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Smashboards Update - Tournament Organization Group

With Smash Bros, you can play the game in a variety of ways. But for the majority, the competitive tournament stage is the true heart of the community. These crucial events allow players to meet up, play, mingle and form strong friendships with. Without them, we’d have very few opportunities. But what really makes a tournament is the TO, or Tournament Organizer. These people are the ones responsible for making tournaments happen; they work tirelessly, day and night to ensure that these events are the best they can possibly be. Earlier this year, we introduced the new rankings system along with an overhaul, as well as introducing two new administrators who have revamped and vastly improved it over the year. However, with that work, there’s also the fact that most of the time, we’re directly working with organizers on their events. Today, we’re proud to announce the formation of a new team for Tournament Organizers on Smashboards and what it means for the site.

The purpose of this group is to create a place to discuss TOing as well as be in direct contact with our Rankings Staff. We want to improve the relationship between Smashboards, the Rankings System and Tournament Organization, and one of the ways we are doing that is with the formation of this group. This group will exist within the boards as a way for select organizers to get in contact with the Rankings Staff and other TOs. Tournament Organizers will have a distinctive banner to identify them.
A lot of you are probably wondering what kind of people are actually included in this new team. Well, here’s a few of the many that are part of the group and a few of their credentials:
  • Juggleguy – Organizer of The Big House series and founder of UM Smash
  • Keitaro – Organizer of the KTAR, SKTAR series
  • Nintendude – Former member of APEX, Organizer of events such as Super Smash Con and PAX Prime 2015
  • TheTantalus – Organizer of S@X series, various East Coast events
  • RagingCherry – Organizer of the Paragon series
These are just a few of the many TOs that are in the group; we do plan on adding more in the future, but this will not be announced publically.

We are aware there are many a TOs who don't actively post on Smashboards. While this is ultimately a choice of their own, we would still like to speak towards them here. For those of you who want to get involved with this program, where you can be in contact with other TOs and Rankings Staff, we encourage you to get involved with the site and be a part of it. Our goal is to ultimately to make Smashboards as contributing to the overall health and growth of the community as possible. When TOs and users work together and discuss, productivity is much greater and helps everyone involved. Posting your events, brackets, and results, talking to the Rankings Staff about your events, and working with other users and helping them onsite with questions are just a few of these ways that you can help be part of Smashboards and the community here.

We hope that this new program will heavily benefit Tournament Organizers, Rankings and the user-base as a whole.

Thanks for reading,
Liberation, Neo Zero & Locuan
The Smashboards Rankings Staff has worked hard to bring you this update. Be sure to follow them on Twitter.
@LiberationEXE, @SBNeoZero, @Locuan.
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Thanks to all these people who made such great tournaments. I've only been to S@X, but it was still really fun.
I have high hopes. As someone who started to TO recently, resources like this are invaluable.
I have been TO'ing now for 6 months. Helping the Ohio scene and Kentucky scene and I would love to get more involved at a National/Regional level. How can I get more involved or even into this group?
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