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Smash World Blogging Tips

Kirby King

Master Lameoid
Feb 8, 2002
Being a good little conformist
Link to original post: [drupal=540]Smash World Blogging Tips[/drupal]

Back in January, you may remember that we changed the old Super Smash Blog to Smash News. One of the changes we made behind the scenes was to completely change our content management software, and one of the neat options that this gave us was the ability to let users have their own blogs.
It's been a little while since then, but we've finally flipped the proverbial switch: every user on Smash Boards now has their own blog! You can get to your blog most easily by clicking the "My blog" link on the sidebar on Smash News pages, and from there you'll be able to see all of your published posts and post new entries. New blog posts will also be listed on the Smash News sidebar, on the blogs page, and on the forums in the new User Blogs room. Our staff will also periodically choose different blog posts to be featured on the main Smash News page.
Just like Smash News posts, your blog entries also support commenting. Each blog post will receive its own thread on the forums, and replies posted there will appear as comments on your blog posts.
So you've got your own blog on Smash Boards. What can do you now?

  • Give your blog a cool title. Go to "My account" on the sidebar, then choose "edit," and fill in a blog title. It's way more awesome than "username's blog".
  • Set up your desktop blogging software. Hardcore bloggers may already be used to writing their blog posts using blogging software on the desktop. You can keep on chugging that way with your blog here too. (Your blogging software will ask you for a URL to communicate with your blog; use http://smashboards.com/news/xmlrpc.php and log in with your SWF username/password.)
  • Subscribe to your favorite Smash Blogs. Most (but not all) blogging sites provide an RSS feed that lets users subscribe to blogs in an RSS reader, like Google Reader. Other users who'd like to subscribe to your blog will be able to do so just as easily as they subscribe to any other blog; if you use an RSS reader, you'll be able to subscribe to other users' blogs too. Modern browsers should be able to figure out the feed URL when you're browsing a user's blog, but in case yours doesn't, subscribe to http://smashboards.com/news/blog/userid/feed, replacing userid with the user ID of the person whose blog you want to subscribe to. You can also subscribe to all blogs by subscribing to http://smashboards.com/news/blog/feed.
One last thing: while what you do with your blogs is pretty much up to you, please make sure you keep things in line with the SWF Global Rules.
Happy blogging!

John Peterr

Smash Rookie
Apr 20, 2010

I think there are n number of blogging software available online, if ti is the theme related blog and it ends here. I will using it.


Through Fire, Justice is Served
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Oct 23, 2008
Beastector HQ
Edit the title from the thread in the room, you should get no error messages there.
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