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Smashboards Creates: Monster Hunter Fighting Game (No title yet)


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Mar 23, 2019
Down Under
You guys know the Monster Hunter series, right?

Hear me out...

Imagine a fighting game spin-off where you play as the monsters themselves battling each other... Just imagine.

And that is what we're exactly doing. (Just doing this for fun)

You would play as the monsters, making use of the moves that each wyvern, leviathan, beast, brute, and Elder Dragon utilized in the main series installments as well Frontier.

How I imagine the Gameplay:
Something like a mix between Pokken Tournament and Jurassic Park Warpath, having a power meter to unleash special attacks and a mechanic of pinning your opponent down to bite/tear into, you and the opponent would get broken parts, scratches, wounds, bite marks, and bit of brutality, bleeding the more damage you take as the fight goes on until one of you succumb/die of injures.

(The arenas themselves would be full on 3D with destroyable stuff and destructible environments)

Not much, but here's the first 3 jobs to do:
Job 1 - Submit a Flying Wyvern
Job 2 - Submit an arena/stage to battle in
(The ones where you hunt and kill monsters as well explore in the games)
Job 3 - Submit a name for the title

Okay, here's mine.
Job 1 - Rathalos (Flying Wyvern)

The franchise's mascot, the flagship of Flying Wyverns, the King of the Skies comes into the fray! I imagine this big red guy jumping between two different movesets, one for the ground and one for the air using his fire breathing and attacks. Probably the most obvious choice for a fighter.

Job 2 - Submit an Arena to fight in.

Verdant Hills - A simple grassy plains and hills, with herbivores roaming around that can be killed and eaten to regain health.

Job 3 - A Name for This
Mine would be "Monster Hunter: Clash of Creatures".

For the roster, maybe we could split up each monster into type/class like Flying Wyvern, Brute Wyvern, Fanged Beast/Wyvern, Leviathan, Elder Dragon, and so on as well categorise by Generation?
(First game all the way to Rise and maybe Frontier).

After all, I'm just doing this for fun and enjoyment.
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