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Who should be Robin's Echo?

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Jan 4, 2019
Morgan is hands-down the best choice imo. She/He is literally tiny Robin, with the same/similar build, look, and weapons. Not too surprising since Morgan is Robin's canonical child. It's almost too perfect.

I was actually hoping for Morgan to replace Chrom in Robin's Final Smash this time around since Chrom's playable. But I guess he's gotta beat himself up.
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
Fell Grima is literally possessed robin lol
And Fell Grima only attacks by using the giant literal Grima, not any of Robin's regular spells or sword attacks.
Grima!Robin I see more as a boss. I even made a boss moveset:

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Boss: Grima

Game of Origin: Fire Emblem Awakening (2013)

What does the boss do?
Grima usually attacks via his possessed Robin (who is entirely hooded) but sometimes uses Expiration or tilts himself in an attempt to knock the player off; the dragon himself IS the stage.

Fell-Robin’s Attacks:
-Fell-Arcwind: Fell-Robin attacks with two dark tornadoes in two random spots of the stage that might launch the player off the screen (17%, medium knockback)

-Fell-Arcthunder: Fell-Robin forms the Mark of Grima, and each eye on the symbol forms a giant electric orb that homes in on the player (15% each, small knockback)

-Fell-Arcfire: Fell-Robin surrounds itself with five orbs of fire and sends them out one at a time (17% each, OK knockback)

-Aversa’s Night: Fell-Robin sends dark spears upwards, and they land wherever the player is if they don’t dodge in time (18%, OK knockback). If they successfully hit, Grima recovers half the damage taken by the player, because the tome places a curse that recovers Grima’s health by half of the player’s taken damage.

-Fell-Thoron: Fell-Robin charges Thunder to its limit, and flies into the background to shoot out Thoron wherever it aims at the player (35%, far knockback)

-Choke-Grab: Fell-Robin teleports to the player when Grima shoots his Fell Breath. If it's successful in grabbing the player, Fell-Robin grabs the player, shocks them (18%), and throws them into the floor of spikes (26%, medium knockback)

Grima’s Attacks:
-Expiration: Grima turns his head and targets the player. He then shoots out his Fell Breath wherever targeted, leaving a large area of spikes on his back (24%, medium knockback)

-Flying Beast: Grima turns sharply to the left or right, forcing the player to get to high ground or plummet off the stage. Fell-Robin will use Fell-Arcfire during this part, making that difficult.

Strategy: Focus almost entirely on Fell-Robin during the fight, even when Grima turns. Only pay attention to Grima himself when he uses Expiration, as it means you’ll possibly have to lure the blast zone away from Fell-Robin so you aren’t restricted from attacking it.

Setting/Intro: Grima’s back, in the sky above Ylisse. Fell-Robin floats down, completely hooded as its eyes glow, and Grima roars and faces the sky.

Defeat: Fell-Robin vanishes into darkness as Grima roars one last time and crashes into Plegia Castle.

Who fights this boss in Classic Mode?
-:ultlucina: (Both main characters of Awakening)
-:ultganondorf: (Dark Lord…kinda; plays Death Mountain)
-:ultmewtwo: (w/:ultpikachu:; controlled human; plays Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia)
-:ultchrom: (See Lucina)
-:ultpit: (Evil divine being)
-:ultpalutena: (See Pit; plays Hades’ Infernal Theme)
-:ultridley: (Both similar in appearance)
-:ultrichter: (He and Fell-Robin are characters who were once controlled; plays Dance of Illusions)
-:ulthero: (Fights normal :ultrobin: first, then Fell-Robin, as a stand in for the Dragonlord. Plays Fighting Spirits, then Battle for the Glory)

Music: Id (Purpose)
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Jul 12, 2014
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