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Smashboards Events System Improvements

The Events system on Smashboards has received an overhaul tonight! Much of the functionality you're familiar with is still here, but in a much easier to use way, both for event organizers and people in attendance.

You can still find Monthly and Weekly views of upcoming events by visiting the Events section. One of the new features however, is you can visit the Events Settings page and choose to filter the events by game, and also by their location relative to you.

When submitting an event, you will find a lot of similar fields to fill out such as the Title, Description and venue. You will also now find a field specifically for an address to use for a Google Maps display, as well as for the distance based filtering system. The specific address is not required, and can be left blank if you so choose and will not display the Google Map display on the Event. You can also choose to upload an image to display at the top of the page for the event, remember to abide by the global Smashboards rules as usual when setting one.

Finally. this system will also better support things such as weeklies or reoccurring series with the occurrence system, which lets you specify multiple events in a series, letting people easily go back to old ones. Finally, it also boasts a much improved RSVP system, that even allows you to send invites to other Smashboards members quickly and easily.

This is only the beginning for this new system, but with the ability to filter events by game and by your location, it's already a massive improvement over the previous system. We hope you enjoy it!

As two final notes, due to this being a complete overhaul of the system, events from the old one are unable to be carried over to this new one. As well, a big thank you to @ Jaxel Jaxel for his fantastic work on the system!

Want to see it in action? Check out this example event in the new system. Please give the new system a try (where appropriate, please don't create simply make test events) and let us know what you think!


Well, this'll definitely help people hoping to get into competitive Smash find stuff near them. I wish something like this was around when I was younger.
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Can you guys make searching events by months instead of weeks an option?
It would make searching a lot faster.
Edit: as I finish this comment I find it at the top ayy lmao
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So cool! You can type your address and you'll find any events near you..........unless it was my case whereas i live in Cleveland OH with no smash events in sight.

Still a VERY accepted result.
Nice! I posted this on the GA Smash 4 page that I run. I always try to get members of the community to use Smashboards as much as possible. I know Reflex does as well.
Hi everybody. I created the official falco edgeguarding complexity tier list. Please discuss your thoughts-


S tier:

A tier:

Pretend your jigglypuff tier:

Bowser tier:
captain falcon

Lol. Yeah but seriously I think it would be cool to talk about edgeguarding in matchups. I already have drafted some things in my notes. I'll post a specific matchup in here if anyone wants me to. But not sheik cuz I suck at edgeguarding her
Sure it does. However, there is currently a bug in the system that is not filtering out events without map information. A fix is incoming.
I'd hope so, considering it's completely unusable in its current state.
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