Smashboards Update: Official Discord & Community VIP Forum


Fellow Smashers,

Smashboards is proud to present a new forum: Community VIP. This forum is geared towards prominent community figures in the Smash esports community. This forum allows for them to have in-depth conversations regarding topics in the community without interruption or derailment. This forum is read only for regular users and fully accessible to community figures (those new purple names you may have seen around). Once it gets rolling, be on the look out for interesting topics of discussion.

That leads into our other big addition. Smashboards is happy to announce the opening of its own Discord server. That’s right, you can now find us on our official Discord. The Discord is structured to mirror this site’s major forums for ease of access. So come check us out, we look forward to hanging out with you!



whelp, it was only a matter of time before such a thing could be properly organized... a few years ago, the big indie chat service was a Flash based thing called Xat...

considering Smash Station is another prominent discord server that happens to be a part of a fairly large hub of other, more specialized servers, I'm curious as to how Smashboards intends to distinguish itself from the others.