Smashboards Writers Reveal Their Day One Character Picks


With the impending release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, several of us on Smashboards' news team wanted to take some time to talk about who we're most eager to get our hands on and why.

Contributor | @xToasterBrains
My day one pick is Inkling. I've got a few reasons for that. I've always liked Inklings as a character since Splatoon 1 because they're pretty cool, fashion forward little squid friends. I also really like post-Human-extinction worlds like Splatoon. However, I am absolutely garbage at their source game, so now I'll finally be able to play them in a game that I know my way around. More specific to their gameplay, I like their ink damage gimmick and how fast they seem to play. They were the first newcomer revealed and still the ones that best align with my intended play style. Watching early Abadango squid play cemented the Inklings as my day one pick. Get ready for some fancy squid kid acrobatics.
Contributor | @Verity_Karn
While there is some good information on the early meta of competitive Ultimate, there is going to be a lot of shifting opinion. Therefore, I'm going to focus my attention on familiarity with the specific mechanics of Ultimate, and slowly work down to a single main over the course of several months. Until then, the random button will become my go-to slot.
Graphic Artist | @braylinselvig
With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's large roster, it's hard to pick a clear favorite for some. For me, however, that choice is just a little easier. Inkling has been my go to for Smash since its introduction into the Nintendo world. With plenty of utility and options for a kit, it seemed like a given that these squid kids would join the fight. I can't just keep this section dedicated to Inklings, though. Incineroar looks really fun, Chrom is from my first and favorite Fire Emblem game, and let's not forget about #PlantGang.
Tyler Scott Sanchez
Editor | @PlayerOneTyler
Having everything we love about Pokemon Trainer being stripped away from us in Smash 4, I'm is very excited about his re-addition in Smash Ultimate, with the bonus of a female option! The best part about Pokemon Trainer in Ultimate is the removal of the fatigue mechanic from Brawl. Because of this, I'm is super excited to stick to Ivysaur and Squirtle for entire matches while Charizard enjoys a nice relaxing time in its Pokeball, never to be bothered with again.
Editor | @JigglySoul
Ever since the last couple of months before Super Smash Bros. for 3DS released Jigglypuff’s been my only main in every Super Smash Bros. game, and I think it’s going to stay that way in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve always been a huge fan of the character along with her playstyle, and while she's had a really rough time throughout Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Smash 3DS's competitive history, I still loved playing as her and pushing my Jigglypuff as far as I could go with it. Honestly, I can’t wait to rediscover old match-ups and find new ones to play when I try her in Smash Ultimate!
Content Manager | @Thirdkoopa
While there's many newcomers that I'm looking forward to playing, and I'm basically looking forward to playing as every character, I'm most looking forward to playing Wolf - Not only was he one of my favorite characters to play as ini the Smash series, but he's one of the very few that didn't return in Smash 4. I'm excited to see what the development team did upon revisiting and getting the chance to finally play as his Ultimate version myself. It's been over ten years; I'm pumped.
Managing Editor | @ScribeAwoken
Out of Ultimate’s base roster, I'm most likely just gonna fall back on Marth. He’s my main in Smash Wii U, he was my main during one of my brief attempts to get into Melee, and I generally always enjoy tipper swordfighters. I main Clairen in Rivals of Aether, I used to main Zhurong in Icons, and I even played Palante in the alpha build for Earth Romancer. They’re just really easy to get right - even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty fun. There are other characters I’m hyped to try out - Inklings and Chrom look insane and the changes to Ike seem cool as hell, but there’s a very good chance I’ll just stick with Marth as my comfort pick.
Author's Note: Who are you looking forward to playing out of Ultimate's base roster? If they're not unlocked from the start, will you try to unlock them as quickly as possible, or let the chips fall where they may?


I am not getting the game until X'mas, so I am going to be late for the party (again lol). I am planning on playing a lot of the characters. So far, the characters that interest me the most is Chrom/Roy (they both look insane in this game), the Pits (mained Pit in Brawl, so I can't wait to try out the newly buffed Pit of Ultimate), and Ness (mained in SSB4, and he actually looks low-key busted in this game imo).
Yoshi clicked with me out of the box and is my best character so far, I guess he is my current main lol
My main is Ganondorf, with Bowser as secondary, but; I'm gonna pick up Ridley and King K.Rool as well. I love being Evil.
I haven't actually got the game yet, but when I do, I'll likely stick with my Smash 4 main, Robin. That being said, though, I really like the changes to Shulk's Monado Arts, and I'll likely play him and Chrom a little. Also, once Joker releases, I'll definitely start maining him instead of Robin.
Author's Note: Who are you looking forward to playing out of Ultimate's base roster? If they're not unlocked from the start, will you try to unlock them as quickly as possible, or let the chips fall where they may?
I personally am gunning for Ridley to unlock, but no matter which character someone hopes to have, I wouldn't recommend any other alternative other than letting the chips fall where they may. There's a high chance that you won't get your main at the first "Challenger Approaching" message, and that's what the game intends. You are supposed to shout for joy once you see that hologram of the character you've always dreamed of, instead of rushing to catch them all. I personally will relish each and every challenger that approaches, and take them in one at a time so that it is truly a valuable experience. You can only go through this process once, so mind as well make the most of it.
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So glad to be playing Cloud without all the hate from the idiots who insist he's OP in Smash 4 who couldn't get over the 'Board's (biased) tier list. Hope he wasn't over-nerfed.
No Ike? You're all fired.
After playing the game for a bit, I'm mostly focusing on Ike. He seems like a straightforward, hard commit character that will likely teach me quite a bit about neutral in Ultimate, and help scrub out some habits from Melee. Essentially, you've been validated. Congrats.