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Data Smash Ultimate Power Rankings Directory (WIP)


Yoshi is Thicc in S P I R I T
May 13, 2018
All around you, awaiting to consume your soul
Switch FC
Inspired by Das Koopa Das Koopa 's PR Directory for Smash 4. Post any Power Ranking (PR) that you see that is obsolete. I will try to update as frequently as possible as I am fairly active on this site.


The purpose of the Power Rankings Directory is to compile player rankings in an easy-to-find format. This will allow for tournament organizers to seed more easily and provides a visible platform for player rankings worldwide.


When you submit a Power Ranking, please provide:

-The source link of the PR, either the direct source (e.g. facebook), the graphic itself, or both.
-Region name or sub-region.
-Date of the update so I'll know how recent it is upfront.
-A list of players and their characters.

Example post:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D37gp6QUEAIS8D6?format=jpg&name=900x900
Winter 2019

1: Stroder :ultgreninja::ultmario:
2: Saiki :ultpokemontrainer::ultpichu::ultlucina:
3: K9sbruce :ultwolf::ultbowser::ultlucina:
4: SilentRain :ultmario:
5: Junior Z :ultroy::ultinkling:
6: Skylar :ultgnw::ultluigi::ultincineroar:
7: BassMage :ultjigglypuff::ultpacman:
8: Riley :ultfox::ultpalutena:
9: Horse :ultness:
10: Am Dodd :ultsnake:


----------UNITED STATES----------(90 Power Rankings)[WIP]


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ENF7xNfX0AAMqnK?format=jpg&name=small
Fall 2019

1st: ChillyChilli :ultmario: :ultpikachu:
2nd: Kip! :ultwario: :ultrob:
3rd: Merf :ultchrom:
4th: MopN :ultroy: :ultlucina: :ultjoker:
5th: Spinach :ultsimon: :ult_terry: :ulthero:
6th: ShadePrince :ultpeach:
7th: C2 :ultpikachu: :ultzss: :ultpalutena:
8th: Pudd :ultness: :ultyounglink:
9th: Logan :ultpacman: :ultbanjokazooie:
10th: Rax :ultroy: :ultchrom: :ult_terry:

HMs: Dimento :ultdarkpit:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E3afMGNVgAAjJiI?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Dec 2020-May 2021

1st: Paradox :ultpokemontrainer:
2nd: JJTNT :ultfalcon:
3rd: Mr. Boi :ultpalutena:
4th: Indecisive :ultyounglink:
5th: Zurg :ultbowser: :ultrob:
6th: P3ace :ultdarkpit: :ultpit:
7th: Dumbweeb :ultbanjokazooie: :ultike:
8th: Pink Panther :ultyoshi:
9th: Johnny :ultjigglypuff:
10th: MJTV :ultfalcon: :ultfalco:

HMs: Hazy :ultganondorf:, Viking :ultzelda:
Hidden Bosses: Relentless :ultpyra:, Tivel :ultsephiroth:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EO6SvPDU8AElsHt?format=jpg&name=900x900
Oct-Dec 2019

1st: Stroder :ultgreninja:
2nd: Silver :ultmarth:
3rd: CRUP!!! :ultfalcon:
4th: Asotil :ultrichter:
5th: BassMage :ultjigglypuff: :ulticeclimbers:
6th: JumboJack :ultdiddy:
7th: Ronald :ultroy:
8th: B-Rice :ultisabelle:
9th: Thor :ultcloud:
10th: Coco :ultmario:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EP-NY_yX0AAMzLi?format=jpg&name=small

1st: Phenom :ultfox: :ultroy: :ultgreninja:
2nd: Tron :ultpikachu: :ultmario:
3rd: Histomix :ultinkling: :ultmario:
4th: Tiger Millionaire :ultness: :ulthero: :ultdoc: :ultmario:
5th: Ayygent :ultrob:
6th: GGKR :ultroy: :ultjoker:
7th: Exile :ultdarkpit: :ultkirby:
8th: Rewd :ultincineroar: :ultbanjokazooie:
9th: Prince Raj :ultfalcon:
10th: Will :ultkirby: :ultjigglypuff:

HMs: Playat :ultganondorf:, mykei :ultpokemontrainer: :ultkrool:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EGCxRskXkAELYlm?format=jpg&name=900x900
Quarter 3 2019

1st: Danbi :ultyoshi:
2nd: Capn Melon :ultroy: :ultjoker:
3rd: Nosmo :ultsnake:
4th: Mexiken :ultken:
5th: Blook :ultridley:
6th: Young Fritz :ultfalco:
7th: Smile :ultpokemontrainer:
8th: Revan :ultwario:
9th: Enchanted Pige :ultbowser:
10th: Elrox :ultbayonetta:

HMs: MKayy :ultchrom:, Avalon :ultjoker:, Toucan :ultpokemontrainer:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E_ItaqoVUAArIhC?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Summer 2021

1. Spot :ultness: :ultsteve:
2. Woody :ultinkling: :ultminmin:
3. Silverfox :ultpyra:
4. Umanz :ultmario:
5. Blane :ultbowser: :ultbanjokazooie:
6. JimmyChanga :ultfalco:
7. Doodlebob :ultwolf: :ultwario:
8. TR33 :ultduckhunt: :ultvillager:
9. Luna :ultken: :ultryu:
10. Snaggletooth :ultsephiroth:
11. Zeppeli :ultrichter: :ult_terry:
12. LosPanchos :ultchrom:
13. Paniking :ulttoonlink: :ultpalutena:
14. Carnage :ultsnake: :ultwiifittrainer:
15. PetertheGreat :ultrob:

Source Image https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3zgY_KUUAANgfS.jpg
Winter 2019

1: Aether :ultmegaman:
2: Jazara :ultpalutena:
3: JSlayer :ultlucas:
4: Peon :ultinkling:
5: Jessdato :ultsamus:
6: Psydb :ultpeach:
7: Pastoolio :ultpichu:
8: Inflammatory :ultlucina:
9: Isiah :ultdaisy:
10: Wizard :ultinkling:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EP4wrDkUwAIit0C?format=jpg&name=small
Oct-Dec 2019

1st: Prodigy :ultmario:
2nd: Lui$ :ultfox:
3rd: Klaatu :ultolimar:
4th: Varun :ultwiifittrainer:
5th: Legit :ultdiddy:
6th: King Koopa :ultbowser:
7th: Saogonza :ultgnw:
8th: Solo :ultness:
9th: Scion :ultlink:
10th: Versed Ace :ultrob:
11th: Ako :ultlucina:
12th: Infamous :ultfalcon:
13th: Twan :ultpokemontrainer:
14th: Vermillion :ultlucina:
15th: Nabster :ultrosalina:
16th: Puresalt :ultdk:
17th: Mikee :ultmegaman:
18th: Nick Memories :ultluigi:
19th: Yokai :ultsnake:
20th: JEFFsoBOMB :ultzss:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4QEIRjUIAACJm_?format=jpg&name=large
Jan-Mar 2019

1: Rex :ultlink:
2: Armando :ultsnake::ultmetaknight:
3: Circuit :ultsonic::ultgreninja:
4: MM Leo :ultmegaman:
5: ThatOneRider :ultrob:
6: PoisonHealth :ultlucas::ultness:
7: Charger :ultness:
8: 710' :ultrob:
9: BBC :ultwolf::ultrichter:
10: Gluten :ultpeach::ultrosalina:
11: Slicer :ultsnake::ultmario:
12: Meiro :ultwolf::ultgreninja::ulticeclimbers:
13: Smoke :ultpokemontrainer:
14: Jimmy :ultpalutena:
15: Nyjin :ultwolf::ultdarkpit::ultpikachu:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/Qzx7l4n.jpg
Winter 2019

1: JTails :ultness::ultwolf:
2: Boasty :ultwario::ultryu:
3: JAQED :ultwolf:
4: JP :ultzelda:
5: Emilio :ultfox:
6: RAM :ultyoshi:
7: Prince :ultganondorf::ulticeclimbers::ultinkling::ultbowserjr::ultmario:
8: WhaleSaver99 :ultpalutena:
9: Coop :ultdaisy:
10: Suspicions :ultchrom:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ENUL0VhU4AE4rii?format=png&name=small
Quarter 4 2019

1: Nicko :ultshulk::ultfalcon::ultjoker:
2: Larry Lurr :ultwolf::ultpalutena:
3: Elegant :ultluigi::ultdiddy:
4: Charliedaking :ultwolf::ultsheik:
5: Razo :ultpeach:
6: VoiD :ultsheik::ultpichu::ultjoker:
7: Eon :ultjoker::ultfox:
8: MastaMario :ultmario:
9: Nito :ultken::ult_terry::ultryu:
10: Lumbre :ultness:
11: K9sbruce :ultwolf::ultsheik::ultlucina:
12: Nitro :ultjoker::ultrichter::ult_terry:
13: Ketchup :ultbowserjr:
14: T3 DOM :ultrichter:
15: Zenyou :ultmario:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOveqWpU0AEBxS1?format=jpg&name=small
Quarter 4 2019

1st: Shoe :ultzss: :ultmario: :ultpalutena:
2nd: Smirk :ultken:
3rd: Chronos :ultsnake:
4th: Steam :ultlucario: :ultsnake:
5th: Mellow :ultmario:
6th: ~King :ultluigi: :ultroy:
7th: XzibitA :ultken:
8th: Fabian :ulttoonlink: :ultlink: :ultyounglink:
9th: Prey :ultroy:
10th: Jesus :ultmario:

HM: Miiself :ultjigglypuff: :ultfox:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EO18Wh1W4AArsOG?format=jpg&name=900x900
Fall 2019

1st: Light :ultfox:
2nd: Ling Ling :ultpeach:
3rd: Phantom :ultpalutena:
4th: Ese :ultroy:
5th: Hawk :ultwolf:
6th: Nelvin :ultdiddy:
7th: Blank :ultdaisy:
8th: Kairos :ultpalutena:
9th: Zoo :ult_terry:
10th: Interrobang :ultvillager:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EENydBwXYAE6CP9?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Summer 2019

1. Blank :ultdaisy::ultjoker:
2. Nobody :ultyoshi:
3. Onii-chan :ultgnw::ultbowser:
4. Sweeney :ultwolf::ultfox:
5. Maple :ultmegaman:
6. Brave :ultkingdedede::ultkrool:
7. Ink :ultinkling:
8. Whirlpool :ultrob::ultbowserjr:
9. Prime :ultpalutena::ultfalco:
10. VB3 :ultpacman::ultryu:

HM: Snowcone :ultsnake::ultdk:
HM: Trapinch :ultwiifittrainer:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPfTvYfXUAA4kJZ?format=jpg&name=900x900
Winter 2019

1st: DSF :ultvillager: :ultpalutena:
2nd: Jolt :ultbowser: :ultmario:
3rd: P3 :ultbayonetta: :ultdaisy:
4th: MPg :ultmegaman: :ultinkling: :ultpokemontrainer:
5th: Guap :ultdk: :ultchrom: :ultpichu:
6th: Inferno :ultbanjokazooie: :ultpacman:
7th: Superdois :ultpacman:
8th: Kingjoker64 :ultness: :ultwiifittrainer:
9th: Boogaloo :ultroy:
10th: Ji :ultjoker: :ultlucina:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3Rcg5NXsAAXjLQ.jpg
Quarter 4 & Quarter 1

1: Kobe :ultyounglink:
2: Ewok :ultpichu::ultlucas::ultbowser:
3: Pellonian :ultlucina::ultike::ultfalco:
4: Brian :ultike::ultisabelle::ultroy:
5: Grog :ultpeach::ultdaisy:
6: Temptation :ultfox:
7: Kendukin :ultbowser::ultpacman:
8: Raisin :ultpalutena::ultridley::ultjigglypuff:
9: Nano :ultlink::ultridley::ultcorrin:
10: StevetheWizard :ultpokemontrainer:

HM: Arhkma :ultzelda:
HM: Patches :ultbowser:
HM: Schrader :ultpalutena::ultwolf::ultpichu:
HM: Spiker :ultinkling::ultfalco:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D48AOKxWwAcylk7.jpg
Winter 2019

1: Osprey :ultfalco:
2: Mr. Bones :ultbowser:
3: Poet :ultpacman::ultdk:
4: Ryo :ultike::ultganondorf::ultcorrin::ultroy::ultdarksamus::ultsnake:
5: WonderBread :ultlucina::ultroy:
6: Ofox :ultmegaman:
7: Rupour :ultpokemontrainer::ultness:
8: Josh :ultincineroar::ultganondorf:
9: Sol :ultlittlemac::ultinkling:
10: Big Money Paul :ultpikachu:

HM: Crabby :ultdarkpit:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach.../IMG_20191011_151154.jpg?width=568&height=616
Summer 2019

1: Zeta :ultsnake::ultjoker:
2: Geez :ultpalutena::ultbanjokazooie:
3: CD :ultroy:
4: Xmas :ultchrom::ultjoker:
5: Xerald :ultjoker:
6: BT :ultwiifittrainer:
7: Ada :ultinkling:
8: Havilar :ultyoshi:
9: E. Gadd :ultlucas:
10: Relldiam :ultsheik::ultjoker:

HM: Static :ultness:
HM: Holy :ultkingdedede:
HM: Rojo :ulticeclimbers:
HM: Kom :ultyoshi:
HM: Tapu Jerry :ultjoker:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-pnhRwXkAAMkcS.jpg
Spring 2019

1: Tachyon :ultpichu:
2: Ross :ultjoker::ultyounglink::ultlink:
3: Saj :ultdaisy:
4: Poet :ultpacman:
5: Mr. Bones :ultbowser:
6: Havilar :ultyoshi:
7: iTheta :ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:
8: Xavi :ultlucina:
9: CD :ultroy:
10: Xmas :ultchrom:

HM: Geez :ultpalutena:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3FezC_Lf20
Season 1 2019

0: Samsora :ultpeach:
1: 8BitMan :ultrob:
2: MuteAce :ultpeach::ultbayonetta:
3: Morpheus :ultmegaman:
4: AzureJose :ultwolf:
5: Mars :ultpalutena:
6: Dath :ultgreninja:
7: Eden :ultkingdedede::ultsnake:
8: D2da :ultmetaknight:
9: PikPocket :ultolimar:
10: Juanpi :ultpalutena:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D9r9_egXoAA751E.jpg
Spring 2019

1: Myran :ultolimar:
2: Uncivil Ninja :ultshulk:
3: Akashic :ultgreninja::ultridley::ultjoker:
4: Prospect :ultpokemontrainer::ultjoker:
5: Monthu :ultfalcon:
6: KidG :ultmario::ulttoonlink:
7: Zeus :ultridley::ultcloud:
8: Cronic :ultganondorf:
9: Frostehy :ultlucina:
10: Veglord :ultdk::ultisabelle::ultpiranha:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/1zaNDyO.png
Quarter 1 2019

1: Leo :ultwolf::ultdk::ultrob:
2: Diabeo :ultcloud::ultridley:
3: Nemesis :ultpokemontrainer::ultchrom::ultwario:
4: Undergod :ultyoshi::ultisabelle:
5: Project :ulttoonlink::ultlink::ultsamus:
6: Sparks :ultlink::ulticeclimbers:
7: Ology :ultdarksamus::ultgnw:
8: Xeracool :ultfox:
9: DS :ultike:
10: Bicmar :ultsnake:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FFBRLoxZWQAQXmn0%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dlarge&hash=b85737d325070a626d0f5cd1ecec9823
Jul-Sep 2021

1. Kola :ultroy::ultcloud::ultsnake::ultmario:
2. Fatality :ultfalcon:
3. DDee :ultsteve:
4. Mugen :ultroy:
5. Sonido :ultsonic:
6. Teaser :ultsamus:
7. Omega :ultjoker::ultsephiroth:
8. Kota :ultlucas::ultpyra::ultmythra::ultgunner:
9. ScAtt :ultmegaman::ultsephiroth::ultsnake:
10. Player-1 :ultdiddy:
11. Kailen :ultjoker:
12. Jax :ultlucina:
13. Jahzz0 :ultken:
14. iGreg :ultrobin:
15. Fallen :ultsteve::ultmegaman:


Source Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/677754959776710667/677769737807200280/image0.jpg
Fall 2019

1st: Small Left :ultpokemontrainer:
2nd: AciD :ultgreninja: :ultyoshi:
3rd: Dren :ultyoshi:
4th: Tapii :ultwario:
5th: AnD :ultwolf:
6th: The Chancellor :ultrob:
7th: King :ultzss: :ultpalutena:
8th: Evanger :ultchrom:
9th: Dandy :ultjoker:
10th: Click :ultinkling:

HMs: DoubleABattery :ultcloud:, Elliston :ultjigglypuff:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/ETzhIQd.jpg
Quarter 1 2019

1: Vermanubis :ultganondorf:
2: Pow :ultpacman::ultsnake::ultmegaman:
3: Mada :ultpikachu::ultgreninja::ultjigglypuff:
4: Rooster :ultpokemontrainer:
5: EZPZ :ultcloud::ultpeach::ultbowserjr:
6: Suop :ultinkling:
7: Icky Thump :ultwolf::ultyounglink:
8: Marathon :ultrobin::ultdarksamus:
9: Deku Nut :ultridley:
10: Relwrd :ultyoshi:

HB (Hidden Boss): Dragoomba :ultrob:
HM: Pladman :ultwolf::ultbowser:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_t-LzZUcAA4712.png:large
Spring 2019

1: Banana Boy :ultyoshi:
2: BoJangles :ultroy:
3: Skynerd :ultkrool:
4: Pudge :ultwiifittrainer:
5: Asreal :ultpikachu:
6: Nathan :ultsonic:
7: Mad Hatter :ultkingdedede:
8: J Tiller :ultdk:

Sources: https://twitter.com/PokkiSsbu/status/1223251848737329152 https://twitter.com/PokkiSsbu/status/1223253580217339904 https://twitter.com/PokkiSsbu/status/1223271434950066176
Q4 2019

1st: Mada :ultpikachu:
2nd: Vermanubis :ultganondorf:
3rd: Suop :ultinkling:
4th: Pladman :ultbowser:
5th: Marathon :ultrobin:
6th: Relwrd :ultyoshi:
7th: EZPZ :ultbowserjr:
8th: Tofu :ultsamus:
9th: Zangoose :ultincineroar:
10th: Browi :ultfalcon:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/hUZm0ZZ.jpg
Winter 2019

1: Icky Thump :ultwolf:
2: Dragoomba :ultrob:
3: Deku Nut :ultridley:
4: N()tes :ultroy:
5: ZG;Fenrir :ultzelda:
6: DarkSun :ultinkling:
7: ToxicSnake :ultdk:
8: Australis :ultpalutena:
9: Yehs :ultkingdedede:
10: Orion :ultganondorf:
11: MuffinJuice :ultness:
12: BlackIce :ultincineroar:
13: Highlander :ultfalco:
14: ImBad :ultganondorf:
15: Ego :ultpalutena:


Source Image: https://www.ssbwiki.com/images/thum...Chicago_Power_Rankings_Winter_Season_2019.jpg
Oct-Dec 2019

1st: Ned :ultpokemontrainer: :ultjoker:
2nd: Ravenking :ultike:
3rd: ATATA :ultness:
4th: Super Dan :ultmario:
5th: Frosty :ultrichter: :ultgnw:
6th: Earl :ultchrom: :ultroy: :ultmarth: :ultlucina:
7th: Yoomoo :ultlucina: :ultmario:
8th: Shana :ultluigi:
9th: Sayuki :ultchrom:
10th: SNooFL :ultfox: :ultwolf:
11th: big_mak :ultinkling: :ultsheik:
12th: Yumi :ultgnw:
13th: Panda Bair :ultvillager: :ultwolf:
14th: Rickles :ultganondorf: :ultwolf:
15th: Viri :ultrob: :ultgreninja:

Source Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/312457134799585282/596206488456790026/D6oLLYNW0AAqr8o.png
Jan-Mar 2019

1: Tyroy :ultpichu:
2: Ethanfo :ultolimar::ultsnake::ultwolf:
3: waasabi :ultdk::ultwario::ultwolf:
4: DOM :ultfox:
5: Bokchoyyy! :ultpacman:
6: Anonymous Moniker :ultswordfighter:
7: SweatyLemons :ultlucina:
8: Equin0x :ultpokemontrainer::ultzss:
9: Richer :ultpeach::ultzelda:
10: mikey20100 :ultsnake:
11: Chanchan :ultyounglink:
12: Special K :ultwolf:
13: Taletalon :ultinkling:
14: Maofever :ultrob::ultinkling::ultchrom:
15: Rinkario :ultrobin:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E89ed0UXIAE-khe?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Jun-Aug 2021

1 Skar :ultsephiroth::ultjoker::ultcloud:
2 PeZ :ultfalcon:
3 Welfare Pickles :ultsnake::ultwolf:
4 Raymanic :ultsamus::ultdarksamus:
5 Vexil :ultlink:
6 RichardIcecube :ultzss:
7 Meta-Main :ultmetaknight:
8 Noir :ultmario:
9 Izzt :ultpacman::ultfalcon:
10 Trejohn6 :ulttoonlink:

HMs: Gold Hakurei :ultroy: Gabo :ultluigi: HAM :ultdiddy: Silver Jinx :ulttoonlink:


Source: https://smash.gg/rankings/super-smash-bros-ultimate/series/kentucky/q2-2019
Q2 2019

1: Brekker :ultinkling::ultsnake::ultmario:
2: AceStarThe3rd :ultwiifittrainer::ultincineroar::ultdoc:
3: Jin :ultwolf:
4: Kain :ultsimon:
5: Butter :ultluigi:
6: ChrisBCream :ultlucina::ultpalutena::ultchrom:
7: Shin :ultike:
8: Kris Wii :ultness:
9: Darkholme :ultike::ultchrom:
10: Dr. P :ultmegaman::ultbrawler::ultfalco:
11: TastyComaWife :ultyounglink::ultwolf:
12: CptPuff :ultcloud:
13: TuxKick :ultzelda:
14: Likewise :ultrob:
15: Feffle :ultmario:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-frx6iXoAEnBSf?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Apr-Jun 2019

1: ZD :ultfox::ultwolf::ultroy:
2: Dexter :ultwolf:
3: JLim :ultsnake:
4: Porkaye :ultwolf:
5: Sunfish :ultfox::ultrosalina:
6: Ears :ultzelda:
7: GookGangGuppy :ultkingdedede:
8: Beef :ultbowserjr::ultdoc:
9: Cheddar :ultpalutena::ultganondorf:
10: Durpty :ultkrool:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOLVPPbXUAUBE9_?format=jpg&name=medium
Season 4 2019

1st: WaDi :ultrob:
2nd: ZD :ultfox: :ultwolf: :ultroy:
3rd: Dexter :ultwolf:
4th: Seagull Joe :ultpalutena: :ultbanjokazooie: :ultdiddy:
5th: Puppeh :ultpokemontrainer: :ultpalutena:
6th: Iota :ultridley: :ultsamus: :ultlucas:
7th: Dazai :ultroy: :ultpalutena:
8th: NoTag :ultmario: :ultwolf:
9th: Jerry :ultjoker:
10th: MJ :ultrob:
11th: Jlim :ultsnake:
12th: Pink Fresh :ultzss: :ultchrom:
13th: Mata-door :ultwario:
14th: Joe-J :ultike:
15th: EnhancedPV :ultcloud: :ultwolf: :ultdiddy:
16th: Adastran :ultwiifittrainer:
17th: Dingus Joe :ultgnw:
18th: Disgaea :ultgnw: :ultinkling:
19th: :ultzss: :ultpalutena:
20th: Fastcree :ultvillager: :ultisabelle:


Source Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/666821847844651019/677685278495735836/MAPR.jpg
Fall 2019

1st: Marss :ultzss:
2nd: Laid :ultlucina: :ultpacman:
3rd: Raffi-X :ultrob: :ultinkling:
4th: Pelca :ultsnake:
5th: Aixom XL :ultwario: :ultbanjokazooie:
6th: DM :ultpikachu: :ultpokemontrainer: :ultpalutena:
7th: MiLe :ultyoshi:
8th: Nuggetz :ultdaisy: :ultpeach:
9th: MattyG :ultchrom: :ultwolf:
10th: Mattheus :ultfalcon:
11th: Unleashed :ultinkling: :ultbanjokazooie:
12th: TheRed :ultsnake:
13th: Exciled :ultbowser:
14th: Hero :ultjoker: :ultshulk:
15th: Brevity :ultluigi: :ultroy:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/uW0wTIg.png
Season 1 2019

1: Zinoto :ultpeach::ultmegaman::ultpalutena:
2: Nen :ultrichter::ultpokemontrainer::ultness:
3: Hawk :ultike::ultgreninja::ultsnake:
4: Linus :ultganondorf::ultdarksamus::ultbowser:
5: sam :ultpichu::ultinkling:
6: Zer0mar :ultyoshi:
7: PC3X :ultpacman::ultfalco::ultfox:
8: Bringus :ultlucas:
9: Vision :ultshulk:
10: CoinFlip :ultzelda:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EO6TvaRXUAA418j?format=jpg&name=small
Season 4 2019

1st: Zinoto :ultpeach: :ultdiddy: :ultpalutena:
2nd: BooBear :ultrob: :ultpokemontrainer:
3rd: Daybreak :ultwolf: :ultroy:
4th: Gomakenpi :ultolimar: :ultmario: :ultjoker: :ultdk:
5th: Advo :ultdarksamus: :ultgnw:
6th: Kepler :ultsnake:
7th: Ksev :ultsnake:
8th: Runes :ultdk: :ultroy:
9th: Dylster :ultlucina:
10th: ???? :ultmewtwo: :ulticeclimbers:
11th: Lavish :ultchrom:
12th: Aquatic :ultfox: :ultmario:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEUSqVtoX0AEHSG9%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=098d73ffc5eafdc32b313754d7a44631
Q1 2020

1. Yeti :ultmegaman:
2. Loaf :ultwario::ultdarkpit:
3. Skorpio :ultrobin:
4. Lucky :ultpiranha:
5. Cookietic :ultike:
6. Zubat :ultjoker:
7. King of Wizards :ultlucas:
8. Failbot :ultmario::ultpikachu:
9. Visitor :ultmegaman:
10. Grady :ultpalutena::ultbowser:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D2uOyOWXQAAIg4K.jpg
Season 1 2019

1: Rayquaza :ultsnake::ultridley::ultrosalina:
2: Wisdom :ultduckhunt:
3: Corazon :ultpeach::ultpalutena::ultdaisy:
4: Toffee :ultwario::ultyounglink::ultdiddy:
5: Puhpaya :ultness::ultlucina:
6: Onua :ultkrool::ultrichter:
7: PKay :ultmetaknight::ultwolf:
8: Masonomace :ultyoshi::ultshulk:
9: Captain S :ultchrom:
10: Keis :ultwario:

HM: Green Moonlight :ultroy:
HM: Alto :ultlink:
HM: Tron Bonne :ultness:

Source: https://smash.gg/rankings/super-smash-bros-ultimate/series/st-louis-1/2019-q2
Quarter 2 2019

1: srAK :ultlink:
2: Zguh :ultmetaknight::ultdk:
3: TimPrater :ultdoc::ultgnw::ultwolf:
4: Vessel O :ultzss::ultdk:
5: Drystan :ultgreninja::ultjoker::ultike:
6: ApolloKage :ultsnake::ultluigi:
7: Fail Whale :ultness:
8: Reyes :ultmario:
9: GiefKid :ultbowser:
10: gagley :ultgreninja:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/z1yGbW0.jpg
Season 1 2019

1: Skilly :ultpalutena::ultinkling:
2: Skittles!! :ultyounglink:
3: Regulating_Mofo :ultmegaman::ultpokemontrainer:
4: Obsidian :ultchrom::ultike:
5: HDK! :ultsnake:
6: Kwaz :ultlittlemac::ultincineroar:
7: Nev :ultness:
8: Liyrex :ultroy::ultlucina:
9: Chozic :ultsamus:
10: Zen :ultpichu:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EZeK8NLVAAAd0NS?format=jpg&name=large
Jan-Mar 2020

1. FOW :ultness:
2. ven :ultzelda:
3. Grandmaster :ultpalutena::ultrobin:
4. Dakpo :ultdiddy::ultgnw:
5. Yumeko :ultbayonetta:
6. SK92 :ultwolf::ultfox:
7. Brosinex :ultryu::ultken:
8. SHO Caius :ultcloud::ultroy:
9. Urameshi :ultsnake::ultmetaknight:
10. Top LuBu :ultbyleth::ulthero::ultdk::ultlink:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4nD_8RXoAEgmnF?format=jpg&name=900x900
Fall 2019

1st: Marss :ultzss:
2nd: Light :ultfox:
3rd: Laid :ultlucina: :ultpacman:
4th: Raffi-X :ultrob: :ultinkling:
5th: Pelca :ultsnake:
6th: Kuma :ultjoker: :ultroy:
7th: Aixom XL :ultwario: :ultbanjokazooie:
8th: DM :ultpikachu: :ultpalutena: :ultpokemontrainer:
9th: Sharp :ultsheik: :ultjoker: :ultzss:
10th: Pugwest :ultmarth:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ESOMw4YXYAEHkPY?format=jpg&name=small
Fall 2019

1st: Kuma :ultjoker:
2nd: Mr. Escalator :ultgnw:
3rd: Duffy :ultyoshi:
4th: Remina :ultchrom:
5th: Riot :ultzelda:
6th: Frosty:ultfalco:
7th: Sailor Jess :ultpeach:
8th: Trusted :ultpit:
9th: Ero :ultgnw:
10th: Quackers :ultpokemontrainer:


Source: https://twitter.com/NJPowerRankings/status/1447955218470113282
Jul-Sep 2021

1st: Tweek :ultdiddy: :ultsephiroth: :ultwolf:
2nd: LeoN :ultbowser:
3rd: JaKaL :ultwolf:
4th: Syrup :ultness:
5th: Atomsk :ultkingdedede:
6th: WebbJP :ultzss: :ultcorrin: :ultlucas:
7th: AKFirez :ultsteve: :ultshulk:
8th: Boosk :ultrob:
9th: Vince :ultroy: :ultsephiroth:
10th: Pharaoh :ultyoshi: :ultsheik:
11th: ConCon :ultminmin: :ultbayonetta: :ultpyra: :ultmythra: :ultrosalina:
12th: Delta (Tri-) :ultlink:
13th: 9superpie :ultwario: :ultwiifittrainer: :ultwolf:
14th: YoutubeMan :ultdiddy: :ultgnw:
15th: Luminous! :ultpit: :ultdarkpit:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EGzJl2tXUAARUKZ?format=jpg&name=900x900
Summer 2019

1: Vince :ultroy::ultjoker:
2: Strawhat :ultyounglink::ulttoonlink:
3: Spiro :ultpalutena::ultlucina::ultwolf:
4: Boosk :ultgreninja::ultrob::ultinkling:
5: Boundy :ultness::ultsnake::ultlucas:
6: Diddles :ultrichter:
7: Dyla :ultbowser::ultcloud::ultken:
8: CougyCougs :ultdiddy::ultfox:
9: Noodl :ultdk:
10: Tozo :ultrob:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/K139sKG.jpg
Winter 2019

1: AZ :ultwolf:
2: Taz :ultpikachu:
3: FinaLBoss :ultbowser:
4: Fizz Khalifa :ultpichu::ultpacman::ultmario:
5: LordSpin :ultsnake::ultmetaknight:
6: Shua :ultdk::ultness::ultyounglink:
7: Hobojoe :ultyoshi:
8: Lord King :ultpalutena:
9: Rush :ultpokemontrainer:
10: Upchuckle :ultgreninja::ultpokemontrainer:


Source Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/445035176230256675/684064437497495583/image0.jpg
Fall 2019

1. Rawk :ultdarksamus:
2. Amaryllis :ultrobin:
3. Kraiz :ultchrom:
4. Prettiest Girl in School :ultlucario:
5. Nefarox147 :ultsamus:
6. Corazon :ultness:
7. Smokey-Chan :ultcloud:
8. Vidley :ultzelda::ultpiranha:
9. SaurDeux :ultzelda:
10. Govolow :ultness:

HM. Oats :ultkirby:
HM. Haarsnow :ultpeach:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1584663787959-png.266334/
Winter 2019

1. Nefarox :ultdarksamus:
2. Zuu :ultbowser:
3. Huck :ultsnake:
4. Sum :ultpiranha:
5. Oculus :ultlucas:
6. DrinkMilk :ultyounglink:
7. Toxzis :ultwario:
8. Mow :ultlink:
9. Spicee Picklez :ultgnw:
10. Sean :ultken:

HM. Ignatius :ultiggy:
HM. Dark :ultdk:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578782962067-png.256777/
T3 2019

1. Rawk :ultdarksamus:
2. Oats :ultkirby:
3. Amaryllis :ultbayonetta:
4. Haarsnow :ultpeach:
5. Kraiz :ultike:
6. Robb :ultduckhunt:
7. Govolow :ultness:
8. Zuu :ultbowser:
9. Wom :ultbowser:
10. Nefarox147 :ultsamus:

HM: Deku :ultsnake:
HM: BrwnMamba :ultbowser:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FDcHuDNWQAQjvD6?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Jul-Sep 2021

1st: Dabuz :ultolimar: :ultrosalina: :ultminmin:
2nd: Zomba :ultrob:
3rd: Quidd :ultpokemontrainer:
4th: Tilde :ultfalco:
5th: Mr. E :ultlucina:
6th: Myles :ultyoshi:
7th: Gen :ultpalutena:
8th: Sinji :ultpacman:
9th: John Numbers :ultwiifittrainer:
10th: PkChris :ultness:
11th: Vivi :ultlucario: :ulthero:
12th: Mr. L :ultpikachu:
13th: Suarez :ultyoshi:
14th: Zane :ultduckhunt:
15th: Dill :ultrob:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D41r_q6X4AEtc_j.jpg
Winter 2019

1: Ag :ultrob::ultsnake::ultfalcon:
2: MacSmitty :ultlink::ultmario::ultness:
3: Soapy :ultjigglypuff::ultpikachu::ultdiddy:
4: ybm :ultpichu:
5: Dabble :ultsamus::ultlucina:
6: Nadjo :ultganondorf::ultyoshi:
7: Ozze :ultwolf::ultcloud:
8: heyzeus :ultpalutena::ultinkling:
9: Alfred :ultganondorf::ultfalcon:
10: Tombo :ultlucas::ultwolf:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ESJ6TpCU0AA2fZS?format=jpg&name=small
Quarter 4 2019

1st: Mile :ultyoshi:
2nd: Bobo :ultsnake:
3rd: Cee :ultdk:
4th: Ice :ultjoker:
5th: Zaxel :ultbowser:
6th: Noku :ultpokemontrainer:
7th: Saladdressing :ultmegaman:
8th: Charles :ultrob:
9th: Quidd :ultpokemontrainer:
10th: Wontonwarrior :ultlink:

HMs: PCNinja :ultyoshi:, Username :ultlucario:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ET5BirzXQAAQ2Cv?format=jpg&name=small
Jan-Mar 2020

1st: Donquavious :ultgreninja: :ultmetaknight:
2nd: Mekos :ultlucas:
3rd: Dietsoda :ultcloud: :ultwolf:
4th: Bully :ultrob: :ult_terry:
5th: Regalo :ultlucas:
6th: Wasabi :ultgreninja:
7th: Senor :ultdiddy:
8th: Jiggs :ultpikachu: :ultcloud:
9th: Mintos :ultcloud: :ultroy:
10th: AK8 :ultzss: :ultjoker:
11th: KDK :ultdk:
12th: LazyBoredom :ultbanjokazooie: :ultlittlemac:
13th: CStream :ultpokemontrainer:
14th: Ferf :ultwario: :ultsonic:
15th: ShotgunRaptorJesus :ultsnake:
16th: Yoyoguy :ultfox:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5bAPBbWwAYtYGD.jpg
Jan-Apr 2019

1: Struggler :ultike::ultroy:
2: Soup :ultdoc::ultluigi:
3: Sweet Gherkin :ultincineroar::ultwario::ultgnw::ultbowser::ultkingdedede:
4: Failcant :ultroy:
5: Spirit :ultsnake::ultroy::ultbayonetta:
6: Dingus :ultrosalina:
7: Rom4ns :ultrob::ultmegaman:
8: Pineapple :ultgunner::ultwolf:
9: Crystaljamz :ultisabelle::ultpichu:
10: Kefa :ultfalcon::ultsnake:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-8y6MSXYAEXWyp.jpg
Summer 2019

1: LevelWorld :ultinkling::ultlucina:
2: SNAKETRIBE :ultsnake:
3: Mastronarde :ultpokemontrainer:
4: Llomomo :ultkingdedede::ultlink::ultbowser::ultfalco:
5: Erik :ultswordfighter::ultsheik::ultinkling:
6: ChuChu :ultbowserjr::ultdk::ultkirby:
7: LC :ultshulk::ultkrool::ultsnake:
8: 23 :ultmario::ultsheik:
9: EnvoyOTB :ultkrool:
10: Kronk :ultsnake::ultdoc:

HM: Frybread :ultlucina:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPVmpJQWsAAFyxB?format=jpg&name=900x900
Q4 2019

1st: Toast :ultyounglink: :ultroy: :ultshulk:
2nd: Katakiri :ultgunner: :ultkingdedede:
3rd: DarkShad :ultshulk: :ultken:
4th: Midnight :ultpeach: :ultpalutena:
5th: Doorstop :ultzss: :ultpokemontrainer:
6th: Nhan :ultlucina: :ultmarth:
7th: Lunick :ultbowser:
8th: Colinies :ultroy: :ultyounglink:
9th: Shmael :ultpalutena: :ultjoker: :ultpokemontrainer:
10th: TLoReO :ultjoker: :ultchrom: :ulttoonlink:
11th: Alexzzz :ultpeach: :ultpalutena:
12th: Carls493 :ultshulk:
13th: Kamui :ultjoker:
14th: Purp :ultgunner: :ultsnake: :ultkingdedede:
15th: Syco :ultolimar: :ultmario:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1584184087801-png.265706/
Quarter 4 2019

1. ESAM :ultpikachu:
2. MVD :ultsnake:
3. Zurge :ultmegaman:
4. Cannon Red :ultjigglypuff:
5. <-/Ben :ultshulk:
6. Chuck Nasty :ultpokemontrainer::ultbowser:
7. DARN :ultike:
8. Mr. Quick :ultrob:
9. David :ultfalco:
10. Slawdini :ultjoker::ultcloud::ultken:
11. Starbuck :ultjoker::ultwolf:
12. Pancakes :ultfox:
13. Regal :ultrob:
14. Quote :ultpalutena::ultrob::ultridley:
15. Lorenzo :ultmegaman::ultbayonetta:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3v4wKKX4AA1wk3.jpg
Quarter 1 2019

1: Sandstorm :ultryu:
2: DantheMan :ultpokemontrainer:
3: Kenoca :ultkingdedede::ultryu:
4: Control :ultzelda::ultridley::ultpalutena:
5: DHB :ultdarkpit::ultsamus:
6: Asian Glow :ultgnw:
7: Sovine :ultsnake:
8: Justine :ultgreninja::ultwolf:
9: PeteMCTee :ultridley::ultsamus:
10: Raijin :ultpichu:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/RAC7F2P.jpg
Jan-Mar 2019

1: Peabnut :ultmegaman:
2: RFang :ultpichu::ultyounglink:
3: NFox :ultwolf:
4: Sect :ultmetaknight:
5: El Chapo :ultpalutena:
6: Eldin :ultolimar:
7: JBreeze :ultinkling:
8: Plasma :ultyoshi::ultbowserjr:
9: Adachi :ultmario::ultluigi:
10: Envoy of Chaos :ultness:
11: TurboBowser :ultbowser:
12: Mage :ultfalco::ultlucina:
13: Fluzi :ultwario::ultbowserjr:
14: Big Boss :ultwolf:
15: Havok :ultpalutena:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-poDydWkAE3hw7.jpg
Quarter 2 2019

1: Gyro? :ultmario:
2: Zappa :ultgreninja::ultmarth::ulttoonlink:
3: Daddy :ultlucina:
4: COLD1 :ultpokemontrainer::ultyounglink::ultcorrin:
5: Gummy :ultlucina::ultkingdedede::ultchrom:
6: niffuM :ultwolf::ultfalcon::ultroy:
7: Ampy :ultpalutena:
8: PTMCarlos1 :ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultjigglypuff:
9: doublesbrian :ultbayonetta::ultganondorf::ultinkling:
10: James Malenko :ultlittlemac:
11: RareBear :ultbanjokazooie::ultmario::ultrob::ultdk:
12: DJ Casca :ultwolf:
13: Omca :ultdk::ultpalutena::ultcloud:
14: Her :ultbayonetta::ulticeclimbers:
15: Sogeking :ultvillager:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4yHUetWsAEYtdD?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Quarter 1 2019

1: Dr. Copter :ultgreninja::ultpichu:
2: SnapBack :ultpit:
3: Midas :ultlucina::ultsnake::ultchrom:
4: Baba :ultpeach:
5: EnilE :ultfalcon::ultluigi:
6: Match :ultrob:
7: RedFalcon207 :ultwolf:
8: Leafality :ultcloud::ultrichter:
9: Quest :ultolimar:
10: E.T. :ultinkling:

HM: Kman :ultfalcon:
HM: Dany2theny :ultincineroar:
HM: PartOken :ultsnake:


Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...ved_515021989359610.png?width=1127&height=634
Quarter 4 2019

0: YellowRello :ultyoshi:
1: Blank- :ultmario:
2: Zack K :ultbrawler:
3: Atcy :ultmarth:
4: MDog :ultpokemontrainer:
5: JFK :ulttoonlink::ultridley:
6: Chaos Cobra :ultpokemontrainer::ultjoker:
7: NHD :ultjoker:
8: Xtinct :ultness::ultridley:
9: Libra :ultsheik:
10: Enzi :ultbanjokazooie:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...504397631508/image0.jpg?width=1151&height=411
Season 1 2019

1: Hakii :ultsnake::ultwolf:
2: Mufin :ultness:
3: Tenni :ultpokemontrainer:
4: Crump :ultcloud:
5: Sassy :ultrob:
6: Waltz :ultmegaman:
7: KadC :ultrobin:
8: Dragonite :ultpokemontrainer::ultrob:
9: Mar :ultdiddy:
10: Mrrr :ultmario:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/QQkAbfo.jpg
Season 2 2019

1: IceWaterRick :ultsnake:
2: Mufin :ultness::ultganondorf:
3: Takis :ultwolf:
4: Valiona :ultzelda::ultpalutena:
5: EzE :ultpeach::ultlink:
6: Xilus :ultrob:
7: Bumo :ultpiranha:
8: SoS :ultsamus:
9: Matlord :ultlink:
10: Craptor :ultinkling:

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Rx21iZ9TuMKcccz7o355e87Btj5SBWb2sns95laQXA/mobilebasic
Season 4 2019

1. Ray-:ultzelda:
2. Varn-:ultlucas:
3. 915-:ult_terry::ultken:
4. Avokha-:ultrobin::ulthero:
5. Rush-:ultrichter::ultike:
6. Butter-:ultfox:
7. Drunken Starfist-:ultmario::ultdoc::ultsnake::ultchrom:
8. Cox-:ultpalutena:
9. Brave-:ultkingdedede::ultinkling:
10. Thorn-:ultincineroar:


Source Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/170650408769945601/565593345699610655/TamuQ1.png
Quarter 1 2019

1: Spark :ultroy:
2: Jeripon :ultwiifittrainer:
3: Todayyz :ultridley:
4: Zobrak :ultwolf:
5: BraveWT :ultshulk:

HM: Wiz :ultpichu:
HM: Huey :ultpokemontrainer:
HM: TwerkKnife :ultwiifittrainer:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/yOnZdkl.jpg
Jan-Mar 2019

1: Awestin :ultness:
2: Army :ultolimar:
3: Cheeks :ultcloud:
4: Denti :ultpokemontrainer:
5: Karna :ultlucina::ultchrom::ultwolf::ultinkling:
6: Orex :ultpeach:
7: Jayson :ultfox:
8: Dakpo :ultdiddy::ultpichu:
9: Kosoku :ultpichu:
10: Eclipse :ultgreninja:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...2189462142986/image0.jpg?width=954&height=518
Winter 2019

1: Mr Newport :ultlittlemac:
2: Seba :ultganondorf::ultroy::ultlucina:
3: Duck :ultzss::ultfox:
4: A1 :ultmario::ultsnake:
5: Jeal8A :ultrob::ultsnake:
6: Diago :ultcloud:
7: Bruno :ultfalcon:
8: Fermit :ultkingdedede:
9: SS Rose :ultbayonetta:
10: Tactician :ultrobin:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ENi7skhU4AIEFzb?format=jpg&name=medium
Quarter 4 2019

1: Ismon :ultwario:
2: Shadow_PR :ultbayonetta:
3: Trela :ultbanjokazooie:
4: Radishking :ultluigi:
5: Wintertime :ultken:
6: Deluxemenu :ultbowser:
7: Niko :ultcloud:
8: Heew :ultrichter:
9: Carlos :ultgunner:
10: Cyanide :ultgreninja:

HM: Inc :ultjoker:
HM: Malachute :ultsnake:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...4996296048641/image0.jpg?width=921&height=519
Jan-Mar 2019

1: Meme :ultyoshi::ultlucina:
2: Joker :ultsamus::ultincineroar::ultganondorf:
3: Dubbzy :ultswordfighter::ultpokemontrainer:
4: iFox :ultsnake::ultroy:
5: Cali :ultfalco::ultpokemontrainer::ultfox:
6: Gaaro :ultyoshi:
7: Shiny :ultpokemontrainer::ultbowserjr:
8: Culix :ultmetaknight:
9: Cosmic :ultridley::ultgunner::ultgreninja::ultbayonetta:
10: Gabbah :ultpalutena::ultpichu:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...6582395101204/image0.jpg?width=921&height=519
Quarter 1 2019

1: Zael :ultpokemontrainer:
2: JBoss :ultyoshi:
3: Commander :ultinkling:
4: Blustriker :ultsonic:
5: Tofee :ultlucina:
6: Meowser :ultbowser:
7: Wolf :ultpichu:
8: Haipe :ultridley:
9: Anomaly :ultpiranha:
10: KumaFist :ultkingdedede:

HM: Shadic :ultcorrin:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EM-z513XYAUH1Iz.jpg:large
Quarter 4 2019

1: Dojo :ultinkling:
2: Bound :ulthero::ultness:
3: Khade :ultsamus::ultridley:
4: Bobbles :ultbowser::ultbanjokazooie:
5: E-Gar :ultken:
6: Panda-B :ultrichter::ultyounglink:
7: G-Shark :ultmetaknight::ultridley::ultlucina:
8: Justice :ultdiddy::ultjoker::ultzss:
9: Sly :ultjoker::ult_terry:
10: Craver :ultpikachu:

Source Image: https://imgur.com/8M3nn63
Season 2 2019

1: Megafox :ultfox:
2: Gidy :ultchrom::ultroy:
3: Phoenix :ultpalutena::ultlucas::ultinkling:
4: Illusion :ultgreninja::ultike:
5: KJ :ultridley::ultsimon:
6: Rali :ultpit::ultdarkpit:
7: Whiteout :ultkingdedede::ultwario:
8: Metalix :ultsnake::ultlink:
9: Jopan :ultpalutena:
10: Magik :ultgnw:

HM: Ninjafish :ultlittlemac::ult_terry:
HM: Kevo :ultwolf:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPpGhWZXsAIxjE2?format=jpg&name=900x900
Season 2 2019

1st: Meme :ultyoshi: :ultlucina:
2nd: Joker :ultsamus: :ultdarksamus: :ultridley:
3rd: Ismon :ultwario: :ultfalco:
4th: Grayson :ultrob:
5th: Hakii :ultzss:
6th: Gidy :ultroy: :ultchrom:
7th: KingK :ultrob:
8th: Shadow_PR :ultbayonetta: :ultpalutena:
9th: Denti :ultpokemontrainer: :ultolimar:
10th: Brr :ultinkling:

HMs/Inactives: Megafox :ultfox:, Trela :ultbanjokazooie: :ulthero:, Lima :ultbayonetta:, Awestin :ultness:, Dojo :ultinkling:

Source Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attach...8319399886848/image0.jpg?width=921&height=518
Quarter 1 2019

1: Dojo :ultinkling::ultlucina:
2: Bound :ultness:
3: Yellowrello :ultyoshi:
4: Blank- :ultpichu:
5: Khade :ultinkling::ultlucario:
6: Bobbles :ultbowser::ultroy:
7: Panda-B :ultyounglink::ultrichter:
8: Zack K :ultbrawler:
9: Kanonzz :ultdaisy::ultmario:
10: Swlft :ultwiifittrainer::ultpalutena:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/Ucfo1eW.jpg
Season 1 2019

1: Starbuck :ultwolf::ultjoker:
2: Puente :ultness:
3: Naux :ulttoonlink::ultjoker:
4: victormcq :ultness::ultyoshi:
5: Sea\Quence :ultyoshi:
6: Trixy :ultinkling::ultpalutena:
7: Kirbio :ultrobin:
8: xLordKingNoahx :ultwolf::ultpit:
9: PapaPat! :ultyoshi::ultganondorf:
10: Garroc :ultbowser:

HM: MikeDrop :ultpacman::ultgnw:
HM: Ninj :ultlittlemac:
HM: Streams :ultolimar:


Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQWx4VOUUAEFWEh?format=jpg&name=900x900

1st: BestNess :ultness: :ultpalutena: :ultpiranha: :ultrob:
2nd: PiXL :ultlucina: :ultfalco: :ultwolf: :ultbowserjr:
3rd: Valor :ultsonic: :ultinkling: :ultwolf:
4th: Kreeg :ultroy:
5th: BBW :ultlucina: :ultwario: :ultdiddy:
6th: MINT :ultbowser: :ultjigglypuff: :ultdoc:
7th: FroZn :ultroy: :ultlucina: :ultrob:
8th: Temporary Plan :ultpokemontrainer:
9th: Imtendo :ultpikachu:
10th: Fusion :ultshulk: :ultsnake:

HM: Zace :ultpikachu: :ultcloud:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/lg5L9Qy.jpg
Season 1 2019

1: Tomato :ultpalutena:
2: Osiris :ultsnake:
3: Surge :ultsamus:
4: Dong :ultsnake:
5: Poob :ultkingdedede:
6: Chili :ultlink:
7: Lopez :ultpichu:
8: Fin :ultroy:
9: Wulph :ultpalutena:
10: Uli :ultsheik:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEXlzlMAXgAI3vwd%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3D4096x4096&hash=3bd7105d8697d2387e8926f749f42095
Winter 2019-2020

1. TM :ultjoker: :ulthero::ultlucas:
2. Cabelob :ultrob:
3. Failboat :ultswordfighter: :ultinkling: :ultlucario:
4. Rags :ultpichu: :ultbowser:
5. Never :ultpokemontrainer:
6. Yugen :ultsnake: :ultfox:
7. Balco :ultpacman:
8. UmaSylphyn :ultshulk: :ultlittlemac: :ultrobin:
9. Che :ultrobin: :ultbyleth: :ultisabelle:
10. Quantum :ultlucas:

Inactive. Waterboy :ultbanjokazooie: :ultbowser: :ultkrool:
Inactive. Red Panda :ultsamus: :ultpalutena: :ultkingdedede:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/nPZxb2a.png
Sprimg 2019

1: Ben :ultpacman:
2: Average :ultinkling::ultchrom:
3: MikeyNYCE :ultmario:
4: Alec :ultmewtwo::ulticeclimbers::ultpeach::ultridley:
5: Dargin :ultyoshi:
6: Descolae :ultgunner:
7: McFly :ultinkling::ultlucina:
8: Ruffian :ultdk::ultkingdedede::ultwolf:
9: The Boulder :ultdk:
10: TiredTeemo :ultsnake::ultfalcon:

HM: Oli :ultvillager:
HM: Mr. Optimal :ultlink::ultyounglink::ultrob:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-ooypuX4AAGRYr.jpg
Season 2 2019

1: Puppeh :ultpokemontrainer::ultwolf::ultbowserjr::ultjoker::ultwario:
2: Squerk :ultyoshi::ultinkling:
3: Pink :ultpichu::ultwolf:
4: Chas :ultmegaman::ultsonic::ultdaisy:
5: NoTag :ultmario::ultsamus:
6: Raven :ultsnake:
7: Pancake Mix :ultmetaknight::ultinkling::ultswordfighter:
8: Unknown :ultlink::ulttoonlink::ultcloud:
9: Adastran :ultincineroar::ultwiifittrainer::ultsimon::ulttoonlink::ultzelda:
10: Alternis :ultlittlemac::ultwiifittrainer:
11: Pitzer :ultjoker::ultike:
12: Martz :ultfox:
13: Gravon :ultfalcon:
14: Gimpy :ultpalutena::ultwolf:
15: Hiro :ultrob::ultwario:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/k2LsbPk.jpg
Spring 2019

1: Frostbyte :ultroy::ultwario::ultmewtwo:
2: Retrobot :ultrob:
3: Sillody :ultkirby::ultpacman::ultyoshi:
4: Marty :ultpokemontrainer:
5: Ben :ultpacman:
6: Tsunami :ultpokemontrainer:
7: Average :ultinkling::ultchrom:
8: Dirq :ultwolf::ultdiddy::ultmario:
9: Baboonga :ultincineroar:
10: MikeyNYCE :ultmario::ultdk:
11: Twisted :ultkingdedede:
12: Fjord :ultpalutena:
13: Alec :ultridley::ultwolf::ultpeach:
14: Dargin :ultyoshi:
15: Nach :ultshulk:

HB: Blazerike :ultike:
HB: Naz :ultdk:
HB: Corriean :ultfox:
HM: Pauleke :ultlucas:
HM: McFly :ultinkling:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/9yGJYLV.jpg
Spring 2019

1: Retrobot :ultrob:
2: Marty :ultpokemontrainer:
3: Sillody :ultkirby::ultyoshi:
4: Baboonga :ultincineroar:
5: Naz :ultdk:
6: Twisted :ultkingdedede:
7: Fjord :ultpalutena:
8: CCC :ultwolf:
9: Flightless :ultwario::ultbowser:
10: Gaz :ultpichu:

HM: Nach :ultshulk:
HM: Jollypie :ultluigi::ultsnake:
HB: Frostbyte :ultroy::ultwario:
HB: Correian :ultfox:
DM (Dishonorable Mention): Amrit :ultchrom::ultsnake:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/cYc5QMQ.png
Spring 2019

1: FamedBlade :ultsonic::ultwolf:
2: Peace!2 :ultwario::ultdk:
3: KB :ulticeclimbers::ultwiifittrainer::ultdaisy:
4: Weruop :ultbowserjr::ultyounglink::ultpiranha:
5: Joel Joestar :ultsnake:
6: Kyuwolf :ultinkling::ultjoker::ultshulk:
7: Superbottle :ultlittlemac::ultkirby:
8: Chez :ultkingdedede:
9: Red :ultdarksamus:
10: Nemes!s :ultpacman::ultolimar:

Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/UQlKf8x.jpg
Winter 2019

1: Pandarian :ultpokemontrainer::ultwolf:
2: Pokepen :ultike::ultwolf::ultinkling:
3: Konga :ultdk:
4: Magister :ultincineroar::ultvillager:
5: Snickeldorf :ultgnw:
6: Duwang :ultluigi::ultridley:
7: DAMN. :ultken::ultwolf:
8: Tra$h Koopa God :ultbowserjr:
9: Shinkou :ultsheik::ultzelda:
10: JTreezy :ultincineroar::ultdoc::ultluigi:
11: J^2 :ultgreninja:
12: Yayzors :ultlucas:
13: SmashBrosFan16 :ulttoonlink::ultwolf:
14: Legendary Jay :ultpichu::ultjigglypuff:
15: Kila :ultcloud::ultkrool:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELOmQFuVAAAS0Ih?format=jpg&name=large
Fall 2019

1: Pandarian :ultpokemontrainer::ultchrom:
2: Pokepen :ultinkling::ultgreninja::ultike:
3: Duwang :ultmario:
4: Signas :ultwiifittrainer:
5: Damn. :ultken::ultryu:
6: Trash Koopa God :ultbowserjr:
7: Snickledorf :ultgnw::ultsnake:
8: Jojodahobo :ulttoonlink::ultwolf:
9: Mystic_Sylvanos :ultbowserjr::ultincineroar::ultridley:
10: Cyan :ultpalutena:

Sleeping Giant (SG): Middy :ultpacman:
SG: Konga :ultdk:
SG: Locke :ultmegaman:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4moNblWsAE0jS3?format=jpg&name=large
Spring 2019

1: Vrael :ultpichu:
2: Papa Lobster :ultdk:
3: Nova :ultzss::ultike:
4: bordy :ultroy:
5: Bread :ultzss::ultpalutena:
6: Minty :ultfox::ultwolf::ultroy:
7: MachoCheeze :ultpiranha:
8: Psych :ultkingdedede:
9: Mothman :ultwolf:
10: W :ultpikachu:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_eQD4BXUAEIC-k.jpg:large
Apr-Jun 2019

1: Skuniar :ultfalcon::ultrobin::ultincineroar:
2: Takaiyo :ultsnake:
3: Lubbock :ultike:
4: J :ultjoker::ultbrawler:
5: Winro :ultbowser:
6: Mezio :ultvillager:
7: Gordgar094 :ultlittlemac:
8: Jiraiya :ultgreninja:
9: Dash :ultbayonetta::ultpalutena:
10: Omnimatrix :ultincineroar:

HM: Wigwag :ultfox:
HM: Aurinite :ultjoker:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQr-o92XYAImRLO?format=jpg&name=small
Oct-Dec 2019

1st: Comet :ultfox:
2nd: Parappa :ultbrawler: :ult_terry: :ulthero:
3rd: Kasen :ultzss: :ultjoker:
4th: PowPow :ultsonic:
5th: Starman :ultgreninja:
6th: Fons :ultdoc:
7th: DRO :ultyoshi: :ultinkling:
8th: Broadway! :ultsnake:
9th: Meden :ultkirby: :ulthero:
10th: Edboy :ultmario: :ultridley:
11th: J :ultbrawler:
12th: Twisted Ego :ultlucina: :ultwolf:
13th: Spencer :ultness :ultpalutena:
14th: Abel :ultike: :ult_terry:
15th: Plague_2 :ultbowser: :ultgnw:


Source Image: https://i.imgur.com/wQ5xWcH.jpg
Season 1 2019

1: Wammer :ultyounglink:
2: GravelCrusher :ultsnake:
3: Blackwayv :ultroy:
4: ESlick :ultzss:
5: Ronk :ultkrool:
6: Defpun :ultsamus:
7: Solax :ultpokemontrainer:
8: XIII :ultlucina:
9: Farf :ultganondorf:
10: Oleyy :ultpiranha:

This list is still imcomplete...
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Yoshi is Thicc in S P I R I T
May 13, 2018
All around you, awaiting to consume your soul
Switch FC
Reserved for Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central & South America

----------CANADA----------(21 Power Rankings)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ERkDQnwUUAApfQf?format=jpg&name=small
Winter 2019

1st: Exodia :ultzss:
2nd: Vando :ultjoker:
3rd: Alphicans :ultpokemontrainer:
4th: Nurse :ultwario: :ultfox: :ultsamus: :ult_terry:
5th: king_chris :ultzss:
6th: MD3 :ultsonic:
7th: Pasta B0i :ultsnake:
8th: Chaizord :ultjoker: :ultzss:
9th: Kursed :ultwiifittrainer:
10th: Marf :ultzelda:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FIcowQyUcAAuwFz?format=jpg&name=large
Jul-Dec 2021

1st: Ouch!? :ultwolf:
2nd: Big D :ulticeclimbers: :ultfalcon:
3rd: Lemmon :ultjoker:
4th: Tickle :ultmythra: :ultpyra:
5th: Machu :ultrob: :ultdiddy: :ultdoc:
6th: Grade :ultmewtwo: :ultwolf: :ultsora:
7th: Captain L :ultsheik:
8th: Pacstreet :ultpacman: :ultminmin:
9th: SpamCop :ultmario: :ultwolf:
10th: Capsize :ultgreninja: :ultrobin: :ultjoker:
11th: Opsine :ultvillager: :ultzss:
12th: Len :ultdarkpit:
13th: Liam :ultrichter:
14th: Sno :ulthero: :ultlucina: :substitute:
15th: Legit247 :ultrob: :ultdk: :substitute:

HM: Shoghi :ultrobin: :ultbyleth: :ultroy:
Inactive: Maphoo :ultmegaman:
Invader: Peckham :ultminmin:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1585080919502-png.266881/
Winter 2020

1st: SpamCop :ultmario:
2nd: Shoghi :ultrobin: :ultchrom: :ultike:
3rd: Grade :ultmewtwo: :ultwolf:
4th: Liam :ultrichter:
5th: IrisZ :ultlink:
6th: Dawsyn :ultjoker:
7th: Nervy :ultpokemontrainer:
8th: Janzo :ultpikachu:
9th: Moment :ultfalcon:
10th: TravishVII :ultmetaknight: :ultbowser:

HMs: TPS :ultinkling:, Lodestar :ultjoker:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578800895308-png.256836/
Jun-Dec 2019

1st: Machu :ultbanjokazooie: :ultrob: :ultridley:
2nd: Espeon*CH :ultlink: :ultyounglink:
3rd: ZachB :ultdiddy:
4th: Rhythm :ultrob:
5th: Moss :ultbowser:
6th: Yaya :ultgnw: :ultrichter:
8th: Sarbassi :ultike: :ultcloud:
9th: Efeo :ultbowser: :ultfox:
9th: MMM :ultluigi: :ultdarkpit:
10th: Flux :ultlink: :ultisabelle:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EL7bOhCUUAA_tEd?format=jpg&name=large
Winter 2019

1st: Strike :ultfox: :ultyounglink: :ultjoker:
2nd: king_chris :ultzss: :ultjoker:
3rd: Kerbooples :ultpiranha: :ultwolf:
4th: frededish :ultrob:
5th: Phili :ultbanjokazooie: :ultdk: :ultyoshi:
6th: Jackson :ultdaisy:
7th: Sonic :ultyounglink:
8th: Pie Flavor :ultdarksamus:
9th: Ashari :ultroy: :ultjoker:
10th: DILF :ultgreninja: :ultwario:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578804040766-png.256853/
Fall 2019

1st: Solarflare :ultbowser:
2nd: Catalyst :ultshulk:
3rd: Soh :ultpokemontrainerf:
4th: Shuck3y :ultpalutena:
5th: C-Salt :ultinklingboy:
6th: Joe :ultwiifittrainer:
7th: Bogmire :ultluigi:
8th: Maher :ultmario:
9th: Light :ultyoshi:
10th: Josh MagBrag :ultkrool: :ultjoker:

HM: Andomal :ultwolf:
HM: TM20 :ultlucina: :ultmario: :ultrob:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578804339226-png.256856/
Fall 2019

1st: Twan :ultpichu: :ultmario:
2nd: Brando :ultzss: :ultpalutena:
3rd: Banjo :ultganondorf: :ultbowser:
4th: Fuzzydyne :ultjoker:
5th: Intol :ultshulk:
6th: Groovy :ultpokemontrainerf: :ultchrom:
7th: Dingus :ultwiifittrainer:
8th: Drex :ultfalcon:
9th: Slick :ultludwig: :ultpokemontrainer:
10th: Jar :ultfalcon: :ultdk:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578804185828-png.256854/
Fall 2019

1st: Bailo :ultpalutena:
2nd: Asprey :ultincineroar:
3rd: Vapor :ultjoker:
4th: TehBlueOne :ultike:
5th: Croi :ultridley:
6th: Raziek :ultjoker:
7th: Gronk :ultrob:
8th: Trevor :ultzelda:
9th: Sham Savior :ultyoshi:
10th: Joboone :ultpiranha:

HM: Honeybadger :ultchrom:
HM: Zeldablade :ultrichter:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEVCyj_oWsAEOtMC%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=d19b4d40d031ee180d8f01420a2c7048
Winter 2020

1. Tamim :ultbayonetta:
2. Steve From Accounting :ultrob:
3. Budget :ultsnake:
4. Chad :ultkrool:
5. Hub :ultgreninja:
6. Pokecheese :ultgunner:
7. RyanDCB :ultpiranha:
8. Karamel :ultpikachu:
9. GetShulked :ultroy:
10. Jadealine :ultrosalina:

HM. Stardust :ultjoker:
HM. Charms :ultbanjokazooie:
HM. El Chupacabra :ultwolf:
HM. Uni :ultrobin:
HM. Starbur :ultwolf:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/london-pr-jpg.296292/
Season 4 2020

1. Burst :ultinkling:
2. Train :ultdarksamus:
3. Slime :ultbowserjr:
4. Apollo :ult_terry:
5. Snap :ultyounglink::ultlucas:
6. Nanaba :ultpalutena:
7. KnucklesUp :ultkrool:
8. Detective :ultgreninja:
9. BearTrap :ultwario:
10. Wumbulon :ultrobin::ultkingdedede:

HM. SpaceAustralia :ultpokemontrainer:
HM. Clementine :ultroy:
Hidden Boss. Orange :ultlink:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEU4PmAZWsAcqu2A%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=2283823c74c0835c0af2a70439e4545a
Winter 2020

1. Xcal :ulttoonlink:
2. Serious :ultmegaman::ultmario:
3. Spiral :ultgreninja:
4. Tri :ultlink:
5. Brodz :ultbowser:
6. Killion :ultsnake:
7. Bashmo_4 :ultwolf::ultfalco:
8. Crow :ultbyleth:
9. Shao Kanye :ultsamus:
10. Dagangster :ultkingdedede:

HM. Alto :ultgreninja::ultlucario:
HM. Rust :ultchrom::ultridley:
HM. Skulled :ultsnake:
HM. Jasowa :ultcloud::ultgreninja:
HM. Hanado :ultike:
HM. Sendo :ultfox::ultfalco:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/attachments/1578803634043-png.256851/
Fall-Winter 2019

1st: Riddles :ult_terry: :ultken: :ultjoker:
2nd: Blacktwins :ultpichu: :ultroy: :ultmario:
3rd: Jw :ultgreninja:
4th: XCal :ulttoonlink:
5th: Stas :ultwiifittrainerm:
6th: tamim :ultbayonetta:
7th: Grape :ultsnake:
8th: DoctorKayh :ultcloud:
9th: Burst :ultyoshi: :ultinkling:
10th: Blanc :ultfalco: :ultroy2:
11th: ADADA :ultlink:
12th: M9 :ultmegaman:
13th: Steve From Accounting :ultrob: :ultswordfighter:
14th: Pokecheese :ultgunner: :ultswordfighter:
15th: Chad :ultkrool:

HM: Orange :ultlink:
HM: Landon :ultluigi:
HM: Litany :ultganondorf:
HM: Slime :ultmario: :ultbowserjr:
HM: Xyro :ultpokemontrainerf:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FENAkwmBXUAARcLi%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dlarge&hash=0aadf118f46b0dde22835e650c26a154
Sep-Dec 2019

1. DynamiX :ultlucas:
2. Arsenic :ultluigi: :ultkingdedede:
3. Yetik :ultinkling: :ultisabelle:
4. Ramen :ultchrom: :ultganondorf:
5. Darth :ultwiifittrainer: :ultbanjokazooie:
6. No U :ultmegaman: :ultjigglypuff:

Hidden Boss: Nokura :ultbowser:
HM: Jeff :ultyoshi: :ultkirby:
HM: Wood :ultfalco: :ultmario:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EVGeMNTUUAAqLXt?format=jpg&name=large
Spring 2020

1. Kotorizuki :ultsnake:
2. Metroid7 :ultsamus:
3. Vrenzzy :ultkrool:
4. Pari :ultyoshi:
5. Frenchies :ultolimar:
6. MarkoTech :ultwolf:
7. HugoShi :ultyounglink:
8. Stardust :ultmario:
9. Pyrom :ultfalcon:
10. Exene :ultganondorf:

HM. Stickless :ultpacman:
HM. Zerphold :ultness:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FFHfMtasXMAIkNSv%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=68d7ab369e785c2550d988bfa9907ece
End 2021

1. Smokk :ultwolf:
2. LA GRIMACE :ultgnw:
3. Armadillo :ultlucario:
4. SuperGirlKels :ultsonic:
5. Z :ultdiddy:
6. Pacha :ultpalutena:
7. Kel :ultkazuya:
8. DooM :ultpiranha:
9. Soar :ultsephiroth:
10. Daddy Janky :ultincineroar:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FENPpYAyWsAEBwLj%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dlarge&hash=5a774d3ade380969d8e755d484801117
Winter 2019

1. Hoe :ultmetaknight: :ultrobin: :ultjoker: :ultgunner:
2. Stroumbert :ultbowserjr:
3. Diablak :ultlucina:
4. Deeder :ultwario: :ultmario:
5. Wisifox :ultsnake: :ultzss:
6. Sensuell :ultken: :ultshulk:
7. Fairlines :ultpokemontrainer:
8. Tartelette :ultcloud:
9. Zhebed :ultswordfighter:
10. Helloween :ultincineroar:

Gatekeeper: JuiceBox :ultrob:
Most improved: Momann :ultpacman: :ultsamus:
Most improved: Audio :ultgreninja:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEVJQwtlUwAEVqkT%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dsmall&hash=212321117384dc333e79fb64ba1d3644
Season 4 2020

1. LA GRIMACE :ultinkling::ultgnw:
2. Terroxas :ultinkling:
3. Zioxiis :ultpichu::ultlucina:
4. 420furry :ultpikachu::ultkrool:
5. lampaluile :ultness::ultwolf:
6. Willoiko :ultjigglypuff:
7. oomtm450 :ultjoker:
8. A342 :ultfalcon:
9. Polu :ultyoshi::ultbowser:
10. p-Ness :ultness:

HM. Youn Doux :ultryu:
HM. Lil Profit :ultrosalina::ultmario:
HM. Dark Winking :ultike:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEN7tzxyWkAA3qDg%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=777001650eb3fcae4172e8c988f93e2d
Season 3 2019

1. DooM :ultpiranha:
2. Dreadwave :ultbowser:
3. Bismarck :ultbowser:
4. Runescape :ultpokemontrainer:
5. Shaam :ultyoshi:
6. Thunderp :ultinkling::ultlittlemac:
7. Gros Big :ultwario:
8. WeFit :ultwiifittrainer: :ultroy:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOQlMH9VAAAz4gG?format=jpg&name=900x900
Fall 2019

1st: Scubbss :ultcloud:
2nd: NadiA :ultpikachu:
3rd: Beezy :ultrob: :ultwolf:
4th: Garry2Scary :ultsnake:
5th: Pinkbombo91 :ultpeach:
6th: Overcast! :ultwolf:
7th: Rilo :ultsnake:
8th: Bugdoctor :ultmegaman:
9th: Bentatek :ultinkling:
10th: Player :ultkirby:

HMs: LukeDuke :ultchrom:, Pongo :ultken:

----------CENTRAL AMERICA----------(1 Power Ranking)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EO-f0_LX0AAylUS?format=jpg&name=900x900
Sep-Dec 2019

1st: AnDy :ultpeach:
2nd: JD :ultdiddy: :ultpalutena: :ultgnw:
3rd: GaBo :ultdarkpit: :ultsnake: :ultwario:
4th: Lumaking :ultjoker: :ultchrom: :ultpalutena:
5th: Starfil :ultrobin: :ultrichter: :ultdarkpit:
6th: Jaime :ultsnake: :ultmario: :ultfalcon:
7th: Why Not :ultpalutena: :ultinkling: :ultmario:
8th: Colgate :ultvillager:
9th: MDL :ultyoshi: :ultinkling:
10th: DDF :ultjoker:
11th: R10 :ultchrom:
12th: Sr. Snake :ultsnake:
13th: Y26 :ultwolf:
14th: ISCO :ultlink:
15th: Hydra :ultwolf: :ultsheik: :ult_terry:
16th: Noway :ultrosalina: :ultzelda: :ultpalutena:
17th: Danteblake :ultpokemontrainer: :ultlittlemac:
18th: Ch90 :ultlucina:
19th: ADB :ultryu: :ultwolf:
20th: DM :ultfalco: :ultdk:

----------SOUTH AMERICA----------(1 Power Ranking)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOnXumDX0AABoTn?format=jpg&name=large

1st: ZanT :ultpokemontrainer: :ultwiifittrainer:
2nd: Escurridizo :ultpikachu: :ultwolf: :ultjoker:
3rd: Bakuryu :ultken: :ultryu:
4th: Smashu :ultness: :ultlucas: :ultinkling:
5th: Paco :ultridley:
6th: Toplus :ultsnake:
7th: Flagtail :ultshulk:
8th: Joa :ultswordfighter: :ultcorrin:
9th: Cyrano :ultjoker: :ultsimon: :ultdiddy:
10th: Ipu :ultmegaman: :ultluigi: :ultpiranha:

HMs: Aliluc :ultpichu: :ultdarkpit:, Idle :ultlucina:, Supra :ultinkling:, Meint :ultpalutena:, Mashiz :ultsnake: :ultganondorf:, KPC :ultcloud:
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Yoshi is Thicc in S P I R I T
May 13, 2018
All around you, awaiting to consume your soul
Switch FC
Reserved for Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania

----------EUROPE----------(20 Power Rankings)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EP8pL8iWkAEvFqn?format=jpg&name=small
Jun-Nov 2019

1. Dia :ultpeach:
2. L-T:ultsnake:
3. Yiazmat Goth :ultridley::ultpiranha::ultmegaman::ultmewtwo::ultgnw:
4. Bilibo :ultness:
5. Nibodax :ultjoker::ultfalcon::ultbayonetta:
6. Xetrox :ultgreninja::ulttoonlink::ultgnw:
7. Dynastyle :ultfalcon:
8. Sacha :ultpokemontrainer:
9. Hytm :ultlink:
10. Mamoru :ultken:

HM: DKing :ultdk:, Gonsan:ultinkling:, Nat :ultike:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EP8ynz9WAAIuRoP?format=jpg&name=small
Aug 2019-Jan 2020

1st: Hope :ulthero: :ultroy:
2nd: Tsun :ultjoker: :ultpokemontrainer: :ultchrom:
3rd: Melih :ultmario: :ultpokemontrainer:
4th: Dreegon :ultfalco: :ultinkling:
5th: Roh1 :ultlucas: :ultrobin: :ultbayonetta:
6th: Laske :ultpokemontrainer: :ultsnake:
7th: Calamity :ultchrom:
8th: CheatmanDK :ultsonic:
9th: Zonkius :ult_terry: :ultpalutena:
10th: King Funk :ultyoshi: :ultwolf:

HMs: Rules :ultsnake: Friis :ultpokemontrainer:


Source: https://twitter.com/SmashResultsEU/status/1241045233598595072
Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

1. Glutonny :ultwario:
2. QuiK :ultsamus: :ultzss:
3. Space :ultinkling: :ultjoker:
4. Mr. R :ultchrom: :ultsnake: :ultyounglink: :ultsheik:
5. Meru :ultpeach: :ultzelda:
6. S1 :ultness: :ultwolf:
7. Oryon :ultwolf: :ultdoc:
8. Flow :ultroy: :ultchrom:
9. Light :ultpalutena: :ultsheik:
10. Homika :ultrosalina: :ultpikachu:
11. Tru4 :ultshulk:
12. Supahsemmie :ultyounglink:
13. Elexiao :ultgreninja:
14. Tarik :ultgreninja: :ultpokemontrainer:
15. iStudying :ultgreninja:
16. Lancelot :ultchrom:
17. Scr7 :ultpalutena:
18. Jeda :ultlucario: :ultjoker:
19. PeW :ultness: :ultinkling:
20. LuiS :ultpalutena:
21. Sirjon :ultzss: :ultpalutena:
22. RobinGG :ultpeach: :ultdaisy:
23. Peli :ultkingdedede: :ultsonic:
24. Greil :ultwolf: :ultrichter:
25. Yetey :ultpichu:
26. CurryGovernor :ultcloud: :ultfox:
27. Longo :ultrob: :ultpalutena:
28. Leon :ultlucina:
29. MVL :ultyounglink: :ultwario:
30. Young Eevey :ultbowserjr:
31. Streakz :ultwolf: :ultfox: :ultsnake:
32. Darkthunder :ultbowser:
33. Ogey :ultfalcon: :ultwolf:
34. cyve :ultdiddy: :ultinkling:
35. ShuC :ultgreninja:
36. TriM :ultmegaman:
37. Antireflex :ultrob:
38. Lucky :ultpit: :ultdarkpit:
39. Otakuni :ultlink:
40. Tag :ultpalutena:
41. Whoophee :ultwario: :ultrichter:
42. Rage :ultbayonetta:
43. VinS :ultlink:
44. Patrino :ult_terry: :ultfox:
45. Maeda :ultken: :ultryu:
46. Griffith :ultpokemontrainer:
47. Azrael :ultwolf: :ultcloud:
48. Loading... :ultmegaman: :ultjoker:
49. Greward :ultpiranha: :ultolimar:
50. Deon :ultgunner:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPyIAkrWAAEZYPK?format=jpg&name=900x900
Winter 2019

1st: Lancelot :ultchrom: :ultpalutena:
2nd: Solobattle :ultwario: :ultrichter: :ultike:
3rd: BL4CK :ultdoc: :ultpalutena:
4th: Mursu :ultpacman: :ultkirby:
5th: Heru :ultpokemontrainer:
6th: ZartZu :ultlink: :ultbanjokazooie: :ultganondorf:
7th: Kaura :ultrob:
8th: Lyfja :ultsimon:
9th: NOQQYSC :ultincineroar:
10th: Eedwarddi :ultlucina:
11th: Maksu :ultkrool:
12th: Rickshaw :ultpeach: :ultdaisy:
13th: Shvico :ultken: :ult_terry:
14th: Jiikoo :ultpeach: :ultcloud: :ultrichter:
15th: Vurky :ultyoshi: :ultjoker:


Source: https://twitter.com/YakumoSSB/status/1218166072307785734
Jul-Dec 2019

1. cyve :ultinkling::ultdiddy::ultjoker:
2. Snormanda :ultbowserjr:
3. Yakumo :ultyoshi::ultgreninja:
4. Zwirkklop33 :ultdarksamus:
5. Casp3r :ultzelda:
6. Kaizen :ultbanjokazooie:
7. BanhofBanger :ultfalcon:
8. Moussa :ultbanjokazooie::ultjigglypuff:
9. Sasu :ultdarksamus:
10. reptain :ultinkling:

RU. Aki :ultkingdedede::ultgreninja:
RU. liquidmars :ultridley:

HM. Y :ultyoshi:
HM. n0x :ultwario:

Source: https://twitter.com/MunichSmash/status/1219978791570870274
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Beek :ultken::ultryu:
2. Dark :ultrobin::ultpalutena:
3. Kranke Maschine :ultzss::ultdk:
4. Sorgon :ultridley:
5. Takahashi :ultwario:
6. Meutrich :ultbanjokazooie::ultjoker::ultpit:
7. KingVulk :ultkrool:
8. Raphy :ultkrool::ultincineroar:
9. Labot :ultlucario::ultduckhunt:
10. Dobby :ultchrom:
11. SiC :ultwario:
12. Ragin :ultbowser:
13. Mad :ultsnake:
14. Dwoff :ultpacman:
15. Knacka :ultpalutena::ultwolf:

RU. Shoegaze :ultyoshi:

HM. Silintor :ultlink:

"Ehrenbayer". Matthiasbayern :ultwiifittrainer:
"Ehrenbayer". Magitron :ultdarksamus:

"Ehrenbayer" = "honorary Bavarian"

Source: https://twitter.com/BerlinSmash/status/1234163307239682057
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Miles :ultpalutena:
2. Sodrek :ultyounglink:
3. Zebra :ultness:
4. Schligger:ultpikachu:
5. Gin :ultjigglypuff:
6. Judge :ultsamus:
7. DaShuckle :ultmario:
8. Slipknot :ultwario:
9. Mudel :ultfalco:
10. Mono :ult_terry:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPno1WSX0AAxZ2y?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Jul-Dec 2019

1. quiK :ultsamus:
2. Tarik :ultgreninja::ultpokemontrainer:
3. Sirjon :ultzss::ultpalutena:
4. RobinGG :ultpeach::ultdaisy:
5. Longo :ultrob::ultpalutena:
6. Tru4:ultshulk:
7. DarkThunder :ultbowser:
8. Light :ultpalutena:
9. Wusii :ultjoker::ultfox:
10. Beek :ultken:
11. Lucky :ultpit::ultdarkpit:
12. cyve :ultdiddy::ultinkling:

Source: https://twitter.com/SmashHamburg/status/1215344180299554816
Jul-Dec 2019

1. RobinGG :ultpeach::ultpalutena:
2. Niceface :ultlink:
3. Dr. L :ultpalutena::ultluigi::ultken:
4. Roxes :ultsnake::ultdarksamus:
5. Safariwisserin :ultdarkpit:
6. Yeet :ultwolf::ultpacman:
7. Hollowman :ultgnw:
8. Break :ultike:
9. Nakuri :ultkingdedede:
10. Scorpion :ultpit:

Source: https://twitter.com/GermanSmashCom/status/1230847223182823426
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Lucky :ultpit::ultdarkpit:
2. Sabaca :ultlucina::ultzelda:
3. Rinor :ultchrom::ultroy:
4. Boomuki :ultolimar::ultbanjokazooie::ultfalcon:
5. Florimar :ultpalutena::ultjoker:
6. Julez :ultness:
7. Rendon :ultshulk::ultpalutena:
8. Luchalitten :ultincineroar::ulthero::ultwiifittrainer:
9. Voffinator :ultlink:
10. Tales :ultpalutena:

Source: https://twitter.com/TeamCalyptus/status/1220769662255931393
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Sirjon :ultzss:
2. wusi :ultjoker:
3. Eldigan :ultike:
4. Poww :ultpokemontrainer:
5. SonX :ultsonic:
6. Takeo :ultike:
7. Yikarur :ultyoshi:
8. Honk :ultluigi:
9. Puya :ultincineroar:
10. F-A-!-A :ultluigi:

Source: https://twitter.com/GermanSmashCom/status/1218163564227117056
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Beek :ultken::ultryu:
2. cyve :ultdiddy::ultinkling::ultjoker:
3. Snormanda :ultbowserjr:
4. Dark :ultrobin::ultpalutena:
5. Yakumo :ultyoshi::ultgreninja:
6. Zwirrklop33 :ultdarksamus:
7. Kranke Maschine :ultzss::ultdk:
8. Sorgon :ultridley:
9. Takahashi :ultwario:
10. Meutrich :ultbanjokazooie: :ultjoker::ultpit:
11. KingVulk :ultkrool:
12. Raphy :ultkrool::ultincineroar:
13. Casp3r :ultzelda:
14. Labot :ultlucario::ultduckhunt:
15. Dobby :ultchrom:
16. Sic :ultwario:
17. Ragin :ultbowser:
18. Mad :ultsnake:
19. Dwoff :ultpacman:
20. Knacka :ultpalutena::ultwolf:

HM. n0x :ultwario:
HM. Sillintor :ultlink:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E5EQ-B0WYAIIyjg?format=jpg&name=small
Summer 2021

1st: AirLi :ulttoonlink:
2nd: Seether :ultrobin:
3rd: Egiru :ult_terry:
3rd: Solar :ultpit:
5th: Violet :ultlucas:
6th: mR NoMad :ultrichter:
7th: Fandorm :ultbowser:
8th: Brake :ultkingdedede:
9th: Wuffix :ultkirby: :ultlittlemac:
10th: tpaz :ultfalcon:
11th: Eggy :ultness: :ultminmin:
12th: Hilmir :ultrosalina:
13th: Green :ultyoshi: :ultkingdedede:
14th: TheBigDog :ultpokemontrainer:
15th: Omne :ultbayonetta:


Source: https://twitter.com/IrelandSSB/status/1227592589215399936
Feb 2019 - Feb 2020

1. Snook :ultpalutena:
2. BattlePuP :ultpalutena::ultzss::ultgreninja:
3. IsItReallyJohn :ultwario::ultwolf::ultroy:
4. Maikol :ultgreninja:
5. Winter Dreams :ultchrom::ultdiddy:
6. Hackle Serpent :ult_terry::ultrichter:
7. JamesPogChamp :ultmario::ultdk:
8. An2 :ultsamus:
9. WAH :ultsnake:
10. Sassypriest :ultike::ultbanjokazooie:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPUpCeyWoAET7zm?format=jpg&name=900x900
Season 2 2019

1st: Firstbones :ultpalutena: :ultjoker: :ultinkling: :ultmewtwo:
2nd: Meercko :ultlucina:
3rd: Genarog :ultpokemontrainer: :ultlucas: :ultincineroar: :ultzss:
4th: Dinamirer :ultjoker: :ultpalutena:
5th: NFL :ultsnake:
6th: TunaLink :ultjoker: :ultrob: :ultsonic:
7th: ForzeRusse :ultrob:
8th: Porke :ultinkling: :ultkirby:
9th: Midoriss :ultlittlemac:
10th: Kartina :ultwolf: :ultjoker:
11th: Pand :ultken: :ulticeclimbers: :ultgnw:
12th: Sim-Max :ultrob: :ultfalco:
13th: Mapiz :ultmario:
14th: G-Danzee :ultjoker:
15th: Kuro :ultganondorf:
16th: Bowsermarco :ultbowser:
17th: Andaya :ultwario:
18th: Lordrigo :ultzss:
19th: Elmartho :ultwolf:
20th: Sadler :ultfox:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOjryIOXsAYsk29?format=jpg&name=900x900

1st: YvelX :ultjoker: :ultpichu:
2nd: FairySeal :ultshulk:
3rd: Aaron EKS :ultzelda: :ultmewtwo: :ulttoonlink:
4th: Saitoz :ultwolf:
5th: SpiritWave :ultpacman:
6th: MuttButt :ultroy:
7th: 3rtan :ultrob: :ultpacman:
8th: Nexus :ultkrool:
9th: spirittq :ultlink:
10th: Oanthmek :ultlucina:
11th: Diddy :ultcloud:
12th: Lapinas :ultken:

HM: Stead :ultrobin:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ESMYiJuWoAEdq78?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Season 3

1st: Space :ultinkling: :ulthero:
2nd: Supahsemmie :ultyounglink:
3rd: S1 :ultness: :ultwolf: :ultpikachu:
4th: iStudying :ultbanjokazooie: :ultgreninja:
5th: Meru :ultpeach: :ultzelda:
6th: Antireflex :ultrob:
7th: Mr. R :ultchrom: :ultsnake: :ultsheik: :ultyounglink:
8th: Young Eevey :ultbowserjr:
9th: Azrael :ultwolf: :ultcloud:
10th: Patrino :ult_terry: :ultfox:
11th: TripleAAA :ultpalutena:
12th: Bejay :ultsnake:
13th: Grove :ultsnake:
14th: Purpledebo :ultpacman:
15th: Loading... :ultjoker: :ultmegaman:
16th: Paint :ultduckhunt:
17th: Jesse :ultpalutena:
18th: WhYYz :ultlucas:
19th: Treehugger :ultgnw:
20th: Joe :ultike: :ultchrom: :ultridley: :ultbowser:

HMs: Koyu :ultdarksamus:, ShuC :ultgreninja: :ultroy: :ultpalutena:


Source: https://twitter.com/SmashNorge/status/1221169649200574464
Jul-Dec 2019

1. WiiASE :ult_terry::ultbowser::ulthero:
2. Whoophee :ultwario::ultrichter:
3. Hudet :ultsnake:
4. Riksto :ultinkling:
5. Kanaribird :ultgreninja::ultfox::ultfalco:
6. Ton :ultpalutena::ultlucina:
7. J :ultlink:
8. Lunar :ultpalutena::ulttoonlink:
9. Near :ultcloud:
10. FriskyCissin :ultinkling::ultpokemontrainer:
11. Gardex :ultswordfighter:
12. Alextorg :ultrobin::ultzelda::ultpalutena:
13. Maroof :ultmegaman:
14. Lirnesu :ultyounglink:
15. Tredq :ultpalutena::ultjoker:
16. Gravy :ultike:
17. iLift :ultjoker:
18. Bach :ultpokemontrainer:
19. Doppio :ultpokemontrainer::ultmarth:
20. Amoll :ultincineroar:

Inactive threat. Bollefar :ultyoshi:
Inactive threat. Bryggiz :ultmario:

HM. Miidas :ultbowser::ultrob:
HM. Sætre :ultbowser::ultwolf:
HM. Hundur :ultyoshi:


Source: https://smash.gg/rankings/super-smash-bros-ultimate/series/polish-power-rankings
Summer 2019

1. Gu :ultpokemontrainer:
2. Drayv:ultgreninja::ultike:
3. Aggrise:ultpalutena::ultinkling::ultzss:
4. Klopsiak :ultisabelle::ultmegaman:
5. Spyder :ultpokemontrainer::ultpichu::ultpikachu:
6. Kandif :ultpacman::ultwiifittrainer:
7. PMA|Anikai :ultpichu::ultwolf::ultwario:
8. Megaban :ultrob::ultolimar:
9. Koziolek :ultridley::ultlucario:
10. Pitylord :ultbowser::ultpiranha::ultkirby:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FFHzDIuGUUAIyHtt%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dlarge&hash=ca87c6f7ebbd389c5ed968b5a2ede741

1. Darkstalker :ult_terry:
2. eMass :ultjoker:
3. Ramboss :ultsamus:
4. Peli :ultsonic::ultkingdedede:
5. Bloom4Eva :ultbayonetta::ultrosalina:
6. Streakz :ultfox:
7. Bulby :ultgnw:
8. Teca :ultyounglink:
9. Luugi :ultluigi:
10. Rahmone :ultdaisy:
11. Pik :ultken:
12. Jaxter :ultfalco:
13. NtheSN :ultbowser:
14. RobbieAK47 :ultshulk:
15. Zone :ultpalutena:

----------ASIA----------(15 Power Rankings)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EP84th1X0AAAl0V?format=jpg&name=small

1st: Nini :ultdaisy:
2nd: Ma :ultlink:
3rd: Ghatii :ultdk:
4th: Parable Greg :ultmario:
5th: Herr Oberst Nu :ultlucina:
6th: Crow :ultdarksamus:
7th: Bapps :ultfalco:
8th: Brandon :ultpokemontrainer:
9th: BDE :ultwolf:
10th: Carebear :substitute:


Source: https://twitter.com/SSBMIndia/status/1257024414538805251
Early 2020

1. LionHeart :ultbowser::ultganondorf:
2. Botman :ultinkling::ultjoker:
3. Quaylectra :ultridley::ultchrom:
4. Rozelle :ultlucina::ultyounglink:
5. Gaurav :ultchrom:
6. Shunitsu :ultjigglypuff:
7. qwertz143 :ultkirby:
8. Voltusaur :ultlink::ultike:
9. DBL0C :ultbowser:
10. Dooby :ultincineroar:
11. abhi2k5 :ultkrool::ultyoshi:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FAhxnFyX0AEiaJ0?format=jpg&name=large
Quarter 3 2021

1. Romor :ultbowser:
2. Picotera :ultwolf::ultzss:
3. Tay :ultpokemontrainerf::ultkazuya:
4. Guykish :ultness:
5. Fancy :ultjoker::ultsephiroth:
6. Bronpool :ultlink:
7. XCido :ultsteve:
8. W4Wambo :ultdiddy::ultolimar:
9. Psy :ultpikachu::ultroy:
10. Moshy45 :ultrob:

HM: Modkipod :ultness:
HM: Sockdash :ultpacman::ultkazuya:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQNvMW9WsAAENrf?format=png&name=360x360

1st: Rudolph :ultrob: :ultike:
2nd: Zoma :ultmegaman:
3rd: Hiroki :ultike:
4th: Lagnel :ultsnake:
5th: Massyu :ultcloud: :ultlucina:
6th: Korousa :ultzss:
7th: Karintou :ultrob:
8th: Two :ultdarksamus:
9th: Kidoru :ultchrom: :ultroy:
10th: Konpota :ultlucina:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQNvMW4XUAAuNI1?format=png&name=360x360

1st: Nao :ultmario: :ultsnake:
2nd: Hakadama :ultlucas:
3rd: POCHI :ultwiifittrainer: :ultyoshi: :ultpiranha:
4th: Nyaga :ultsimon:
5th: Marcos :ultfalcon: :ultjoker:
6th: Hugo :ultshulk:
7th: Eve :ultpacman:
8th: Yurica :ultcloud:
9th: Wasawasa :ultganondorf:
10th: Gomamochi :ultolimar:

Source: https://www.redbull.com/jp-ja/smabros-sp-player-ranking2019-secondhalf-top30
Jul-Dec 2019

1. Zackray :ultjoker::ultrob::ultwolf:
2. kameme :ultmegaman::ultwario:
3. KEN :ultsonic:
4. Shuton :ultolimar:
5. Tea :ultpacman:
6. Kuro :ultzss:
7. Abandango :ultpalutena::ultwario::ultinkling:
8. Raito :ultduckhunt:
9. Kome :ultshulk:
10. ProtoBanham :ultlucina::ultinkling:
11. T :ultlink:
12. HIKARU :ultpokemontrainer::ultluigi:
13. Choco :ultzss:
14. Nietono :ultpichu:
15. Lea :ultgreninja:
16. kept :ultvillager::ultisabelle:
17. Umeki :ultdaisy:
18. shky :ultzss:
19. Etsuji :ultlucina:
20. Brood :ultbanjokazooie:
21. Somé :ultgreninja:
22. Shogun :ultsnake::ultfox:
23. Sigma :ulttoonlink:
24. Gackt :ultness:
25. DIO :ultsnake::ultyoshi:
26. Ron :ultmario::ultluigi::ultyoshi:
27. Nishiya :ultfalcon:
28. Atelier :ultpokemontrainer::ultwolf:
29. Kirihara :ultrosalina:
30. Eim :ultjoker:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQNvMXaU4AA1u2i?format=png&name=360x360

1st: 8mitsuki :ultlucas:
2nd: Beji :ultpacman:
3rd: HIDE :ultwolf:
4th: Shissho :ultdoc:
5th: Karoegu :ultpichu:
6th: Kony :ultwiifittrainer:
7th: Hide :ultwolf:
8th: Yoko :ultfalcon:
9th: Renya :ultpikachu:
10th: Weiss :ultjoker:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEqj53RKUcAAnxM8%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=466bd6c451aa70cb6d81194100d88c16
Nov 2019 - Dec 2020

1. Nau :ultdiddy:
2. Kare :ultjoker:
3. Forte :ultzss:
4. Tenra :ultpalutena::ultbayonetta:
5. Dera :ultkrool:
6. Asazima :ultkingdedede::ultbrawler:
7. Himo :ultminmin
8. yoko# :ultrob:
9. Memewo :ultbowser::ultminmin:ultjoker:
10. Tenka :ultken:
11. Taiyaki:ultwiifittrainer:
12. Some :ultgreninja:
13. Bataosan :ultbrawler:
14. Osakana :ultyounglink:
15. Zuke :ultluigi:
16. AAA :ultminmin:ultpalutena:
17. Ryokutan :ultgnw:
18. Poko :ultgnw:
19. Sora :ultzelda::ultridley:
20. haruka :ultlucario::ultincineroar::ultdiddy:
21. Chii!! :ultyoshi:
22. Oushi :ultpalutena::ultwario:
23. Ogane :ultminmin
24. London :ultfalcon:
25. Ecs :ultfox:
26. PASERliKO :ultinkling:
27. Deeple :ultjoker::ultpalutena:
28. Riteshia :ultganondorf:
29. SHOW :ultpeach::ultdaisy:
30. Numa :ultincineroar::ultike::ultjoker:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ETCGcZnUEAA-qY1?format=jpg&name=900x900
Winter 2020

1st: Camjkz :ultgreninja: :ultdarkpit:
2nd: Moom :ultinkling: :ultrob:
3rd: Sikey :ultchrom: :ultroy:
4th: Marcane :ultness: :ultsnake:
5th: Icebear :ultlink:
6th: Mephi :ultmewtwo: :ultjoker:
7th: Genjosaurus :ultridley: :ultmetaknight: :ultfox:
8th: HOM :ultpacman:
9th: Lion :ultzelda: :ultpokemontrainer:
10th: SwanofLue :ultbowser: :ultpiranha:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEaTmNZkUMAAHnLK%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=25f24674b650349be3977f1cb63f0978
Aug-Dec 2019

1. Regerets :ultbrawler::ultfalcon:
2. PSI Force :ultness:
3. REESE :ultwiifittrainer:
4. Yoshi_95 :ultlink:
5. NBD :ultbowser::ultdk:
6. Mystikmol :ultbayonetta:
7. Mania :ultpokemontrainer:
8. Hashibobo :ultdiddy::ultbanjokazooie:
9. Polaroid :ultwolf::ultmario:
10. CHEESE :ultchrom::ultpichu:
11. Enzo :ultrichter:
12. DJlive :ultyoshi:
13. GODZ :ultyoshi:
14. Kalu :ultzss:
15. Bwenjaboi :ultwolf:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEV0qAAXkAEImi2?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
September 2019

1. Crono :ultluigi::ultroy:
2. Xaiop :ultrobin::ultike:
3. KK :ultjoker::ultinkling:
4. SBK :ultwolf::ultfox:
5. Coolslice :ultpacman::ultwolf:
6. Kage* :ultinkling:
7. Cheese :ultken:
8. NotHealer :ultkingdedede:
9. Kenji :ultfalco:
10. TFH :ultlucina::ultwolf:
11. Sleepingwalker :ultsnake:
12. DmaR :ultpokemontrainer:
13. TheArabSamurai :ultganondorf:
14. Zaeem :ultike:
15. HamoodX :ultness:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EONbslTU4AAxuuN?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Sep-Dec 2019

1st: Kyeean :ultinklingboy: :ultsnake: :ultyounglink:
2nd: Terrarian :ultpacman:
3rd: RedBeanPorridge :ultzelda:
4th: TechNo :ultgreninja: :ultpacman:
5th: Skullkid :ultpikachu: :ultyoshi:
6th: Don't :ultinkling:
7th: T0A5T3R :ultdarksamus: :ultsamus: :ulttoonlink: :ult_terry:
8th: Einstro :ultfalco: :ultridley:
9th: GUNKMAN :ultkingdedede:
10th: PoiRamee :ultpalutena: :ultfalcon: :ultrobinf:
11th: Delve :ulthero: :ultpokemontrainerf:
12th: Kora :ultlucina: :ultike:
13th: ThunderArmads :ultmetaknight: :ultgreninja:
14th: Dchu :ultpichu:
15th: Cobblemaniac :ultkirby: :ultwolf:


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPqjt4rUUAEX7MA?format=jpg&name=900x900
Season 3 2019

1st: LynZle :ultjoker: :ultgnw:
2nd: Mage :ultpalutena:
3rd: Tanark :ultfox:
4th: JJROCKETS :ultdiddy: :ultjoker:
5th: Steeb :ultpalutena:
6th: Sejun :ultkingdedede:
7th: Bruh :ultincineroar:
8th: Thomastwins :ultzelda:
9th: Mayonnaise :ultbanjokazooie: :ulthero:
10th: Guma :ultpacman:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEbn8qCAUcAAWkI6%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=ae96191a6e61cb2553bc0b3baf6618e8
October 2019-April 2020

1. Haa :ultchrom:
2. Tad :ultpokemontrainer::ultmario::ultness:
3. Chetkie :ultken::ultryu:
4. Nugget :ultlittlemac:
5. Mossyman :ultsnake::ultpacman:
6. Colberto :ultsheik::ultfalco:
7. Yee :ultgnw:
8. Shweepy :ultrob:
9. LaTTe :ultbayonetta::ultjoker:
10. AuM :ultluigi:


Source: https://twitter.com/Smash_UAE/status/1217098631800639488
Q4 2019

1. Prado :ultrob::ultinkling::ultpalutena::ultsnake:
2. Snacc :ultbanjokazooie: :ultmegaman::ultpalutena::ultryu:
3. Shiba :ultpalutena::ultlucas::ulticeclimbers:
4. CloudXZA :ultinkling::ultcloud::ultrichter::ultmegaman:
5. Kailex :ultfox::ultincineroar::ultchrom::ultmario::ultfalcon::ultganondorf::ultinkling::ultkrool::ultzss::ulthero::ultwolf::ultwiifittrainer:
6. Lems :ultike:
7. Marche :ultvillager: :ultdiddy:
8. AAA :ultfalcon::ultkirby::ultbayonetta:
9. Automan :ultsnake:
10. Sultoon :ultgnw::ultolimar:

HM. Olrox :ultsnake:
HM. Airror :ultken:
HM. SSS :ultdk:

----------OCEANIA----------(6 Power Rankings)


Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPlNqYjUUAIXHAE?format=jpg&name=small

1st: JDizzle :ultyounglink:
2nd: Extra :ultgnw:
3rd: DD :ultwario:
4th: Luco :ultness:
5th: Sirks :ultroy:
6th: Ghost :ultbrawler:
7th: Ben Gold :ultkrool:
8th: Dr. A. Ness :ultdk:
9th: AT LOWES :ultbowser:
10th: Ignis :ultpalutena:
11th: Joe :ultzss:
12th: SebPro101 :ultrob:
13th: Insle :ultike:
14th: Luma :ultpokemontrainer:
15th: Shadrew :ultken:

HMs: RaZe :ultdarkpit: :ultlink:, Cherry :ultrichter:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ErRNeSJVcAIiPSf?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Q4 2020

1. Turn Up :ultgreninja:
2. Poppt1 :ultlucina:
3. Luma :ultpalutena:
4. LoneZen :ultrob:
5. Teehee! :ultpacman:
6. Jarr :ultluigi:
7. Ever :ultness:
8. Coogs :ultrichter:

HM. Keutz :ultdk:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FEUKm35eUwAAzSmD%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dmedium&hash=2cc404080a7cd74927a78eb60ff5f0c7
Q1 2020

1. Shadrew :ultken:
2. Ben Gold :ultkrool:
3. SadHour :ultsnake:
4. Negima :ult_terry:
5. Ari :ultike:
6. ClassicJono :ultridley:
7. Verse :ultduckhunt:
8. Nicc :ultwario:
9. Kwaksy :ultness:
10. Joz. :ultlucina:

HM1. Cajeck :ultpalutena:
HM2. Flex :ultfox:

Source Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eq4OfSlUUAAJymi?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Sep-Dec 2020

1. Ghost :ultsteve::ultbrawler:
2. Taicho :ultgreninja:
3. Con :ultfox:
4. Q :ultcorrin::ultyoshi::ultsamus:
5. Googlemaps :ulttoonlink::ultyounglink::ulticeclimbers:
6. Oscar :ultrob::ultbowser:
7. Whissle:ultwiifittrainer:
8. Nikes :ultyoshi:
9. Jacko :ultdiddy::ultmegaman:
10. Naora :ultsimon:

HM1. Captaincoolade :ultpacman:
HM2. Blu :ultcloud:
Inactive. Andre :ultroy:

Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FE3K8T6vVUAQULRW%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3D4096x4096&hash=0c7020c49fc5aa3c3acbadb3bf17a366
Fall 2021

1. Jdizzle :ultyounglink:
2. RaZe :ultpit:
3. DD :ultwario:
4. SebPro101 :ultrob:
5. Extra :ultgnw:
6. Insie:ultike:
7. Xettman :ultfalcon:
8. Dura :ultjoker:
9. THE GWIF :ultfalco:
10. H.O.D :ultrob:
11. Flow :ultinkling:
12. Khami :ultness:
13. Deku Meister :ultjigglypuff:
14. Shen :ult_terry:
15. Corvid :ultpyra::ultmythra:


Source Image: https://smashboards.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FE5Gj08rVkAYBr7P%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3Dlarge&hash=efb7f62892c88f2dd8a2f732e1a98918
Jan-Jun 2021

1st: Aluf :ultmario:
2nd: RenSoul :ultlucas:
3rd: Gian T. Dad :ultjoker: :ultwolf:
4th: DuoFace :ultlucas:
5th: Ube :ultlucina:
6th: JimBob :ultlink:
7th: DumBob :ultsteve:
8th: Viiv :ultwolf: :ultfox: :ultgnw:
9th: ImSoChove :ultwario: :ultdiddy:
10th: TimTam :ultpiranha: :ultkrool: :ultwolf:

inactive: Knarf :ultpalutena:, Ichigo :ultdarkpit:
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Great thread! I approve and should get stickied.

I know a lot of people on the Central PA region PR. Used to play in their tournament circuit at Millersville. Cool dudes.
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Guess I'll kick off the first submission :)

Source image:
View attachment 237819
Coastal Bend, Tx
Season 2 (summer) 2019

1: Walter :ultwolf:
2: Ray :ultzelda:
3: Varn :ultlucas:
4: Avokha :ultrobin:
5: Rush :ultrichter::ultjoker:
6: Laven :ulttoonlink::ultcloud::ultinkling:
7: Stardust :ultsnake::ultmario:
8: Olimario :ultolimar:
9: Brave :ultkingdedede:
10: Arbitrary :ultlucina::ultjoker:

HM: Cygnus :ultpichu:
HM: East :ultmegaman:
Can you please provide the source link for that image?


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Mar 17, 2018
Okay, so here's what Japan is like at the moment.

Season 1 - 2019

1. Shuton :ultolimar: (Smash Record also shows :ultjoker:, but he's a definite rarity)
2. Zackray :ultjoker::ultrob::ultpokemontrainer:
3. Kameme :ultmegaman::ultwario::ultsheik:
4. Raito :ultduckhunt:
5. ProtoBanham :ultlucina::ultinkling:
6. Tea :ultpacman:
7. Nietono :ultwario:
8. HIKARU :ultpokemontrainer:
9. Lea :ultgreninja: (may consider :ultpokemontrainer: a secondary)
10. Abadango :ultinkling::ultwario::ultpalutena: (also possible to count :ultmetaknight:)
11. ZAKI :ultkingdedede:
12. Tsu :ultlucario::ultswordfighter::ultjoker: (:ulthero: seems to count as well)
13. Kie :ultpeach: (:ultpalutena::ulticeclimbers:)
14. Atelier :ultwolf: (again, may have a :ultpokemontrainer: in the works)
15. Gackt :ultness:
16. Choco :ultzss:
17. Etsuji :ultlucina:
18. Ri-ma :ultjoker::ulttoonlink:
19. T :ultlink:
20. Sigma :ulttoonlink:
21. Umeki :ultdaisy:
22. KEN :ultsonic:
23. Lunamado :ultbowser: (also plays a mixture of :ultluigi::ultpalutena::ultike::ultpikachu:, but less frequent)
24. Shogun :ultsnake:
25. DIO :ultsnake:
26. Yakara :ultfox::ultfalco:
27. Masashi :ultcloud:
28. Kome :ultshulk:
29. akasa :ultwolf::ultcloud:
30. OCEAN :ultrob:


Character choices changed a bit for some players since this came out, but I tried to make sure to count ones I know I've seen recently, including secondaries. Hoping this whole thing counts, will wait until the next one arrives.


Yoshi is Thicc in S P I R I T
May 13, 2018
All around you, awaiting to consume your soul
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Okay, so here's what Japan is like at the moment.

Season 1 - 2019

1. Shuton :ultolimar: (Smash Record also shows :ultjoker:, but he's a definite rarity)
2. Zackray :ultjoker::ultrob::ultpokemontrainer:
3. Kameme :ultmegaman::ultwario::ultsheik:
4. Raito :ultduckhunt:
5. ProtoBanham :ultlucina::ultinkling:
6. Tea :ultpacman:
7. Nietono :ultwario:
8. HIKARU :ultpokemontrainer:
9. Lea :ultgreninja: (may consider :ultpokemontrainer: a secondary)
10. Abadango :ultinkling::ultwario::ultpalutena: (also possible to count :ultmetaknight:)
11. ZAKI :ultkingdedede:
12. Tsu :ultlucario::ultswordfighter::ultjoker: (:ulthero: seems to count as well)
13. Kie :ultpeach: (:ultpalutena::ulticeclimbers:)
14. Atelier :ultwolf: (again, may have a :ultpokemontrainer: in the works)
15. Gackt :ultness:
16. Choco :ultzss:
17. Etsuji :ultlucina:
18. Ri-ma :ultjoker::ulttoonlink:
19. T :ultlink:
20. Sigma :ulttoonlink:
21. Umeki :ultdaisy:
22. KEN :ultsonic:
23. Lunamado :ultbowser: (also plays a mixture of :ultluigi::ultpalutena::ultike::ultpikachu:, but less frequent)
24. Shogun :ultsnake:
25. DIO :ultsnake:
26. Yakara :ultfox::ultfalco:
27. Masashi :ultcloud:
28. Kome :ultshulk:
29. akasa :ultwolf::ultcloud:
30. OCEAN :ultrob:


Character choices changed a bit for some players since this came out, but I tried to make sure to count ones I know I've seen recently, including secondaries. Hoping this whole thing counts, will wait until the next one arrives.
I know character changes have happened, but you can't always account for that. Use the most recent PR you can find...

Also in regards to Japanese rankings, try to find region specific ones. General ones are fine (like how there's New England Rankings but also ones for each of the six States from NE), but specific ones are much appreciated...


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(sorry for my spam, I just want to help lol)

Updated: September 13th, 2019
1. Crono :ultluigi::ultroy:
2. Xaiop :ultrobin::ultike:
3. KK :ultjoker::ultinkling:
4. SBK :ultwolf::ultfox:
5. Coolslice :ultpacman::ultwolf:
6. Kage* :ultinkling:
7. Cheese :ultken:
8. NotHealer :ultkingdedede:
9. Kenji :ultfalco:
10. TFH :ultlucina::ultwolf:
11. Sleepingwalker :ultsnake:
12. DmaR :ultpokemontrainer:
13. TheArabSamurai :ultganondorf:
14. Zaeem :ultike:
15. HamoodX :ultness:

*not Kage The Warrior, you probably knew that I just figured I'd include it anyway