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Smash Till You Crash 3 Melee Results


Smash Journeyman
Dec 5, 2008
Lachute, QC
Smash Till You Crash 3 Melee Results | June 2nd | Montreal, Québec, Canada

Melee Singles (33 entrants):

1: Vwins (155$) :peachmelee:
2: Bam (77.50$) :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
3: Unknown522 (46.50$) :foxmelee:
4: Kage (31$) :ganonmelee: :falconmelee:
5: Diakonos :marthmelee:
5: Weon-X :foxmelee:
7: Idea :jigglypuffmelee:
7: Izek :falcomelee:
9: Europhoria :marthmelee:
9: Sauc3 :foxmelee:
9: Erayz :foxmelee:
9: Riddlebox :peachmelee:
13: Yhii :sheikmelee:
13: SSF :falconmelee:
13: Fatuik :falcomelee: :foxmelee:
13: Windrose :falconmelee:
--------Pools cutoff--------
17: Mifune
17: Fizzi
17: Linksta
17: Eternal
17: TO joe
17: Oxydus
17: Thatguy
17: PiKaLeX
17: Greg
25: TourneyPro
25: Tofer
25: Thunder Mustache
25: Androgynus
25: Vrud
25: Bacon
25: Bing
25: Rasta

Pools and Brackets
[COLLAPSE="Pool 1"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 2"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 3"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 4"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 5"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 6"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 7"]

[COLLAPSE="Pool 8"]

[COLLAPSE="Singles Bracket"]

Melee doubles (8 teams)

1: Team Québec (Bam + Vwins) (96$)
2: WarriorX (Unknown522 + Kage) (48$)
3: Europhoria + Idea (16$)
4: Team Lachute (Erayz + SSF)
5: Sauc3 + Riddlebox
5: Fatuik + Diakonos
7: Be Creative (That Guy + Fizzi)
7: Team Superwoman (??? +???)

[COLLAPSE="Doubles bracket"]

Videos from this tournament are here:
http://fr.twitch.tv/styc You'll have to click the "videos" button just above the Youtube Icon. I know it might be obvious, but since I had trouble finding the videos at first, I thought that maybe more people could have trouble finding the vids.

Thanks to Pikalex and his team for organizing this event, it was really fun, as usual.
Thanks to Toronto for coming again this year, always fun to see and play with you. Toronto has so many skilled players, that's amazing.


Smash Master
Nov 8, 2010
St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Shoutouts what what.

1: Vwins I love your Peach dude lol. Congratz on the big win
2: Bam You did pretty well yourself :p That falco! lol
3: Unknown Ryan Ryan Ryan. Lovely chatting with you as always, also, hopefully I wont have a broken controller for our next Pichu ditto. thats by far the worst Ive ever done against you.
4: Kage Sup Warrior. Well done, stop being semi-retired.
5: Diakonos BC! I actually really approve of your Marth and Sheik, your Falco during teams Im not so sure about, it was fun watch you guys play though lol
5: Weon-X Camilo! I heard you were having controller trouble too! We gotta fix that real soon!
7: Idea Kyle, nice seeing you as always, funny we took the bus "together" and barely spoke. Also, I hate Coach Canada Megabus.
7: Izek Dude you did so well, no offense but you did a bit better then expected(I figured you for 9th) So congratz man keep it up!
9: Europhoria Nice seeing you again, you should play more between tournaments lol
9: Sauc3 Kurtis, you and your sauc3 combos are ridiculous... I dont even understand... I wish I had that sort of playstyle LOL
9: Erayz GGs during friendlies, love your Fox lol.
9: Riddlebox James, nice seeing you as I didnt get to see you at the last monthly, congratz on 9th and taking a game off Vwins!
13: Yhii Dude way too make bracket! Legit. Enjoyed spending the weekend with you, stop over thinking the architecture that is Montreal lmfao
13: SSF Ggs in Pools, Next time we should falcon Ditto!
13: Fatuik Congratz on making bracket!
13: Windrose Way to go David, Amateur Bracket Champion in Toronto, Makes Bracket in Quebec!
--------Pools cutoff--------
17: Fizzi Friendlies on Sunday morning were Fun, we should Falcon Ditto sometime!
17: Linksta JARED. I loved our dittos. We NEED to play more. Like, its not even in question! Also you owe me a 64 MM!
17: Eternal Haha you are a life saver, never played so many friendlies with you and matt before, what a ****ed up trip eh? Like my IC's? LMFAO
17: TO joe Hey Joe it was nice seeing you again. Teach me Brawl Fox lol.
17: Thatguy Hey those were some fun Friendlies, we need to play again if we're ever at the same tournament again. You have an interesting way of using the controller!
17: PiKaLeX Fantastic Job on running the tournament, fun friendlies too! Also thanks for helping with Impulse and providing two stipends I, I me we really appreciate it!
17: Greg Fun friendlies, you're really good at Marth dittos!
25: Tofer Fun games in Project M. Your Ike is really solid lol
25: Bacon Same as Tofer, fun games in Project M!

Outside Shoutouts.
Horo: Thanks for Remembering Me from Apex lol, I was shocked you recognized me lol
Longboarder Kev(?) Friendlies for sure next time, I accept your challenge of Ylink Dittos!
Vigilante: I am in love with Project M. I loved playing every second of it, especially what you've done with Lucario, my main for sure! Also, thanks for the tip on Bowsers Taunt, I thought that combo I did involving the right taunt to grab was pretty solid!
My Controller: Thanks for crapping out on me in an OoP tournament. Especially for doing it right before pools and completely dying during friendlies the next day. *******.

Great tournament in general
I hate Megabus/Coach Canada. We left the tournament for our 7pm bus on Sunday. Arrived at 7:03pm, bus was gone. We were told to wait for the next bus at 9 and the driver would most likely let us on

He didnt let us on So Eternal the life Saver purchased our tickets with his parents credit card and saved out ***, we took the 12:15 bus home. Got back to Toronto at about 6:30 am. Just to find out my account got guted by something I donate to every month. Didnt get home to Niagara Falls until 3pm.

Holy ****.


Smash Lord
Apr 22, 2009
I had a lot of fun at this tournament-- the most I've had in maybe years. I'm very sad to hear Pikalex won't be around this coming year, so I'll take this moment to thank you, Alex, for your hard work into this tournament and the ones before it. You do the smash community and your friends a service and we will miss you. Thank you also for helping me in all the ways you did this weekend, especially for hosting me on Sunday night.


Fatuik, merci aussi pour avoir given me a ride and smashing with me the morning of the tournament. We will get matches in when I move to Montreal and hopefully we both can improve.

Vwins, it was good to see you again, dude. Congratulations on your top placings in both events. You've shown that Quebec can more than hold its own. I'm not salty about the bomb/stitchfaces/saturns since you went and showed you were playing very well. Thanks for hosting me on Saturday night.

Bam, you're still hella good. Good job in bracket and thank you for giving me a ride to the venue and home on Saturday. If you ever want to team, our friendlies on Sunday proved that we have some decent team chemistry, especially against double samus ;D

Kage, your ganon is my Achilles' heel right now! I look forward to joining the Montreal community and learning how to fight Ganon. You played great this tournament, though, and it was fun to hang out with you throughout. I'll see you in September!

ThatGuy, it was fun to actually meet you after seeing your presence on the boards all these years. Chilling at the tournament, at poutine, on transit, and Pikalex's house was all very fun. And I appreciate your help in translation: je vais prendre la grand Elvis! Avez-vous la sauce piquante? Take care mang.


Weon ekis, great to meet you! Congratulations on an excellent placing with an excellent playstyle. You are a talented smasher, and I think if you watch more of my videos you will be world-class-- if you aren't already. I'm kidding about the videos part. Doubles friendlies was a lot of fun, as was our tired singles friendlies. Chilling with you was hella fun and really helped make the tournament experience that much better. I will see you again probably not at Impulse but maybe if I drop by Toronto either this summer or during the school year.

Unknown, you reminded me how good people can be at this game. I know you were mad at your controller, but I thought you played excellently and would have won every set if you kept your composure a bit. Your fox is top-notch and I expect it to do very well at Impulse. Good to see you again, dude.

Idea / Kyle, you gave me a terrific run for my money with your timely rests and opportunistic playstyle. Your puff is a force to be reckoned with and I will reckon it dearly if I ever come across it again in tournament. Beyond that, you are a kind and down-to-earth individual-- the kind I like to see populating the smash community. See you again, dude.

Sauc3 / Kurtis, what could I say that I didn't already say in person? Trashtalking each other was a lot of fun, as were our matches. Remind me not to go FD against your Fox with Marth. Make me proud, son.

Europhoria, good to finally meet you. Your dry wit was amusing throughout the weekend. Your NHL commentary also has had me thinking the past few days. You're great in the Marth ditto and you're a good player in general. Keep it up, man.

Windrose, ohhh Falcon. Congrats on your performance this tournament. Our tourney matches were interesting, and I think you would have done better had you managed to handle the crowd pressure a bit better. Great to meet you, dude.

Everyone else: thanks for being part of the crowd that made this tournament as enjoyable as it was. I may not have identified you by name if/when we played, so I'm sorry if I've forgotten a shoutout here. Cheers!


Smash Journeyman
Dec 5, 2008
Lachute, QC
Shoutouts time I guess.

Vwins : grats on winning this tournament, and both nin singles and doubles :) Too bad we didn't play this time

Bam: Le Lambert is still too good, I wanna play you soon, I need lots of Falco practice so I can beat Izek next time. Good **** placing 2nd

Unknown522: It was really nice seeing you again, and we talked a lot together which is nice, cause you're really fun to ahve a conversation with. It also allows me to practice my english without feeling embarrassed when making mistakes. :p Hope you can do the Defection Agent glitch now. Your Fox destroyed me in brackets, you ****!

Kage: It's a shame I didn't play you this time, and I realize at the moment I didn't play any top player (except Ryan) this week-end, I don't know what's wrong with me these days. Anyways, next time we meet in brackets or pool, I will crush the warrior! NIce job beating Weon-X

Diakonos: Damn, it's the second time you come in Québec and I only got to play 1 game with you (which was at Vwins' place before Pound V lol). I'm glad you'll come in Québec soon, so we can play a lot, cause you seem to be very friendly and always happy when playing Smash. I feel I'm too shy to ask for friendlies, I guess I'm stupid lol

Weon-X: I don't know why you said you weren't very technical, stop being so modest lol, your techskills are amazing IMO. It's always fun to play with you too even though you **** me all the time, I like quick paced matches :)

Idea: I still don't understand how you could lose to me in pools, but anyways you showed me your superiority when we played friendlies later on, where you pretty much ***** me. I will remember this 4 stock until I legitimately beat you in tournament. Your puff is too good.

Izek: It's funny how our Smash "carreers" are similar. Good games in brackets, I didn't think I'd lose to a non-pro Falco, but yeah, people in Ontario are still way to good for me I guess :)

Europhoria: We didn't get to talk or play together, next time I guess :/ I want more Fox vs Marth experience and your Marth is realy looking good.

Sauc3: I love your Fox and how you can do waveashines OoS consistently. Our fox dittos were fun.

Erayz: Stop being bad and beat thoses spacies FFS

Riddlebox: Next time, I wanna play lots of friendlies with you, I'm kinda shy when it comes to ask for friendlies, weird I know.

Yhii: Good games in brackets, too bad you SD'd so much :/


Fatuik: Glad we didn't meet each other in brackets, playing a set vs you makes me nervous cause I still can't understand your playstyle.

Windrose: SSF told me your Falcon's very good now. I hope we'll play a lot next time.

Mifune: Damn, Mifune not making it out of pools in a QC tournament. The way pools were organized, I understand that, even people like SSF feared he wouldn't pass pools since tehy were so hard. Beating either europhoria or Izek is no easy task either.

Fizzi: Congrats on getting your Bachelor degree. That's really impressive and something you must be proud of. Hope to see you again in the future, it was fun seeing you around in smashfests. :)

Linksta: Yo we didn't play or talk at all :( Let's do this next timefor sure!

Eternal: Sorry I'm not sure who you are :(

TO joe: We didn't get to play or anything but anyways, let's try to get some friendlies in next time
Oxydus: Your shiek is getting a lot better everytime I see you, keep going!

Thatguy: Tu as joué comme un tapette lolol this was too epic. Really nice commentary on the stream. Always cool to see you around!

PiKaLeX: Thanks a lot for this event, it was really nice as usual. I kinda feel bad though, cause when you spend so much time running the tournament, you barely have time to play Smash :( I don't know when you're leaving for France, but hey, make sure you'll have fune over there ! Hope to see you again in the future, cause you were (still are) one of the most useful and appreciated member of the Smash community in Québec.

Greg: Nice games in pools, you really surprised me. Also you should play a lot more, casue you have potential, and we need more good players in Québec.

TourneyPro: NOt sure who you are, sorry :(

Tofer: As I told you on FB, keep pushin, cause you improved a lot since Polybash even though you were alone in your area. Now that you live in MTL, you'll get lots of experience, and you have the right attitude to get good at this game.

Thunder Mustache: Yo I was looking at your Peach, you're getting really good, ony to play more. Also you're a pretty cool guy which adds to the fun of talking/plsying with you.

Androgynus: Are you the guy me and SSF got lost in the school with? That was funny! :D

Vrud: Let's play next time! Alwasy fun to learn some different match-ups.

Bacon: I hope you'll make more progress in the future, and show us what Link can do. I think you need to test different things during a match, cause you seem to be too passive when playing. I mean it feels like you are not aggressive enough and let the opponent put pressure on you which limits your options since you're forced to play defensively, and I think Link isn't really good at countering or doing out of shield stuff. At the beggining it feels really unrewarding to play aggressively since you'll commit a lot more, but I think it's a good way to learn spacings, and how to bait certain reactions or how to put pressure.

Bing: I believe your Fox could become very good in the future, especially since you live in an area with lots of good fox players. Fun friendlies btw. :)

Rasta: I really like to see you around. You might still be a noob (cause you keep saying it lol) but your Falco is making progress, and it clearly shows. You're really good at hyping the crowd with your reactions and some funny things you'll say most of the time.

Whoa, that's a lot of shout outs.


Smash Rookie
May 10, 2012
Hey guys, I started working on the vods, Winner's bracket is uploaded to pikalex's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pikalex?feature=mhee
the rest will be up by sunday morning, sry I'm kind of lazy. And I would like to thank everyone that showed up for the tournament and specially to the players that accepted to commentate: ThatGuy(BIG THANK YOU GREAT WORK BRO), BAM, Kage,RagBoy(for the extra monitor!! and the support through the entire day).. omg and the other guy at the beggining...his name was...cheers? not sure anymore:( and thank you all for putting on a great show for viewers and for not moving the chair on the livestream and waiting sometimes because I wasn't ready to start the game on the stream. You guys were all amazing!!
and thank you to the comic for the venue and the help for the internet issues!


Smash Cadet
Apr 19, 2009
Montréal, Québec.
Hey guys, I started working on the vods, Winner's bracket is uploaded to pikalex's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pikalex?feature=mhee
the rest will be up by sunday morning, sry I'm kind of lazy. And I would like to thank everyone that showed up for the tournament and specially to the players that accepted to commentate: ThatGuy(BIG THANK YOU GREAT WORK BRO), BAM, Kage,RagBoy(for the extra monitor!! and the support through the entire day).. omg and the other guy at the beggining...his name was...cheers? not sure anymore:( and thank you all for putting on a great show for viewers and for not moving the chair on the livestream and waiting sometimes because I wasn't ready to start the game on the stream. You guys were all amazing!!
and thank you to the comic for the venue and the help for the internet issues!
Yeah if you're talking bout the tall guy, his name was cheer but we call him mom7 now.


Smash Lord
Mar 22, 2009
SSF: great friendlies! Very challenging matches, I had to play very gay to try to win in those dittoes. Let's keep on improving!! Not many falcon mains left in Canada.

Erayz: see you @ impulse!


Diakonos: ggs, you're a long way from home buddy. Wish we could've played more, yeah i didn't play too well in our bracket match, you would've won anyways though. good luck @ mcgill! I'm sure you will be able to defend your thesis well since you're so good at power shielding.

Kage: play falcon more! It's always very entertaining, your falcon is so strange and interesting.

Weon-x: don't let these recent events bring you down! you're a great player and you've taught me a lot in this game especially about falcon. el tango de la muerte <3

Bing: you have great aspirations, i'm sure you'll reach there one day. keep on practicing at home.


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Smash Till You Crash 3 Melee

Melee Singles (33 entrants):

1: Vwins (155$) - GGs in bracket. Good job winning both events. I had a great time hanging and playing with you. You are probably the person i played the most during the Weekend, and it still wasn't enough for me. It's always fun to play players at that level.*

I'll try to drop by again in the near future.

2: Bam (77.50$) * - congrats on second and good job beating me. I had some tips for you vs Vwins (and peach in general), but I didnt want to coach or anything so I was meaning to tell you after the set but I forgot.

Always a pleasure hanging an playing, but I wish we could've hung out more and stuff. I'll definitely holler at you when I can go to town.

3: Unknown522 (46.50$) *- not bad.

4: Kage (31$) *- good job on 4th. I assume that you probably expected to do better but keep working on it. Good work in doubles as well. I'm sorry that I played so bad though all-around. I think we could've given them a run for their money.

Thanks a lot for the top tier housing. We didn't get to play as much as I would've liked to, but I really had a good time talking and cracking jokes all weekend. You and the others have truly made this a great experience. I would look forward to doing it again.

5: Diakonos *- all-around great guy. You have all the characteristics of a good person. I had a really good time hanging with you as well. Glad you could make it out to this. We also didn't get to play as much as I would've liked to, but I guess another time. Since you're in EC now.

For the composure comment though; I felt pretty confident during the sets that I lost in. Just be careful with the coaching though. I did certain things in my final set to prove to you and Kyle that they weren't going to work and no other reason (not saying that I would've won the *maybe).

5: Weon-X *- fun week. You know what it is; adventures, bus rides and such. Always great hanging with you. I guess I should've played with you more at my house I guess. Ah well. Impulse training. I can't wait for you to show the world that you're a force to be reckoned with. Your time is coming.

7: Idea *- fun weekend. You also know what it is. Sucks that we had to play first round in bracket. It is our destiny :p. I wanted you to beat Diakonos in the bracket but ah well, it was pretty close. More practice required.

But yeah in all seriousness, I am glad that you asked me questions about the game/falco. *Maybe it will help you out at some point or another.

Oh yeah, read the last paragraph that I said to Diakonos as well.*

I will see you soon.

7: Izek *- glad you could come out. Not a bad performance. Just keep working at it.

9: Europhoria *- you are definitely another one that knows what it is. Thanks for keeping us company from the start of the trip. Good conversations as usual. It's a shame that you didn't try in the bracket. I think you may have been able to take 5th at this one.

Hopefully you can get some practice in before impulse. Until next time.

9: Sauc3 *- glad you could make it. I thought you had Diakonos as well.

We ask didnt really talk much at this one. Next time.

9: Erayz *- it was great to see you again. You're probably the person I played with the second most on the weekend. It's too bad you couldn't come with us for poutine and stuff. Maybe another time.

Also thanks for showing me those Perfect Dark 64 speed run techniques and stuff. I know that there was more you wanted to show me, but time constraints. I'm looking forward to it next time.

9: Riddlebox *- glad to see that you could make it. Thanks for the support during my matches. It's pretty helpful. The only match of yours that i watched was vs vwins. I was hoping you would win that.*

Ah well, Until next time.

13: Yhii *- you're probably the first person to say hi to me at the venue. Also good to see that you could make it. Unfortunately I didn't see any of your matches though. Keep playing though.

13: SSF *- GGs in pools. You seemed to have no confidence during our set. I could be wrong though. Also great chatting with you. I really enjoyed it.

13: Fatuik * - thanks so much for picking us up on Friday. You really saved the day. It's a shame that we didn't play more, but I didn't really feel like doing doubles at the time. Ah well, until next time.

13: Windrose *- glad you could make it, but tbh I didn't see you most of the day. I wanted to watch you matches and see you beast on some hoes. Next time man.
--------Pools cutoff--------
17: Mifune - wait, you weren't there....
17: Fizzi - I think I talked with you only or a bit. Another time man.

17: Linksta - I know that we talked a bit, but not as much as I would've liked to. Glad to hear that you are gonna practice this summer.

17: Eternal - we didn't talk much at this, but glad to see that you came. I hope you were playing better as the day passed.

17: TO joe - always a pleasure talking with you. Glad to see that your buddy is alright. I was hoping that you would make bracket at this, and take brawl (even though you didn't expect to). See you around.

17: Oxydus - not sure if we met
17: Thatguy - this guy! I really enjoyed hanging with you all weekend talking about anything and everything including old times. Looking forward to it again man.

Also gg in pools AGAIN..!

17: PiKaLeX - thanks so much for hosting an having us over in Sunday. You did a very good job and everything is much appreciated.

I wish you success in France. Let me know how it goes.

17: Greg - glad you made it and glad we could talk a bit. We didn't chat as much as I would've liked to either and there were a lot of interruptions at times an such.

'till next time dude

25: TourneyPro - dunno if we met
25: Tofer - ''
25: Thunder Mustache - ''
25: Androgynus - ''
25: Vrud - ''
25: Bacon - ''
25: Bing - Sucks what happened during the weekend man. Some seriously bad luck, jeez. Still glad that you could make it.

GGs in pools....again

25: Rasta - lol @ 3v1. Too good

Team superwoman - GGs. I'm sorry that I forgot your names. Also lol @ the 3v1. Zelda kicks hurt

Ending notes: I really had a great time at the tourney. Words can't do justice for the great weekend overall. Hopefully I will see you all soon



Smash Lord
Mar 22, 2009
Yeah ryan, we didn't get to hang out much this tournament. Things went by really quickly...

Damn i really want some more of that expensive lebanese food.


Schwartz...best smoked meat

That is all.



Smash Ace
Feb 14, 2008
San Francisco, CA
I'm really disappointed in the Montreal-based turnout for this tournament. The out-of-province attendance was almost as high! All of you guys who didn't show up - step it up.

That said, I had fun, was nice to see you guys for the last time in probably a while. I'll keep training and hopefully kick all your ***** next time I'm up. Peace :)
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