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Smashboards Now Open to Contributors

Graphic by SB | Kendrick

For three years, Smashboards has hosted all types of articles, ranging from long forms to interviews to news and about anything Smash related in-between. Today, we want to take our time and highlight a new feature of the front page:

*We’re now open to contributors*

That’s right! You, your smash loving friends and family, or anyone else can now send in pitches and articles to us! Depending on the quality of the pitch, we will let you know in three days whether yours is approved for the site. We will (if necessary) edit the pitch to meet Smashboards’ standards. The final article will be posted under your name on the news page!

We felt this was needed for a while, and with the ever-growing length of stories to tell, we know that there are many of you out there with an article or story to share. No matter how big or small, we want YOU! Interested? Submit your pitches or full articles here.

We hope to see fantastic submissions from all members of Smashboards.
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G.C. "Djent" Bill


So I can send an article of any type and it may be featured on the home page? Where are submissions sent and for how long? Thanks!
Do you take video submissions? I have a character concept series I'm sure people would be interested in.
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