths more
7: Duck fun friendlies
9: Meow2King good stuff dude!!
9: Tom Fun mario dittos as usual!! I'll start winning the majority soon!
13: Sammy Sleepy Fingers :D
13: BigD ggs dude and go Falcon next time!
13: Juggleguy Nice teaming and talking with you, fun friendlies and nice clutch combo in pools!
17: Mundungu Nice seeing you again!!
17: Quaz Great set Quaz, your Peach always has me nervous. I was so happy to finally beat you with Fox.
17: Over9000 How dare you beat Arty, what is wrong with you
17: Indiana'z Finest a melee tourney?! WHAT
17: Captain Nando ggs in pools! super duper close lol
17: Rat cheer up dude, you'll get em next time!
25: Lance ggs
25: Arty :D
25: Oro!? FOR SHAME

Pools - Shawn White- ggs dude, just keep practicing!

Sync- Dude what the hell. You went beast mode on me and then didn't beat anyone else? Did you just use up all your tech skill on one person? lol

Zwarm, Kappy and Norm- Nice seeing you guys!

hope i didn't miss anyone


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
You should replace the silly names with the real gamertags in results. That **** is confusing, I don't remember who Sammy Sleepy Fingers or Indiana'z Finest were >_>

But anyway, awesome tourney! Thanks a ton Joe/Sveet for hosting and making the effort to get OoS people. Chicago + Wisconsin + Michigan + Purdue made for some fun matchups. I'll do shoutouts later.


Smash Ace
Jul 27, 2006
Wish I could have stayed and entered but I'll be back for the next one. SG is the only time I ever smash nowadays.

The Good Doctor

Smash Champion
Oct 7, 2007

Sync-You have gotten much better. Fun friendlies
Looshkin-See, I can play other characters.
Sago-Good **** going that character against me in bracket.
Chris-Good ****ing ****!
3Chairs-Practice makes perfect. Work on that Sheik!
Juggleguy-It sucks we didn't get to play. T.T
Team PSFM-We have you next time, NEXT TIME!
Money-If only I could camp for 23 more seconds....
Matt R-Very close game 2. Had you sweatin'!

GG's to...
Sveet & Oro
Matt R


Smash Master
Feb 7, 2006
Purdue/Woodridge, IL
thanks to sveet for hosting

scythe: good **** at this, good placing, ggs

jugglerob: your final combo against scythe was the bomb. good set ggs

sync: nice but your fox was way better than your peach imo. ggs

kels: falcos power is unstoppable! ggs

sean white: cool seeing you again. ggs

money: nice peach ggs

john: good job at this

oro: close set ggs

little england: fun set ggs

goods hit everyone else


Smash Hero
May 23, 2009
Geneva/Chicago, Illinois
1: Kels-Too good. You wouldn't have made top 3 without spacies though.
2: Matt-Good to see you doing well again. Your sets vs Kels are always fun to watch.
3: Dart-GGs. You know the fastfaller matchups very well. 1 hit is practically always a stock in that MU like it was for us in game 1. I will get you next time! Also :falcon: vs :ganondorf: LOL!
4: Tink- Everyone has off days. I did too. We will get 'em next time.
5: Deku- So much hype vs Kels and good stuff getting 5th.
5: Orly- Good job Chris. Know you always have it in you.
7: Vro Money Bags- Beat BigD for the first time! Good job Cary. Fun MM too.
7: Duck- Wish I got to play you more than just our doubles set. :(
9: Meow2King(The Good Doctor)- Did you go all Sheik?
9: Scythe-What a beast!
9: Tom- Next time make sure there aren't any :samus:
9: John!- Top WI good stuff John.
13: Sammy Sleepy Fingers(Sago)- You were on your game. That almost clutch vs Rat/Duck was siiiick.
13: BigD-I know you could do better. You still did way better than me regardless lol.
13: Juggleguy- Most fun Falcon dittos I have had in a long time, even though they were serious.(I think?) Your tech chases are sooooooo good.
13: Little England-Didn't play or talk to at all. MM next time?
17: Black Panther-Good set. Would like to play more next time.
17: Mundungu- Didn't get to play you. Hopefully WI starts coming down regularly like you guys used to.
17: Quaz-The return of Quaz!
17: Over9000-I barely saw you conisdering I drove you :) I hope you had fun after the tourney too, even if it wasn't smash.
17: Money- Officially Falcon/Peach
17: Indiana'z Finest(Jayford)-Stacked pool, good job getting out!
17: Captain Nando(Iamthemicrowave)-Good set indeed. I was salty afterwards because I felt like I let a lot of opportunities go out the window playing you, not because I thought I was playing better than you or anything. :)
17: Rat-You will get 'em next time.
25: Sanchez is not Mexican-Fun set.
25: Exarch-Fun to talk to you for the brief time we did. You beat some good people with Roy lol.
25: Lance- Good MM. That Little England training is sure paying off.
25: Arty- Lol.
25: SNPR- Didn't get a chance to play you.
25: Leo-Good stuff getting out of that pool!
25: Oro!?-Scrub.
25: Okizeme(Looshkin)-<3


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Vro - Can't thank you enough for the housing bro! Also, smoking the entire weekend was epic =D

Sveet - Well ran tourney, good ish!

Little England - It pains me to switch to Sheik when I did relatively well against your Falco with my Falcon...no clue why I didn't do well after that set.

Deku - Dude, I gave up on you lmao xD Marths that know how to space well just make me do that nowadays. I'll see if I can fix that =P

The Good Doctor - Nothing much to say other than I'll be fixing some things for next time we meet up. Good job making me look like a fool =/

Money - Close set. Definitely tapped that Falcon game 2(shoulda done the same game 1 but oh well =P) I really wish I knew the Peach MU better but Peoria doesn't play Peach >_<

3chairz - Pretty decent Sheik. You just need to work out some consistency issues, ESPECIALLY with edgeguarding. Sooooo important as her.

Wayne, George, Deeznutz - Good smokin' with you fellas. Definitely need to do some more friendlies with all three of ya next time we meet.

Josh - Nice placing brah

Rashad - Good stuff! I definitely like hearing that the flame has been reignited within you!

Matt - Man, wish we could have done better in doubles. I think we should team again sometime to do a re-do. Nice job getting out of pools!

ORLY/Chris - Nice placing in both dubz and singles. Fun MM for sure, being blazed made the random stages just that much funnier xD You're pretty good mang!

Oro - Fun friendlies. Playing you surprisingly made me realize I need to start watching my opponent's movements more than my own. God, I take so long to pick up on things.

Sanchez - Friendlies were definitely helpful to my Sheik vs. Fox game. I went from getting ***** to taking a match off ya before you had to leave the station lol.

Dominion - Fun *** game. Don't think I ever want to play it when I'm sober, though.

Whomever(not saying it had to be a Smasher) stole Matt's laptop, cube, controller, and recording setup - Go **** yourself. If it is ever discovered who stole this **** and I'm around, I can guarantee you, you will be the first person that ever gets their *** beaten by Gooeybanana.

Excellent tourney guys, hopefully I'll be able to go to the next one so I can prep for SMYM...really unlikely though because I'm pushing my 32 unscheduled hour limit for this 6 month period at work. I'll see. GG's!


Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2009
shoutouts to Peoria crew! Awesome job Josh beating that Wayneeee


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Joe/Sveet: thanks a ton for hosting and making an effort to get OoS people! it was a great tourney

1: Kels - GGs, Sheik is so0o broken! congrats on winning and good luck at pound 5 if you're going.
2: Matt - didn't get to play =(
3: Dart - coolest combo wins the game! which means i'm 1-4 against you in friendlies.
4: Tink - you might play a mean Marth, but you sure need to work on calculating payouts =P
5: Deku - didn't get to play =( but good **** in teams, was fun to watch.
5: Orly - looks like scorp a dorp is your kryptonite, get ***** by Scythe in that one friendly LOL
7: Vro - stop wrecking me in friendlies. where the falcon at?
7: Duck - 6th pillar!!
9: Good Doctor - your set vs money was the business. tragic ending though! let's get a few games in next time.
9: Scythe - it was fun teaming with you, and good **** in bracket! our pools set was pretty epic.
9: Tom - 0-3 vs Duck? where you at?
9: John! - didn't get to play this time =( but I heard good things, congrats on beating England.
13: Sago - didn't get to play =( next time for sure
13: BigD - good luck teaching english in Chile! sounds like a lot of fun, we will miss you.
13: Juggleguy - ****
13: Little England - you wrecked me in bracket, GGs. next time i'll be more prepared.
17: Black Panther - fun friendlies, glad to see your Fox doing business
17: Mundungu - GGs in teams, you and exarch put in some work against us.
17: Quaz - fun friendlies, and interesting postgame reaction vs Dart...
17: Over9000 - good to see you again, didn't know you were midwest! fun friendlies
17: Money - GGs in bracket, I really wanted that triple knee, no disrespect!
17: Jayford - if it ain't Velynn it's done against MI! good **** making it out to this tourney
17: iamthemicrowave - fun set in pools, your Fox is fun to play. thanks for watching my set vs Scythe, haha.
17: Rat - thanks so much for housing us! it was a blast playing you on Friday/Sunday. you and Duck are a fun team to watch.
25: Sanchez - didn't get to play =( next time!
25: Exarch - that Roy is pretty legit. GGs in teams as well.
25: Lance - didn't get to meet/play =(
25: Arty - you're welcome for ending your Marth career =P
25: SNPR - GGs in bracket, glad you're playing Melee again!
25: Leo - didn't get to meet/play =(
25: Oro!? - GGs in teams and hilarious friendlies/seriouslies, your uairs are oppressive. we have to play again next tourney!
25: Okizeme - didn't get to meet/play =(


Smash Lord
Sep 16, 2008
Chesterton, IN and West Lafayette, IN
GGs everyone.

Michigan: I'm mad salty :*(. I'm gonna have to turn up the gay next time I play one of you >=D. Duck you're to good at that match up looool. I got your number next time tho <3.

John: Turnip glitch is gay.

Leo: Your Falco is so good >.>

Sveet: GGs it was a close set.

Over9000: Where did you come from lol. GGs and fun friendlies.

Kels: Should have done doubles on 2 TVs :(

George: Thanks for driving.

Sythe: A Melee Tourney?!

Arty: I still didn't get to play you in Melee :(. Also, salty run back in Brawl please :D.

Big D: Good set. I wish I didn't suicide so much in the 3rd game lmao.

Dart: Fun MM.

Barns: Nice seeing you again.

Mundungu: lol at my shield breaking

Sago: Good games.

Rat: Double Samus is gay lol.

Lance: Good stuff in teams.


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
ah.. didnt get to go to this. but MI represented pretty well. good **** to dart on 2nd. ya'll should come to Who's Got Salt in February


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI

Exarch: It was awesome teaming with you at this tournament, I think we could be a really good team with some more practice. Hopefully you're able to make it out to more of these in the future.

Sync: Awesome Super Meat Boy races! I gotta practice up on my 1-X levels to redeem myself. You just gotta learn to play well under pressure, for smash and SMB.

Quaz: Nice job against Kels, I was watching your bracket match. You seem to really have the fox matchup down, even though you don't really think so. That match with Scythe could have easily gone either way.

Sanchaz: We gotta teach you some tech skill so you can start winning these things. Unfortunately, that means you're going to have to start shining and short hopping.

Culvers: Where you at Fruit Loops?

Bing Bing: Bing Bing?!!?!?

Kels: Grats on winning both tourneys again. Every tourney it seems like someone else is going to win, and you pull it out anyway. It wasn't even close this time.

Dart: Nice job making it to winners finals. I didn't see many of your matches, but it looks like you've really got the fast faller matchups down.

Tink: What happened to marth in the semis? The marth was on fire in pools. You've still got the best playstyle in the midwest, keep that berserker style going.

Chris: Fun MMs, we'll have to do that again sometime. I feel like I still need to learn some things with the fox vs falcon MU.

Vro: Dam your marth is getting rediculous. It seems like you should drop your other silly mains and focus on marth, maybe keep falco for the sheik matchup.

Scythe: Awesome job in bracket, I'm surprised you took out Big D. Just go falcon vs marths and you'll do much better.

Jeff: Good job at this tourney, I heard you took out Sanchaz. That's not easy to do, he has a really weird playstyle. I owe you a MM, we'll do it right away next time I see you.

John9Blue: Nice placing at this one. You played really well against Little England in your bracket match. You might want to start going sheik vs falcons, that'll make things 10000 times easier.

Sago: Good to see you again, it's been a while! Let us know when you are able to come back to Madison, and we'll host a fest somewhere. I gotta earn my moss suit back!

Rat: Fun matches as always. If you get that sheik polished up, I won't be able to beat you anymore.

George: Your fox is getting really good. You definitely know the ganon matchup, I didn't really know what to do. That was a pretty amazing streek you had before singles.

Sveet: Another awesome tourney, I love this venue. I will most likely be at the next one too.

JPal: Good to see someone willing to main low tier in tourney. It's really tough when you're trying to learn the game, but good luck. Hope to see you at the next one!

MI Crew: I didn't really play you guys much, but always good to see some other faces in Chi Town. I'll be sure to play you all next time we meet. Thanks to Juggleguy for recording, I wouldn't have had much time to upload vids this week anyway.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Who played on the recording setup in singles bracket? I didn't watch much, so the only sets I remember from the recording TV are, uh... Tink/England, Tink/Dart, Kels/Dart, Duck/ORLY, Tink/ORLY, Tink/Matt, Dart/Matt, Kels/Matt

The Good Doctor

Smash Champion
Oct 7, 2007
Who played on the recording setup in singles bracket? I didn't watch much, so the only sets I remember from the recording TV are, uh... Tink/England, Tink/Dart, Kels/Dart, Duck/ORLY, Tink/ORLY, Tink/Matt, Dart/Matt, Kels/Matt
Those and our pool matches are all I really remember.
There were some Bowser dittoes and such played by Mundungu and ORLY.


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
LOL oh yeah. I had some MMs there at the end. Any green Falcon with the ROCK tag, that's me.

I think the only two I had there were Falcon dittos with Gooey and Bowser dittos with Mundungu.


Smash Journeyman
May 14, 2009
Ann Arbor/West Bloomfield, Michigan
1: Kels - double sheik vs. double samus is gay
2: Matt - only got to play you like once, hope we get to play next time
3: Dart - good **** getting 3rd, we're 1-1 now :D
4: Tink - i finally got you in our MM :)
5: Deku - teams was amazing, gj with bigD
5: Orly - salty like the dead sea
7: Vro Money Bags - you're so good T.T lol, thanks for helping my friend get better
7: Duck - meh
9: Good Doctor - didn't get to play
9: Scythe - good friendlies
9: Tom - gg in pools and bracket, 3 way tie was interesting but you shouldn't have gone mario >.>
9: John! - didn't get to play
13: Sammy Sleepy Fingers - 3 way tie :D, good **** though. I'll play you in brawl next time
13: BigD - always awesome to see you, teams was amazing and alot of fun
13: Juggleguy - 6th pillar!
13: Little England - sorry i couldn't MM you, didn't have singles at the time >.> you're hella good though
17: Black Panther - didn't get to play you this time
17: Mundungu - didn't get to play
17: Quaz - Kongo is the bane of my existence T.T
17: Over9000 - didn't get to play
17: Money - didn't get to play
17: Jayford - haha, far less gay than i expected. If it aint velynn it's done :p
17: Captain Nando - didn't get to play
17: Rat - thanks for housing MI like sooooo much, we should team more cause double samus is amazing.
25: Arty - reppin that blue samus!!

tournament was amazing, wish chicago was closer to AA so we could come to more of these. Sorry to anyone i forgot


Smash Apprentice
Apr 17, 2007
Evanston, IL
Abbreviated Shoutouts:

Sveet: For hosting, destroying me in pools, and giving me a ride to the train station. Much appreciated.

Oro!?: For picking me and up, too bad we didn't get any friendlies in.

Juggleguy: For recording and uploading, much love.

Kels: For ****** everybody without using fox or falco.

Arty: Thanks for sandbagging so hard on me in friendlies, I had no clue what was coming to me in our bracket match.

Vro: Your marth is amazingly smart. I felt proud to take a game off of it in pools.

Jayford: Good pools matches, could have gone differently if you didn't miss a few of those rests. And fun friendlies too.

And to everybody else I played in friendlies, goods hit.


Smash Cadet
Aug 17, 2010
in the shopping cart
This will be the first time I've ever done shoutouts, so sorry if I missed anyone or if i forgot/mislabel anyone.

1) Rat: Thanks so very much for housing us (MI ppl). You are mad awesome to play with and I really liked your attitude towards the game. Much love no homo. Oh, and the bagels at your house was about the best thing i've ever tasted in a long time. except mcdonalds.

2) Vro: so basically Duck was like "hey, Vro's over there go talk to him" and that's how I even met you. That being said, playing with you has helped me so much I barely think a shoutout will cut it. You are a really amazing player and a wonderfully analytical teacher. I also liked your playing style; it's really smart and it's how I aspire to play. Everyone should shoutout to grandmaster Vro.

3) Money: You totally had me fooled by going falcon first match. Never woulda thought a peach main would ever try to pick up falcon. Ur peach is mad legit and MMing you was fun as hell. Great games with you, and it was mad fun learning the peach matchup (very different approach than all other characters i've played against).

4) John!: Great MMs and friendlies after. Very meticulous and precise peach, extremely hard to get in, i liked it a lot. I forgot what other characters you played, but they were legit as well. Playing you helped me figure out a weak point in my grab game, thanks a lot for that.

5) Duck: Good **** getting 7th, that match with Orly (i think) should've been in the bag. That samus is deadly and broken. Metaknight is the samus of brawl.

6) Juggleguy: One of the funnest car rides ever, thxs for doing it ^^. Great respect as a tourney-organizing, uploader, and of course as a knee-man player. I still have to figure out how to get ***** less hard by you in the game room. Oh, and fresh-cut sea-salted wendys fries ftw.

7) Meow2king/the good doctor: You sheik is really really good. I've learnt a lot just by watching it. Next time let's agree to no CGs so I even have a chance :(. I've been practicing in my room working on that sheik consistency since the tourney, so hopefully i'll play better next time.

8) Gooeybanana: Playing you was actually really fun. You are completely reckless and wrecks my shvt all over battlefield. Mad technical sheik, and a electrifying falcon. Great friendlies/pools with you. I am working on that edgeguarding, slowly but hopefully surely...

9) Little England: Even though I only got to play you once and didn't really get to talk to you, I just want to say that your post of "10000 words of power" is the best thing ever. It single-handedly made me aware of center-stage theory and understand how covering options work.

10) "The roy player that I don't remember the name of": Roy is top tier. Don't ever give him up, because he's freaking broken with ph1r3 and other good stuff.

I hope all you guys can come to 'Who's Got Salt'. It would be great fun and great honor to play all of you again. If not, well hopefully I'll see all you guys again in 'Show Me Your Moves' (97% sure I'm going). Great tourney guys ^^


Smash Master
May 12, 2010
East Peoria, IL

Chicago- GG's
Purdue- Leaving the rabbit hole for some good smash, thanks for coming
Michigan- Here with numbers? see you guys at Who's Got Salt maybe
Wisconsin- Good to see you again guys, better luck next time yo. props to john for beating england
Peoria- Lookin good

Personal shoutouts
Kels- Wins again

Tink- Don't SD next time thank you prease

Matt R- Good job bringing it back...i'll keep my head in the game next time

Deku- I get more respect for you as i grow up in the melee community, better luck next time bro.

Quaz- for returning, but you'll rep harder next time for sure

Chexr- for not showing up so i can haz 50 dollars

Vro- Dominion, housing, smash, too good. thank you

Orly- for teaming and getting 5th place, too hot

Leo- for getting out of pools at his second tournament, you'll be rapin *****es in no time.

BigD- for beating us in teams, see you in a year...good luck in chile. can i be little d?

Sveet- for hosting, and relax bro...i got you. ;)

Looshkin- always fun, we'll have to mm ORLY plus another falcon...who wants the challenge of double dorf?

Exarch- I guess i remember you, although i'm a lot better than last time...and my game vs peach is improved

Sanchez- for MMing me and having a good time, no hate :)

Deeznutz- Really surprised you made it, but it was a good surprise thanks for coming :)

Little England- for making a huge *** threads a few days before the tourney...unfortunately i didn't get to read it beforehand

Duck- 1-1 next time it's the decider ;)

SnuggleRobGuy- always a pleasure, thanks for recording...see you at WGS maybe?

Rat- where you at in bracket son? you would have beat me again, sadly.

Cosmo- Speedrunning during my tournamentz??? come back to melee plox

SNPR- welcome back to melee, midwest style? I wouldn't strike to FD or salty back to it with fox vs marth...ever

Hindawg- GGnoRe son

Money- good to see you again, i learned dat peach matchup son

Good doctor- we didn't play :(

Alcheato- We didn't play :(

Sago- Good to see you, we didn't play :(

Arty- Never scurred

Jayford- that puff is getting better, andale watch out

LancePants- You're also getting better...wtf purdue power up?

Microwave- Barely saw you, didn't play...sad tourney

Bzoo- Rare that we ran into each other in tourney. GG's as always...i love the taste of fried manbird first round.

DIEgo- We didn't mario ditto :( but good **** beating a **** load of good people

Mundungu- for repping ganon here and there, your fox is getting better too bro.

Shoutouts to Dart for being terrible in the clutch...you're the next Brett Favre and everybodies kicking your *** with field goals in overtime.


Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2007
Dekalb, Il
dude, one day I'll do shoutouts and your name will be in there. Maybe some nice words. Losers <3
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