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Smashboards Picks: Enhanced Mii Fighter Outfits


With the advent of Undertale’s Sans and Cuphead’s Cuphead getting special Mii Fighter Costumes; it raises the question if more are in store. There’s certainly a wide variety of potential ideas with many explored here on Smashboards. These special Mii Fighter Costumes or sometimes called Enhanced Costumes sport a completely faithful visual depiction of that character plus a remixed song from the series. For Undertale, we got Megalovania and for Cuphead, there was Floral Fury. In this Smashboards Picks, we asked Smashboards News and Moderating Staff who they would pick as an Enhanced Costume and which song would fit to represent the character and series.

Smashboards News Staff

These cool cats are the ones who spends hours writing, researching, editing, and gaming to bring you breaking news in Smash and beyond.

Quote Mii Gunner
Cave Story


Quote from Cave Story is without a doubt my most wanted indie character to be playable in Ultimate. But in the event that Quote isn’t able to nab a spot as one of the 6 DLC fighters, I would be totally down for him to be an enhanced Mii Gunner costume. Quote is a mostly emotionless robot with little facial expressions so he could easily work as a Mii mask like Sans and Cuphead. On top of this, almost all of Quote’s arsenal consists of guns and other projectiles so it makes sense for him to be a Mii Gunner.

The song to accompany him would be the main theme from Cave Story, a great theme that suits the game very well. Another song that would be very fitting to go along with Quote would be the Egg Corridor theme.

The Knight
Hollow Knight


Sticking with the theme of Mii Fighter costumes for characters made by indie game developers, we have the aptly named “The Knight”, from the Hollow Knight series. It’s pretty clear in my eyes that the Mii Fighter costumes are going to be alotted to third party characters who otherwise wouldn’t have much of a shot in being in the final roster due to various reasons, but still have high popularity and the ability to fit into the Mii Costume mold. Now I’m not docking those who are hoping for The Knight to appear in the second Fighter Pass, far from it in fact. However, Nintendo seems to have settled on the fact that characters from indie games that have been widely successful would be best represented as Mii Fighter costumes.

The Knight would be modeled after the Mii Swordfighter, contrary to the recent trend of Mii Gunner costumes, and would have a relatively simple design. Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania game, so The Knight has a plethora of movement and combat options. However, his primary weapon he would use as a Mii Swordfighter would be his nail, which is the lance-like weapon The Knight is typically found wielding throughout the game. In terms of music, I feel like the song Hornet would be the best pick; however, Hollow Knight has a fantastic OST so I wouldn’t hold anything against Nintendo if they selected a different track.

Freddy Fazbear Mii Brawler
Five Nights at Freddy’s


I won’t lie, the main reason I’d like to see Freddy Fazbear get in as a Mii Costume is because it’d be hilarious to have him onboard. However, I also think he’s a legitimate contender and is actually pretty likely overall. Why? Because the last two enhanced Mii Costumes, Cuphead and Sans, share something in common with each other. Both of them are from very popular indie games that happened to release on the Switch. And you know what else is a super popular indie franchise on the Switch? That's right, Five Nights at Freddy’s, it's just like Undertale and Cuphead in that regard. With that in mind, I wouldn't really be shocked if we end up seeing a Freddy costume soon.

Now for the song, I feel like they'd have to be crazy to not go with a remix of Toreador March! While this song isn’t original to Five Nights at Freddy’s, the eerie rendition that plays when the player is at Freddy's mercy is extremely memorable. It pretty much embodies Freddy as a character; Something that is trying to pass itself off as innocent and friendly but in reality is very unnerving to be around.

Smashboards Moderating Staff

These are the workers behind the scenes to ensure the site doesn’t de-evolve into chaos and anarchy. And bans Korean spambots on the daily.

Slender Man Mii Brawler
Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom


It’s 2012 again and many gamers are cowering behind a computer screen in a dimly lit room. A sudden piano key strikes abruptly and screams fills the room. Yes, it’s “that” game. The internet horror sensation of 2012, Slender Man. You played it, I played it, Bane played it. Originally from a creepypasta from the forum SomethingAwful, this strange creature has managed to creep its way into many forms of entertainment including gaming, literature, and cinema. Slender: The Eight Pages and The Arrival are survival horror games where the player is only armed with a flashlight and given tasks to complete before being found by the Slender Man. Despite his major point of creeping and scaring people might not translate well in Smash, it would still be an effective costume. In design, it would keep the black suit and tie motif with white dress shirt underneath. The head would consist of nothing, just a chalky white face without any facial features or hair. This would also be thread only enhanced Mii Fighter outfit that would change the body time and height of the Mii. This is to make it appear more like the Slender Man which is tall, lanky, and with long, thin arms.
Music wise, it’s hard to pinpoint what would make a good song in Ultimate for the Slender series. Bring a thriller/horror game, the music tends to have a creepy/suspenseful vibe that doesn’t translate well to the fast paced action of Ultimate. However, a remix of both the Main Menu including the themes for Pages 1-8 would be quite interesting to have. It could even play in more darker stages such as Luigi’s Mansion, Shadow Moses Island, Dracula’s Castle, Find Mii, and Gamer among other stages listed as Other.

Rivals of Aether


Like you, dear reader, I’m a person with quality taste. Both you and I know that the absolutely fresh and amazing game Rivals of Aether is arriving on Switch later this year with a Definitive Edition, and what better way to find an excuse to give one quality video game that’s been on a long journey a spot in Smash as an enhanced Mii costume?

Now, I know what some of you are saying. “Why not Zetterburn or Orcane? They were launch characters! What if somehow picking this costume ends up producing launch day Clairen unto Smash Ultimate?!” Well, it’s because Clairen has that sick vaporwave aesthetic and a PLASMA SWORD. Is that not cool to you? It’s like the Cybernetic Suit, but more slick. She’s got a cape and a visor, kinda like that Hyper Light Drifter fellow. Better yet, just think of the sick sword trail she’d have! If she was just a Mii outfit, she’d sadly lack the stun tippers, but at the least, you get that absolutely incredible looking sword. With such a darn good design, it was an easy choice - I don’t think you could go wrong with Clairen.

As for music? Well, it’s pretty straightforward there. Fire’s Last Hope is the theme of her stage, Neo Fire Capital. While I’d love for so much of Rivals’s music to get in, if we had to pick one, it’d probably make sense if it was her theme in particular.

^ Y’see that, sick sword trail idea? I told him that. - aem



Now, I know what you’re thinking. A VALVE character? Where’s The Heavy? Gordan Freeman?? Counter-Terrorist??? Well the answer to that is pretty simple, you’re not thinking with Portals.
Portal is a flagship Valve IP, and with the upcoming release of Half-Life: Alyx later this month what better way to celebrate with Half-Life’s sibling IP, Portal, joining Smash? While it is definitely true that a better way to advertise a Half-Life game is simply by adding in Half-Life specific content... I think Half-Life has a better chance of being something more in Smash Bros. than just a Mii Fighter costume, “enhanced” or not. So why not give Portal a chance in the spotlight today?

As a Gunner outfit, the Mii Fighter would be outfitted with Chell’s tank top, sweatpants, jumpsuit, and long fall boots from Portal 2! While wearing the “Chell Outfit” or “Aperture Science Testing Uniform”, the Mii Gunner would be wielding the iconic Handheld Portal Device, also known as the Portal Gun. Of course, you gotta complete the look with the “Chell Wig” or “Aperture Science Haircut” to match Chell’s ponytail.

Now, you may be wondering… what about the male Mii Gunners? Well, even though they don’t have to do it, they could change the outfit so male Gunners wear the full jumpsuit! It would be a great callback to Chell’s look in the original Portal! Whether they choose to give them the long fall boots from Portal 2 or make the Gunners barefoot is optional, but I feel giving them the boots as well would probably make the design look better in action.


As for the music. If you know anything about Portal, you should be able to guess which one would be the main pick… It’s Still Alive, of course! Though, only if they were able to give it an energetic remix so it is suitable for a fighting environment. Of course, there are also a variety of options to pull from Portal 2! Science is Fun, You Will Be Perfect, Robots FTW, or even Want You Gone! While Chell may not be quite the gaming icon as Gordan Freeman, I feel that she can definitely make a better fit as a Mii Fighter costume than Freeman. Unfortunately, we’ll lose out on the crazy potential in a Portal stage…! ...But, that’s a topic for another time.

Geno (AKA ♡♪!?)
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


Boy, I imagine this’ll get a lot of positive reception. Especially when one considers this was such a good idea that it already happened. We can all respect and appreciate each other’s differing opinions, right? No? Right. Figured about as much. Well with that out of the way, hear me out for just those few seconds it takes to scroll down and write an angry comment.

It is no question that Geno has blown up to be one of the most highly requested characters going into the wonderful world of DLC speculah. Contrary to what the implication of this suggestion may be, he would be one of the most exciting characters to have revealed for Fighter Pass #2 to me on a personal level. I firmly believe it is only a matter of time before we get more SMRPG content in Smash (more than just the current Spirits, or past Mii gunner outfit for Geno). Rather than seeing it as “it has to be one way or the other,” which I find odd to think in the first place when we’ve had Mii outfits of K. Rool/Chrom/Inkling, BotW Link various times, and so on, I view this is more aimed at getting closure for one of the inexplicably missing outfits from Smash 4 (we don’t talk about Heihachi, Gil, Monster Hunter or the Chocobo hat until all is said and done). I don’t, nor have ever assumed it meant anything towards Geno’s chances (same with other outfits that were missing from the base roster, and have been slowly being re-added with each DLC pack), but it did give me a sort of weird bit of hope once “enhanced” Mii outfits came to exist in this game.

As much as I (and maybe a few others) loved the detail in the previous Mii outfit for Gunner, to the point where I have seen fairly decent attempts at porting/recreating it over to Ultimate’s engine that would make me think I’d be okay if it was the exact same thing fitted to the Mii fighters’ new proportions, I can see the point being made that it would be a bit anticlimactic to really call this an “enhanced” Mii outfit, and tout it as such with a straight port of a random SMRPG track (Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms played in the Smash 4 trailer, yet was never in the game, which always left me very sad). Instead, I want to see them completely remaking the costume from scratch, making the hat into a proper recreation of Geno’s head similar to both the sans and Cuphead ones.


Geno hat mod made for Smash 4 Wii U by DoctorFlux(mariodk) on GameBanana

Additionally, since there are so many outfits already locked on Mii Gunner specifically, I would want for them to open the costume up to be played as any other type of Mii. Geno’s hand morphs into a gun, and he himself can morph into a cannon, so I don’t think it’s out of the question for them to come up with something for Swordfighter (maybe a light sword based on Geno Whirl?). As an added bonus, I think they could also add the old Geno Mii hat as its own separate thing, similar to other singular hats (mostly recently Rabbids) for those that prefer seeing their own Mii under the helmet/mask hats. Offering up variety is the best option in my opinion (which, I’m sure won’t stop people from making more Cupsans or Sanshead mixing anyway).

As for the music track, I did allude to Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms above, as it is often associated with Geno. But truthfully, I would think adding another Mario series song to the plethora of stages is like adding a drop of water/salt to the ocean. One of the common restrictions many note in this game/series is that the Square Enix representation in the game is notorious for being a bit on the… lacking side, as far as music goes. As noted before, Geno’s Mii outfit trailer/segment from Smash 4 had SMRPG music playing that wound up being absent from the full game. This was also the case for the music played during Chocobo hat segment, and more recently the music that played in Hero’s reveal trailer being a fully orchestrated version of Adventure, which is in the final game technically, but in its original MIDI form. More than likely it was beyond the control/negotiating due to the rights to the original songs, which I have made peace with. But if they’re gonna go all out with this E N H A N C E D outfit deal, I may as well go for broke with this crazy idea. The song I would choose for the Geno outfit is Fight Against Culex/the Dark Knight of Vanda, otherwise known as the secret boss from SMRPG. A remix, at that. It is most certainly cheating, as it is otherwise known as the Final Fantasy IV boss theme, and I fully embrace that if that’s what it takes to get a 3rd track on Midgar. Given the obvious company tie-in, and the fact the in game boss fight has the famous FF victory fanfare if you manage to beat it, I think it would make perfect sense to put this song as an option on Midgar rather than just Mario series stages. This also sweetens the deal, in my opinion, should Geno actually make it in as a full fledged DLC fighter, as that would come with its own SMRPG music and stage, thus meaning a Mii outfit with a unique song that plays on a unique stage would still retain its “enhanced™” value.

Thank you for sticking through to the end before calling all of this an absurd pipe dream, which it most certaintly is. But we really never know what will happen when it comes to these things. Speculah is a wild ride, full of never-gonna-happens and obvious-all-along hindsight bias. If it does or doesn’t happen, at least we get the satisfaction of having been along for it. And dragging this out much longer than the editors for this probably wanted me to.

Gordon Freeman
Mic_128 Mic_128


“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.
So, wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the Smashes."

Much akin to giving your brother a present on your birthday ‘because they will feel left out’ is exactly what celebrating the return to the game-breaking, Half-Life series by adding a character from Portal. Especially an employee of “Aperture”.
Not-good-enough-to-get-any-of-those-lucrative-government-contracts Science”. Valve has done the unthinkable and actually made a new game (Apologies to the 3 people still playing Artifact) and if that’s not enough, it’s Half-Life. If that doesn’t deserve to be included in gaming’s biggest collaboration, I don’t know what will.


While he was more recently wielding the infamous Zero Point Energy Field ManipulatorGravity Gun, he’s never been without his trusty crowbar for long. The most useful hunk of metal since the Inanimate Carbon Rod, this sucker’s clubbed the heads of human, alien and inanimate objects alike. He’s escaped science labs, alien worlds and more with this, and it seems only fitting that it would be his weapon of choice in Smash, so Mii Swordsman it is!

For the costume itself, he would of course be wearing the Hazard (or HEV) Suit. With features such as inbuilt geiger counter, flashlight and long-jump module, it would come in handy in the numerous Smash arenas. Despite this protection, he would go without a helmet, his costume sporting the short cut hair and the thick-rimmed glasses that is traditional for all theoretical particle physicists to wear.


Author’s Note: How did you like these picks? Was there one that really spoke to you or did these picks seem like unrealistic? Who would you like to see get the enhanced costume deal and what song would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


Pretty nice picks, I’d buy most of them if they came bundled with music.

If we got a Chell Mii gunner costume, the TF2 fan in me would love a Heavy Weapons Guy Mii Brawler costume as well.
I'd love to see Freddy Fazbear, Slenderman, and Chell.
You know what would be cool, but would never happen? If for the very last pack and costume, we got 4th Party stuff... Dang, a guy can dream huh...
Interesting choices.

For who I'd want? I'd love to see an Ori Mii Brawler costume that comes with Light of Nibel. Ori and the Blind Forest is up there with Cuphead as one of the most shocking Xbox One ports, and Light of Nibel sounds like a great song to battle to.
Don't get me wrong Clarien would be awesome but Dan Fornace LOVES Orcane(since he's the spiritual successor of Vaporeon from Super Smash Land) so he or Ranno might have an edge.

Chell as a Gunner officially falls in the" things I didn't even know I wanted until now" category.

Also I always had this thought that Steve(?) Would get in as a Swordfighter. Though if we do get another premium skin I think Quote/Curly are the top choices for next in line.
I am actually disappointed that nobody else has even thought of Jacket from Hotline Miami as a Swordfighter with "Run". For shame, Smash community.
These are all really neat choices.

While I am curious as to how they would translate Gordon and Chell as Sans-style costumes, I feel there are many fair reasons to believe many of the characters listed could get the treatment.

And yes, Viewtiful Joe could also work quite well.
Interesting but good choices No secret I want Geno in but if he’s not yeah a Deluxe Mii Costume would be great! The Knight and Chell and the Freddy Fazbear and Slender Man ones are awesome too!
Bubsy would be my first choice - there's already a gliding move for Brawlers, and there's tons of great songs he could bring along - my personal choice would be Welcome to Wonderland.
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