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Smash Studios presents: Cute Cats 7 Results!

The Flow

Smash Cadet
Sep 26, 2011
Lawrenceville, GA
Thanks everyone for the great turnout! There were some concerns going into the tournament but everything ended up working out, making this yet another successful Cute Cats!

Special shoutouts to all the out of state players who came from Alabama and Tennessee. We hope you guys had fun and will come back again!

If you are a new player who isn't part of the GA smash Facebook groups I highly recommend you join! We post tournaments and smashfests in each respective group along with helping out players get better at the game!

Georgia Melee: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GAMelee/
Georgia Brawl: https://www.facebook.com/groups/179381782079932/
Georgia Project M: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1392554534335836/

Videos will be posted at http://www.youtube.com/user/SmashStudios2001. Make sure to subscribe and also follow Smash Studios on twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/smashstudios. You can also follow Smash Studios on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SmashStudios1 and like Smash Studios on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SmashStudios2001 to stay updated on streams and free giveaways from Smash Studios!

Tournament Thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/may-17-2014-smash-studios-presents-cute-cats-7-melee-and-project-m-atlanta-ga.352169/

Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles (54 Entrants)
Bracket: http://i.imgur.com/M8YMPcr.gif
Pools: http://imgur.com/a/Yu8ue
TOs: wWw | SS | Oxy | SleepyK and SS | Flow
1: PikaChad ($291.00) :pikachumelee:
2: SS | Nicaboy ($160.00) :sheikmelee::marthmelee:
3: OP ($53.00) :samusmelee:

4: SS | Flamin' Roy ($26.00) :foxmelee::falconmelee::sheikmelee:
5: moogle :sheikmelee:
5: Awestruck :falcomelee:
7: Ladd Russo :falcomelee:
7: DAB :sheikmelee:

9: Whipples :peachmelee:
9: Upke :peachmelee::zeldamelee:
9: Tubes :falconmelee:
9: Mr.Bonkey :marthmelee::sheikmelee:
13: 2KrunkVillain :luigimelee:
13: CR2 | Korean Panda :linkmelee::foxmelee::falcomelee:
13: default mode network :foxmelee::bowsermelee:
13: SNS :falcomelee:
17: BlueJim :foxmelee:
17: DESTROY KIRINO :marthmelee:
17: Mike G :peachmelee: (forfeit to Upke)
17: #SplitsOnTrees :peachmelee:
17: Level 9 Chao
17: Een :falcomelee:
17: CR2 | DP's Mario :mariomelee:
17: Kaddy :jigglypuffmelee::ganondorfmelee:
---Pools Cutoff---
25: Esperanto
25: Evan Gunn
25: N64
25: Omega
25: Nightwing
25: Polarity
25: Kurt
25: Rum
33: AML!
33: Zega
33: BBQ
33: Serin
33: CAUP
33: Foagey
33: Player-1
33: Macho Man Sam
41: Karma
41: Son Average
41: Bob
41: DRy
41: The Goof Tree
41: Smashing Turnips
41: AtA
41: Link365
49: Orange Envelope
49: Just Andrew
49: Cynic
49: Chaos Dunk
49: Leaf
49: Jazz

Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles (14 Teams)
Bracket: http://i.imgur.com/Yhm1Gil.gif
TO: wWw | SS | Oxy | SleepyK
1: SS | Flow :jigglypuffmelee::sheikmelee: + DruggedFox :foxmelee: ($84.00)
2: SS | Nicaboy :sheikmelee::foxmelee: + SS | Flamin' Roy :foxmelee: ($42.00)
3: DAB :sheikmelee: + Awestruck :falcomelee: ($14.00)

4: Pikachad :pikachumelee::falcomelee::foxmelee: + 2KrunkVillain :luigimelee:
5: BBQ :marthmelee: + OP :samusmelee:
5: moogle :sheikmelee: + Cheap :peachmelee:
7: Legs Wide Shut (Omega :falconmelee::foxmelee: + BlueJim :foxmelee:)
7: Don't Tie Me Donkey Down There (Upke :peachmelee::zeldamelee: + Kaddy :jigglypuffmelee::ganondorfmelee:)

9: Zega + Bob
9: Kurt + Evan
9: Tubes :falconmelee: + dashdancedan :foxmelee:
9: Green Tambourine (Esperanto :luigimelee: + Polarity :foxmelee:)
13: Swag on a Hundred (CAUP + Leaf)
13: Mystery Inc (Zoinks + Jinkies)

Super Smash Bros. Melee Amateur Bracket (17 Entrants)
Bracket: http://i.imgur.com/BfnS2nG.gif
TOs: Nightwing and Esperanto
*Note: anyone who did not make it out of pools was eligible to sign up for the Amateur Bracket with the winner getting their Singles Entry fee back
1: N64 ($10.00) :pikachumelee:
2: Nightwing :icsmelee::falconmelee:
3: Bob

4: Polarity :foxmelee:
5: Esperanto :luigimelee:
5: Evan Gunn
7: Zega
7: Macho Man Sam :jigglypuffmelee:

9: AtA
9: Player-1 :sheikmelee:
9: AML!
9: Kurt
13: Serin :falconmelee:
13: Orange Envelope
13: Leaf
13: Cynic
17: Just Andrew :falconmelee:

Project M Singles (49 Entrants)
Bracket: http://eaglesmash.challonge.com/CC7GT2014
TOs: Fatality and ES| Eagle
1: PikaChad
2: Fatality
3: 2KrunkVillain

4: DP's Mario
5: Mr. Bones
5: ES| Brass Monkey
7: DruggedFox
7: ES| Smur

9: Moogle
9: ES| Eagle
9: Gunn
9: Zega
13: Player-1
13: ES| Magic
13: Scatz
13: Kurt
17: ES| Cloud
17: Serin
17: Kaddy
17: Sauce
17: Jahranimo
17: Player-
17: Bob
17: Rum
25: ES| BJS
25: Fraggle
25: Karma
25: AML?
25: Basic
25: Link365
25: Veishi
25: Waug
33: BunnE
33: ES| Laki2
33: xyuno
33: pol
33: Lamp
33: Just Andrew
33: DRy
33: BoVeZ
33: Yoshapod
33: young-professional
33: Whipples
33: Cynic
33: Jdog
33: Raven
33: Mouse Shampoo
33: JBL
49: AtA

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles (7 Entrants)
Bracket: http://challonge.com/cc7brawl
TO: Player-1
*Note: this tournament used a 1 stock Best out of 5 ruleset
1: Player-1:bowser2:
2: LionA:fox:
3: aml?!:gw:
4: Fatality:bowser2::snake:

5: Alby:dedede::falco:
5: BBQ:wario:
7: Cheap peach:sheik:
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Smash Journeyman
Jul 7, 2012
Savannah, GA / Cary, NC
Yoooooooooooooooooooo! I had a blast. I'm glad I was able to make it from Savannah with Carter and Alex. Time to shout out the ****ing homies.

Shoutouts to:
Sleepyk for being a super duper homie and sleeping at the venue to ensure entry, making cookies to coax people into bringing more setups, and running a stressful but very successful tournament
Onish for helping Sleepyk out with everything and providing quality commentary as usual
Austin for housing us Saturday night and playing Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo GameCube with us until like 7 am
Dale and Warren for teaching me a lot of **** and hanging out with us at Checkers and Austin's place
Kevin for the same reasons as Dale and Warren but for also saying a couple silly things Sunday while we were playing teams friendlies
Carter, Alex, and Sai for coming along and driving a lot of the Statesboro crew and myself all the way to Atlanta
PikaChad for bopping everyone and for going Link one game in teams when Carter and I played them so we could have a game ;)
Mike G. for teaching me some choice Peach knowledge
And of course Duna for being the cutie

Also, shoutouts to the Cute Cats curse. :alien:


Smash Journeyman
May 20, 2007
Sleepy K: Without you this tournament would not have happened, and you put so much damn work into this. I owe you a Fry Lover's Burger next time I see you.
Austin: Thank you for letting us stay at your swag fort with your endless sea of futons. The journey back would have been much more perilous were it not for your hospitality and the sweet sweet friendlies that were had there.
Dale and Warren and Kevin: You guys rock. Doubles were a blast with you guys, and we'll definitely have to play them more the next time I'm up there. And I'm going to watch Gintama after this.
Sai and the rest of Eagle Smash: Thanks for housing us Friday. Had some good times playing Melee, PM, and Resistance with you guys. Also, you guys are getting better at PM freakishly fast, so keep it up. Savannah needs to play with our Statesboro neighbours more often.
Out of Staters: Thanks for coming! Congrats to PikaChad for taking the whole thing!
Upke: Ultimate teammate who knows where and where not to tie donkeys.
Final shout outs to Duna, Sleepy's cookies, Fry Lover's Burgers, the Cute Cats Curse, Austin's Cute Cat, Taco Bell playlist, and anyone that I played.

Salted Shout Out to DruggedFox for no playing any friendlies with me ~_~

EDIT: Holy crap I forgot to thank Onish! Tanks for doing the stream and giving great commentary! I'll try not to miss every rest and edgeguard next time I'm on stream for you.
I'll edit more people in tomorrow.
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I think 56 nights crazy
Jul 16, 2009
Shoutout to SleepyK for them bomb ass cookies tho.

Also, shoutout to Goodfellas for that amazing ass calzone I had.
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Smash Champion
Oct 18, 2004
Stalking Skler
Pika shoutouts:

Pools: GGs to my pool
Awestruck - I got wrecked. You reminded me how I really need to get better at capitalizing on my hits, because you didn't leave many openings. I want to play you more when I get better, those matches were fun.
2KrunkVillian - That luigi is serious. You hella outplayed me in the matchup. I hadn't played a luigi before that put usmash to such good use. That set has me completely rethinking the matchup heh. GGs and I'm glad you made it out to this.
Korean Panda - GGs and thanks for the compliments. Told ya i'm overhyped lol. You adapted really well throughout the set, I felt like you were reading me a lot better than I was reading you.
BBQ - Glad to see you make it out to a tourney, it's been a while. I could tell you were pretty rusty. Shake it off and lets play again :D
Bob - It was rough that we ended up playing 3 sets over the tourney. Your samus is pretty solid, I was scared to play it with my pikachu on not-Stadium. All our matches were still really close the whole way through.

Amateur bracket: I probably should have opted out, but **** it I wanted my entry fee back lol.
Esperanto: GGs, I think if you work on your ground game with Luigi you'll be a lot scarier.
Grayson: ICs are meanies :( Luckily, sheik is even meanier. Once you get more time under your belt with ICs, I think you'll start doing pretty well in the scene.

Rest of tourney:
Pikachad: Pikachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Grats on swooping in and taking all our monies. And being like, good with the character I play and such so I can't even use that as an excuse for me being bad. Hopefully it isn't another 4+ years before we see eachother again!
Travis: Good to see you again. Fun pikachu matches, we'll have to play more next time.
DruggedFox: Glad we finally got to play. Your pikachu is pretty neato (and probably better than mine lols).
SNS: It's great that you and all the TN people made it out here. Your falco punish game is pretty strong, I was afraid of any stray hit. Had fun in our matches.
Joot: We finally got to play yay. You have a lot of fun with the game, and that made me have more fun with the game, and that's great! yay having fun.
Everyone else from OOS: Thanks for coming everyone. You all helped make the tourney awesome.
Ovonte: Holy crap you did well this tourney. Rewatched the VoDs and you were doing work. Grats on such a great placing, you earned it.
BlueJim: Keep being awesome.
Warren: I'll try to do more cool stuff and less not cool stuff when playing. I think somewhere I decided that being too risky was getting me killed, and losing stocks in tourney matches is bad, so I stopped trying stuff as much. Thinking back over how I played this tourney, I do really need to rethink how I play and what I need to work on. We should play more. Like, a lot more. I'll try to make it up to a fight night or something in the future.

Lastly, and most importantly, Big Thank You to SleepyK and Onish.
Onish: Thanks for providing a great stream as always, and making sure we have constant commentary, player cams, etc. I love to see all this GA hype, and it would not be possible without all you do.
SleepyK: Super props for everything you had to do to make this tourney possible. Along with already being a huge part of GA's melee scene thriving, you went above and beyond to make sure this thing happened. I can't imagine running such a smooth tourney, making sure pools/brackets ran well while also feeding the stream monsters what they needed, all on not nearly enough sleep. Hope you had a good well-deserved rest when you got home!

GGs to anyone I played and didn't mention. Melee is fun.
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Banned via Administration
Jul 6, 2012
Atlanta, GA
good f***********ing **** ovonte! despite being upset about the loss, the match was really entertaining and i learned alot. im gonna learn the matchup though so it wont be a free 2-0 lead next time!

shoutouts to all the OOS players that made it

N64- i had fun in our pools match; i want to give you advice but i honestly dont know the matchup too well. i can tell you are a smart player though. i hope you can make it out to more atl events!

Chad- youre pretty okay i think

jimbo- ill try to make it to athens at some point but lets find eachother and get a setup and stuff and play ya know

sleepy and onish- the tournament was run real well and the situation was handled pretty well after the tourney. good job! oh yea the stream was awesome too

savannahbros - link ics is in fact the only hard counter to double fox. 21xx

j00t- playing and meeting you was cool- i think i leveled up after game 1 in bracket. you coulda had moogle too!

2krunk - lets get krunk if you come back to ga!

kendall/mr bonkey- good **** in all your matches! you did pretty well

dale- i am dissapoint

shoutouts to everyone else you guys are cool stay golden

The Flow

Smash Cadet
Sep 26, 2011
Lawrenceville, GA

SleepyK: Thanks for sleeping in the room and entertaining me at work.
PikaChad: Nice seeing you again. Good stuff winning the tournament. Your Pikachu impresses me every time I see you play. I'll see you at SKTAR and hopefully this summer too!
Knoxville Crew: Thank you guys so much for coming out! I was busy with the stream so unfortunately I couldn't play any of y'all but I hope you guys had fun!
DruggedFox: Thanks for teaming with me. It was fun! Next time we have to play Double Samus.
Nicaboy: You suck
Flamin' Roy: You suck but your my son so it's ok
OP: Good stuff man! You had a bunch of impressive victories and it looks like you got a lot better recently. Can't wait to see your performance at future tournaments!
Jim: A pleasure as always, Sir. You almost had Mike G!
Mike G: Get good scrub. JK. Lets train and get that rust off of you!
Awestruck: I know your disappointed but you still had some good wins and close sets with Nicaboy and OP. Keep up the good work. Also I really liked how your Falco played in doubles. You and DAB are really starting to get some good chemistry going!
DAB: Good stuff in teams. You had a good run in Singles even though your disappointed with your losses. But you are making solid progress so keep it up!
Ron-a-roni: Good seeing you man. It was really fun commentating with you!


Smash Apprentice
Oct 25, 2007
Memphis, TN
Yoooooooooo!!!!!! Shout-outs!

SleepyK - Thanks for running the tourney and going to great lengths for us. It was greatly appreciated and I had a blast playing you in friendlies. Your contribution to the cause was awesome and left me.............

Awestruck - Dude, those games we had in pools and teams were really tight and I had a lot of fun playing you. True to the bird, you like dominating the skies and staying above ready to pierce the souls with razor sharp talons (D-air is what some people would call it). Next time we can hopefully go chill mode and get toasty before we play, lol.

j00t - Great job running through your pools and destroying some people. I greatly appreciate the ride and the trip there, traffic jam may have been the best part! Sorry about the window. =(

Cheap - Dude, the trip was too fun and thanks for letting us crash at your place at 6 in the morning, lol.

Pika of the Chad kind - Thanks for driving and for the fun talks about the meta-game (and Risk of Rain of course!) We'll do a lot better in teams next time we go to a tourney , I know what to work on and will work on it diligently. Also that thing you did, I think it was winning the tourney or something, I forget. =P

KoreanPanda - We had some fun games and good talks. You should stay smashing and playing other fighting games as well. You have a good sense of spacing and timing so keep it up.

Bob - Sorry we had to play in the death pool, I'm pretty sure we had the toughest one there. Good job either way, you were still playing very well.

Cynic (Evan) - Your getting better dude, you just happen to play the most technically demanding character there is so keep working on it. Force j00t to go crazy hard on you so it will forge you into a warrior!

Fatality - Good stuff in Losers Finals, I had fun playing you and I want to see some more of that Falcon.

Nicaboy - Sad that we only got to play 1 set at the very end of the night, I want to play you and your brother more, you two are the uprising stars from the South, let alone GA. Congrats on placing 2nd in everything!

Flamin Roy - Woah dude, the evolution you have had in the past year is insane! Keep it up man and thanks for the spanking in Bracket.

Flow - Thanks for running the stream and helping with the tourney, you and SleepyK were just straight amazing for that. Good job on taking teams with.......

DruggedFox - I really wanted to play you in some Melee but I had to grind the whole time so hopefully next time. Congrats on the teams victory!

Moogle - Your Shiek is just sooo.....fresh and so clean (clean). Good stuff for getting so far!

N64 - I loved playing you dude, I needed that Pika experience so I can use it against Chad (muhahaha!). It is sooo scary being above you as Luigi, that tail is surely made of Iron! Good job on going through the amateur bracket, the salt pushed you very far, lol.

and everyone else, thanks for making this a great tourney and experience, I definitely upgraded thanks to you and can't wait till I see you all again!
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Smash Cadet
Nov 17, 2013
Columbus, Ga
Please can there be Brawl in the next tournament at GA Tech if there is a TO that can arrange it. I hope it's a 3 stock 8 minute ruleset because that seems more fair.
Btw: Is Player-1 the only Brawl TO around?
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Smash Apprentice
Dec 28, 2006
Has my continued effort to resurrect shoutouts finally paid off?! Have I done it?!


Jim: You resurrected shoutouts...good job man.
Mike G: Well played friend. The Legend!
Flow: Nice work on the tourney. Thanks for letting me commentate, it was pretty cool.
DP: That Mario is killer, tight games man.
Moogle: Nice come back on that first game. And then nice whoopin my ass on that second game. Tough matches.
KPan: Your name is Kpan, I do not acknowledge that your tag is not Kpan. Also, that was Ovonte playing you, not me. But lets have a Smash date and play and be merry.
Tbag: It was nice to meet you for the first time in life. Too bad we didn't get any games in. Also, I don't think I saw you playing any games at all.
DAB: Good games. You are one tough hombre. Also, good commentating with you.
N64: I will keep being awesome. But you also need to do that very same thing. I will try to make a trip to Macon soon.
Omega: Good teams. We will 4 stock everyone next time.
OP: Damn...I mean damn. I guess I'll take credit for giving you that Sunday training. But damn. Making that money. Hit me up this week.
Sleepy K: Hey man! Good work. Making GA a place to be.


Smash Champion
Jan 3, 2006
Pensacola, FL
damn, wish I could've made it. I had to attend make up Mother's day, and mother's B-day. Will try to attend next Atlanta Tourney with Pensacola players.


Smash Legend
Apr 27, 2008
Rainbow Cruise
Please can there be Brawl in the next tournament at GA Tech if there is a TO that can arrange it. I hope it's a 3 stock 8 minute ruleset because that seems more fair.
Btw: Is Player-1 the only Brawl TO around?
Ya I'm the only person that consistently host brawl tournaments, I'll host brawl at the next cute cats so long as the host let me.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 17, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia
Can't believe I never did shoutouts for this. But special shoutouts to Savannah crew, Pikachad's hilarious comments during teams, our teams victory vs Chad2kv, me killing myself at 0 and not closing out vs OP to stop his rampage, and the altercation after the tourney.
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