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SmashBoards Creates: Champions of The Domain, a Public Domain Platform Fighter


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
in 20XX, an alternate earth, it was announced on January 1, a platform fighter where instead of being characters from famous compaines, it's characters who entered on public domain, iconic characters enters into an arena to fight and for who is the biggest winner, this arena is commanded by an AI called DomainBot, a robot who is a mastermind for make the character into public domain.

this thread we will create a hypoterical game who is public domain-themed, this game is a platform fighter, where iconic and obscure characters will fight each other,and face against the main boss, DomainBot who is behind this arena

Sherlock Holmes
Default Character

First Appearence: A Study in Scarlet
Year of Debut: 1887

Alternate Costumes
Alice Liddell
Default Character

First Appearence: Alice's Adeventures in Wonderland
Year of Debut: 1865

Alternate Costumes
Robin Hood

First Appearence: English Folklore
Year of Debut: 13th/14th Century AD

Submitted by Oddball Oddball

First Appearence: Greek Mythology
Year of Debut: 6th Century BCE

King Arthur
Submitted by AlteredBeast AlteredBeast

First Appearence: Arthurian Legend
Year of Debut: 475 AD
Little Red Riding Hood
Submitted by DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26

First Appearence: Little Red Riding Hood
Year of Debut: 1697
Submitted by D darkvortex

First Appearence: Rapunzel
Year of Debut: 1812
Submitted by Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP

First Appearence: Dracula
Year of Debut: 1897
submitted by DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26

First Appearence: The Call of Cthulhu
Year of Debut: 1926
Submitted by Northsouthmap Northsouthmap

First Appearence: Thimble Theatre
Year of Debut: 1929
Mickey Mouse
Submitted by Mamboo07 Mamboo07

First Appearence: Crazy Plane
Year of Debut: 1928
1. The Arena (Original)
2. DomainBot's Lair (Original)
3. Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes)
4. Wonderland Garden (Alice in Wonderland)
5. Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood)
6. Mount Olympus (Hercules)
7. Battle of Camelot (Arhurian Legend)
8. Grandma's House (Little Red Riding Hood)
36. Starry Night (Art)
37. Nighthawks (Art)
38. Loch Ness (Real Life)
1. Acme Bomb
2. Aaron's Rod
3. Golden Apple
4. Necronomicon
5. Battle Axe
6. Summon Book
7. Domain Ball

(Greek Mythology)​


Red Boy
(Journey by The West)​

Grim Reaper
Arcade Mode- "choose a fighter to fights against other fighters by route,until go to main boss DomainBot"
Versus Mode- "opponents enters into the battle to fight"
*Stock Battle- "fighters fight in extra lives"
*Time Battle- "fighters fight until the time ends"
*Team Battle- "fighters fight in teams by different colors,Red, Blue,Yellow and Green"
Training Mode- "Train The Fighters To Know Their Moves"
History Mode- "fight against every fighter in chronological order"
Online Mode- "fight against the fighters in online"
Job 1: Submit a Public Domain Character ---> Robin Hood, Hercules and King Arthur
Job 2: Pitch a Title for The Game ---> Champions of The Domain
Job 3: Pitch How Many Characters and Stages does it Need ---> 35 Characters and 42 Stages
Job 4: Submit a Stage for Sherlock Holmes and/or Alice ---> Baker Street and Wonderland Garden
Job 5: Pitch How Could Be The Moveset ---> Smash Ultimate-Like
Job 6: Submit a Female Character ---> Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel
Discussion 1: How Could Be The Characters' Appearence?
Job 7: Submit a Sherlock Holmes' Moveset ---> Dr. Watson, Handkerchief Toss, Riding Crop, Master of Disguise and Off to Scotland Yard
Job 8: Submit a Mode for The Game ---> History Mode
Job 9: Submit a Alice's Moveset ---> Tea Time, White Rabbit Dash, Chesire Cat Teleport, Mirror Shield, Mad Tea Party
Job 10: Submit a Item ---> Acme Bomb, Aaron's Rod and Golden Apple
Job 11: Submit an Alternate Costumes for Sherlock Holmes and/or Alice ---> Done
Job 12: Submit Music for The Arena and DomainBot's Lair (Skipped)
Job 13: Submit a Stage for Robin Hood and/or Hercules ---> Sherwood Forest and Mount Olympus
Job 14: Submit a Villain Character ---> Dracula and Cthulhu
Job 15: Submit a Non-Fighter Stage ---> Starry Night, Nighthawks and Loch Ness
Job 16: Submit a Stage for King Arthur and/or Little Red Riding Hood ---> Battle of Camelot and Grandma's House
Job 17: Submit a Item ---> Necronomicon and Battle Axe
Job 18: Submit an Assist Character ---> Medusa, Reinfield, Red Boy and Grim Reaper
Job 19: Submit a Robin Hood's Moveset ---> Bow & Arrow, Sword Slash, Rope Climb, Forest Trap and The Merry Men
Job 20: Submit a Non-Myth/Legend/Literature Character ---> Popeye and Mickey Mouse
Job 21: Submit a Mode for The Game ---> Online Mode
Job 22: Submit a Hercules' Moveset ---> Done
Job 23: Submit a Original Item ---> Domain Ball
Job 24: Submit a Collectble Concept
Job 25: Submit a Character Who Will Enter in Public Domain in The Future (saved for Future)
Job 26: Submit a Little Red Riding Hood's Moveset
Job 27: Submit an Assist Character
Job 28: Submit an Alternate Costumes for Robin Hood and/or Hercules
Job 29: Submit an Item
Job 30: Submit a Rapunzel's Moveset
Job 31: Submit a Public Domain Character (Open Ended)
Discussion 2: What Are You Think About The Roster?
Job 32: Submit a King Arthur's Moveset
Job 33: Submit Misc Animations for The Fighters
Job 34: Submit a Reveal Trailer
Job 35: Submit a Mode for Versus Mode
Job 36: Submit an Alternate Costumes for King Arthur and/or Little Red Riding Hood
Job 37: Submit a Legend/Myth/Folklore Character
Job 38: Submit a Stage for Rapunzel and/or Dracula
Job 39: Submit a Mini-Game
Job 40: Submit an Item
Job 41: Submit a Dracula's Moveset
Job 42: Submit an Assist Literature Character
Job 43: Submit a Character Trailer
Job 44: Submit an Alternate Costume for Rapunzel and/or Dracula
Job 45: Submit an item
Job 46: Submit an Assist Character
Job 47: Submit an Obscure Character
Job 48: Submit a Cthulhu's Moveset
Job 49: a 2nd Mini-Game
Job 50: Submit a Stage for Cthulhu and/or Popeye
Job 51: Submit Merchandise
Job 52: Submit an Assist Character
Job 53: Submit a Popeye's Moveset
Job 54: Submit an Item
Job 55: Submit an Alternate Costume for Cthulhu and/or Popeye
Job 56: Submit a Mickey Mouse's Moveset
Planned Job: Submit a Challenge on Event Mode
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Wario Wario Wario

Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2017
Cheese Wheels of Doom
Submitting Bibendum


Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016


Hercules, also known as Heracles in Greek mythology, is one of the most iconic heroes of ancient Greece. He is the son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Alcmene, a mortal woman. Hercules is celebrated for his incredible strength and heroic deeds, particularly his completion of the Twelve Labors, a series of seemingly impossible tasks assigned to him as a form of penance. These labors included slaying the Nemean Lion, capturing the Golden Hind of Artemis, and obtaining the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

Hercules stands out as a great character due to his combination of divine heritage and human struggles. His story is one of redemption, perseverance, and triumph over adversity. Despite his godly strength, Hercules faces numerous challenges and personal flaws, making him a relatable and multi-dimensional character. His journey from a troubled hero to a celebrated demigod resonates with themes of growth and self-discovery.

Hercules’ background in various forms of combat, including wrestling and boxing, and has been shown to be armed with swords, clubs, and bows and arrows making him a versatile fighter. This allows for a diverse move set that can appeal to different playstyles. His feats such as wrestling the Nemean Lion or battling the Hydra, provide inspiration for some real dynamic and visually impressive special moves as wella s epic visuals and stage design.


Smash Champion
Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
There's an absolute ton of picks I could go for here, and I honestly struggled to decide whether to go for an icon of real-world history, a mythological figure, someone from the annals of literary history, or even a wild card of some kind - but I think I'll go with someone representing a medium we're not likely to see much of here.

Character Name: Captain Marvel
Character Origin: Whiz Comics #2
(Feb. 1940)

Fawcett Publications have made a handful of mistakes over the years, and one of those mistakes was forgetting to include copyright notices on a lot of their comics. Of these, Whiz Comics is probably the most well-known - because it ostensibly puts Captain Marvel in the public domain.

Captain Marvel is probably one of the most famous erzatz copies of Superman out there, not least because of his role in the 12-year-long lawsuit between DC and Fawcett, but he's also got quite a lot of potential of his own. Actually, an interesting note is that during the War, Captain Marvel's books were fairly consistently outselling even Superman's! Obviously, it's worth noting - there's still trademark considerations here... but in terms of copyright, we're pretty much fair game.

Billy Batson, a young radio operator, may call upon the powers of six mythological beings - the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury - simply by calling out the wizard's name, SHAZAM! Now, aside from interesting interactions with potential public domain inclusions like the aforementioned Hercules that this brings about - these also give him plenty of power with which to fight all kinds of evil, from the dastardly Dr. Sivana to... the actual Axis powers.

Yeah, he might not seem like your first choice for a public-domain roster at first glance, but I think the Big Red Cheese would fit right in. Plus, he could easily bring over a volley of classic Fawcett heroes alongside him in terms of bonus content - Bulletman, Captain Midnight, Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible and even the extended Captain Marvel cast, like Captain Marvel Jr. or Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, all spring to mind as fun candidates for trophies or spirits or whatever it is we're going for on that front.
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Smash Master
Jan 26, 2021
Wherever good books are sold.
All the current submissions are pretty cool, but I feel like there's one glaring omission. Perchance, one from a certain megacorp...

The Mad Doctor
Yeah, funny story - Since Disney never renewed the copyright on The Mad Doctor short due to its controversial nature, the doc got in the public domain before his more famous mouse rival. The Mad Doctor would be a fun, unexpected villain character who could have a pretty cerebral set-up game thanks to his hacksaw and mad science gadgets.


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
well,this thread is having less submissions,so i will submit too

Job 1: Tarzan


Tarzan is the protagonist from a novel writted by Edgar Rice Burroughs, he is a feral man who lost his parents and was created by monkeys,his real name is John Clayton II,and his name Tarzan is mean "white skin" who was named by the monkeys.

Tarzan have various adaptations,but one who is more famous is the Disney movie,and it happens a crossover of Tarzan with Batman.

Champion of Hyrule

Smash Master
Writing Team
Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*

Not the first thing you’d think of when imagining public domain but the shareability of memes is a huge part of their importance and important to the discussion of public domain. You could basically rep multiple eras as well, having some attacks with the classic multi coloured comic sans words and some with Buff Doge. Also rip kabotsu.


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
Well,that's are the submissions that we have,let's check

Bibendum ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Hercules ( Oddball Oddball )
Captain Marvel/Shazam ( KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99 )
Bigfoot ( D darkvortex )
The Mad Doctor ( FazDude FazDude )
Tarzan ( DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 )
Sun Wukong ( Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP )
King Arthur ( AlteredBeast AlteredBeast )
Doge ( Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule )

Now,it's vote time,vote on 4 of these submissions,your submission can't be voted on 1st or 2nd,just in 3rd or 4th

1. King Arthur
2. Robin Hood
3. Hercules
4. Doge
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Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
  1. Sun Wukong (Honestly a great pick for stuff like this as a more unusual mythology rep.)
  2. Hercules (Another great mythology pick that just makes a lot of sense. He's almost obvious.)
  3. Robin Hood (I think he's a great folklore pick, and the point on archers in platfighters is totally true too.)
  4. Bigfoot (It's nice to see an urban legend rep here, and Bigfoot could be a really fun one to work with.)
Lots of awesome picks here though, shoutout to Bibendum and Doge especially for coming close to nabbing my fourth spot.


Smash Journeyman
Dec 11, 2015
Oooh, this is an idea I've been flirting with for ages now, I'm kind of sad I missed the prompt phase but whatever, here we go!

1. King Arthur: genuinely my #1 pick for this kind of game in general, I feel that King Arthur has the potential to be a more "heavyweight" swordsman, à la Ike. Also, considering how loose are depictions of (most of) these characters, I've always imagined King Arthur as able to bend the power of wind, courtesy of the Excalibur spell in Fire Emblem, and I have a penchant for wind-bearer sword fighters, so...
2. Tarzan: the man that was raised by apes is a very cool concept and he could lend for a very cool, "savage" moveset, a sort of hybrid between Diddy Kong's agility and DK's power, if you will. Huge fan of this idea as well, if it weren't for my big bias towards knights in shining armors he could have ended up being first even
3. Sun Wukong: speaking of a character that could fill the role of the fast disruptor, Sun Wukong is a very fun addition and with his extendable baton he could lend to a very unique, if not a bit frustrating, moveset.
4. Captain Marvel: now, I'm not 100% sure about his eligibility for this thread, but I'm assuming that, since he hasn't been struck down by the owner of the thread, then I guess he's fair game. Not much to say here, superheroes are cool and his lightning powers lend very well to a role in a platform fighter. He ranks a bit low simply because there is a lot of overlap between him and Zeus, my #1 mythology pick

Shoutout to Robin Hood, Bigfoot, and Hercules, there were all in close contention but in the end I like Captain Marvel ever so slightly more

Also, can't wait for the next submissions, this roster has the potential to be WILD


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
Bibendum: 5
Hercules: 25
Captain Marvel/Shazam: 5
Robin Hood: 29
Bigfoot: 2
The Mad Doctor: 2
Tarzan: 3
Sun Wukong: 17
King Arthur: 26
Doge: 6

Wow!,the winner in the first place,the wiiner is the thief who steal from rich and give to the poor, Robin Hood with 29 Points, congratulations, TORNADO BUS DRIVER TORNADO BUS DRIVER !

in the second place the winner is the the legendary greek hero, Hercules with 25 Points, congratulations Oddball Oddball

and....i was thinking in add a third winner,the 3rd Winner is the legenday british king, King Arthur with 22 Points, congratulations for AlteredBeast AlteredBeast !


Next Job is...two jobs

Job 2: Pitch a Title of The Game

this job is you give an idea for the title for the game,this game needs a good title

Job 3: Pitch How Many Stages and Characters Does it Need

this job is you give suggestion for how many characters is enough for the roster and how many stages does it need too,for this game


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