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Smash Wii U Recommended Rule-set Receives Updates

Discussion in 'News' started by 1PC, Aug 15, 2017.

Josh Olalde, Aug 15, 2017 at 7:28 PM
  1. 1PC

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    Smash Journeyman

    Dec 21, 2015

    As many of you know Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been following a recommended rule-set that was established in January. Now that the PGR season is over it is time to form a new committee and tweak any changes to the rule-set. The Rule-set Committee was originally comprised of several influences withing the community such as ESA's BAM, Panda Global's Bear, Blind, Champ, D1, Martakia, Tantalus, TLTC, TMPR, Vayseth, and Zan.

    As the PGR season comes to a close, the ruleset committee has been hard at work preparing a governing body this time around, responsible for creating a ruleset for recommended use throughout the world. The current committee entails of different leader and figure heads from around the world to better fit the needs of players. Leaders from Japan, Australia, Europe, and Mexico have joined the committee to gain different point of views for the ruleset change.

    Along side this recent update, the committee will plan on announcing how their collaboration will work for this current season and for future PGR seasons going forward.

    For those unfamiliar on how these changes will work, as each PGR season comes to a close the committee reviews the recommended rule-set for issues, snags, or changes due to the ever expanding meta for Smash Wii U. Being a relatively new process, The committee has elected to take a route of caution and hold off on any major changes to both characters or stages this time around.

    Below are the updated changes to the current Smash Wii U Recommended Rule-set.

    Omega Midgar replaced with Omega Palutena temple

    Omega Midgar was found to have a semi-techable bump on the left side of the stage. Due to the nature of Omega stages, the committee implores players to select them as close to FD as possible. Omega Palutena Temple was picked as the replacement even with the VERY slightly higher ceiling, less than 1%, as it has seen tournament play previously in multiple regions.

    You must by thinking, why not choose Omega Gaur Plains? Reason being is that If you roll to the ledge and throw an item down it will go through the stage.

    Mid-set Coaching & Timeouts Removed

    This topic has been controversial since its inclusion to the meta and has caused several blunders. Mid-set Coaching will be making its exit from the current Recommended rule-set for several different reasons.

    Coaching is currently seen as a top player privilege and most low/mid level players are unable to field high level coaches. Most players would rather grab a character specialist and constantly change coaches throughout the tournament. There are some dedicated coaches out there, but the majority of the coaches are players; many of which who are still in the bracket themselves.

    In larger scale tournaments, most staff do not have the manpower to properly enforce every single coaching situation. This leaves it open to easy abuse.

    In terms of timeouts, calling a timeout or a coaching period is an extremely powerful way to control momentum in a set. 30 seconds between each match will not only limit this but is beneficial to spectators.

    These rule-set changes were set to go live after Super Smash Con this past weekend. No further updates have been given if the rule-set will apply to 2GG's SCR Saga or Shine 2017.

    Plans for PGv5 Rule-set

    The release of each updated rule-set will update 1-2 weeks after each PGR season ends.

    US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe, and Australia were regions that were used to gather data from for the update.

    In the future, the committee will gather the data into presentable graphs and polls so they can show how regions feel about certain areas of the game. They also plan on surveying each season’s PGR as a data point representing the pinnacle of the current meta.

    The committee will not be doing any major changes such as Lylat bans, Battlefield or Dreamland, Miis, or Stock Count because there have been too many major events in the current season. The committee will prioritize a set release schedule for rule-set changes that allows TOs to acquire this information and for players to prepare for a new rule-set change in a timely fashion.


    Author's Note: What do you guys think about this rule-set change? Is it fair? Does this mean coaching will start windling away? Let us know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Click here to see the official update from the committee.
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Staff Writer/Lead Video Specialist
1PC is a Super Smash Bros. Enthusiast and aspiring journalist that currently resides in Houston, TX. Specializing in the art of interviewing, 1PC spends his time interviewing and covering his local scene in Texas to give deserving players the recognition they deserve. You can find several of his interview content on YouTube by the name of Houston Smash Network.

Keep up with 1PC's recent events, articles, and interview content on Twitter @1PC_SSB!
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Discussion in 'News' started by 1PC, Aug 15, 2017.

    1. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      Please free Miis. #FreeMiis
    2. Rango the Mercenary
      Rango the Mercenary
      Ban Lylat next year, then. We won't stop.
      Jaruto, BINK and Zack117 like this.
    3. Scarlet Jile
      Scarlet Jile
      Omega Wily or just get the **** outta here
      Shartox, Jaruto, Quazwx and 4 others like this.
    4. C0rvus
      Surprised Pally's wasn't legal until now. It's always been my alternate of choice.

      And I agree, free the Miis. Guest size unlimited specials won't even make many waves.
    5. Swampasaur
      Please don't ban Lylat.

      We already have a tiny stage list as it is.
      Shartox, Skailler, Player 3.0 and 3 others like this.
    6. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      All sizes, all moves, just have the Mii player perform all the special moves in a button check so the opponent can know what to expect
    7. C0rvus
      I don't really see how this is going to work in tournament. Setups will need to manually make Miis of every size. All of them. At a local that's just not going to happen, straight up. Mii mains should take what they can get to be honest. Guest Miis with any special, if not the ultimate goal, should be the first thing they rally behind.
      Munomario777 likes this.
    8. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      Depending on different locals, local Mii mains can make their own personalized Miis, and when players travel they can fill in the loose ends if their loadout of a Mii is not on the setups that were brought from different locals. That way the excuse for TO's having to put Mii's on every setup can be thrown out of the window while the players do all the work.

      Edit: Saying Mii mains should take what they can get is like asking for no change at all. And if you consider Guest Mii's with all moves should be the first goal, then the can of worms for all sizes will be opened up too. I don't think there is a way to get around that issue. You can't assume that all Mii mains want to play default size when they have other options.

      This might help; this guy's channel makes multiple videos regarding Miis and this is his latest one from 2 weeks ago, not to mention he is a Mii main himself. That's where I got the idea of my post from, his video.
      Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
      xzx likes this.
    9. MercuryPenny
      lylat shouldn't be banned, just relegated to counterpick status. people overstate the jank and it has viable uses against certain matchups but i think it passes the threshold for what should be considered starter-worthy.
    10. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      I've heard some players say to only ban Lylat once the fall through stage stuff happens at a huge tourney on stream. Then players may really opt to ban it. It has happened on stream before and is in one of those ban lylat video compilations. Other than that, to me it seems like some of the community is fine with the stage until that happens, while others want a different stage to replace lylat or feel like their is no other stage that can take lylat's spot so they would rather keep it.
    11. Routa
      I will just say that having Guest size is better for everyone. Different sizes are off the table due to adding unnecessary burden for TO etc. Saying this as a Mii player and TO.
      ItsMeBrandon and Munomario777 like this.
    12. Phoenix502
      Miis could stand to have full access to all their specials, considering that the design for each type was as a base for a mold... it does make sense why sizes should be left alone, the customs stuff can be studied and narrowed down to what's considered optimal for the majority of playstyles... but size and weight just open up a can of worms that only serious enthusiasts would bother with...

      Lylat Cruise is one of those kinds of stages that I get the impression nobody has studied enough... keep in mind that Smash 4's iteration of the stage was made notably more lenient in regards to getting back on the edge, as if you slightly undershot the edge, you might be able to get pushed toward the edge if you were still going up a fair bit. compare that with the past, where you would follow the curved shape accurately and get dragged inward if you undershot the edge at all.

      Coaching and having a time out is certainly one of those difficult topics that actually is pretty prevalent in more than just Smash. Core A Gaming did a video discussing the benefits it can have, but by the same token addresses it's current problems... and from what the narrator is saying, the problem lies in how there's no real established regulation. I won't object to removing coaching in general... but i would like to bring it up often and perhaps hold some frequent discussions on the idea of how to really organize it down the road...
    13. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      This sounds just like the Golden Rule that has been used a while back in some regions inside the U.S. I think that on paper it sounds good, but in practice it can suck for the Mii mains, but to everyone else they are excited because they may believe that the Mii mains have finally got what they wanted while really not caring about Mii mains to begin with.

      Who knows, there may be a player who loves to use an unpopular special move and may come up with a cool strategy for it.
    14. Phoenix502
      well, if you think about it, the Miis can arguably be a meta of their own, since there's going to be a Mii build that someone might discover is good and wreck everyone else, only for someone else to devise a counter... but where there's going to be builds seen as good, there's going to be a lot that nobody uses or cares for, so that would weed out a lot of work if given some study by its own group of players.
    15. Hydgen
      Umbra Clocktower should be a legal counterpick.
      Pyrover and ryuu seika like this.
    16. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      I wish Umbra could be legal too, but reports of players getting motion sickness I believe, and players being too distracted by what's going on in the background (especially Fortitudo loudly screaming and making the screen shake more, not to be mention being so close behind the stage's Z Axis, could make one think he was a stage hazard).

      Also some players dislike the platforms, call them random, or only really see the stage as a place Little Mac can use well, due to the one platform that travels below the stage.

      As for Mii Fighters, I'll link this document again if anyone wants to give it a read.

      Then there is this video which I think a lot of people who are not Mii mains would agree with. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why Mii's getting freed, 100%, is taking forever. Too many players fear this: the throw to helicopter kick kills which can be escaped with proper DI, yet complain about other characters. I think players are stuck on this that they probably do not even know that Mii Brawler's side special, "Onslaught" kills early too, and I do not think players even think of rage when they see these early kills.
      There used to be a detailed video response to this video from a Mii main some months ago, (where they talked out against the video and did comparisons to what they said was wrong information in the video) but it got removed from youtube.

      Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
      Hydgen likes this.
    17. Red Ryu
      Red Ryu
      I've been mostly neutral on coaching but it being banned will be seen as great to most people.
    18. Hydgen
      I am also neutral on the situation, but many players, (expecially if they struggling in the match,) need the extra advice. But i understand why people want to ban it and to be honest, I dont really mind.
    19. LuxAlike
      Screw coaching anyways.
    20. Delzethin
      So why is Lylat Cruise in the background of the article header if this ruleset doesn't affect it at all? Since when does the graphics team dabble in clickbait?

      I think a lot of people are overlooking this, to be honest. We're at a point where removing even one more stage would restrict us to only three starters, which brings a whole host of overcentralization issues. For one, you're giving much more power to the person who strikes second over the one who strikes first, since they get make their only choice with the knowledge of what their opponent doesn't like while the opposite doesn't happen. For two, the smaller your stage list, the more it directly affects who is viable. The metagame would become less about who does well overall, and more about who does well on one or two specific stages. And considering a handful of characters are dominant on both Smashville and Final Destination, you'd basically be handing them a free counterpick in Game 1!

      There're a lot of people afraid of Lylat glitching and costing someone a major set, and such fear spreads much faster than actual discussion about the stage, but right now, there are more pros than cons to keeping Lylat around. At least until the (pretty likely to happen) Switch version comes out and we see what viable stages it's added.
      Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
      Red Ryu likes this.
    21. XDaDePsak
      Ban Bayonaise
    22. MercuryPenny
      don't we have five starters right now?
    23. Phoenix502
      sure, there's also Town&City., though most people just pick Smashville if they wanted an Animal Crossing stage.. but by banning Lylat before, they also said that striking Battlefield also strikes Dreamland as well... that kinda limits options by a fair bit, even if the primary difference between the two is Whispy Woods...

      the intended point is that the legal stage list is limited enough as it is... and a notable part of the cast does particularly well on the most popular choices, taking away a stage they might not have as big an advantage on might fuel accusations of many varieties... one of which might be favoritism ("of course X character is OP, you banned the stage he/she sucked in!")
      Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
    24. Delzethin
      Yes. However, we couldn't run an even number of starter stages, or else one player would get to strike more stages than the other. It'd create an unfair advantage for one side.

      Thing is, three starters would still create an unfair advantage. The player who struck first would make their decision with no idea of what his or her opponent's stage preferences are. The player who struck second would have an idea of that, since they'd get to see which stage the first person struck before making their own decision. I've seen some people act like three starters wouldn't be a big deal, but none of them have offered a valid reason for why this is not a problem.

      To say no less of how overcentralized the meta could become if Game 1 could only be on one of three stages, and a handful of top tiers are already dominant on two of the stages in question. With five starters, it's easy enough to stop by striking both Smashville and FD, but a three starter list would make that impossible. The ruleset itself would give the likes of Diddy, Sheik, and others an inherent advantage!

      Basically, for the starter stage system to work properly, the number of them available needs to be 4x+1 with x being a whole number. Currently x=1, and due to the above, making it so x=1/2 would cause a lot of problems that the pro-ban crowd doesn't seem to be acknowledging or considering.

      Who knows, maybe we'll luck out with this rumored Switch version, and it'll add enough viable stages so we can have 9 of them...
      Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
    25. Kaze Arashi
      Kaze Arashi
      For miis, why not just use the optimal one? In case for those who dont knowL all would be small thin, BW could be 1122 or 2122, SF 1121 or 1321, and GN could be 3312 or 3123
    26. Browny
      Literally no proof of this whatsoever, you completely made that up. Admit it.

      Smash players really do have a terrible understanding of the word momentum. "Oh I was going to win but then my opponent did something and now I lost, they obviously stole my momentum and it should be illegal" has to be the worst john I've ever heard.
      Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
    27. NINTENDO Galaxy
      NINTENDO Galaxy
      An example of using a timeout well I believe was Zero vs Tsu at Frostbite I believe. I think Zero used his timeouts in a way to delay the match, regain composure, think about how he would play the latter games, and drain Tsu's hype.
      I remember some people talking about Zero and coaching and talked against it due to how long Zero was able to stretch their set time-wise in and out of the game. Not to mention some players have different level of coaches and advice given to them: be it an official coach, a notable player, local player from their region, or someone else who main's the same character as them.

      All the patience, waiting, and silence, including the coaching, could have been a huge mindgame by Zero to freak Tsu out and mindgame himself to cause him to make mistakes in the upcoming games.
    28. Danners
      Yay for the return of Omega Palutenas Temple and yay for the removal of mid set coaching. Mid set coaching was always a major buzz killer and I feel like it was abused on occasion to kill momentum more then actually coaching knowledge.
    29. coolasticbooks
      Why not do a byom? Bring your own mii with like rules and such of course it could make it easier say for example 2 2 2 2 and 1 1 1 1 or 3 3 3 3 only must match stuff like that 3ds can transfer miis
    30. Kaze Arashi
      Kaze Arashi
      Even better. Why not be able to make a mii before the tournament even starts
    31. 9inevolt

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