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Jan 7, 2018
Hi guys,

I moved to Beijing the summer of 2017. After moving, I stumbled across a group meetup page for the Beijing smash scene. This post is just to inform those who are looking forward to playing competitive smash in China that there definitely is a smash scene. In terms of tournaments, although I'm still new and can't confirm for the other cities, I definitely can say that there are local tourneys here in Beijing. Every Thursday to be exact.

I'm in a group chat for potential melee players looking to play on netplay. There are nine of us in different regions. 2 Beijing, 1 Shanghai, 1 Zhejiang, and the other I'm not sure. For those of you potentially interested in netplay please add my wechat.

Censorship and China's unique internet conditions makes it hard for us to connect to foreign countries like Japan and Korea. In Beijing, the capital, it's especially hard. I've previously lived in Shanghai and Shanghai should have a decent connection to places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

That being said, for those living in China, the ping is pretty good. If we use traversal servers on netplay then two players from the same city/region should have a mere 10ish ping (me and another guy from Beijing just tried it and the ping was around 6). Shanghai to Beijing is approximately 35 ping. Because our group is small and we just recently started to get netplay to work, we still haven't tested other regions. However, regardless of region, we welcome you to join our wechat group.

Wechat ID: jpscequals4

Also, if you are from a region of China that has a tournament scene please comment below. I wish to use this thread to organize the smash scene in China. Currently we are a small grassroots community that hopes to expand.

Beijing Smash Meetup Page:

China Smash Facebook Page:


Just realized a post like this has been done before:

But my thread does have some relevant netplay information. Please add me on wechat for information regarding netplay.
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