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SmashBoards Creates: What if Smash Ultimate had another year of development? (Job #13: Originally unused stage)


Smash Hero
Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Min Min & Ramen Bowl: 12
Mipha & Zora Kingdom: 6​
Spring Man & Spring Stadium: 12
Both ARMS submissions are tied! I guess having springy arms will do that to you

We're going to do an interesting kind of tiebreaker:

  • Spring Man & Spring Stadium
  • Ribbon Girl & Ribbon Arena
  • Ninjara & Ninja College
  • Master Mummy & Mausoleum
  • Min Min & Ramen Bowl
  • Mechanica & Scrapyard
  • Twintelle & Cinema Deux
  • Byte and Barq & Buster Beach
  • Kid Cobra & Snake Park
  • Helix & DNA Lab
  • Max Brass & Sky Arena
  • Lola Pop & Via Dolce
  • Misango & Temple Grounds
  • Springtron & Sparring Ring
  • Dr. Coyle & [NAME REDACTED]
Vote for your top 5 in no particular order. My votes:
  1. Min Min & Ramen Bowl
  2. Spring Man & Spring Stadium
  3. Max Brass & Sky Arena
  4. Dr. Coyle & [NAME REDACTED]
  5. Ninjara & Ninja College


Smash Hero
Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Spring Man & Spring Stadium: 14​
Ribbon Girl & Ribbon Arena: 2​
Ninjara & Ninja College: 6​
Master Mummy & Mausoleum: 0​
Min Min & Ramen Bowl: 22
Mechanica & Scrapyard: 2​
Twintelle & Cinema Deux: 3​
Byte and Barq & Buster Beach: 3​
Kid Cobra & Snake Park: 0​
Helix & DNA Lab: 10​
Max Brass & Sky Arena: 13​
Lola Pop & Via Dolce: 0​
Misango & Temple Grounds: 0​
Springtron & Sparring Ring:​
Dr. Coyle & [NAME REDACTED]: 9​
And the winner is Min Min & Ramen Bowl! Congratulations!

Job #13: A character & stage originally planned to be in Smash at some point

For reference, here's a list of unused content from the Smash series. The character and stage don't have to be related to each other. My submissions:
Ayumi Tachibana.png

Ayumi Tachibana (Fighter)
Concentration Training.jpg

Concentration Training (Stage)


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2016
Patch Land (considered for wii u but replaced by Wooly World)

Krystal (considered for Brawl but dropped due to time concerns, could maybe be partially why we got wolf?)

Also didnt didnt know about the brain age stage, interesting to find out.
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